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joemikeI feel it’s time for an update on this, I partially feel like I owe it to you all but also because I am just excited about what’s unfolding so it’s time to share it out there. The update is about CE3: The Shift, the final instalment to ‘The Collective Evolution’ series of documentaries. Although the idea for this doc came to me when I was writing CE2, it took quite a bit of time before the bulk of what was going to be in it really came together well. The goal was simple, I wanted to tangibly prove there was a shift happening and then inspire people to get involved in changing themselves and the planet via solutions. It sounds simple and mundane, but it goes much deeper and what I have been researching, collecting and bringing together for the content of this doc is pure magic in many ways. Some of it has almost brought tears to my eyes just in the knowing and realization of what’s unfolding and how big it truly is. The best part is it’s not some far stretched dream world but something that is happening before our eyes, driven by forces that are verifiable.

Alanna and I went on a journey last summer across North America where we met with many individuals who are actively engaged in being the change in their own lives. A great deal of footage was gathered during that trip and a lot of it plays a key role in the project. When we arrived home, the excitement of the doc was still very much alive but not long after, walls were hit left right and centre. Nothing seemed to be flowing and every other aspect of CE was grabbing my attention as it required a lot of work. Plus life goes on at the same time of course. Naturally the project came to a slow moving train as everything else was getting my full attention in hopes to get it run smoothly so time could be taken away to work on the doc. That took longer than expected but the time did come.

When the time came it was clear that is was right. The information, ideas and inspiration that came to me was quite powerful. At the same time, the right stuff was showing up when it was needed and in some ways the project built itself. As of now the project sits several months away from completion still as the final script is being written. The majority of filming is done and outline is near complete. The last bit of this doc has been designed to make itself so it shouldn’t be too long to complete. But it also can’t be a rush as I truly feel things happen as they need to. I’m looking forward to completing this chapter of CE as it’s a big piece. I truly feel you will all enjoy this doc and hopefully gain something from it. As more info becomes available I am happy to keep you updated about the project. But until then it’s going to be continuing to complete the last bits of writing before going into the final filming and post. I see how the timing has been perfect and look forward to the rest of the journey.

If you have any questions about the project, please feel free to hit me up at joe@collective-evolution.com


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  1. Sandeep

    Been looking forward to this project for a while now! Can’t wait to see the finished piece. Thanks for the update.

  2. Lynne

    Love the first two!! Thanks for the dedication, CE3 should be great! :)

  3. lifegamer

    Still new here, tho enjoying the getting around & adding to…Nice gathering of peeps, good foods for thought, & lots o’ heart.

    Blessings on your project, Joe! You seem to have found quite the happy in your talents, and isn’t it simply fabulous when Awareness is shared? Perfect seeds sown, on sacred grounds grown. (Brings new meaning to Chia-Pet…heehee!)

    My personal word for Life is “Amazing”…Bet you & crew are experiencing much of such with this endeavor, yes? Always nice to See all ways! Looking forward to your ‘charm’…Looking more forward to See the fruit it bears.

    Namaste’, Beloved(s)…”and, Party on, Dude(s)!” (B&T’sEA) :)


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