7 Secrets For a Joy Filled Life

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lifeThe truth is life doesn’t really have any rules, but I can promise you that if you implement these 7 pieces of wisdom into your life then you will likely find more peace and joy as a result.

1. Do not regret your past, make peace with it. If you dwell on and regret your past, you are adding suffering to your present.

Using the past as a reference point to make adjustments is a great way to learn and grow as a person. But regretting, judging and lingering in the past will only create more suffering in each moment you spend there.

2. What others think of you is none of your business. 

It’s easy to be concerned with what others think of us. I think we all experience this at one time or another. Realize that we can’t control the perceptions of others or what they will think of us. Do what you find joy in and be true to yourself, if others don’t like that, then that’s OK. Giving up your joy and truth to please others will only create suffering once again.

3. Time heals everything, so give it time.

Time can be a great healer, but I also feel it’s important to observe ourselves when we feel we need healing. Burying things over time leaves us susceptible to the same suffering if we don’t first address the cause. A breakup, a lost job, family or friend challenges, whatever the case may be, first observe what you are feeling and determine if a belief system about the situation is making you feel down. When you’ve done your own internal work, let time do the rest. Go on with life and find joy in other things, it’s a great way to move forward!

4. Avoid comparing your life to others lives. Your journey is unique and so is theirs. 

This is another easy one to get caught in at times, especially when something isn’t going as we might have expected. Just as we shouldn’t rely on our expectations, we also shouldn’t get caught up in comparing our lives and situations to others. We all go through challenges and each are right for each person. We learn, grow and enlighten ourselves by overcoming our challenges, which is precisely why we are here. Many times we compare out of a lack of self love. Is there ever a reason not to truly love yourself? No.

5. Get out of your mind! You don’t need to think and analyze everything so much. Answers will come when they need to.

We have a tough time with this as we often feel that we are our thoughts. We can drive ourselves crazy in tough times if we keep analyzing and re-analyzing situations and feelings. We will likely create an even bigger challenge than what we initially had. Quiet the mind, find peace in surrendering to what is going on. When you are resisting the least, the answers come.

6. You have to find your joy in life, no one is responsible for providing it or finding it for you.

We can easily get caught in the idea of chasing happiness or trying to have others supply it for us. Happiness can be based on conditions. If a certain outcome plays out, I am happy, if the opposite plays out, I am sad. If I get this job, toy, car, house, etc, I will finally be happy. Instead find peace and joy in whatever plays out, this comes from not judging everything and going for what you want to in life. Understand that each outcome is a growing opportunity for us. Deep down, discover the peace and joy that you already are, it’s not outside of you.

7. Know that you don’t own all the problems in the world.

Sometimes it can feel like things are constantly happening to us. The truth is, we all go through challenges and we are all here to support each other through them. Try not to get caught up in the idea of being a victim to your circumstance, this again is another belief system that creates suffering.


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  1. delphine brooks

    some of these rules seems very restrictive to me.
    number 1: yes it is true that dwelling on the past when you do not understand it is painful and at some point you might decide that is enough but you should know that it is giving up on something. it is ok, in my opinion,to give up and feel that you might be more useful in an other way but i think it is natural to want to learn from our personal experience.
    number 2:what other think of you could be very handy some times as long as you do not let it defines you.
    number 4:same for comparing your life to others, some times it could help you to get aware of your own one as long as you do not end up value any ones above others.
    well i agree with number 5, it is good to get away from the (very addictive) analytic process and make sure to free some time to feel and new physical experiences.
    and totally agree also with number 6 and i would ad, find your own “job” ( in the sens of feeling useful) also, no one is responsible to provide it for you and it is directly link to your possibility to feel joy in my opinion.
    and for number 7, i would say yes,of course, you are not responsible for and to solve all the problemes of the world alone but all are griefs are connected and we should be careful to not get detached from what doesn’t seem to affect us directly.
    evolutionary pain was designed to make sure we focus on what matter (for survival), i think it is up to us do decide how much we can take and when “pain” becomes counter productive but i do not think we should disregard such well designed tool !!!

  2. Thumbs up and to sum up … acceptance of that which is. Eckhart Tolle wrote a great book called “The Power of Now” … I recommend it big time.

    • Stacie

      I highly recommend it too, Marc, I’m reading it right now, has really helped!!

  3. dude, what should i do?

  4. Matt

    1. regrets of past or anything…i have absolutely no regrets. everything in my life has happened for the perfect reason. i truly appreciate all of my experiences and especially the negative ones, they teach me so much and make the positive one so much sweeter.
    2. what others think of me is completely irrelevant. i dont seek approval, really dont need it. i refuse to conform to someone elses opinion to make them happy. my love is unconditional so whatever they think i love them anyway.
    3. time is irrelevant, life is eternal. walk unconditional, no need for judgement, no offense, therefore no need for healing!!!
    4. nothing to compare…just love all!
    5. everything happens for the perfect reason…certainly no need to analyze anything, no need for any control, everything works out for the overall good. acceptance is all that is required to have peace. non acceptance means you judged it, you labeled it positive or negative, creates the offense and brings on stress. things are what they are and everyone has a GOD given free will. we have finite minds and live in a realm of polarity. you will never understand true love without experiencing hate. understand the need for contrast, use it for the teaching tool it is meant to be, then your being is in a state of unconditional peace.
    6. joy is like peace, its not something you find…its a state of being. unconditional love is absolute freedom and conditional love is absolute bondage. we are here to experience joy, thats why we came here. you will only find joy and peace within, it manifest within thru proper perception of all thats around you…walk unconditional!
    7. you are a creator of you own experiences. practice unconditional love. walk unconditional. the more people that do this and learn this, suddenly the worlds problems disappear. all problems start with judgement. we put up our fences and create the seperation. we are all one, we all want the same things, love peace, comfort, security. unconditional love is…LOVE, PEACE, COMFORT, SECURITY!

    profound and enlightened wisdom! walk it!


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