Video: Boston Globe Tweets About Controlled Explosion Before It Happens

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bostonmarOn the day of the bombings during the Boston Marathon, The Boston Globe tweeted “Officials: There will be a controlled explosion opposite the library within one minute as part of bomb squad activities.”

As of now, one apparent suspect has been killed and the other aprehended for an event officials were committing as well or knew was going to happen? Is it once again a coincidence that officials happened to be running drills of the exact same events that occur later in the day?

Before I get into this further, alternative media and others who are paying attention to what’s actually happening, are not the only one’s seeing the clear pattern and impossible coincidences the mainstream media seems to magically miss. Former Congresswomen Cynthia McKinney made several tweets on the day of the event, even she has suspicion about the coincidences that exist. Cynthia’s Tweets.

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 1.07.00 PM

I cannot tell you precisely what happened because I do not know. All I am able to tell you is what I have been able to find in my own research and from what I am seeing here, it is all very similar to previous false flag attacks that have occurred in the past. When it came to 9/11, 7/7 London bombings, Sandy Hook shootings and others, the media was leaving out all details regarding very large and telling coincidences. What benefit would there be from leaving out the fact that there is the existence of identically mirrored drills being run at the exact same time as the “terrorist” incidents themselves? Not to mention the drills being run were remarkably identical to the incidents that ended up playing out. While the answer to this question might seem obvious to some, to others it simply is not being looked at.

Why is it that every time suspicious terrorist activity occurs in the United States, there is little to no degree of separation between government and three-letter agency- personnel and the suspected perpetrators? Across the street the CIA is doing one thing while “the terrorists” are doing the exact same thing, only for real. How many times does the same thing need to happen over and over again before we begin to see what is happening here?

We have to ask ourselves ‘who are the terrorists?’ We are always hearing of troubled kids or muslim radicals conducting these events yet there is never any solid evidence to link them to it. However, it is indisputable that the FBI is actively engaged in carrying out bomb plots in the United States, then halting them at the last minute to “catch the terrorists.” This has even been covered in the New York Times, and other publications.

Below is a video that examines what took place. It is a simple look into the events and timing of what happened.

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  1. Jako

    Sometimes I wonder if this type of information is not part of the conspiracy. I mean, with 9/11 it was the same: along with all the pausible questions (the whole buildings turning to dust, USA government engaging a full raid into Middle East soon afterward, etc), there were a lot of much more unlikely bits pointed out that started to circulate in the media (mostly internet of course), claiming for example that the planes were holograms. This of course makes it easier to dismiss and eventually make futile the original valid questions of the citizens. Like someone mentioned earlier, the discussion about government corruption often degenerate into tiny bits of facts with no real importance. Guess it all comes down to this: in case they are guilty, who have the power to accuse those corrupt leaders?

  2. Earthling

    PS- thanks for putting it out there CE, at least you care enough to question the questionable. Keep fighting the good fight.

  3. Earthling

    To all those bashing the author, freedom of speech remember? Just like you can bash with your sheeple come backs, the author can state what ever they want to state about what has happened because the truth- is yet to be seen! Do you people really think that we have so many terrorists on American soil? Do you people really think that people will come here and stay in a (so called free land) only to kill themselves or get themselves jailed for killing people? Seriously? There are quite a few coincidences happening in America. Quite a few indeed. And everyone wants to just continue with the, ” government is here to help” crap. Watch some more tv and pop some more of those “legal” drugs, maybe that will help. :P

  4. Fuck it. I still blame the Illuminati. Lol O.o

  5. Matty H

    What i found weird too was that the FBI had images of the two men that were apparently involved and went to the media to ask the people of the US who these two men were and if anyone knows who they were and to come forward if they did.

    But afterwards the FBI comes out with the statement that they kept a close eye on the brothers and to add, the mother also stating this went on for around 4-5 years with the FBI, and they also did a full investigation on them through the thought of them being possible terrorists.

    Now my question here is why on earth would the FBI with photos of the boys ask the nation to come forward if they know who they are when they the FBI clearly knows who they are anyway?! That is very suspicious if you ask me.

  6. Kaspar

    Thats not what the boston globde tweeted…
    BUT they did post something similar though! I don’t care what the exact time was, but this clearly was written BEFORE the explosions took place.

    “BREAKING NEWS: Police will have controlled explosion on 600 block on Boylston Street”

  7. As a born skeptic, it’s my tendency to accept NOTHING and QUESTION EVERYTHING, regardless of the source, I feel it is in MY best interest to look at ALL of the information, (yes… even conspiracy theories), and then make my decision based on the FACTS that tend to undeniably present themselves. Truth floats. No matter how you wrap it or try to present it… it WILL RISE. I’m Sticking to FACTS found from multiple sources (not just mainstream media), and I’ve been TRYING to keep an open mind to ALL possibilities and outcomes.

    What I’m finding is:

    We are all EXPENDABLE. Our U.S. Government is NOT on the average person’s side. There IS ulterior agendas and motives at work here, Nationally and Internationally. And, it is in the human nature to LIE in order to preserve one’s self.

    I’m no different than anyone else here. All I want is the TRUTH. WHATEVER IT IS. I’m just not feeling this Boston deal in my gut BASED on the evidence that just ISN’T adding up.

    It simply appears staged to me. ALL OF IT. It smacks of the Tail wagging the Dog here.

  8. Dick

    I feel so sorry for the consipiracy theorists that didn’t figure this out in less than 3 minutes.

  9. Jesse

    This post is such a joke. Obviously they found a 3rd backpack and blew it up. The shit about the time stamp is to do with timezones. I can’t believe I wasted time reading this bs.

  10. Robert Pavlick

    Since the Boston Globe tweet was at 12:53 and Mr. Martino is claiming that the real explosion was exactly one minute later, then that would have been at 12:54 PM. But THE FACT of the matter is that the two explosions did not occur until 2:50PM. Why are you deliberately lying, Mr. Martino ???????

  11. Jeff Sollis

    I am from Boston and Live in Boston as much as I love conspiracies. There is not one here Please someone show me some valid creditable proof I dont want some crazy theory if you do have theory make sure you some valuable evidence. The media got a lot of things wrong during this. If you are going to make a claim about this make sure it’s valid not just a lil tweet

  12. Teresa
  13. kelly

    Does anyone not realize the fact that the timeline on boston globes twitter account goes from a tweet about the explosions and every tweet that day before ‘said tweet’ to 3 days prior is gone?! What, did they just decide not to tweet anything for just over 2 and a half days?! Did they decide not to tweet one thing the morning of the Boston Marathon?!
    In my opinion, if you answered yes two any of those last 2 questions I asked, you are in denial. They deleted their initial tweet about the controlled detonations from the morning. Then later (post bomb) made a similar tweet about it. REMEMBER, THERE WERE NO OTHER BOMBS FOUND OTHER THAN THE ONES THAT WENT OFF THAT DAY VIA THE 2 ACCUSED SUSPECTS.
    I do not blame boston globe for anything. What I believe happened is that information (intel) was leaked on accident (or on purpose by someone privy to the intel who has morals) on grounds of an “exercise”.
    Someone within the Boston Globe, or someone who can from within BG, or a person not affiliated with the BG who can “hack” the software or account and change it.

    So how ever things transpired there, there are serious questions that need answering.


  14. well,
    let’s say that the controlled explosion was announced sooner… but tell me, why did they plan an explosion at the same time and on the same place where the marathon did??? was it so difficult to set it one day sooner or one day later?

    • Ali

      There was no plan to do a controlled explosion on the same day as the marathon …. The ‘controlled explosion’ was done in response to the bombs as part of clearing the area of further dangers. It happened AFTER the bombs had already gone off, and was the bomb squad eliminating a third suspected device which they found. It was announced and tweeted just before they did it (at 3.53 boston time, or 12.53 west coast time) so that people in the area would not panic when they heard it.

  15. You need to check your time stamps and retract this post.

    Via Storify:

  16. Johnny Five

    You need to edit your writing.

  17. Holly

    I did a little research of my own, I don’t see the tweet apparently from the Boston Globe that was shown in your video, so I cannot decide what to think. Do you have links to such things to show where you got your research from? I’de like to see the original sources posted with your information. And on that note IDE like to add that regardless of who is behind this tragedy, the most important thing is to not let our perceptions seperate us. At times like these we need to be there for one another. To console the families and friends of the victims. To be open to either concept of what happened and to not argue and become angry toward eachother over “who is right or wrong” about what really happened. It is most crucial to create peace amongst each other. Anger creates hate creates violence eventually. We must accept what we cannot change, we can only control what we choose to do ourselves and not others. So remember to be loving and accepting if others even if they don’t share the same views. At times like these, we need eachother more than ever.

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