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In the media saturated world we live in today, discerning people and products that are making a REAL contribution while generating profit can be a difficult task. Especially for those of us who get our information from mass media outlets. If that’s your current predicament, then I suggest you seek out alternative independent media sources such as the site you are currently on now, or some of the others I recommend, which include: WE ARE CHANGE, NATURAL NEWS and INFOWARS.  By not informing ourselves fully we run the risk of being just another consumer ignorantly voting with each dollar we spend to keep perpetuating this dysfunctional western corporate business model that prioritizes bottom line increase over moral quality standards.

The reality of this world, at the moment, is that a consciousness awakening is taking place and increasing in momentum.  NOW, MORE THAN EVER, is a crucial time to develop critical thinking in order to accelerate the shift towards HEALTH, PEACE, ABUNDANCE and LOVE over the less attractive disease, poverty, war and hatred that are prevalent today.

In my opinion respect, praise, and PROFITS (because it’s all about the money isn’t it!?) should be awarded to those who are DOING WELL by DOING GOOD.  And WE, the people, can easily make that happen by being deliberate about where we spend our money!  WE, the consumer, the MASS, fuel the profits of these corporations who are pulling the strings in this world.  It’s that simple!  Forget the illusion of voting for “CHANGE!!!” through politics, IF YOU REALLY WANT TO AFFECT CHANGE:  VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS.  PLAIN AND SIMPLE.   If we all started doing that today, the demand would dictate the supply, it’s that simple. Economic basics 101. And the corporate giants, driven by bottom line profit, would have no choice but to simply adapt and shift into a more positive position to fill this demand.

Mahatma Ghandi couldn’t have said it better:  “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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