If You Think These Are Just “Contrails” Think Again: Here’s What They Really Are

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Geoengineering is not a conspiracy, it’s the deliberate and large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climatic system. Simply put, it is the spraying of chemicals into the air via planes into the atmosphere. Independent testing over the past decade confirms that Chemtrails around the country contain a dangerous and extremely poisonous mix of chemicals that includes: barium, nano aluminum-coated fiberglass [known as CHAFF], radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, desiccated blood, mold spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, ethylene dibromide, and polymer fibers.

According to those who are responsible for geoengineering, the goal is to reduce global warming. However, many are beginning to seriously question this goal because for a very long time, authorities denied the idea of chemtrails and geoengineering when people started to figure out what was going on.

Humanity is becoming a lot more aware as a whole, we are realizing that the truth is rarely told to when it comes to observable phenomenon, like chemical trails in our sky. Terrorism, financial instability, and global warming are a few on the list of political moves pulled on humanity that are used for alterior motives, 9/11 is also a great example of this. The same people who are  creating are also encouraging a certain reaction before they provide their premeditated solution.

As we observe more bizarre trails in our sky, we begin to ask more questions. As we begin to ask more questions, the establishment pushes justification through education and mainstream media. The top Universities in the world are now developing geoengineering programs to supposedly combat climate change. Oxford University in the UK is one of these universities: http://www.geoengineering.ox.ac.uk, and one technique is the by:

Releasing light-colored sulphur particles or other aerosols into the atmosphere to reflect the sun’s rays back into the atmosphere to reflect the sun’s rays back into space.

Again, geoengineering is no joke, most of these programs are backed by the CIA and NASA, who are supporting the National Academy of Sciences with regards to geoengineering projects.(1)(2) Geo-engineering projects are any attempt to alter the way the planet or its weather systems operate, and it’s been happening for a long time now.(3)(4)(5)(6) There are multiple patents with regards to geoengineering and climate manipulation, one of many techniques that’s been called into question is weather modification via chemical seeding. (7)(8) The weather was even modified in China for the 2008 Olympics.(9)(10)

Many of these programs, as mentioned in the video, receive no oversight from congress. Could this be because the department of defence is involved?  Are these part of the ‘black budget,’ special access programs that Edward Snowden leaked not to long ago? (Read more about that here)

The general consensus among geo-engineering advocates is that it might be a necessary tool to halt the damage caused by global warming. The concept of global warming itself isn’t even fully understood, and there is much controversy surrounding it. Here is a picture giving you the basic gist of it.


Below are two award winning documentaries that help shed light on chemical trails, what they are and why they’re sprayed in our skies everyday. If you are interested in the subject, I recommend you watch them with an open mind. This is a minuscule amount of  a large array of evidence that supports the idea of chemical trails. It’s important to educate ourselves on these matters as it’s clear we are not going to get the truth from mainstream sources of information like government, news and education.

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(2) http://www.businessinsider.com/cia-weather-control-with-geoengineering-2013-7











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  3. THE TRUTH ABOUT CHEMTRAILS Guest: Michael Murphy

  4. Geoengineering to our planet is happening now in the form of chemtrails through Government experiments to alter weather patterns and to shield radar tracking signals, air pollution, water pollution and radioactive releases! The people of the world must ban together to stop this poisoning of our planet, because if it continues insects, animals, fish, sea life and mankind will be reduced by huge numbers while dying off because of drastic environmental changes that will affect all food chains, the weather, temperature of the planet and the disease and sickness that will accompany it! People that are enlightened to this horrific environmental problem are now detoxing their bodies of the radiation and heavy metals that are being pushed into them. The best method for detoxing is with the natural mineral called Zeolite which is proven to safely remove both radiation and heavy metals from the human body. For more information on this detox do an online search for the single word Zeolite.

    • dante crisante

      Barry, do you need a medical certificate to write the stuff you wrote? For starters there are some 200 different form of ‘Zeolites”, some with quite diverse chemical structure, so which are the ones useful for ‘detox’? Incidentally, you need to learn a bit more about ‘heavy metals’ and radiations. ‘Zeolites are good absorbs but release the absorb substance fairly quickly and hence would be useless for this purpose. Heavy metals, eg Pb, are absorbed in the fatty tissues and unless your zeolite comes in intimate contact with fat tissues nothing would happen. Radiations on the other hand have already done damage and no amount of zeolites would reverse that. In short, your ‘detox’ is a total waste of time and dangerous.

      Now, why would anyone wishing to control the World would want to kill people? Profit is the major motivator in almost all human activities, including sex. But if you aim to reduce humans by a “huge number” than how would that translate into profits? Put simply, your argument is totally and completely stupid. If harming humans is the aim then why not poison the water supply? It would be simpler, cheaper and considerably more effective.

      • Lorenzo

        You’re right…about poison in the water :the fluor.

  5. Deborah Fitzgerald

    I take it our PM is not even concerned that this has happened.

  6. ronnie


    Maybe moving is not actually the answer! If they are spraying the sky in the USA then they could be spraying the sky anywhere.

    The lethargy and weight gain in the USA is a big issue, many are dying early with a bad heart. This the doctors say is due to weight gain and excess pressure on the heart but if the body is zapped of energy and gm food is dominant then of course there will be a knock on effect on the body. If the gm food does not get you then the spray will effect you long term with energy.

    Are the government that stupid that they cant see the biological damage to human life when uk government are investing millions into cancer cures! why bother spending a penny if the root of the problem is not solved. If the chemicals are toxic then how do we know this is not carcinogenic and contributing to excess cancer.

    My question is who is doing this? also why? its not humans causing global changing. I am under suspicion of aviation and scientist blaming people as the jargon they use is not in commutative form, they talk in jargon no body understands, if they had nothing to hide then they would use simple language that everybody understands, using jargon is a closed argument as nobody understands them. The argument about humans causing global warming is medically impossible and they can throw chemical formulas out which confuse many people but not me and its impossible.

    It looks like someone is causing damage for there own financial gain and blaming humans so that they can use spray as a method of justifying themselves, but if there are no planes polluting the sky then sprays are not needed. The government would not like me to say this as they fly all over the world instead of using Skype or telecommunications which is also cost effective. It also looks good to fly and there is the ego to think of, I just wonder how many politicians use power to manipulate and what size ego they have? This does not solve the spray or who is doing it. But the government will be in no rush to help unless it was part of a terrorist plot against the country from another country, I am very surprised this is not big news as it is a form of terrorism so why is it not being investigated unless they are part of it. Any investigation that the perpetrators are part of they want to close it as soon as possible.

    • Michel Sastre

      Once more I ask: Who are “THEY”. The question must be answered for the remarks about “chemtrails” to have any measure of credibility.

      • gus

        A better question would be who are they and where do they live

    • dante

      I have to say that for chem trails to be factual then we must be dealing with the most stupid, retarded and inefficient creminals ever! Immagine spraying substances some 10 miles above the ground and hope that, somehow, they would impact the weather, humans below and God knows what else. And to do that they need the cooperation of airlines, pilots, ground staff, chemical companies and others … and do all that in total secrecy for then … BANG … show it all to anyone on a plane that seats behind the engines. Amazing considering: (a) the dilution factor that these chemicals would have (how many cubic m of air is between an aircraft flying at 11,000 m above the ground and the ground?), (b) the unpredictability of air currents (i.e. the chemicals could go anywhere) (c) the cost of keeping this a secret, and (d) the myriads of simpler alternatives, e.g. contaminating the water supply.

      If you love fabricating conspiracy theories at least study some chemistry and physics, and then come up with something that is almost believable instead of theories that have no basis in science, economics, practicality and effect.

  7. Mandi

    I’ve had a mysterious illness since 2012. Started with extreme fatigue, just basically feeling drained to the point i layed in bed for the most part of the year. Lost my job, my house, everything id worked for. I also developed weird neurological probs out of nowhere. I began involuntarily jerking (like when u first fall asleep, except all the time). It then turned into Grandma seizures last July. My Dr. found elevated white blood cell count, like i was fighting a bad infection, but i had no cold symptoms or fever. My heart also began messing up and i have tachycardia. I develop sores on my skin that wont heal, its been a wonderful couple of yrs. im only 31 yrs old. No kids, perfectly healthy human being until this hit out of nowhere. I just suffer in silence, cause i dont want anyone thinking im crazy.

    • Christopher Love Sunshine

      Mandi Sunshine….

      You’re not alone. yes physically maybe, but spiritually…..abosolutely NO.

      Have you looked into Morgellons Disease?

      I think you have chemtrail toxicity in your body. I know this, because based upon your symptoms, I had it too.

      Moving forward, humanity doesn’t realize what chemtrails are, and what’s inside of them. Its basically a deadly soup of chemicals that leads to respiratory problems, major health issues & so many other calamities.

      Between HAARP & chemtrails, they’re even messing with our frequencies & our body’s immune systems to say the very least.

      There are fungi, bacteria, viruses, toxic metals inside the spray. I’m so so sad for humanity….so so sad. I used to think when I was younger that it was way worse to live in the barbaric times of the old empires, but that’s now changed. Today, right this second, is the worst time for planet earth, humanity & all living creatures that we’ve ever experienced (minus of course, natural disasters that have occurred along history)

      You must detox to stay healthy. From this point on, if you do not have the remedies, tools & access to good food (organic/non-GMO’s), you will be in alot of trouble.

      So, I don’t want to post directly here what detoxes I’ve done and which ones work and which ones don’t work. If you truthfully want help as to what to do to get yourself better – without relying on the system (doctors/hospitals/pills – which are in the same realm as the chemtrail business), then you need to take action now. You;re so young, and this shouldn’t be happening to you.

      Reply to this if you want more guidance.

      sending LOve……bunches of LOve your way.

      Christopher Love Sunshine

      • dawne leedom

        Christopher Sunshine,please email me your info on detox.
        I am positive for West Nile Virus. It hasnt completely destroyed me, but its trying to
        Or friend me on Fb
        Thanks so much

    • James Peterson

      I also developed slight neurological problems and am jerking before falling asleep since around 1998 and that’s when approximately they started spraying en masse.

    • Check out Morgellans…Detox heavily, if you need a referral, look for Dr. Robert E Pettit

  8. Liv

    Totally agree with the comments left and it’s sick we all need to wake up and do something for our sakes and our children . We need to work together and do something . First answer bang on . And this explanation of chemtrails is brilliant wish everyone I knew understood this I’ve been looking into this over the last two years .. And have written in a journal few things about there goal and what there trying to do to us ! They won’t win .

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  11. dcapit8

    15 years ago the popular theory, backed up with lab testing of chemtrail samples collected in snow beneath the flight path, was MYCOTOXINS, mycoplasma… But the question was the same:WHY?? The answer was different though – “to cause fatigue in the population so they [we] would not have the energy to protest or rebel or riot or even ask questions”.

    Judging by the huge amount of APATHY in the population, I would say it worked.

    We are apathetic because are all battling a chronic low-grade infection that makes us tired all the time. We cannot think straight because we have no energy.

    It worked so well that 1/2 the population just says “it isn’t real” or “no they wouldn’t do that” or “its okay” when they hear something that should be alarming such as “humans are causing climate change” or “bankers, government, and corporations are abusing us and they are taking more and more of our incomes at a time when there is more money around than ever before”, or “9-11 was a fake, a false-flag, and used as an excuse to invade Iraq for their oi and keep the weapons industry happy and it doesn’t matter to them that 500,000 innocent people died!!”

    Doesn’t it just make you want to SCREAM when you understand what is going on in our world? I didn’t think so… because IT WORKED.

    “ya? hmmm, I don’t really care, I just want to go to work and eat supper and sleep”

    • Christopher Love Sunshine

      This is a brilliant write-up. So well said…and so true.
      Thank you for this. It’s difficult waking up everyday and having to step foot outside of my door.,because outside my door is an ocean of human beings that walk around with blindfolds on. But it sure feels good knowing that people like you (dcapit8) are out there.
      peace love & sunshine.

    • I love this. It’s the Truth. None of my friends care. They don’t believe it and they won’t even look at the sky. Why isn’t this in the media? It is So obvious. I see them spraying in the sky almost everyday. Keep me informed.

      • Hiroshi Yamada

        Because you are not a great educator. Learn how to get it through to the masses. I did and they LISTEN to me like to the HELL BUBBLE.

    • Hiroshi Yamada

      “They” succeeded, because today about 50% of people do not pay income taxes… Well done!

      Re: “The answer was different though – “to cause fatigue in the population so they [we] would not have the energy to protest or rebel or riot or even ask questions”.”

    • Hiroshi Yamada

      P.S. I have noticed how roads have become empty in the USA, because more and more people are moving overseas, including me!

    • The Sheeple

      Falsehood’s become true … and chaos has spread
      Liars are upheld … and good mouths are well weld

      Wisdom deserted all … but a sleepless few
      Trance became the norm … and to reality blindness wed

      No free thinking was left … so long as they were fed
      Sleep sheep most became … buried in a borrowed bed

      Wake up and uphold … what God’s always said:
      Don’t step over others … to reach a higher end
      Love each other so … to the Truth you’d be led

      Ali Adams

      God > infinity

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