Psychedelic Mushrooms for Depression

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Psilocybin exposes the foolishness of pretenses,

By opening the curtains of the mind, you meet deep truth and your inner self;

 allowing you to be okay with who you really are.

Once you have accepted both the good and bad sides of truth and survived,

You are free, you are truly alive.

urlThe skin is so thin, the current of blue streams that are your veins flow rapidly beneath it and are begging to burst free.

“Freedom will be yours soon, and you will flow wildly and freely, the way you are meant to be,” you say.

The knife is too dull though. Breaking out the hunting knives, you try knife after knife. Not a single one penetrates your skin. You give up, not on the act alone, but on the method. Your mission still remains. If you cannot slit, you will saw. It was ignorant of you to think this would be painless anyhow, foolish beyond belief. But you do not remember how to believe, you just pine to bleed. Taking one last look at your loyal dog, you start sawing. Take a second to take this in, just like the blade serrating your skin.

The above is actually an account of my own experience with depression, after two years of failed anti-depressants, various herbs and counselors. Up until the very night I was introduced to the healing benefits of psilocybin, I slept with a knife in the drawer next to me. I sat on the floor at three AM night after night in the dark, knife in my lap. I do not know how much longer I could have gone. Lyme disease had taken me to the edge, to the gap between the walking dead and the already dead. The valley of the shadow of death.

Psychedelic mushrooms saved my life, and I know I am not the only one. The next day, after experimenting with the mushrooms, I took the knife downstairs and never looked back. My depression is non-existent now, along with the countless anti-depressant pills that used to flood my night stand. I can truly stand here today, and say with every ounce of my being, that psilocybin saved my life. 

– – –

Alright, let’s get to the alarming facts right off the bat –although quite frankly, they are all pretty alarming. With more than 350 million people suffering from depression across the globe, it is a no brainer that antidepressants are the number one drug prescribed by doctors [1].

“The truth is that even experts aren’t really sure how antidepressants work. There’s just a whole lot we don’t know about how the brain functions. [5]”

Perhaps that last sentence should be, “There’s just a whole lot we don’t know about how the antidepressants we prescribe so freely function.” How does anyone develop a pill without knowing how it will work in the brain? Do they just take their best guess and throw chemicals together, hoping it works when they use humans as guinea pigs? Admitting you do not know everything is a highly respectable act, except when you still continue to alter the brains of human beings without knowing the consequences after doing so.

The answer to how psychedelic mushrooms containing Psilocybin function in the brain to treat depression is far more simple and clear cut. There is an actual answer, as opposed to a slew of “educated” guesses. In depressed individuals, there is over activity in the anterior cingulate cortex. Psilocybin possesses the power to switch off the over activity in this part of the brain. [7] Then, rather than increasing levels of serotonin in the brain, Psilocybin binds to serotonin receptors and mimics them, causing the brain to function as if it has more serotonin without actually altering the levels themselves. This last part is a crucial defining fact in deciding between the safety of antidepressants and psychedelic mushrooms in treating depression.

A serious and potentially fatal syndrome called ‘Serotonin Syndrome,’ which occurs when serotonin levels become too high, can occur from taking antidepressants. Many render this rare, but considering antidepressants increase the chemical serotonin in the brain, developing serotonin syndrome is a possibility to consider; as ‘rare’ is not a synonym for ‘nonexistent.’  Psychedelic mushrooms, on the other hand, do not put you at risk of developing serotonin syndrome because Psilocybin merely mimics serotonin receptors rather than actually increasing serotonin levels.

While psychedelic mushrooms take approximately three hours to work, most antidepressants take two to four weeks to start working, because increasing levels of neurotransmitters is a gradual process [6]. Something about the fact that chemicals are unnaturally building up in your brain is a cause for slight concern, much less the fact that doctors and chemists are unsure of how exactly these antidepressants work.  Messing with chemicals and neurotransmitters in the brain without having a firm grip of how you are doing so does not seem rational, logical, or humane. However, most of us are conditioned from birth to trust our doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

There are not any noted side effects of psychedelic mushrooms, other than the ones you experience while under the influence of them. The laundry list of potential side effects from taking antidepressants includes:

  • Immune system problems: SSRI antidepressants cause serotonin to remain in the nerve junctions longer, interfering with immune cell signaling and T cell growth.
  • Still births are twice as likely if the mother is on antidepressants
  • There is a 40% higher risk of birth defects, such as cleft palate, if the mother is on antidepressants while pregnant.
  • 45% higher risk of having a stroke, as antidepressants affect the blood clotting process
  • Heart disease
  • Sudden cardiac death: your risk of sudden death doubles while on antidepressants.
  • Chest pains
  • Rapid heart beats
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Stiff neck
  • Difficulty urinating
  • Excessive perspiration
  • Insomnia for some,  chronic fatigue for others
  • Loss of appetite
  • Agitation
  • Shaking
  • Vertigo
  • Dry mouth
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Blurred vision
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Inability to orgasm
  • Low sex drive
  • And let’s not forget, serotonin syndrome

Close to a million lives are lost yearly due to suicide from depression, which comes out to three thousand suicide deaths a day [2]. Unfortunately, that alarming fact alone cannot wake the medical world up to see what they are doing is incorrect, and not working. From the outside looking in, one must admit it appears as if they are selfishly denying people the right to proper, harmless treatments such as Psilocybin containing mushrooms. Why would anyone do such a thing? That is a question we must continually ask ourselves in this day and age, as sincere concern for the public appears to be obsolete in various situations.

Death rates from antidepressants range around forty-thousand annually. Suicidal thoughts and feelings, as well as violent behavior are ironically common side effects of antidepressants. Even more ironic, is the fact that your risk for suicide is twice as high when taking SSRI antidepressants. Death rates from antidepressants are also 32% higher in females [3].

No valid evidence exists to confirm any deaths from magic mushrooms; and deaths from acute poisoning from such mushrooms has not been recorded in medical literature. However, it is imperative to remember there are actually poisonous mushrooms that are entirely different from the typical Psilocybin psychedelic mushrooms referred to in this text. In fact, blindly ingesting the wrong mushroom can prove to be fatal.

All in all, from chemistry explained, to side effects to no side effects, to forty thousand deaths a year to zero deaths a year, it is clear that psychedelic mushrooms can be a more appropriate, safe approach for treating depression. One can only hope for a world where one day we can go to a psychedelic psychologist, take psychedelic mushrooms in a controlled setting, and come out three hours later relieved of depression. Can you imagine? No more monthly doctor fees. No more monthly prescription fees. No more taking a pill a day. No more withdrawals. No more side effects.



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  1. Steve

    Keep singing your song. 20 years of depression vanished over night and to think I could go to jail for taking this magic medicine to heal myself. I’m going to to keep breaking the rule until they change the rules, no way I’m ever going to deny myself the best chance at happiness I’ve ever known.

  2. Sandra Taylor

    I do understand your reasoning Steve-

  3. CJ

    laughter is the best medicine, and when i took shrooms at a dam one holiday i laughed my arse off for 4 hours straight. was the best holiday experience ever albeit my abs were a bit worked the next day, felt like i’d been doing ab flexes the whole day, hehe.

    • waltinseattle

      folk med used by villagers of japan in older times were refered to as laughing mushrooms.

  4. Are you saying that one-time use is a cure for depression, or that a regimen is necessary?

    • Marko

      Yes. Psilocybin cured my depression over night. I’m a herbalist and i know that nature cures Everything. Cannabis is the tree of life. Cures Cancer

      • Hi Marko, where and how does one obtain this mushroom?

        • JAC

          There many form of mushrooms, but the one shown in the picture is usually picked from cow droppings, so check your local farm fields.

  5. DK

    Where can you get them?

    • waltinseattle

      north and south america central too. asia , europe. none on antarctica. every year people die because they rush out for shrooms. psychedelic ones . tasty ones. some die from eating wrong ones. some die from shroom pirates who steal instead of pick. and yes right here in the sweet cudly usa all that happens. experts more necessary gathering than for takonh. some you eat half or quarter. some you eat 2 or 3 others you eat a dozen or more
      but NOT till you know what is what. wrong ones and no hospital on earth can do a thing to save your life. i hope this is clear enough. if you are inecperienced enoigh to ask where then your too onecpetiencsd to play all alone.

    • Marko
  6. Ryan

    Too many ppl are stuck in the world of using drugs from docs that barely help and have messed upmside effects, herbs and certain substances have been used in alt med for thousands of years and cure, so why are the new pharm drugs somehow better?

  7. Sar

    How much are you supposed to take? How often? Need more info for this article to be usefull

    • Job

      It really depends on your weight and experience with psychedelics. You can start with a low dose, when you feel nothing take a little more etc. I never used mushrooms only magic truffels (practically the same), i usually take about 15grams of that and that really does it for me. How often is really something you have to experience for yourself, how it effects you, what you learn from it etc.

      • Job

        I have to add, with truffels you need to take a lot more grams in comparison with mushrooms.

  8. This is an awesome perspective to read. From my own experience and observation, I would also include that while anti-depressants tend to put people into a “happy stupor,” psilocybin can help “lift the veil,” and bring you into clearer awareness.

  9. waltinseattle

    please dont go out looking for shroms without an expert! you might survive only to die a day or 2 latter with no warning.

    so p-cibin bonds but mimics but does not trigger a synaptoc message? that means it does NOT mimic. means it deactivates receptor. which is it!!! BOL does this and stops lsd trips. some drugs blocl opiate receptors. others activate them antagonistically. certain dysphorics as they are called. wasca causes fearlessness just as sertonin. on the 20′ this was in the lit. idea of using it for psych drug was floated. perhaps they realized no one wanted a purgative to cure shyness?

  10. Sandy Taylor

    I believe we are all individuals who must be treating our depression as an indivividual – I hate having to ever become addicted to meds again after 20 years of taking them and 10 years to come off them- I take prescribed meds still but truly only when I really know I need them- I have become highly allergic to many medications and many chemicals and metals and even minerals so I must say too I would want to be very sure of the shroom too – I would need to try under supervision of a hospital – observation – so please all be very careful. .

  11. Steven Thorpe

    My first psilocybin experience was not that of mushrooms but that of psilocybin containing sclerotia. Sclerotia aka Magic Truffle or philosophers stones are produced underground by the mycelium of a few strains of psilocybin containing mushrooms. Since 2005 there was a ban on magic mushroom in holland but fortunately Magic Truffles had been relatively unheard of by the powers that be. As a result it’s still possible for there sale in Amsterdam/holland’s smart shops and they ship all over the world except the USA and Australia sigh. You are right it can be very dangerous to go hunting for mushrooms and would never recommend it unless you’ve really done your home work. Never take anything in the wild unless you know how to identify what your looking at 100% your life depends of it.

    As for how much is needed well that’s up to the individual. But what I can say after speaking to people and researching many forms of experience is that for many once is enough is have a major Impact on the life’s of truth seekers. Many including myself would go on say that it has been the single most important thing they have ever done and that for the very first time they feel truly awake. Many do go on to take them again including myself, but as for there addictive potential there isn’t any. You see the thing is when it comes to psilocybin your body builds up a tolerance very quickly. If you take one dose on day one the next day you’d have to take twice as much the next day to get they same effect and twice as much again the day after. The good news is that the your tolerance is back to baseline after only seven days, making it possible to partake once a week, however I only journey once a month these days.

    From my experience I have become very fond of the strain Atlantis Magic Truffle as they seem to me to be consistent at getting me I to the head space I’m looking for whenever I journey my own mind. I’m always looking for an inward journey the kind you can achieve when you close your eyes and see with your minds eye. I take 15g of Atlantis Truffles although I’d not take 15g on my first experience, I’d start with 10g to see how you feel and then take the other 5g one hour later. 15g could be a little overwhelming in one go for the first time user.

    Set and setting are very important indeed, my method is to be alone at night (fireworks are much better at night) as that’s when I have my best inward experiences. Although for your first experience you may wish to have someone you trust around, ideally someone experienced with psychedelics who can guild you through confusing times. I personally don’t like having anyone around as I don’t like anyone else in my head space for the first few hours of the experience. Until I’ve faced my demons and had a chance learn what it is I’d like to change about myself this time around. Many say that at this point is when you find a better version of yourself and every time you journey there are more revelations to be had, ultimately coming back a new man every time I go Down the rabbit hole. After 2-3 hours once I’ve found my level I feel truly alive and everything elates me I feel at one with everything in the universe, all people and all things. At this point is when I love to explore my creativity through dance (dance mode engaged). I never considered myself as much of a dancer before psilocybin, I had to many inhibitions like fear, hesitation and doubt. So I plug my favourite music into my ears, which for me happens to be drum and bass(not for everyone I know). And I hear it like never before, it sounds better, crisper and cleaner like I can hear the deeper levels and comprehend the deeper meanings behind the words. Then I just let it all go like never before and my body just interprets the music without thoughts, it just happens. For me it’s the best feeling in the world, I just feel completely free-free from all worry, fear, hesitation or doubt.

    I believe that we are born with unlimited potential but over many years of social conditioning it is looked away in our subconscious. I believe psilocybin, mescaline and ayahuasca have to potential to blow away all this mental emotional Bullshit baggage. Baggage that is holding you back from your true potential and your natural state of being as nature intended. Your brain is a hard drive and over years gets fragmented which can make it sometimes difficult to make sense of the world. Entheogen are tools that nature has provided us to defragment our hardware unlocking our potential. I believe nature in not unconscious and is more intelligent than most of us give it credit for, it provides exactly what we need. I trust nature over a man in a white coat in some lad somewhere, working for some big pharma company that puts profit before health and happiness.

    If dancing is not your thing try writing, drawing or paint while under the experience, you may just surprise yourself. I just love they way it can make you think and feel. It can give wings to the imagination and flight to the soul, a very healing experience indeed.

    Some tricks to get you through the first hour, which can be the hardest part of the journey. Strange things start to happen to you body, like you may feel some discomfort in your tummy the key I’d not to worry it will pass. Some say a little ginger can help or smoking a little weed. I however just ride it out and try to keep in a positive frame of mind. I can’t stress this enough how important it is to keep positive as how can you have a positive experience with a negative mind. Try to relax and keep calm, your not going to die your just experiencing something completely alien from the norm. Hold on tight Dorothy your in for one hell of a ride. Do not get into a cycle of negative thinking and if you do don’t panic, you can flip it around. Everything really is mind over matter and if you don’t mind it don’t matter.

    Google is your friend and it’s now easier than ever to have medicine delivered to your door. Be careful in some countries it’s illegal but still not impossible to obtain, break the law at your own risk. There are many smart shops on the Internet especially in Holland that ship all over the world. Unfortunately there are many unreliable vendors and even some scam ones too. However I myself a found one that is very reliable and has never let me down. I’m not going to mention it here as I’m not sure of the rules of this site.

    Also research people like Terrance McKenna, watch and listen to all his YouTube videos. Watch videos like, DMT the spirit molecule, or Metanoia by Simon G. Powell. Listen to Rogan podcasts. There are many inspirational teachers and people out there, seek and you shall find. Educate yourself about these so called primitive people’s of the South American Amazon, Shamans and what not. Learn about all the people’s and ancient cultures that have been using these medicines for thousands of years. People that are still at one with nature, we have much to learn from these people and with there help maybe we can find a balance with Gaia in order have a harmonious co-existence with her and all of mankind. We are all special and all have an important part to play in archiving pace on earth. Times are changing weather we like it or not, the next stage of human evolution is on the horizon. An evolution of mind not body, we are getting closer to our natural state of being and more people are waking up from the matrix everyday. Most don’t see it yet and many refuse to see it or are to afraid to let get of everything they thought the knew. It’s not until you loose who you think you are that you’ll find who you truly are.

    Do yourself a favour wake up today and don’t take this bullshit anymore, I’m am trying to free you mind but I can only show you the door, your the one that has to walk through it. Taking responsibility for your own happiness and future, the truth is out there it’s up to you to find it.

    I really hope that I can help someone with this. I do what I do with the purest intentions, these are not drugs, it’s not about getting high and I’m not telling anyone to break the law. The law is an arse so be careful out there. These medicines are the only antidepressants your’ll ever need.

    Pace and love always.

    • Paul

      Insightful personal perspective, thank you for sharing.

    • Jus

      Very very on point.


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