The Extraterrestrial Presence in our World Today: What You Aren’t Being Told

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Alien-Zoom-HDWhile many acknowledge the presence of extraterrestrials in our world, the crucial understanding lies in why they are here and what their real motives are. To truly understand this, we must identify what races are here, the extent of their involvement in human affairs, and their overall goals and intentions. This is not a simple task but it can be done by reviewing the proper sources: firsthand accounts of ET experiences, high-level military and insider information, thorough investigation work of the UFO and ET phenomenon, and even messages originating from non-human entities themselves. After researching this subject deeply over the last few years, I have discovered highly disturbing evidence revealing that there is a nefarious extraterrestrial agenda to systematically exploit and enslave humanity in an attempt to gain control of the planet and its resources. Through the use of persistent and extremely subtle forms of manipulation, along with direct physical intervention, several races of extraterrestrial beings are competing for the eventual control of Earth during this critical stage in humanity’s transformation and awakening.

The intention is not to eradicate human beings but to employ them, to have them become workers for a greater “collective.” To fully comprehend how this could be taking place, we must first briefly review the ET phenomenon and some of its recent historical accounts. While this information may be shocking and unbelievable at first, I encourage you to verify these things for yourself using the sources provided or additional research.

It is important to know that the main ways this Intervention is able to take place successfully without us realizing it is through secrecy, deception, and manipulation. The other most effective tools used are ridicule and denial.  Additionally, further persuasion, pacification, and inducement is directed to humans unknowingly via mind-altering frequency-based technology. In some cases, even death comes to those who dare expose this largely hidden aspect of life. You will not hear this information ever spoken about seriously in the controlled media and even by many UFO or ET enthusiasts/researchers.

It is something we refuse to accept or face seriously because we fear the consequences of having to acknowledge this without distortion and taking full responsibility for what this really means. Even if we don’t acknowledge, believe in, or accept the reality of something, it does not change the reality itself. Once you start to accept the idea that extraterrestrial beings are actually hiding in our world and carrying out highly sophisticated and treacherous plans against our very freedoms, the full implications of this scenario begin to sink in on a deeper, more genuine level.

This article will be split into two parts. Part 1 will cover general background information regarding the nature of human-extraterrestrial engagement over the last 60 years. Part 2 will introduce a series of messages from a group of ET beings known as the Allies of Humanity, who have observed our world and the nature of the extraterrestrial intervention that is taking place. Their detailed Briefings are vital for humanity to understand and comprehend at this time.  Without understanding how this ET intervention affects us from a bigger picture perspective, we will likely remain lost and misguided.

The seriousness of this threat to our human freedom cannot be understated. We must become informed and educated about these matters. We must be willing to face these uncomfortable truths head on with great sobriety and clarity.  For when we can truly see what is going on behind the scenes, we can then take action to stop it. Do we value our human sovereignty? Or are we willing to let technologically-advanced beings take advantage of us for profit and for other motives? These are important questions that we must ask ourselves as we continue to face these alarming issues with courage and determination.

***************  PART 1 ***************

vril1In the 1940s, Nazi German occult secret societies such as the Thule and Vril societies made contact with Grey aliens through through telepathic means using a variety of ritualistic methods. [1] These meetings continued for some time until contact was established on the physical plane, where it is highly likely that exchanges of information and technology of an advanced nature took place. Prior to this, the Nazis had developed their first UFO in June 1934, and were actively engaged in building disc-type craft that operated using implosion-based technology. [1] The newly-gained ET insights gave the Nazis a great advantage in the air during WWII, with powerful flying saucer craft and exotic forms of energy production being available to them. Additionally, the Germans colonized Antarctica in 1938 calling the territory Neuschwabenland, where it is said that they have kept flying saucer and advanced human genetic engineering research alive and well, even to this day. [2] Following the war, a huge number of Nazi scientists and high ranking officials were given safe passage to various parts of the world: South America, Antarctica, and even the USA through Operation Paperclip. No study of the ET phenomenon is complete without understanding the occult connection between Nazi Germany and ETs, which continues to operate in secret on a scale greater than most are willing to entertain. [3]

[1] Vril Society – The Yellow Book no. 5
[2] The Omega File: Interview with Bulgarian physicist, Vladimir Terziski
[3] The Nazi/ET Connection: The War for Planet Earth

In the early 1950s, the first meetings between various extraterrestrials and the US government took place directly with Dwight Eisenhower as president. These encounters are well-documented, and it is reported that meetings with both benevolent and malevolent ETs (4 groups) took place up until the mid 1960s. [4] Apparently, the US rejected further relations with benevolent ETs that wished to assist humanity in its spiritual development because they requested that we permanently disarm our nuclear arsenal. This was viewed with great suspicion and no exchange of technology was offered. However, it appears that a treaty was signed by the Greys and the US government in 1954 known as the Grenada Treaty. This deal was engineered between the treasonous Majestic-12 group (MJ-12) and the Greys (serving the oppressive Orion Group) and involved the transfer of information and technology, in exchange for certain freedoms they could exercise within the United States. [5] Essentially, this MJ-12 group gave these ETs access to vital resources: human and cattle for “medical experiments”, which are more accurately known as abductions.  The terms were that only a very small amount of humans could be taken, they had to be returned to their original location, their memories had to be wiped following the encounter, and the ETs had to submit a list of all abducted humans at regular intervals to MJ-12. After only a few years of this, it became clear that the ETs violated this agreement with impunity by taking more than a thousand-fold the amount of people that they promised. This birthed the modern human-alien war that is known within all major militaries across the world in deep secret. This period also marked the beginning of human abductions and cattle mutilations and could be considered the ultimate act of terrorism ever perpetrated against the people of the world.

[4] Eisenhower’s 1954 Meeting with Extraterrestrials
[5] Majestic-12 Documents (legitimate and groundbreaking)


travisgrayeyesHuman abductions by ETs have been reported all over the world and persist to this day. [6] These activities have been widespread and more frequent than people would think over the last 50 years. Understanding this phenomenon and why this is happening is crucial; it is not benevolent in nature. [7] A large number of abductee experiences are recalled through hypnosis. The examination of reproductive organs and the extraction of sexual fluids and tissue is often reported, giving credence to a larger hybrid-interbreeding program that is occurring. Unfortunately, many people who are taken are not returned and do not live to tell their tale. There are joint human-alien underground bases that operate around the world, usually involving highly risky and dangerous genetic experiments for a variety of nefarious purposes. Some of the more well-known underground bases include Area 51 near Groom Lake, Nevada and Dulce in New Mexico. [9]  Reading first-hand accounts of what interaction is like at these bases is chilling. [8] Kidnapped humans kept in cages, highly grotesque genetic experiments involving the splicing of several creatures, among other things have been reported and this gives a definitive account that these interactions are against human will. We are talking about thousands of innocent people, including women and children, being tortured and dying unspeakable deaths. This needs to end now — these places must be exposed for what they are!  [10]

[6] The Shocking Truth About Alien Abductions (Powerful Video Evidence)
[7] Air Force Specialist Alleges Military and ET Abductions, Contact – Conscious Life News
[8] A Dulce Base Security Officer Speaks Out (fascinating interview)
[9] The Aliens of Dulce Base, Underground Facility in New Mexico
[10] The Dulce Book by Branton (full book)
[11] The Dulce Papers (supposedly genuine documents/videos)

******* Highly Recommended Additional Sources *******

For seasoned conspiracy researchers, I find Commander X‘s material highly interesting, accurate, and to-the-point. His former experience within high levels of military clearly shows, and it is a great blessing that there are patriots like him who would dare speak out on such matters. These are short books, but they are essential for anyone who really wants to understand some of the details that comprise this bigger picture.

Incredible Technologies Of The New World Order: UFOs, Tesla, Area 51 by Commander X
Underground Alien Bases: Flying Saucers Come From Inside the Earth! by Commander X

The Threat: Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda by David M. Jacobs, Ph. D

“The world’s foremost academic expert on UFOs and alien abductions provides the first evidence-based explanation of a mystery that has perplexed scientists for decades.  Based on more than 700 hypnotic-regression interviews with alien abductees and a Roper survey of 6,000 adults, The Threat reveals why the aliens are here and what they want, explains why their agenda has been kept secret, and exposes their frightening plans for earth and its inhabitants. In a direct, authoritative challenge to researchers who believe the abduction phenomenon is essentially benevolent and spiritually uplifting, Professor David M. Jacobs proves that there is a far more disturbing and potentially dangerous plan underway, with possible alien domination at its core.”

Alien Agenda: Investigating the Extraterrestrial Presence Among Us by Jim Marrs

***************  PART 2 ***************

“Your ability to recognize the truth of what we are about to impart is absolutely fundamental for your survival, for your advancement, and indeed, for the preservation of the very freedoms that you hold most dear.  For the Greater Community into which you are emerging is perhaps far different from what you may have thought before…” — The Allies of Humanity

The Allies of Humanity is being presented to prepare people for a whole new reality that is largely hidden and unrecognized in the world today. It provides a new perspective that empowers people to face the greatest challenge and opportunity that we, as a race, have ever encountered.  The Allies Briefings contain a number of critical if not alarming statements about the growing extraterrestrial intervention and integration into the human race and about the extraterrestrial activities and hidden agenda.

The purpose of the Allies Briefings is to address the dramatic and far-reaching implications of this phenomenon, to challenge our human tendencies and assumptions regarding it and to alert the human family to the great threshold we now face.  The Briefings provide a glimpse into the reality of intelligent life in the Universe and what Contact will really mean. For many readers, what is revealed in the Allies of Humanity will be entirely new. For others, it will be a confirmation of things they have long felt and known.

To truly understand this challenging message, we must confront and question many of the prevailing assumptions and tendencies regarding the possibility and the reality of Contact. These include:

  • denial;
  • hopeful expectation;
  • misinterpreting the evidence to affirm our beliefs;
  • wanting and expecting salvation from the “visitors”;
  • believing that ET technology will save us;
  • feeling hopeless and submissive to what we assume is a superior force;
  • demanding government disclosure but not ET disclosure;
  • condemning human leaders and institutions while maintaining unquestioned acceptance of the “visitors”;
  • assuming that because they have not attacked or invaded us, they must be here for our good;
  • assuming that advanced technology equals advanced ethics and spirituality;
  • believing that this phenomenon is a mystery when in fact it is a comprehensible event;
  • believing that ETs in some way have claim to humanity and to this planet;
  • and believing that humanity is irredeemable and cannot make it on its own.

The Allies Briefings challenge such assumptions and tendencies and explode many of the myths we currently have about who is visiting us and why they are here.”

(via The Allies of Humanity)

********* Summary of the Allies Briefings *********

This summary represents only a general overview and does not include many of the important details that make a complete comprehension of the Allies Briefings possible.

1. Humanity’s destiny is to emerge into and to engage with a Greater Community of intelligent life in the Universe.

2. Contact with other forms of intelligent life represents the greatest threshold that humanity has ever faced. The results of this Contact will determine humanity’s future for generations to come. This Contact is happening now.

3. Humanity is unprepared for Contact. Researchers are still unable to clearly see who is visiting our world and why. Governments are not revealing what they know, and most people are still in denial that this phenomenon is even occurring.

4. Because of this lack of preparation, humanity’s true allies sent representatives to a location near Earth to observe the extraterrestrial presence and activities within our world. The Allies of Humanity Briefings represent their report.

5. The Briefings reveal that our world is undergoing an extraterrestrial Intervention by forces that, as demonstrated by their actions, are here to subvert human authority and to integrate into human societies for their own advantage. These forces represent non-military organizations that are here to seek human and biological resources. The Allies refer to these forces as the “Collectives.” The Collectives do not value human freedom.

6. Because the Intervention is being carried out by small groups of intervening forces, it must rely primarily upon deception and persuasion to achieve its goals. The Allies Briefings describe in detail how this is being accomplished and what we must do to stop it.

7. This extraterrestrial Intervention is being focused in four arenas:

  • It is influencing individuals in positions of power and authority to cooperate with the Intervention through the promise of greater wealth, power & technology.
  • It is creating hidden establishments in the world from which the Intervention can exert its influence in the Mental Environment, seeking to make people everywhere open and compliant to its will through a “Pacification Program”.
  • It is manipulating our religious values and impulses in order to gain human allegiance to their cause.
  • It is taking people against their will, and often without their awareness, to support an interbreeding program designed to create a hybrid race and a new leadership who would be bonded to the “visitors”.

8. Those extraterrestrial visitors who have been potentially beneficial to humanity have all retreated from the world in the face of the Intervention. Those remaining are alien races who are not here for our benefit. This leaves us in an unambiguous situation regarding the extraterrestrial presence. This enables us to clearly see what we are dealing with. Otherwise, it would be impossible for us to tell friend from foe.

9. The Allies Briefings emphasize the grave danger in our accepting and becoming reliant upon ET technology offered by the Intervention. This will only lead to our becoming dependent on the “visitors,” resulting in our loss of freedom and self-sufficiency. No true ally of humanity would offer this to us. The Allies emphasize that we have earth-based solutions to all the problems that we face. What we lack as a race is unity, will and cooperation.

10. In spite of the great challenge we now face, humanity still has a great advantage if we can respond in time. The Allies Briefings reveal both the Intervention’s strengths and its weaknesses. One of the Intervention’s weaknesses is its reliance upon human acquiescence and cooperation to achieve its goals.

According to Greater Community rules of conduct within the region in which our world exists, Intervention is not allowed unless it can be demonstrated that the native people welcome and approve of it. Here, our voices can have power in the Greater Community. At this moment the Intervention has few critics.

But if enough people can become aware of it and speak out against it, the Intervention will be thwarted and must withdraw. This is the first step in humanity’s preparation for dealing with the realities of life in the Universe. This step and all the steps that follow give humanity its one great chance to overcome its long-standing conflicts and to unite in its own defense for the preservation of the world. 

The Allies affirm that we as human beings have the spiritual and collective power to do this and that we must do this if we want to survive and advance as a free and independent race in the Greater Community.


The majority of the Briefings can be read online for free (in 7 languages). Please consider reading some of these Briefings! They contain some of the most important messages that humanity needs to understand at this time, written simply and to-the-point.

***** Book 1: An Urgent Message about the ET Presence in the World Today *****

Briefing One: The Extraterrestrial Presence in the World Today

Briefing Two: The Challenge to Human Freedom

Briefing Three: A Great Warning

Briefing Four: Manipulation of Religious Traditions and Beliefs

Briefing Five: Threshold: A New Promise for Humanity

Briefing Six: Questions and Answers

Briefing Seven: Final Words

***** Book 2: Human Unity, Freedom, and the Hidden Reality of Contact *****

Briefing One: The Universe Into Which You Are Emerging

Briefing Two: Why The Intervention Is Occurring


This all may sound hard to believe at first, but it is extremely important to consider this information with an open mind, for the implications are huge. The tendency to remain in denial and dismiss anything that doesn’t fit into our preconceived ideas of what is possible remains strong, but we must learn to look beyond the veils and face the hard truth. In essence this is all just another aspect of nature playing itself out on a scale grander than we are used to — but this time we are not at the top of the ‘food-chain’. Humanity has arrogantly assumed that we are always going to be “kings of our dominion” but that very notion is being challenged to the core.

We must be very careful when it comes to accepting “offers” of ET technology in order to save us and our planet. It is one thing if we develop and implement free energy technology for ourselves, but it is an entirely different thing to accept this technology from a non-human source. This would NOT be an exchange with “no-strings attached,” even under the guise of “love, light, peace, and brotherhood”. You can bet that these beings are going to be very persuasive, unlike anything we’ve ever come across. Especially given their superior ability to read and influence us on the mental/emotional level, they are going to appeal to our deepest longings and hopeful spiritual aspirations. Therefore, the ONLY way to become strong and discerning is to cultivate our inner connection to the Knowledge we hold within ourselves — contact with our Higher Self. This is the key.

Of course there are positive and loving beings in the universe. However, the ones that are here physically intervening in human affairs and abusing us as if we were ants are not here for our benefit or spiritual advancement. They are here to absorb our collective power and energy into their economic empires of trade and commerce that take place in this belt of the universe. A rather grave threat and realization that we’d rather not face, indeed. However, if we fail, Earth would be mined of its resources and we would be placed under a new world order that would be harsh, exacting, and beyond anything we can imagine. They will continue to use their main weapons of manipulation, persuasion, and pacification to achieve their goals — but we are able to see through this with the eyes of discernment and clarity through Knowledge.

All of this is not taking place for no reason. There is a climax to this and it is building with each passing day. By the time they reveal their presence and intentions openly, it will be too late to take effective action to stop them. We must speak out about this now! There is a real reason that people go to great lengths to expose these conspiracies and present the implications to the public — because our very freedoms and way of life, the pursuit of happiness, and our creative expression depends on it.

There has never been a greater threat to human freedom than this one — and the overwhelming majority are not even aware this is taking place. However, through this tremendous challenge lies our golden opportunity: the ability to unite humanity and to stand up for our freedom, exercising our power through inner Knowledge and maintaining control over our planet. This is the way we will establish a new paradigm of unity, peace, cooperation, and order. We are going to have to earn it and it’s not going to be easy — this is going to take tremendous courage, relentless discernment, and a genuine passion for freedom!

Please share and discuss this message with those you know. Our very freedoms depend on this understanding reaching critical mass and starting an active resistance against the ET intervention! These beings are counting on us remaining complacent, ignorant, and unwilling to face them directly. How will we answer the call?

Declaration of Human Sovereignty: Regarding Contact with Extraterrestrial Nations and Forces

“Better to die fighting for freedom than be a prisoner all the days of your life.” — Bob Marley

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  1. Jus

    The little gray guys are not our soul takers. they have no real use for humanity. They have an agenda to save us from destroying our world, so they won’t have to deal with the aftermath. If our planet explodes, there will be debris, concussion waves, nuclear dust, poison chemicals and gases, diseases, plagues, all heading to other worlds. If they can’t get us to smarten up, they will have no choice but to round us up like cattle and reinvent us into a one world order, run by a militant presence. If they can’t reinvent us then they will have to irradicate the worst of us. All we have to do is stop destroying each other and start living in peace. They will eventually end terrorism, mass starvation, child abuse, neglect, mass murder by psychopaths, pedophelia, religious wars, anarchy, mad bombing and shooting sprees, etc. They will end all the needless suffering on earth, but the entire world will pay the price by no longer having free rights. We will live by their law. They live in peace. Their sick do not die in pain. They do not allow murder, perversion, violence, destruction. All are dealt with immediately. They live in a pristine environment free of harmful pollutants and diseases. They do not destroy their wilderness or its creatures. they do not starve their people or leave them homeless. Everyone earns personal merits for doing good deeds for others. These merits are used like money to buy what they want. There are no paper bills to fight over, no banks to rob, no lotteries to win, no casinos to lose everything in. Their world is fair and just as a militant order. They protect their own, not destroy them, and now they have to protect their own from us by teaching us a better way. Unfortunately, we are so self centered that all we want to do is blast their messengers out of the sky before they ever get a chance to contact us. Let them live, so that we can learn from them and save ourselves.

  2. Bean

    What love are you talking about. Youre killing trillions of animals a day that know no love. Do you have love to give these?

  3. Universal Peace needs your proactive support!

    Please download this one page pdf and send it to your friends and family.

    Here’s the link:

    Please join the global campaign for Peace on Earth and Throughout the Cosmos.

    Please help to ensure that Humanity has a future.

  4. Jonathan

    This article goes against so much of what I’ve read on CE. Please make up your minds.

  5. roxann

    this article reminds me of a video I watched on here, Archon Return of the Nephalim. with rob skiba the guy who wrote babylon rising. Im not going to go into details but will say in that video, its tells the exact same story just that the greys arent aliens they are demons. The ones the govt talk to are the same ones aliester crowley conjoured up. matter of fact his drawing of his guide that helped him write the book of the law looked like a grey. The watchers (the fallen angels) had the same agenda. Genisis 6.. watchers mated with humans creating nephalim, nephalim corruped all human dna and mixed animals genes too The nephalim and their offspring were the giants in the bible and greek mythology gods and creatures. in the bible God caused the flood to wipe out the corrupted dna. these greys were around then, they were the ones who taught humans the technology to do such things. they possess the secret knowledge of the heavens, they are the mystery religions of the occult and of ancient times. they are demonic, not aliens from another planet. link

  6. Stephan

    I believe they are mostly benevolent, just like bio diversity, look at the animal kingdom we have predators, and not, this is real, why can’t it be the same for them and us?

    I think they are mostly more evolved and they are learning from us, just like we are learning from mouses or human anatomy. All that I have mentioned is real in this world, if they interact with us why can’t this be not real. We learned from each others in this life what we know of life, we can assume and give our opinions based on our experiences.

    Why is someone hard to believe, or his/her point of view dismissed, it is surly because we don’t know everything and probably should keep an open view on what the vast majority are thinking, and thus for our sanity. Tks.

    • If your grammar is any indication of the veracity of the content, it doesn’t encourage any belief in this information!! This whole discussion is part mythology and part fantasy! It makes for good fiction!’


    We are their experiment.

  8. lisa

    I am just wondering how the nazi’s could have lost the war despite having the massive advantage of alien technology?

    • The Nazis obviously didn’t possess alien technology. Even today a modern rocket: derived from Werner Von Braun’s designs, is essentially a big, hi tech firework. Next time you watch a rocket launched look closely at what’s happening beneath it. You will see several thin upright posts spitting streams of fire into the oxygen/hydrogen mixture: being pumped out by the rocket engines, to ignite it. (Light the blue touchpaper and stand well back.)

  9. Self realized

    we are multi-dimensional spirits in human forms who reflect their reality to themselves. If we think in terms of vibration, frequency and energy. Everything created are alive, hence we create our own lives and it is not limited to this world but in different universes too. When we see ourselves, we see god and it effects to itself in us and like that we open the portals may be as individual but now as all in one. Its all about creativity, harnessing energy, balance of yin-yang or an understanding between feel and reason, healing and ascending to immortality of god of all beings and being-less. By the way i got a wake up call from Acturians in 2013 after process of awakening or kundilini rise at 2011. i am now spiritual, healer, aware of multi-dimension being of truth as it is(3rd eye, beyond) & before that i was empathetic, compassion and black sheep. Now i am home in my heart centered. I born with sign of Taurus (pleades of near galaxy share qualities of south India but it is only my 1st realization of incarnation before this Earth & like that there are many, i can feel at-least) & 7 sisters. I am in mission of peacemaking, healthy relations from a book of “liquid light of sex” raising human’s multi-dimension butterfly realities and on free-energy technology of zero point, simultaneously about wormholes to other dimensions beyond 7th dimension. Point is be balanced & observe the play of good & bad, stand beyond that in GOD of one & all who created us as co-creators to learn mistakes and raise as healers and help in alignment to earth gaia mother to ascend and seek peace, we have our guardians too send by GOD(energy or infinity quantum) in tune with matched frequency)). And forgive your-self to satan & Orions who build this ego “i” limitation & Govt. policy in fear which actually costing themselves as karma, now shifting as gift to all and becoming part of galaxy & got recognized as blue planet of peace of this universe phase. Its all about connection and glowing of inner light of all species in natural state. Its all a natural ascension and some support of terrestrials(after opening of high frequency portal) of same vibrations of who we are of god(oneness). Those of old age who are not in this state or not wanted to be will get incarnate as either indigo’s or crystals or beyond in next generation here or elsewhere as per their will & intention, so love your-self and awake as many as possible, even your presence is enough spiritually influence other automatically. By personal experiences. I am balanced but with female physical form and i am fine, living better life & waiting for matched frequency bf who just understanding me, as i trust my universe god who have plans of my future so i becoming that best of who am i instead of seeking someone else. Have patience and with wisdom :) See this life, Earth as it is, its beautifully amazing and conditions are improving to right side.

    • Hate to burst your “bubble”…BUT…can you be more specific? NOTHING you’ve written is original and is obviously taken from something you’ve read previously, as you stated. Therefore, what you “think” you KNOW is simply your “thinking” expanding upon what you read…NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS!

      Until you can be more specific and actually “teach” someone else by “touching” their mind with YOUR mind…Well, it’s all “wishful-thinking!”

      • Peter

        “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance…it is the illusion of knowledge” – Stephen Hawking

    • Dan

      Very well said but next time don’t rush it sweatheart.Your words represent you and the wisdom you share so they should be of the same nature.Perfect and beautiful.Firm and flowing i.e. I Am love and I Am light. ..Unbreakable and beautiful… Am strong and I Am bright…like a diamond in the night sky…I Am a sign from above for all to see…with God by my side…on the left and the right…i say these words truthfully knowing I Am right…this time right now…it’s mine and I Am going to shine…so stop and look around…God is willing to be whatever it takes…To Be FOUND

      • We also have to remember, what the Church did not teach through the ages, is that G-d, the Divine Being, is a Divine Fre-quency and Jesus the teacher came to teach in Christ Unity Consciousness, to duality conscious Humans to Awaken and know who we are. Thank you for your mindful comment

  10. Yes me again. Is it not strange that all most all religions look to the sky to prey and why is God in a bath robe? I am not saying I don’t believe but why would God not follow us with his wardrobe. And Gods have super power why not Aliens since they guard the Heavens and the Earth. Why ” Baby Steps ” We cant handle the real God. We are being told more than we can handle now. If they are looking out for us they fell asleep at the switch or just don’t care anymore. For thousands of years travel was long and hard we pretty much kept to our own races. Now the seeded races on this planet. That were kept apart for a long time. Have been so mixed that we can call the USA the home of the Heinz 57 kinds. That and China taking over almost every small country that will take their money. China town in San Jose Costa Rica wow. This race looks more like Grey’s than most others. The end of the day we will wake up and be told that we have a new set of rules and a new leader. Or they may just exterminate us with a hand full of dust in the our atmosphere. Or maybe set off an atomic reaction an burn off the top layer of the planet and remove all evidence of our existence. Or maybe they already have several times over who knows. I am not being disrespectful just thinking out load. God says he forgives all sinners so I just ask to be forgiven now and the slate is clean. A club that you can never be thrown out of. I need help now more than ever but I would trade it for just knowing what we are suppose to do. How can we be happy with all this unorganized stupidity. If the Aliens are readying this please come and get me I am ready too blow this popsicle stand.
    Thanks Michael .

  11. Jo Nathan

    No I an not a Troll.
    Imagine one is dreaming, and in that dream there is a landscape and people walking and talking, etc; that dream is going on in one’s head, so to speak.
    Jesus said “take no thought” for whatever. He was saying “the thinking mind is the only Satan”. It is this Simple, Heaven is at Hand, Right Now, but not through the thinking human mind.
    ET’s are inclusive in the One Mind that One Already Is. This Precludes any concern for ET.
    Love Anonymous

  12. Well I have posted a few comments on this site. No ETS have called yet. But then if I was an alien who was far smarter or advanced then us. Not saying much. And I was interested in the real estate, Earth, less one creature that has pretty much turned paradise into a disaster. I would toss out a little tech stuff so these idiots can give us the ability of knowing every thing there is to know about us. I am certain they saw through the news as being a joke. Now think about it a few years back we got the telephone. Wow that and radio tv they got an idea but needed to know what we are thinking first hand. And created the total idiot MAN texting every useless thought going through his mind. Now they know how stupid we all are. And that the planet is burning up and we are more interested in a youtube of a china man riding a fake horse. Wow are we in trouble. Now what they need to do is nothing. We will get bored with our limited tech and I say limited because tech has hit the wall and went 90 degrees. Make it smaller bigger whatsapp send text have it converted to voice back to text. A stone wall like finding different ways to milk a cow. Nothing much more accept the ability to invade everyone’s life. Also put a bomb down a stove pipe. We could not do that with muskets 150 years ago less than a blink in our presents here!!!! The way I sea it they have dropped a stupid bomb on this planet. We will most likely destroy the infrastructure of our existence soon enough. Russia taking on a peace of useless dirt at the expense of WW3. U.S. If you can call them united anymore? Wanting to save people who don’t want to be saved !!!!. Property that is no where near the property that needs so much fixing. Send money to poor people in countries that return the favor with terror ? Yes a stupid bomb. If aliens came down and made them selves known I am certain that the most important thing on our race would be to catch it on their IPHone and put it on youtube. Even before they had the time to be afraid or here what their future would be. From where I sit If I was an alien I would just get ride of all the useless creators the ones that do not live with in there means or in harmony with the planet. If you shut down the internet I am certain 30% of the young population would commit suicide. As time would go on depression and a total lack of lust to live would be gone. One flip of the switch. This is only from where I sit. Now you give it a little though if most of you start with. ” I am as open minded as the next ” you mean you are open minded between 2 very short points of reality. Your idea of open minded, in most cases is the need to know that we will be fine. And we are the smartest thing in dodge. Why with all the super brains on this planet have we not figured out the simple reality. We are the planets mistake we take take build build and don’t do the math. 1900 60 million. 200 years later 7 billion. Looks like we are a heard of cattle being raised for a barbeque. How long before we cut down the trees that provide air. and build to the point of standing room only. Tokyo for example. Sky for sale and titled because one day the building may reach that high. Wow are we idiots on a global picture.

    Live for the day its to late to save anything. We are in a tail spin to the end and are doing a great job holding our foot on the throttle Michael .

  13. BrutusBio

    Why would earth be of ANY interest to an intergalactic race that has tamed the energy of the stars?
    What possible resources would they be interested in? The raw energy of love??

    • marthinusvanderwalt


      • BrutusBio

        In that case they are doing a pretty shitty job a guaranteeing it. Both by letting us destroy it AND by letting the drivers – like having a complex selective landscape – be dissipated.
        They should probably take some population genetics before letting human screw it up.

  14. Kwood

    I don’t agree that the beings from other planets are being deceptive when they provide us with new technologies. This will be different to what has happened in the past as the bad ones have been stopped from hurting us any longer.

  15. I appreciated this calm, articulate, and well-written article! Much to consider here. And yes, almost startling to see such immediate and widespread circulation! Perhaps there is more openness than has been previously perceived.

    I do a significant amount of my healing work with clients around ET intervention on the energetic levels–devices, implants, and imprints. I have encountered a number if races this way. And with the assistance of the Allies who work with me, all such interventions have been successfully cleared. My website blog tells some of those stories, as Tiny True Tales of Transformation :…/

    It is important for people to both acknowledged the unpleasant potential of ET Intervention AND to know they have the power to deflect or clear it, as individuals and as a race.

    Thanks, Eliot, for your devotion to raising awareness of ET intervention. This opens more possibilities for healers like me to fulfill our task of undoing the interventions and their effects. Together, and with the united and cooperative work of others (both human and ALLIES), the outcome can be turned far more favorable to humanity and the Earth

  16. Rebel XD

    @Janice Wood. Your physical being is one thing but who is to say that once you shed from your physical self, that your spiritual being wouldn’t ‘t be in jeopardy just the same? The physical is temporary but the spirit is forever and a much larger agenda if I had to take a guess. I hear there is a spiritual war taking place and for some reason, I have always understand without really knowing.

    • adamski

      What do you mean by spiritual???

      • The word spirit comes from the latin ‘Spiritus': it means ‘moving air’, ‘wind’ or ‘breath’.

        The idea that when people die the ‘spirit’ remains was a pagan concept that early christianity adopted to make conversion to christianity more acceptable to those pagans.

        There is no equivalent belief in the Old Testament. To the Jews when you are dead – in sheol (the grave) you’re dead: end of story.

    • They are now stealing souls

  17. Janice Wood

    Wow, most of us can’t even make peace within our own families, how are we ever going to achieve our so called freedom? I think we really have no clue about Truth and I for one would hope the aliens would just come and squash me like a bug and I can get off of this planet. I don’t get any of it, try as I might!!

    • Dragos

      Sometimes i feel the same only not being squashed by them :), we have to follow our own rules the so called law made by corrupt people who are in the leash of a few families that rule this earth so we are all ready enslaved, we are depending on the money they print….so i think we lost the battle and hope that maybe another human like race will save us too :)))

  18. pawel

    earth allies brefings looks like carefully crafted archonic propaganda of fear. well mesured mixture of truth and lies

    • roxann

      agreed. I just posted a comment about a video I watched that explains the concept of the archons. I was wondering if I was the only one that saw that. heres a link to the video its by rob skiba :)

    • What did you just say? Can you translate that so it’s understandable and not just gibberish?

  19. sky'

    Well, where do I even start … Are you serious? I mean, I believe I have an open mind and strongly believe that such a gigantic Universe or collection of Universes must have many different life forms BUT we are neither in Star Wars nor Stargate !! Where did you even get your information from ?? Comic books??

    Using events such as Operation Paperclip among others and linking that to Aliens is disturbing.
    Stating multiple alien races is laughable.
    Sorry to be offensive but you are the people who compromise any real attempt at uncovering any truth at all.
    You make
    I know you won’t publish my comment but I had to say something as I too am interested in world mysteries but not taking any unverifiable fact for granted.
    Sorry to react so strongly but this goes way too far…

  20. Trippers

    • Hello my Friends

      Please sign the UNIVERSAL PEACE PETITION to promote peace on Earth & throughout the Cosmos.

      By signing you will also be promoting mutually beneficial contact between humanity and alien civilizations.

      Please use this link to sign now:

      To understand why you should sign this petition – please read this:

    • I went on a trip in my boat yesterday in Costa Rica I have a charter boat. I spoke with a man that was retired. He lost his wife a while back. We touched on a topic of possible alien control as an explaination for the absolute disater this planet is in. As small business men who need to run thight ships. We agreed that there seemed to be a master plan to this madness. It is described as super complex. It is easy to understand that humans dont control the master plan. Why , just try to get 5 people to agree to

  21. david icke has always linked ETs to the negative , there are many good races helping us

  22. This is thought provoking and an excellent read, well structured. It’s nice to see that their are people in the world who’s eyes are open to the the truth. The irony here is that people are more likely to believe in something they have never seen nor will they ever yet the idea of extra-terrestrial life seems so foreign to them. It baffles me that “god” would put so much effort into creating such a huge universe which is still growing just to have one planet with life on, seems like to much effort to me, any way I digress.

    Keep posting more stuff because unlike brainwashed religious fanatics, there are people who are aware of what’s happening.

    Peace & Love bro.

  23. tinker

    look its aliens are here they’re just observing. they see what humanity is doing to our planet. they are here to protect us and it is to be damaged by humanity that means the whole entire solar system will be messed up.that’s the only thing that I can think of of why the aliens would be here. they are protecting us.that is if these are even aliens who knows what this is.

    • Of they are here to protect us from ourselves, they’re doing a terrible job!! They apparently not very powerful!!

  24. K von S

    There are at least 60 Alien races known at this time. Some of them are benevolent, but most are not, with some of them qualifying as demonic. For example, one species called Dorsay is so predatory that it not only eats humans, but other sentient Alien species as well, including the Draco Reptilians.
    There seems to be some confusion about the Greys. There are at least 13 different races of Greys, but it seems that the only kind used for illustration is the Zeta Reticuli, an evil strain. Others, like the Solipsi Rai, are benign but get no notice.
    There is a pertinent fact that isn’t reported about the Eisenhower / Alien treaty. Eisenhower refused a treaty with the Pleiadians ( benevolents) and made the treaty with the Zeta Reticuli, who were working on behalf of some truly evil alien species.
    I could go on for quite a while,, but I just wanted to make a point. Nearly all world governments have made deals with the proverbial Devils, and the rest of us are little more that Laboratory Rats and / or Game Animals.
    Prepare yourselves……. It’s going to get much worse as our betrayers / governments move toward the New World (Alien) Order………….

    • You should be writing episodes for Stargate! Oh, wait, it’s been canceled. Too bad – you write great fiction!!

  25. When ever unsought Assistance or Help is offered by any that includes “IN RETURN FOR or IF YOU….” you know that the intention is to gain advantage over you. It is of a negative polarity when Help is offered with strings attached, seeking to gain leverage and power over the free will of another, be it an individual, country or the World.
    Positive polarity is when Help, either offered or asked for is given FREELY, with NO expectancy of anything in return. Whether Aliens are on Earth or not, the masses are waging a battle that is one of the mind and for control of their minds. The word GOVERN-MENT actually means to Govern Mentality or Mind, derived from the root word MENTES meaning Mind. Keeping ones MIND in a positive state is the way to retain ones freedom. Stop falling for sugar coated DEALS.

    • I “like” your explanation as it coincides with Ingo Swann’s book…”PENETRATION: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy”…to an extent!

    • Gosh, that’s so deep!! Can I condense it for you? “Don’t trust the government”

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