The Most Important Message YOU Have For The World

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importantmessageEveryday we take the time to voice our opinions and thoughts to the world via Facebook, Twitter and other social outlets. Sometimes they are everyday thoughts, other times they are deep words of wisdom or inspiring words to encourage change. I always like to hear from everyone out there when it comes to what is important to them and what they want to share to the world, so I thought let’s start something cool here.

I want to hear what your most important message to the world is right now. For the sake of simplicity, try to keep it somewhat succinct, no long novels! Just sum up what you would like to see changed, what you feel deep inside of you or what you think everyone needs to know right now. Join the conversation here

Look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Jesse Heichert

    Our level of consciousness… the maturation of the bond between body mind and spirit, between the external material world and the pit bottom native instinctual universally conscious core. For people to realize what the Vedas and Buddhist’s and Taoist’s and early Christians say about the ego and soul, all the way to Freud’s Id, Ego, Super Ego e.t.c.. is truer then you feel and think. That the present moment is just a spanning moment under the veil of time, that language’s we use pale in comparison to languages made billions of years ago when those languages weren’t even able to express much compared to the potentiality of the language that is felt without being spoken, the soul. Sit in silence and don’t think about anything, just be aware, be a witness to your own existence, that translate’s to life. Everything else is a dream.

  2. Jesse Heichert

    he basic thing to be understood is that you are not the mind – neither the bright one nor the dark one. If you get identified with the beautiful part, then it is impossible to disidentify yourself from the ugly part; they are two sides of the same coin. You can have it whole, or you can throw it away whole, but you cannot divide it.

    And the whole anxiety of man is that he wants to choose that which looks beautiful, bright; he wants to choose all the silver linings, leaving the dark cloud behind. But he does not know that the silver linings cannot exist without the dark cloud. The dark cloud is the background, absolutely necessary for silver linings to show.

    Choosing is anxiety.

    Choosing is creating trouble for yourself.

    Being choiceless means: the mind is there and it has a dark side and it has a bright side – so what? What has it to do with you? Why should you be worried about it?

    The moment you are not choosing, all worry disappears. A great acceptance arises, that this is how the mind has to be, this is the nature of mind – and it is not your problem, because you are not the mind. If you were the mind, there would have been no problem at all. Then who would choose and who would think of transcending. And who would try to accept and understand acceptance?

    You are separate, totally separate.

    You are only a witness, and nothing else.

    But you are being an observer who gets identified with anything he finds pleasant – and forgets the unpleasant is coming just behind it as a shadow. You are not troubled by the pleasant side – you rejoice in it. The trouble comes when the polar opposite asserts – and then you are torn apart.

    But you started the whole trouble. Falling from being just a witness, you became identified. The biblical story of the fall is just a fiction. But this is the real fall – the fall from being a witness into getting identified with something and losing your witnessing.

    Just try it once in a while: let the mind be whatever it is. Remember, you are not it. And you are going to have a great surprise. As you are less identified, the mind starts becoming less powerful, because its power comes from your identification; it sucks your blood. But when you start standing aloof and away, the mind starts shrinking.

    The day you are completely unidentified with the mind, even for a single moment, there is the revelation: mind simply dies; it is no longer there. Where it was so full, where it was so continuous – day in, day out, waking, sleeping, it was there – suddenly it is not there. You look all around and it is emptiness, it is nothingness.

    And with the mind disappears the self. Then there is only a certain quality of awareness, with no “I” in it. At the most you can call it something similar to “am-ness,” but not “I-ness.” To be even more exact, it is “is-ness” because even in am-ness some shadow of the “I” is there. The moment you know its is-ness, it has become universal.

    With the disappearance of the mind disappears the self. And so many things disappear which were so important to you, so troublesome to you. You were trying to solve them and they were becoming more and more complicated; everything was a problem, an anxiety, and there seemed to be no way out.

    I remind you of the story, “The Goose is Out.” It is concerned with the mind and your is-ness.

    A master tells the disciple to meditate on a koan: A small goose is put into a bottle, fed and nourished. The goose goes on becoming bigger and bigger and bigger, and fills the whole bottle. Now it is too big; it cannot come out of the bottle’s mouth – the mouth is too small. And the koan is that you have to bring the goose out without destroying the bottle, without killing the goose.

    Now it is mind-boggling.

    What can you do? The goose is too big; you cannot take it out unless you break the bottle, but that is not allowed. Or you can bring it out by killing it; then you don’t care whether it comes out alive or dead. That is not allowed either.

    Day in, day out, the disciple meditates, finds no way, thinks this way and that way – but in fact there is no way. Tired, utterly exhausted, a sudden revelation… suddenly he understands that the master cannot be interested in the bottle and the goose; they must represent something else. The bottle is the mind, you are the goose… and with witnessing, it is possible. Without being in the mind, you can become identified with it so much that you start feeling that you are in it!

    He runs to the master to say that the goose is out. And the master says, “You have understood it. Now keep it out. It has never been in.”

    If you go on struggling with the goose and the bottle, there is no way for you to solve it. It is the realization that, “It must represent something else; otherwise the master cannot give it to me. And what can it be?” – because the whole function between the master and the disciple, the whole business, is about the mind and awareness.

    Awareness is the goose which is not in the bottle of the mind. But you are believing that it is in it and asking everyone how to get it out. And there are idiots who will help you, with techniques, to get out of it. I call them idiots because they have not understood the thing at all.

    The goose is out, has never been in, so the question of bringing it out does not arise.

    Mind is just a procession of thoughts passing in front of you on the screen of the brain. You are an observer. But you start getting identified with beautiful things – those are bribes. And once you get caught in the beautiful things you are also caught in the ugly things, because mind cannot exist without duality.

    Awareness cannot exist with duality, and mind cannot exist without duality.

    Awareness is non-dual, and mind is dual.

    So just watch. I don’t teach you any solutions. I teach you the

    Just get back a little and watch.

    Create a distance between you and your mind.

    Whether it is good, beautiful, delicious, something you would like to enjoy closely, or it is ugly – remain as far away as possible. Look at it just the way you look at a film. But people get identified even with films.[…]

    You get identified with anything. People get identified with persons and then they create misery for themselves. They get identified with things, then they get miserable if that thing is missing.

    Identification is the root cause of your misery.

    And every identification is identification with the mind.

    Step aside, let the mind pass.

    And soon you will be able to see that there is no problem at all – the goose is out. You don’t have to break the bottle, you don’t have to kill the goose either. solution.

    • Josh

      That was amazing! Thank you for that visual perspective. The goose being out is exactly what I AM. I have goose bumps and have found myself with a little more awareness in that I will share with the world. By being out of the bottle you can think, do, speak, and receive all the outside has to offer. Keep spreading the truth. Observe the revolution.

  3. I wish for world peace & I believe the “People” of the world want it too. The trouble is the “Governments” of the world don’t want that as there is no “Profit” in peace & so the mighty war machine rolls on……..

  4. @Jesse Heichert,

    I don’t wish to appear rude but everything you have said has sailed completely over my head, serve’s me right for being a “Practical” person rather than an “Academic” one I guess. I do understand bits of what you say like “being identified with things & being miserable if those things are missing” I can relate to that, it does not bother me personally even though I’m really into cars & motorcycles as I’ve been around them for my whole life & therefore “lust” after certain models of either persuasion but it bothers me not that I will never own them, life & it’s experiences are worth more than a mere machine…….

  5. annexi

    Be present. Be love. Trust the process. Every new moment is an opportunity to make things right with love.

    • I can relate to that sentiment, show a little love for a brother or a sister & your whole day will be the better for it, we only “hate” because the government & the Media tell us we should!

  6. I’d say: Awe and Wonder!

  7. Mandy

    Ok, I had a dream in which I was told that my message is only authentic if I tell it as it is to me… if I try and present it in other language or context its false and inauthentic… so here it is:

    When Christ died he died AS the whole of humanity. When he rose from the dead he rose AS the whole of humanity. The whole of humanity was included in his death and resurrection. We are ALL now alive in Christ as the new creation. As he is so are we. We have the fullness of the deity dwelling within us ready for us to draw upon. This was all accomplished through Grace… not in any way down to our efforts to better ourselves.

    As far as I see it, the recording of all this taking place over 2000 years ago, before we ever had a thought toward God, indicates that our contribution wasn’t necessary and so no man can boast… we are all in the same boat… all equal in reality.

    We get to partake of this Reality and see it manifest in our lives when we accept it as the case, and drink from the well of Grace within. The Message’s inherent power is somehow activated when we hear it and accept it.

    In letting go of what we think we know and allowing Reality to make itself known to us we get to experience and enjoy its manifestation in our lives. Some know it as the Kingdom of Heaven… as we drink deeply and receive from Christ within, we see God’s kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

    This is not religion. The language may sound religious to some, but the Reality I’m talking of is undeniably the satisfaction of all our heart’s desires. People are waking up to the fact that the world as it is is dissatisfactory. People are becoming aware of their deep desire for a better world. People are becoming aware of their hunger for the Real Deal. Rearranging the furniture around us in the world will not do the job… its an inside job that’s needed… only the Real Deal will do!

    As we drink and receive from the fullness of the Love that’s been lavished on/in us, then we love outwardly as an automatic response. I believe it is as more and more hearts are satisfied from the well of life within that we will see the world transformed outwardly… on earth as it is in heaven. I believe the key is in the changing of our minds as they come into alignment with Reality… the outer world reflecting the inner transformation.

    Its like we’re remembering who we really are. All the false stuff is falling away as we let go and let Reality reveal itself.

    Hmm, I’ve tried to keep it brief… it may be too brief to make much sense tho?


    • Mandy,
      What you have said came from the Spirit, because I know this too!

  8. waltinseattle

    we can identify with the unpleasant as well as thr pleasant. the body determines how that is callibrated. the gut…which is very rich with the same neurohormones and transmitters as our brain. “i” is a construct of continuity from various bits of awarenesses trying to fulfoll that “hierarchy of needs” starting with air water food warmth….the elements…up to social fulfillments which are evaluated by certain compunds and mirror image feedback loops. ind is not bra0in. nor is it out of brain
    it is a Process and brain is involved…on all 12 or 13 dimensions of the universe. that is where the transcendance of meatsuit locality comes in.

  9. My NEW single, “World On Fire”, has been released and is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, and other digital stores! It is the first single from my upcoming second independent album release. Please support the music, the message, and my efforts to make “World On Fire” the #1 independent/political hip-hop single of 2013 with your DOWNLOAD & SHARE. This song, I believe, is the most important message I have for the world…Solidarity!

  10. LOVE..Your body, your mind, your energy, your friends, family, neighbors, opposites, cultures, enemies, your weaknesses, strengths, living things, NON-living things, dreams, thoughts, EVERYTHING..Just love. No fear, no exceptions, no worries, no expectations. Just acceptance and LOVE.

  11. Andrea

    When New Age thinkers say “You create your own reality” and promote the Law of Attraction principle – they really only have it half right. Through the study of quantum physics, science has now proven that the world we live in is created by ALL OF US as one unified consciousness and experienced by us as individual consciousness. WE, together – as one collective consciousness, create our current reality through our collective perception; our thoughts, feelings and ideas. And t is created nano second by nano second. But, it only takes about 10% of the population to change what it is we all perceive and experience – just 10% is the “tipping point”. It follows then, that when enough of us change our OWN perceptions, the reality we ALL experience will change. As Gandi said, “YOU must be the change you want to see in the world” So be part of that 10% – We really CAN change the world.

  12. mike ogonosky

    We are the same and only the very rich that control our governments are seperating us and preventing us from creating a blissfull nurturing global entirety.

  13. To see people round the planet reconnect with 1 another & our ‘mother’; living life for the journey & not the destination. We are ONE.

  14. Chris Imperial

    The world leaders and NGOs are wrong in believing the Online Competitive Giving System is subject to identity theft. With a few tweaks, it would be safe. If there is still a problem, we can find a way to solve it. The Online Competitive Giving System revolutionizes charity in such a way that it can substantially end global poverty. We should find a way to implement this for tens of thousands die every day of delay. Click this link to read about it:

    (Don’t worry, is safe)

  15. elhectro

    A message for USA citizens: Stop thinking that you are the one & only, the most important, the best…. That’s why many people in the world doesn’t like you, because of this kind of arrogance. For example, with the Boston bombings: I agree, it was awful, you were horrified, but think a lot worse things than this happen daily in the world, in Latinamerica in Iraq, in Afganistan, in Africa… innocents are killed everyday, and most of you, US, citizens, just don’t care. It would be incredible to see in USA people praying for the death in the daily bombings in Iraq where it’s more often to see a lot more victims than in Boston… or USA people praying for the innocent mexicans tortured and killed by the drug cartels, or in Africa with the ethnics wars. When an innocent US citizen dies in a coward act (like Boston), all USA stops, everything is in the media, everybody wants and claims for justice. But when 100 people from Iraq, or from Gaza, or from Mexico, die cowardly, it’s never in the media, never in your prayings, never in your thoughts, and of course, most of you just don’t care about justice, and wash your hands saying things like “it’s another failed country with a corrupt government, collateral deaths…..”, Like ia US citizens life worth a lot more than 1000 lives from abroad. And most of you don’t realize, that a lot of the problems in the world are caused because of your governments acts. For example in Mexico, the 100,000 deaths were made with your weapons, thanks because of the freedom of your second amendment….and because of all the drugs you consume. Please wake up, we are all humans, no one should be better than no one. No one should worth more than the rest. You live in the most powerful country in the world, and like it has been said, “with higher power, comes higher responsabilities”. Please, please change!!!

    • I am not from the USA, but I still find this highly offensive. For one thing, they are in as much, if not more trouble than many countries around the world. Whether you want to believe that or not, is up to you. I was really enjoying reading the comments until I came to this one. Yes, western civilization has been consuming and consuming, but many other countries are now trying to achieve the same status as the west and they themselves are consuming consuming with twice the population than the USA. So please don’t point fingers…it took the entire world to get here, not just one country or continent. Thank you….last time I looked we were all in it together. Look to your own country for changes…not point fingers.

  16. Ken Phillips

    The most important thing that I would share is that Life is all about forgiveness as we are frail creatures who make mistakes, so without forgiveness, we can not get along. . .

  17. Jade Osborne

    We are all one & I love seeing more & more people waking up. This New Age. Beautiful.

  18. Ian

    Swap your Grains for Greens!

  19. Josh

    It’s simple. And it’s the most powerful tool you possess..

    Expand your capacity for good:
    Step 1: Love more than you think is necessary.
    Step 2: Love some more

  20. Life is beautiful with valuable relations and emotion is one of the priceless thing which is not exactly a thing its feeling and we must take it as an Emotional wealth which can’t be renewed with time and all .

  21. Everyone wants to be in love, they want to be happy and they want to do something with their life that gives something back for being allowed to experience this amazing journey called life on planet earth, the true game. Please play the game knowing that love is the recognition of our sameness. If you don’t want to play the game, it’s fine…go find another planet as you’re not amongst the many who want to play “we’re in this together.”

  22. Colleen kinerk

    these are not original thoughts of mine, but I believe as some others have said that love is the great healer, and if we all just decided to love each other and the world great change would come about. secondly, the monetary system is a horrible and destructive force that renders most of us too busy to do things like stop and love each other; every day is about mere survival. we also do need to live a lot simpler, consume less, and support renewable energy. I think we need to come together to create change. we live quite isolated lives, we need much more community.

  23. daniel

    America needs your help! People here are too lazy and accustomed to today’s way of life, they need help to wake up and realize that everyone here is being taken advantaged of by those in a higher power. The rest of the world is speaking up, yet people here are still worried about the next event or the next tv programming.

  24. before we r anything. christians, muslims, left, right, conservative,liberal, iraqi, afghani, syrian, european, american, first and foremost. WE are human beings.

  25. Khaled Alloud



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