Geoengineering & Chemtrails: What In The World Are They Spraying? And Why?

chemGeoengineering is not a conspiracy, it’s the deliberate and large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climatic system. Simply put, it is the spraying of chemicals into the air via planes into the atmosphere. Independent testing over the past decade confirms that Chemtrails around the country contain a dangerous and extremely poisonous mix of chemicals that includes: barium, nano aluminum-coated fiberglass [known as CHAFF], radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, desiccated blood, mold spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, ethylene dibromide, and polymer fibers.

According to those who are responsible for geoengineering, the goal is to reduce global warming. However, many are beginning to seriously question this goal because for a very long time, authorities denied the idea of chemtrails and geoengineering when people started to figure out what was going on.

Humanity is becoming a lot more aware as a whole, we are realizing that the truth is rarely told to when it comes to observable phenomenon, like chemical trails in our sky. Terrorism, financial instability, and global warming are a few on the list of political moves pulled on humanity that are used for alterior motives, 9/11 is also a great example of this. The same people who are  creating are also encouraging a certain reaction before they provide their premeditated solution.

As we observe more bizarre trails in our sky, we begin to ask more questions. As we begin to ask more questions, the establishment pushes justification through education and mainstream media. The top Universities in the world are now developing geoengineering programs to supposedly combat climate change. Oxford University in the UK is one of these universities:, and one technique is the by:

releasing light-colored sulphur particles or other aerosols into the atmosphere to reflect the sun’s rays back into the atmosphere to reflect the sun’s rays back into space. This approach (2)

Whatever these highly reputable universities say seems to be believed by many without ever questioning. They believe the research sited blindly, but who hasn’t? We have all been subjected to some type of programming on some level. How can this be true if there is so much evidence pointing to the truth that global warming really isn’t real? You can read more about that here

Below are two award winning documentaries that help shed light on chemical trails, what they are and why they’re sprayed in our skies everyday. If you are interested in the subject, I recommend you watch them with an open mind. This is a minuscule amount of  a large array of evidence that supports the idea of chemical trails. It’s important to educate ourselves on these matters as it’s clear we are not going to get the truth from mainstream sources of information like government, news and education.

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304 comments on “Geoengineering & Chemtrails: What In The World Are They Spraying? And Why?

  1. Ana Santos

    Are these the answers of your representatives in USA? They should be all in unemployment cause if they are not informed they should get informed about what´s going on above their heads .Very conveniente to say they are not informed. shame on You representatives !(by the way …representatives of who or what?) and are these serious and honest people who rules us allover the world ?are our governments (not only the USA government cause other countries are doing the same)trustable?. i´m portuguese and here we have this planes spraying in the mornings and in the end of the day everydays ! These people should be stoped or judged in a court! who gave them the right to do that ?They made any referendum to their people? they are really our representatives braking our trust in such an important subject like this?I´m starting to see many of my neighbours with cancer and i find it very strange but i can´t be sure of if it´s coming for chemtrails…i just wonder if it´s not…God be mercy of us cause the geoengeneering are playing with the fire (the sun) and are based in their own interests and not in people´s and Earth health cause their arguments are very unsuficient ,how do they know how it will affect space reflecting back the sun rays ? It´s a pitty that didn´t come here a spaceship with damages on it with some alliens and start to shut down all those planes that are spraying those substances and then they should spread those substances on these representatives heads,maybe then they would be informed of how dangerous this is ,but they are spraying everyday in a cumulative way and slow kill to no one to notest at priori they are being used as laboratory rats or worst …Thanks for the article and vídeos. I already forward it to my friends!… These people that find no problem in spraying this shit will dominate a dead world and i hope they can eat their Money and power…

    • Christopher Love Sunshine

      Thank you for unleashing the anger within…..
      The truth brings you to a mental place of darkness that’s hard to leave. I’m slowly leaving the darkness, but it’s easier said than done.

      There have always been 2 things that boggle my mind…
      1. Even though NASA has already admitted that chemtrails/geo-engineering is going on (….(31:30 mark) – why is it that any human being in politics/government denied chemtrails even existing for years & years? When it’s been an official program since 1999 (as documented in Aerosol Crimes the documentary). Politicians/Government’s denial, proves that chemtrails needed to be a secret……hmmmm, I wonder why?

      2. What are the dangers of the spray upon humanity, animals, plants, air, water, food, etc? – I personally know the dangers (because I’ve done a great deal of personal research)….but people aren’t aware of the dangers because it isn’t showcased on the news/magazines/newspapers (which are all owned by the people administering the chemtrail dose upon humanity)…and many health defects have manifested because of this toxic cocktail in the sky.

      One day, shit will hit the fan. And when that day comes……..

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  4. Christopher Love Sunshine

    Everywhere you go & everywhere you look, you’ll be subconsciously be made to decide which information you are going to believe and which information you will not believe.
    Considering the ultimate truths that the media is owned and operated by the elite; how are we supposed to know what is truth and what is a fabricated story.
    This article above is not fabrication at all. I’ve done extensive research in the realm of chemtrails, and it’s come to the point where if I encounter someone who is head strong about the notion that chemtrails are a conspiracy theory, then I begin to feel sadness for that soul. Sadness that they have to live their lives with their blindfold on, and in a conditioned state.
    On this page, not only is there an awesome article written by Arjun, but there are also many people on here that know what the truth is.
    NASA has already told the world that chemtrails (aka geo-engineering) is truth. I’ve posted the video links on here already. There are programs at Oxford University in the UK specifically designed to teach people how to be a part of geo-engineering. I’ve also taken photographs of the madness they created in the sky, right above my home, and posted it on this page. There is so much literature out there that shows and proves that this is happening.
    What you, yes the individual reading this, should do….and is probably the only thing you can do, is take care of yourself. You need to know the things your body will need to fight off the chemicals in the spray. I think we’re years away from the truth about the ingredients and its effect, making its way to the masses. So you should probably look into what you should ingest. If , of course, you’re concerned about your overall well being.
    Watch the documentary ‘Aerosol Crimes (aka chemtrails), and listen to what the naturopath doctor says about what you can do to fight off the toxics of the spray.
    We live in a misinformed world. Every single day I’m approached by a person or people that are functioning based upon their conditioning (what information has been made accessible, and which information has been hidden).
    Imagine yourself being the elite of the world (and yes, for myself that’s a disgusting thought)…..if you were the elite, and were inflicting pain, hunger, corruption, weather catastrophe’s, etc upon mother earth and humanity……wouldn’t you do your very best to make sure that nobody found out about it? Seriously, give that a thought for a second – its true.
    We the truth seekers are slowly emerging, and slowly opening up our minds. You can decide how you’d like to live your lives. You can decide if it’s rather easier, and less painful, to live in oblivion, or truth. I chose truth, despite the pain that it inflicts upon the mind and soul. But if you find ways, you can exit the darkness and try to make good of the truth.
    Chemtrails is just the surface, of the wrong that’s inflicted upon the ruling. I’m sure many of you who have known the chemtrail truth since 1999, are thinking ‘geez….its about time the truth is coming out’.

    • Michel Sastre

      Thank you Christopher for your concern about my soul, or whatever you are concerned about. Please put this safely in the same drawer as chemtrails and save them for a rainy day. The good Lord has kept me, not always safe, but alive, for nearly 79 years, through wars, uprisings and other nasty human made events, so I look carefully at what I see and read. I am confident that I, and thew world, will make it through the chemtrails.

      • It is indeed important Christopher that you share your knowledge and inquisitive nature on what is happening in the world around us as well as how much of what happens to humanity, should that is, we want to remain as unique individuals with a free will and loving conscious mind (albeit today that seems like a very small number; sadly to say).

        Equally important is the understanding of what is controlled by others with money and resources readily available to pursue a personal hidden agenda in what is important to us as the continued evolution of human beings, not only on earth but in the entire cosmic reality as it unfolds, should we be seeing, listening, questioning carefully as Michel states above. Also confident am I that we will make it through the chemtrails, although saying that, we must be aware of everything that threatens the health and integrity of the soul of man, the heart of humanity as it was originally intended.

        We can not change the world, certainly not by our self, as most people are content to watch television with reality shows which are not real in the first place once the camera is turned off. Myself I can not bear the commercials or the high price of cable subscriptions just to watch the ads that create the sense of lack in all who choose to watch what is left of the small fraction of advertised airing show-time. Yet most people seem to not notice, or perhaps not care that their hard earned dollars pay for the cable bill
        that rapes their free will and mind of all normal sense. Personally I do not own a television.

        If it so difficult to understand this shortcoming about our society it will be even more difficult if at all possible to awaken others to pay a mind to what is happening to the air we breathe or the beautiful rich soil of our earth that we grow our food in, not to mention what is happening to our crystal clear water that sustains all life as we know it. My friends believe I am mad in my mind when I share information such as this with them, one can see their eyes roll back in their head, hear the little coughs that almost apologize for my existence to whoever might be listening. In turn I have become numb to the insults, lack the desire to comment back with a strong standing point, enjoying solitude more and more to read all things of interest about our wonderful planet earth, the universes of galaxies knowing that there is nothing new under the sun, certainly not here on our beautiful blue planet.

        We are offered a view, then we choose which one is our reality after that it is up to us according to how we were raised as children to understand why life so appeals to us in the first place by investigating every aspect of our chosen world and what it means to our self during discovery. Technology has evolved, just like our self, and selves to come. What we must remember through all the changes that have happened and are yet to come what is important to us while we are here, what makes our heart pump the vibration that our memory will always hold dear, no matter how many lives we live on earth as human beings.

        Indeed it is important to understand all that is happening around us, there is conscious choice to made by each and every one of us from the young student at school to the most important scientist who knows how to alter mankind and then the powerful people with the money who say…. do it!!! and of course those who carry out the orders.

        DNA in all things changes with water. What is more important for us to remain the free will human we believe we are, is to protect our beautiful rich soil and seeds they are indeed the gold and diamonds to seek and to preserve our clean clear water which will always remember who we ‘human’ are, for as long as we are.

        Once again, thank you Christopher for this format and Michel Sastre who for 79 years still remembers why survival happens.

        ~*LOVE ALWAYS*~

        HAARP – Chemtrails – How They are Change You – Bioengineering

        • Christopher Love Sunshine

          imeldafbmaguire – I enjoyed reading your response. You express yourself with alot of passion. And you raise many great points….
          thank you sincerely.

          I can tell you possess alot of knowledge on this subject, and the grand subject of who controls over the masses.

          A little off course here but, I remember watching a film (can’t remember what it was called) and I remember a quote flashing on the screen from a famous writer. The quote stated something along the lines of ‘the more knowledge and truth you possess, the more painful your life will be’ – (that quote isn’t word for word – but Its close to the original)..

          I think that’s the case for me. For example, when I read a book or watch an important documentary, I need to take a few days off from reading or watching anything else, because my brain needs that time to reflect and process the information/truth I’ve just received.

          Being a truth seeker probably means I’ll forever have to fight off inner dark forces – and try to steer towards the light. But another problem I have is that I can’t talk about this kind of subject matter with anyone, because the harsh truth is that it’s alot of truth for people to take in, and alot of people would rather prefer the opposite of truth, because it’s easier for the mind to process..

          So that brings me to expressing my gratitude. Thank you (imeldafbmcguire) for being someone who has heard me. I know you too walk this planet with alot of truth. I’m grateful that there are truth seekers on here who can express some of the things & address some of the things that people, on the outside, wouldn’t even think of. Aside from the masses thinking this is all make belief, I highly doubt it that anyone is thinking ‘oh those poor truth seekers….they must be battling the inner darkness, I hope they get through it’..

          Before I sign off…I noticed you mentioned Haarp. I have an even more difficult time trying to tell people about Haarp, than anything chemtrail related. At the very least, there’s online proof of chemtrails – with Haarp….its difficult to try and talk about this with anyone and back up my facts (because Haarp doesn’t even have a company website because of how well hidden they are)….

          anyways – Off I go. To all people who carry their own bags of truth upon their shoulders, I am here with you.

          sending love & sunshine to you & the human race.


          • Thank you Christopher for your most welcome warm response to the issues that only a handful of brilliant people choose to address in any forum that feels ‘safe’ ( for a lack of a better word here ~ Big Smile )

            By opening this dialogue to the public, you are daring to do what most people will not even look at, so hopefully this forum will bring some answers with solutions to further understand where we are all to go from here as responsible earth beings with a conscience.

            Frankly, I do not know very much about all of this geoengineering nor do I understand the need to create chemical spraying that alter our DNA, so like you I am inquisitive about a topic that attracts prompted mind by the spirit who wants to understand why things are the way they are as well as for a glimpse into what might come while at least we are alive on earth in this life time. Hopefully such a search might bring a more prolific understanding for the universe our next time around, if not this one.

            Your thoughts are what urged me to this conversation on Chemtrails, looking and hoping like you for something real and truthful for clearer understanding. In fact I have yet to peruse all the links you have shared here yet; one link leads to so many others that require weeding out media hype to find a nugget of that so searched for truth.

            So you see Christopher how important your conversation here on Chemtrails truly is? Seems it is very much connected to things yet to be revealed… hopefully messing with our genes will not be one of those discoveries and if it is that, then what?

            Yes, I am passionate, just like you and I like to believe so many other open minded beings searching for answers to help us understand more of who we are to one another. I believe with my whole heart that the truth we are searching for so earnestly, in the end will indeed deliver real world peace for all souls on earth.

            Lets hope the quest for money and power does not inhibit the growth of natural beauty on earth, God’s gift to humanity.

            ~*LOVE ALWAYS*~


          • I believe it was F. Nietze that said something to the effect that courage and willingness to accept TRUTH are directly proportionate.

      • Christopher Love Sunshine

        Truthfully Michel, I am happy to read that you have been alive & safe for nearly 79 years…and that you’ve survived whatever planet earth & humanity has thrown your way – Right On!

        Me, myself, I can’t refrain from being concerned about others. And yes, as you mentioned, I actually do place my concerns for humanity and my knowledge of chemtrails into a ‘mental’ drawer every night. For if I don’t, I will not sleep. However, that being said, the next morning, I take them right back out again. It’s what my mind/soul feels good doing. It’s I guess in a way, the act of defeating the negativity inside me. It helps me cope when I keep my feelings ‘out of the drawer’, during the daytime. I’ve tried to pretend that I don’t know what I know, but the reality is, truth, information and experience affects us all differently. And I’m a sensitive soul. I know this.

        I believe I’m a victim of chemtrails (which might be another reason why I’m passionate about the health of others). How so? Before I got deep into my current knowledge of chemtrails, I visited 2 doctors to request a blood test to see if my aluminum/barium levels were high. Why did I ask? Because, I was getting very sick, and I began contracting serious respiratory problems & sinus & throat infections. Both doctors declined the test, giving their own reasons (and tried to put me on asthmatic steroid puffers).
        So I visited a naturopath doctor and sat down over a couple of visits, and discussed with him my concerns. To make a long story short, My aluminum levels were high. Apparently he didn’t test for barium (he mentioned why, but I actually don’t remember his reason) – so for all I know, my barium levels could also be high. So why are my aluminum levels high I asked? I’m a vegan, so I don’t eat any flesh from the land or sea that could be affected. I only eat organic food grown by 2 local farms. I don’t smoke. So where was the high level of aluminum coming from? Since my doctor isn’t God, he can’t exactly tell me that it’s indeed %100 the chemtrails – but he did suggest the possibility.

        Since then he’s treated me, and ever since I read up more about this, I’ve obtained a few more ways of combating the high aluminum levels (through books and documentaries) – and a lot of my ailments have disappeared. However, when I do go outside after a real heavy spraying, I come back inside my home and I’m literally coughing for the next hour or so. And along with that, I get pains in my lungs and at the top of my nose/under my eyes. (And no this isn’t something placebo related)

        That being said, I’m going to move forward ahead, staying on the train I’m on, and I’m going to learn everything I possibly can about geo-engineering/chemtrails, and how to derail such acts against humanity & how to inform the masses…..that’s me though. If, within your own mind, If you’d like to just leave them be (the ones crafting up the chemtrails), then so be it. You are you. You have your own path, your own experiences and own philosophies that have brought you to this moment in time. Maybe, its actually better for your health to not allow the negativity from chemtrail knowledge to manifest.

        Furthermore, I understand that you’re confident that the world will get past chemtrails. However, unless a deity of some sort visits me and says to me ‘chris, the world will get past this’ – I cannot lay down peacefully…At this junction in my life, I’m unable to trust the words of others, and in accordance with what you said, I’m unable to trust your confidence that the world will get through this. For all we know Michel, you could be right. But for all we know, you could be wrong. We can’t tell the future. Yes, as corruption and calamity has manifested throughout the world & throughout time, yes, humanity has always been able to stand back up again to a certain degree. However, anything is possible.
        Anyways, I’ll leave my words at that. Thank you for your gentle and thoughtful response.

        (imeldafbmaguire, I will be responding to your vibrations tomorrow – sometimes long responses take any existing energy right out of me) LOVE

        • Michel Sastre

          Chris, thank you for all the concerns towards all those things which you fear.

          I survived, and intend to keep doing it, because of a peculiar attitude of mine: I AM NOT A VICTIM, of any thing or any one. I refuse to be a victim. The corollary of being a victim is that you feel every thing and every one is trying to hurt you, is working against you and this, my friend makes you helpless and unable to react, able only to complain and think of ways in which you could be hurt. Unfortunately, many people in this world feel that they are victims. Good luck!

          • Christopher Love Sunshine

            thank you sincerely for your thought provoking response…
            i think I see what you’re saying – and yes, it would probably be wise of me to take a bit of what you’re saying & blend it with what I’m saying….that may assist me along my journey.

            We may or may not connect again on here, but if not, I too wish you well & wish you many more years of surviving planet earth.

            peaceful vibes,

        • Well Christopher… Indeed many things are reported about the chemtrails and what they are spraying and why. So hard to determine what is truth as we shared earlier. I have posted this link to you and I am sure you must already know about this development in regard to Morgellons. This video is two years old now?

          Not necessary to comment back or post things that you know might already know about, as I understand how important time is. So much information about our world, it would be nice to share only loving things that uplift our souls, yet these new developments do seem important to share with others who are concerned. How do we cope with what so many people believe to be true whether we do or not?

          It is not right to spread fear… but we must know the truth.

          ~*LOVE ALWAYS*~

          Morgellons Presentation (Potent News Blast #10)


            What Chemtrails Are Doing To Your Brain – Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock Reveals Shocking Facts.

          • Christopher Love Sunshine

            Imelda! – Thank you for reaching out your hand. I’m reaching out mine to grab hold of your vibrations.

            Truth is truth. And you know, I have two choices. I could just move along and not grab hold of the truth, or I can empower my mind and soul and open my eyes/soul to the truth.

            Please don’t worry about what content you share – it’s all part of the puzzle that we’re trying to put together here. That’s why we’re here. Personally I don’t care how bleak or sad the truth is; but I want it. I feel as though I’m addicted to truth. I want it (I know I may sound like someone who’s craving a narcotic – but it’s the way I feel).

            I’ve been betrayed by all systems of power, which we’re all conditioned to admire, respect & obey (such as the medical field, the education system – which I’ve both worked for)…
            and I’ve come to the conclusion that I will not, and cannot trust any system in power. Through my own experiences, I’ve noticed that people who lust for power and control, are also people who care the least about the well being of others. Which is why I’m happy that I’ve had that switch flicked in my mind.

            There are two kinds of people; ones who cover their eyes when they walk by an act of wrong, and then there are the ones, who when they walk by an act of wrong, they stop, they think for a moment, and try to bring right to the wrong (perhaps through the act of whistle-blowing or helping the one in need).

            This is another reason why we, the truth seekers, will always feel as though we’re at the bottom of mount everest, looking up, when it comes down to informing the masses. Somehow, someway, we’ve had the flick switched in our minds. That same switch which allows for truth to enter the mind. And I feel as though, unless you’ve had that switch flicked – it will keep you from obtaining the real truth.

            The link you sent me about Mycoplasma/Morgellans was a useful article. I have read alot about Morgellans/Mycoplasma in the past. But as of late, All the symptoms that the article discusses; I have. And for the past two months, I feel as though I’ve been at war with some sort of fungus/virus within my respiratory tract. I have been getting better though, due to some intense natural treatments I have been able to access. I think somewhere along in the article, it mentions something about amino acids being depleted – and this has been one way of me combating what I’m against (by making sure that my body is being pumped with amino acids/proteins and fats).

            With every morsel of my existence, I strongly believe that there is enough evidence out there to show that the toxic spray, has a drastically negative effect on our bodies/minds. It’s one of those illnesses that is like smoking. And what I mean is, for most smokers, they will deal with the ramifications of smoking, in the later years (its a slow kill). The same with this. People wake up every day, go to work, come home late in the evening, eat & sleep. There isn’t time for people to stop, look around, look at themselves and read into what’s going on with themselves. So if you were to suggest to someone who’s experiencing alot of the symptoms mentioned in the article, they’d most likely respond with ‘i highly doubt it I’m sick all the time because of some jet fuel exhaust in the sky – it’s most likely because I shook someone’s hand who was sick & got it from them – I should go get some pills from my doctor’.

            I guess, looking into the realm of positive energy and love, I have to learn to be happy and content with the fact that I am empowered. I do possess knowledge (and only because I’ve read a great deal on the subject), probably more knowledge than your average person. Furthermore, I should be happy that I’m able to access some of the tools/resources I’ll need for me and my family, to combat anything negative that manifests within our bodies. Also happiness from the notion that I am walking this planet, carrying a truth, that I have discovered on my own, rather than a truth that has been administered to me by some other ‘evil-like’ force(s) & conditioning.

            I’m grateful to have met you online here Imelda. Ever bit of information we share, is important. Based upon my experiences, I’m convinced that you and I communicating on here was no coincidence, but rather, something deeper than that, which unfortunately, I cannot articulate. I believe in purposeful encounters. Encounters that we cannot necessarily see, with our eyes, everything we’re supposed to see.

            If it were up to me, I’d keep on writing more in this post/response to you, because it’s refreshing to meet someone else who’s mind is functioning along similar vibrations as mine. But the reality is, I’m on a train that keeps chugging forward. And I guess, every time it stops, that’s when I’ll be able to take a few moments to acknowledge the love vibration..

            thank you Imelda, from the top, bottom, left side & right side of my heart,
            you are a ray of sunshine, in a very cloudy sky..


          • So… what is the truth? I have no idea… as most of us find it so hard to believe!
            Most unlike me it is to spread fear or be involved in the wild conspiracies that take away from all the good things here on earth. So… if you don’t mind Christopher… it would be so much more satisfying for me to follow along with your conversation quietly, that is of course until you need a pep talk or moral support.

            You are one brave young man, that is for sure! I will be right here with you to see what comes up next!

            ~*LOVE ALWAYS*~


      • Michael chemtrails didn’t start until the 60′s….you have to admit our skies are different crisscrossing zig zaging across our skies that is not normal. You need to open your 79 yr old eyes. BTW I am 63 so don’t go using that I’m young and dont know any better.

        • Christopher Love Sunshine

          I’m loving your vibrations Jan……LOVEloveLOVE…
          Thank you for speaking the truth of your soul…..
          This place here on the web is by far the only place I haven’t felt alone…..thank you:)

          • Christopher Love Sunshine

            When you control the skies – you can control where the spray goes. I’m hopeful people will search into the understanding of what HAARP is, and what their technology is capable of. The spraying is just one piece of understanding the puzzle – HAARP, has Nicola Tesla’s technology – (which tesla had no intention of using in the way Haarp is) (HAARP is, by far, the most hidden of all information out there – search hard, and you’ll find something, I promise)

            I dare the President or Prime Minister to speak at a public event, while spraying is going on right above them..

            Furthermore, we share this planet. Regardless of any other point. When you spray above billions of people, you must have the BALLS to tell the people, what exactly you’re spraying, and what effects it has upon humanity. Anyone over the age of 40, should know and see that human beings have been getting drastically ill, as the years move forward. I’ve spoken to so many elderly people, and all they keep saying is how much more people get sick today than 30 years ago. That beings said…..Dear leaders of the world, why the heck are you not telling us what we are asking to know? Why is the concept of geo-engineering not even remotely mentioned in an news program or newspaper or magazine? Why, why, why? Because……..if the people find out, the ruling people, will be forced to answer the questions. But we, with our thinking caps on, know quite well, that they’re going to hide the details as long as they can – after all, they finally decided to admit that there’s spraying going on last year (after who knows how many years they’ve been spraying and denying it)(I wonder how long it’ll take them to open discussion on the spray’s ingredients and it’s effect upon humanity and the earth)

            And judging from the fact that I’ve rid myself of the sickness and symptoms I believe to be spray related – if you have the money, you can access necessary treatments and resources you need to rid yourself of the toxic aluminum & other toxins. So the people in power, don’t have to worry about being affected – why worry, when you have the immunity to defeat it?

            If you’d like to see how deep this goes, try asking your doctor to get a test to check your aluminum levels….go ahead, and I’d be curious our of 10, how many will say ‘oh, okay, sure, come on down and lets get those aluminum levels tested’ – so far I’ve connected with over 20 people who have asked and failed……you have nothing to lose. Just go ask your doctor – and their response will fuel you to learn more.
            This is a deep issue…..far, far, far more deep than most people think. This isn’t just a ‘are they spraying, or aren’t they spraying debate’ – this is a science they’ve manipulated and now have full control and power over.

            I search for the truth, because I owe it to myself to know the truth, regardless of how painful it is. I’d rather live with a real truth, than a truth that has been spoon fed to me.

          • I have been blocked from posting here Christopher for some security reason!

            ~*LOVE ALWAYS*~


          • A very informative youtube video below which was blocked from posting?
            Sure hope this helps understand what is happening to our sky!

            ~*LOVE ALWAYS*~


            Climate Engineering Weather Warfare, and the Collapse of Civiliza

          • Rain Flower Moonbeam

            My mom, Sky Willow Moonbeam, said that my vibrations are true love and uninhibited. Thank you so much for following your heart and posting your comments. You’re the reason this planet is so wonderful to live on. People like you do so much good for advancing society. NOT.

          • Christopher Love Sunshine

            It’s refreshing to hear Rain Flower Moonbeam that you were greatly loved by your mother as a child!!! – that’s amazing!!

            I think, considering your loving words, that you should probably hop into your vehicle (unless you live at home with mum), head over to her house, and give her a splashing dose of your radiant sunshine……From what I know and what I’ve studied, Sky Willows love radiant sunshine!!!!

            And after snuggling up with mum for a bit, head back home with a warm smile & don’t forget to acknowledge the smoggy skies & chemtrails that are making a mess of our sunsets, air, water, land & humanity’s health. If you need more information on the subject, I know of a fellow by the name of Moist Tundra – and he’d be more than happy to share his wisdom & insight about geo-engineering with you!!

            happy love to you and sky willow…..happy love, Love, love

        • Michel Sastre

          Jan, let me quote from the Skeptical Enquirer: “The proponents claim that after 1995 contrails had a different chemical composition and lasted a lot longer on the sky; they never acknowledge the evidence of long-lasting contrails dating as far back as World War II.” This is a lot older than the 1960′s. My eyes are wide open, and they see the reality of VICTIMS and of known science. The one thing that lets me rest easy is that no one has yet answered the question: Why would THEY spray stuff that would kill them and their families?

          • Michel Sastre

            Christopher et al, I am no more concerned about the HAARP studies than I am about so-called “chemtrails”. Remember, I am not a perpetual victim.

          • C H E M T R A I L S

            The following videos perfectly demonstrate fallout from chemtrails spray:


            New Zealand:

            United States:

          • Christopher Love Sunshine

            Hey Michel…
            I’m glad to hear that you’re no more concerned about HAARP than chemtrails….you must sleep well! (and I mean that…)

            And I’m even more thrilled to hear, for the 3rd time or so, that you’re not a victim.

            Keep in mind as you continue to post on here, that you are amongst people of truth, people who have witnessed, people who have exposed themselves to a great deal of literature and people who have experienced a variety of DIFFERENT things than you have.

            I’m also trying to understand the psychology of you being here. I’ve never gone on to a site with believers of ‘something’ and gone on there, and expressed the opposite of what those believers of ‘something’ are saying.

            Oh well – I guess, to each his/her own.

            Keep on believing what you’ve got to believe – whatever gets you through the night….or the day..

            (this is like a religious thing if you think about it)(everyone believes what they need to believe to get them through the day)

            take care & as always..peaceful vibrations

          • Souris Optique

            Who is “THEY?”

          • Jonas Petrus

            Perhaps “they” are turning themselves into robots as we speak recording all their human memories from their brains into cyborg robotic bodies and hard disks. Chemtrails do not affect robots as they (robots) are made of metal.


            I suspect some foul play here between “Rain Flower Moonbeam” and “Christopher Love Sunshine”. I believe someone more than one person are using these usernames and posting something less than sincere words.

          • Christopher Love Sunshine

            Hi ‘Chemtrails Are Real’…..

            I believe this website & well written article are very important for people trying to find truth about chemtrails/geo-engineering…
            And when people come on here and mock the truth seekers or try to poke fun at anyone or any subject in relation to chemtrails, it rattles my feathers.

            That being said, if you read all of my past posts/comments, it will become evident that I’m not one who condones foul play. Rather, I try to provide facts, important web links, truth & love.

            My response to the Moonflower individual was necessary. If you read his initial comment to me, it appears as though he created a username that is hippie-like, such as mine, and then mocked me. So rather than get angry at him/her, I figured I’d play along.

            I’m sure you know that individuals who have a dire need to do such things, are just trying to start things – to jeopardize the credibility of the truth, this article & this website.

            I am with you ‘Chemtrails Are Real’, and I’m with the creators of Collective Evolution (their documentary resonates what my soul speaks)….

            Thank you for your concern & I send you peaceful vibrations….
            Love & Sunshine

        • cucoloco

          Jan, in the sixties the airplanes did not travel as fast as they do now and we certainly did not have as many airplanes in the sky as we do today, so that might explain why there ‘are’ so many more chemtrails or more likely contrails today than in the sixties

    • Tom

      I visited Athens Greece in the summer of 2009. I noticed a lot of golden lines crossing the sky, that looked like a cloudy day, I asked my friend what it was. His answer was, no body really knows for sure. The public believes they spray (The Greek Government with the European Union ) chemicals that will change the weather and bring rain, (that the country needs so desperately). They were spraying for many months but not a drop since April (over four months). Others believe the spraying affects peoples ability to resist the governments intentions to implement their programs. I went back in August of 2013, same thing. The sky full of man made clouds, no rain for over four months. We rented a car. (Me and my Wife) and traveled the beautiful countryside, also no rain for months. I also noticed no spraying anywhere else (other than Athens). The question is. What all that spraying in Athens only and not in other smaller towns. I definitely have no answer or a theory. If anything I am more confused, after reading all the above. I am 76 years old and I trust that God has his way to take care of his creation.

  5. Just unliked this page.. I originally thought because of the name they would be some serious scientific answers and challenges. The site is hogwash from every article I’ve seen on here.


  7. miggs

    Illuminati and one world order!!!

    • Christopher Love Sunshine

      Its definitely a pleasure meeting people who are well versed with the world power that exists in this world – people unfortunately do not realize that the world power rules over everything outside your home, and everything inside your home…..everything. They are the masterminds who have put into place; a special kind of slavery.

      Documentaries and publications at the library assist me along my journey.
      Here is a list of documentaries I’ve watched over the past 2 weeks:

      America: Freedom to Fascism – (by Aaron Russo, film director)
      Michael Tsarion: Architects of Control
      Bill Hicks: Outlaw Comic

      We may as well be sharing where we get some of our information – the documentary thrive is well backed up with sources and information. It was created by Mr. Gamble, of procter and gamble..

      anyways – lets keep spreading the word of truth. After all, we don’t want to be humans walking this planet without truth….right?



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  15. Hey guys ! My teacher just send me a governemnt official document to DENY CHEMTRAILS. At least this document proves that they are spraying something , which is a good point. Now let’s thick collectively and gather arguments why this information cant be true so I can convince him and he will talk about it in class! Help me plz !

    • lets think collectively*

    • Christopher Love Sunshine

      it’s imperative for government bodies to dent chemtrails…
      if the masses were to find out about such a thing, then everything would be questioned such as tsunami’s/earthquakes/flooding and also, people would do what most of us are doing here; questioning what’s in the spray and it’s effect on humanity & the land.

      Take a look at that document that your professor provided…..take a look at the date that the document was created. Are they kidding? the year 2000? wow! 9 (it was probably written around the time where they were working extra hard at trying to hide the truth)(but fortunately they’ve now found a way to give some of the truth, while hiding a humongous chunk of the truth)

      This year NASA actually released a statement to the masses because the US government was being flooded with questions about chemtrails & geo engineering, so they had NASA release a video statement last spring/winter I think, and I watched it, and it was an official video off the NASA site – and the individual in the video was showing why geo-engineering is happening – he gave all the facts about the ‘good’ in chemtrails, such as it deflects sunshine back into space….etc, etc…but he didn’t make any note of what’s in the spray and whether it has detrimental effects on humanity and planet earth,

      At Oxford University, in the UK, they actually have a geo-engineering program –

      This website goes into NASA’s admission (and has some good video’s in the article)-

      Watch this video from the 31:30 mark –
      (this is from the NASA jet propulsion program video)

      My question is…
      why are we considered by everyone to be conspiracy theorists, when the evidence is already out there…..they’ve already admitted that they’re doing this..

      what they won’t comment on is the spray’s effect.

      (the other day I got into this with my father, which I shouldn’t have….and he said to me ‘if this is all true, how is it that I’ve never heard of this, and nobody I know has ever heard of anything so ridiculous) – that’s the problem. people think that if it isn’t on the 6 o’clock news or the front page of the paper, then it’s not true.

      Your professor needs to spend a bit more time researching this topic before he goes ahead and embarasses himself infront of a full or half full lecture hall.

      sending love vibrations your way

      • Christopher Love Sunshine

        in my statement above –
        ‘it’s important for govenment bodies to dent chemtrails’ – the word ‘DENT’ is supposed to say ‘DENY’


        • Your dad said it ! – Ridiculous ! To protect themselves when some secret information leaks out, the government ridicule it so much that people won’t believe in it even if it’s true, because its so ridiculous ! They never question themselves why is it supposed to be ridiculous ? anyways..this is a psychological technique. Thanks for the info Christopher ! I will print it and make it public where I can! :)

          • CHEMTRAILS

            Geoengineering & Chemtrails creates Global Warming!

          • Christopher Love Sunshine

            You can say that again!

          • ed

            i think thats called cognitive dissonance

      • well said mate i have the same problem,s hear my father listens to me but my mother said to me dont get angry but i am going to tell you somthing what she said made me explode ….. theres always been clouds in the sky as if i was looking at hunners of hours of research it was all clouds even the metals that shoudnt be around as if i was that stupid. i dont know how people think they can answer to someone who has been pouting a lot of effort in ,when trhey dont even know what your talking about its the same with flouride in the water one person on line said he done a freedom of information act and in scotland there was no flouride i have seen people who think there smart saying o well there it is its not in ours and this in the ones i can talk to about these problems but when they give up so easy its a heart breaker. i am updating my site with products like nasine atomic iodine it helps with all the abuse of harmfull chemicals check out my site its not fully functional with pics in vids yet but in the next few days i will have a header in stuff.check out and give me eny storys you think need light on them ta hope you can get you father on your side wee need our peers in this time of information age.

      • Mats

        The reason you (and others in this field) might be considered by at least some people to be conspiracy theorists is probably that you blend in the elite and “their” slavery agenda into the research of geoengineering. Keep it scientific, ask well formed questions, investigate well and keep it to the point. Even question your own and others conclusions to really show that you are sane and trustworthy.

        Otherwise some people will just think – “another passionate man who is convinced we all are slaves under an evil agenda” – and you lost the purpose of bringing the attention to the investigation of geoengineering on what we know and do not fully know yet.

        Keep the conspiracy out, let that be another topic if you want to discuss it. Ideas that is spread and taken on as truths and represented is not necessarily true no matter who said it or how well the “evidence” is presented. A great conspiracy have a lot of truths in it, it is just bent a bit hear and there , some pieces taken out and some speculations added as facts but is swallowed in its entirely.

        Everyone wants to be sure of that is true – but only he who is prepared to suspend the temptation of being absolutely sure can come close to the truth. Be that man and your audience will be with you.

        • Christopher Love Sunshine

          Right On! – that’s quite a well written cluster of wisdom. Thank you for that. I agree with what you’re saying. And as I move forward on this planet, I’m slowly learning, day by day, how to place what you’ve written, into the way I think and operate.

          I won’t bother shining light on specific things you mentioned, because, I love your response so much, that its probably best just left as is….hopefully for even others to contemplate & think about, for their own well being.

          I send you positive vibrations….love & LOVE

        • C H E M T R A I L S

          Chemical strings land on the ground and you can see them everywhere: on the soil, on trees, on cars, on fences, even on your face, with a little patience, in the afternoon, look towards the Sun and take your time.

          • Christopher Love Sunshine

            i’ve taken an entire day to observe, take photographs, and video. And what you speak of ‘chemical strings landing on the ground, soil, trees, etc’ – is truth.

            In today’s world of go-go-go (working, sleeping & watching tv), nobody cares to devote the time into looking for the truth. Somehow, you, I , and others following this site, have had a switch flicked in our minds that is motivating us to search for real truth, rather than a spoon fed truth.

            How to flick the switch of the masses…..I don’t know how.

    • i am just about to look at your link but its already been made legal so no one can be charged with it and its not hard to look up at the sky or go collect samples to prove what falling from the sky. I am currently building a site to inform of all the problems out there.its in its start up phase but in a day or two you might get some good info or if you could contribute with eny info you feel i have mist

    • i read through that link.It does not tell you that contrails dissapear after about about 20 mins at most these chemtrails stay in view for the whole day. Every political person in the world would run from the question but not someone like ron paul he would tell you the truth and from what i see about your teacher he will not believe enything that goes against enything he believes.The link you showed is infact done by Nasa and all the rest those are the ones doing it if you type into youtube (nasa document they want you dead) and see what was poot out years ago about mist weapons for quiet wars and all the plans they had back then to kil us is all in effect now .

      • Christopher Love Sunshine

        Thanks for sharing your insight and your new website with us. I took a one week break away from everything wrong that’s happening in the skies, oceans, land…. to process all of my recent research. And I sit here now and I glance at my children, and I don’t know what’s in store for them.
        Yes, chemtrails have actually been going on for years. They’re(the rulers of planet earth…and they do exist) planting the seeds of whatever their grand master plan is. And yes, you, I, all of us, will forever be victims of this age of humanity. In Africa they inject females with vaccinations to make them sterile. The world problem is too many people. And they would like the numbers cut down. So they’ve put things into fruition, to assist them as they tackle their world crisis…..too many human beings are alive. Have you noticed that literally everyone is sick these days? well, if people were to inform themselves of the nasty ingredients of the spray, they’d be able to link together, that our bodies, are slowly becomming weaker….at the hands of ???????

        Unfortunately, we do not possess anything but our voices. So yes, the superpowers will continue what they’re doing, and the people will continue to be horribly conditioned and brainwashed to the point where they cannot bring themselves to seek truth.

        The humans of today are too caught on the notion that our leaders/politicians would never ever do anything to harm us. But people must see and understand that politicians are just puppets. They smile, they wave & like my apparent leader, they perform Beatles songs on the piano for people – but they have to….to make sure all the people believe in them and adore them. I remember back to when Obama was elected – everywhere I walked in Toronto, I would see t-shirts, posters, hats, jerseys with his face all over it. But I have a feeling that I’m rambling.

        Stay safe. And with all of your might, brainstorm ways in which you and us can use the information we have to protect the people of the present and the future.

    • Arron

      A chemtrail is when a jet runs the engines rich of fuel before landing in an airport to reduce the dangers of massive fireball explosion if the plane crashes on the airstrip… its just poorly burned fuels and water vapour… like a smokey car exhaust pipe…. its fuel dumping for safty… dont be paranoid. ..

      • Christopher Love Sunshine

        Unfortunately there is definitely a reason to be paranoid and panic, because a Chemtrail, isn’t what you just explained it is. NASA has told the world what chemtrails are, so if you’re in need of proof, then you can search earlier posts of mine, which I provide links to official NASA video’s, of them demonstrating through their high tech power point presentations, that chemtrails are an aerosol spray that they have created to diffuse the sun’s heat and bounce it back into space. (furthermore, universities across the world are starting to create geo-engineering programs – and what is geo-engineering? it is the spraying of the skies)

        We, people of truth, are deeply angered because we are fully aware of the ingredients that are in the spray, and their harmful effects upon humanity, the land, the water and the air.The only way to prove that I’m right is to get a high-end politician to stand infront of the podium and state, chemtrail sprays are healthy – and then to spray that politician with that same spray) – (if they can get…. let’s say…..the president of the USA to do so….then perhaps I’ll back down)…..but that’ll never happen, because the spray is in fact toxic.

        If it takes us, the truth seekers, years to bring to surface the truth…..then so be it. But I cannot sit around like a brainwashed, robotic, overworked, distracted human being and just go along the path of life singing ‘dum dee dum-dum’.

        Please don’t let yourself pass through this life time without giving a chunk of truth to your soul…..go on…..take off that blindfold. It does hurt at first though…..alot.

  16. Thank you so much for this information!



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  18. Why is there a commersial for Shell next to this message???

    • The ads are different for everyone. Based on your computer’s searches, decides the ads you see.

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