What Is The Significance of 11:11?

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time11:11 make a wish! I’m sure you remember this saying, and maybe you still say it today. It is the only time of the day (using the 12 hour clock) that all the numbers on the clock are the same. Where does this saying come from? Should you even bother to make a wish? What makes this time so important and what is the significance of 11:11?

For me personally, as I started to awaken, I began to see this number all the time.  After a while I started to notice that there was some sort of spiritual connotation that went a long with the numbers 11:11. I sometimes go through phases in my life where for a month I see this number on the clock twice a day, and sometimes there are periods where I hardly see it at all.  What does it all mean? Am I more enlightened during the times when I see it? Is my soul or the universe trying to express something important?

There are many different theories out there to express exactly what this apparent phenomenon of seeing the numbers 1111 is all about. The most common theory is that when you see these numbers you should simply make a wish, and it is believed that it will come true. Some people claim that when this number is seen it means that there is some kind of window opening up in your life and you should ask for the guidance of your ‘angels’ to find out what it is. Other theories state that there is something significant happening in the moment that you are in and you should pay attention to what is going on in your surroundings. One of my favorite ideas that I read was that when you see 11:11 you should simply stop, and recognize the significance of the moment.

In my opinion and what resonates with me, is that when you see ‘11:11’ whether on a clock, a license plate, your bank statement or wherever you happen to see it, is like a friendly little sign from your soul, source, higher-self, or the entire Universe, whatever you choose to call it, God, if you will, that everything is in alignment and you are exactly where you need to be, right here, right now.

According to numerology the number 11 possesses the qualities of patience, honesty, spirituality, sensitivity, intuition and is idealistic. I have read on a website that seeing 11:11 can be viewed as a glitch in the matrix, it is a very real way for the spirit world to communicate with us. I don’t know if we will ever find out exactly what it means, I think you can decide for yourself what it means to you. I know I always get a smile on my face when I see it, it definitely makes me feel good and I love to share with others, ‘Hey look! It’s 11:11!’






Much Love!


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  1. I have been surrounded by 11s for the last… 11 years or so. I’ve had a lot more than just numbers on clocks and paper though and some of my experiences surrounding it have been pretty out of this world, which I am saving for my first book. However, this is a pretty good explanation I had sent to me not long ago:

    “There is a global phenomenon that is perplexing many individuals in regard to numerical synchronicities and in particular, the number and the meaning behind 11:11. From teenagers to senior citizens, these synchronistic numbers seem to appear on a daily basis. What does 1111 mean?

    For example, you might be putting gas in your car and when you’re done, you’ll notice that you put exactly 11.11 gallons in your car. Or you might be at the checkout line in a store and the cashier gives you $11.11 in change. As you’re going home, you might notice a license plate with the numbers 1111 on it.

    This happens most often when looking at the clock. We’ve all seemingly had this experience: You just happen to look at the clock and it’s 11:11 am or pm. It’s not like you are constantly waiting for this magical number to appear, it just does.

    From an esoteric standpoint, 11:11 appears to be something that is genetically coded within our “junk” DNA as a cue to spiritually awaken.

    What does 11:11 mean?

    11:11 is subjective to the interpreter and to the interpretation. In other words, YOUR interpretation is the only interpretation that matters! Here are the many interpretations of 11:11.

    11:11 Awareness: The first thing you should pay attention to when you see a synchronistic number is what you’re either doing or thinking at that particular moment. You should also be cognizant of your surroundings, such as the song that you’re currently listening to or even something as simple as the rays of sunshine coming in through your window.

    11:11 Gateway or Portal: 11:11 is the doorway between two worlds – between the 3rd dimensional and the 5th dimensional worlds.

    Angelic Humans: According to George Barnard, 11:11 is “the calling card for beings that are half angels and half humans”.

    Angels and Spirit Guides: Your guardian angel or spirit guide is trying to connect with you.

    Balance: Your life is either gaining or becoming more in balance when you see 11:11. This might also be an affirmation that your life is in complete balance as well.

    Binary DNA Code: The brain is like a computer, which relies on binary codes (1’s and 0’s). In this premise, 11:11 is the binary code that awakens your dormant (junk) DNA
    Digital Time Code: This theory encapsulates several theories within the same premise. 11:11 unlocks your DNA and opens the subconscious mind through physically seeing these digital numbers and re-remembering why your brain was coded to remember the importance of 11:11.

    DNA Activation: The number 11 represents twin strands of DNA, so for some people, this is a sign of a DNA activation or upgrade.

    Edgar Cayce: As I mentioned in a previous article, Edgar Cayce was quoted as saying, “The first lesson for six months should be One-One-One- One; Oneness of God, oneness of man’s relation, oneness of force, oneness of time, oneness of purpose, Oneness in every effort-Oneness- Oneness!” Edgar may have meant, “The first lesson for six months should be 11:11.”

    Fibonacci Sequence: The first two numbers of the Fibonacci Sequence are 1,1. The Fibonacci Sequence is basically tied into Sacred Geometry and the Golden Ratio of Creation, so this number would represent an end to physical reality as we know it.
    Global Consciousness: When you see 11:11, you feel connected with the Universe and everyone else who is currently experiencing this phenomenon. You completely understand what “we are all one” means.

    Make a Wish: Many teens are playing the 11:11pm game without really even knowing the significance behind 11:11. If they notice that it’s 11:11pm, they make a wish. Is it possible that these children are indigos and 11:11 represents an awakening code for them?

    Numerology: The number 11 is a Master Number and represents impractical idealism, visionary, refinement of ideals, intuition, revelation, artistic and inventive genius, avant-garde, androgynous, film, fame, refinement fulfilled when working with a practical partner.

    Spiritual Purpose: 11:11 presents you an opportunity to reflect on your spiritual purpose for being here.

    Synchronicity: Your life has become total balance and the lesson you need to learn will appear before you. “When the pupil is ready, the master appears”.

    Wake Up Call: 11:11 signifies your spiritual awakening, as this number seems to be predominantly noticed by those who have begun their spiritual journeys. It may also be seen as a code to unlock your subconscious mind.

    Most likely, you are reading this article because you have also experienced the 11:11 phenomena. If you haven’t experienced 11:11, then chances are, you will in the near future. What is it really about? “Time “ will tell.

    *Permission is granted to reproduce this article on any website as long as it’s reproduced in its entirety.”

    • ………………………………………
      I have been seeing duplicate numers just within the last 4 months – started with 333 and 33 multiple times daily. Of course when I told my hubby and kids……I was made fun of. However, when powerall jackpot was at 600 million – thought I would buy 5 EASY PICKS. NO KIDDING – my “powerball numers” (the last digit in each of the rows) were 17, 33, 33,03,33. They were easy picks – so no way could I have done that! I couldn’t wait to show my husband – I think this gave me some credibility? They still laugh at me cause now I see 11’s, 1111, 22’s,222,44’s, 444,55’s, 555 occasional 777’s. Wish I could post a picture of that lotto ticket? Wish I knew the meaning for me!!!

    • well aside from 11 11 I always see 44 44 and 22 22 a few months ago and still confused about the relevance in my life…

    • I’ve been surrounded by the roman numeral XII

    • ZMW

      If you don’t want to read something that I’ve put too much time into (far more that I should have) then read this to understand my viewpoint

      “I have been surrounded by 11s for the last… 11 years or so”
      Actually you’ve been surrounded by 11:11 since the moment of birth, you just never noticed it, until you began to attach significance to it on your own.

      “From teenagers to senior citizens, these synchronistic numbers seem to appear on a daily basis.”
      “You just happen to look at the clock and it’s 11:11 am or pm.”

      You mean people of ANY AGE can look at a clock in any part of the world and see some numbers that appear twice daily EVERY DAY? How many times a day do you look at the clock? How many times in your life have you looked at a clock?

      “For example, you might be putting gas in your car and when you’re done, you’ll notice that you put exactly 11.11 gallons in your car. Or you might be at the checkout line in a store and the cashier gives you $11.11 in change. As you’re going home, you might notice a license plate with the numbers 1111 on it.”

      How many times have you fueled your car up and NOT put 11.11 (dollars, gallons?) in it? Of course, sooner or later you will get 11.11. It is statistics.

      “From an esoteric standpoint, 11:11 appears to be something that is genetically coded within our “junk” DNA as a cue to spiritually awaken.” [citation needed]

      I’m not even going to bother with the rest of this. And just so you all know, I am a spiritual person who understands coincidence ,statistics, and the power of the mind to make things seem far more important than they actually are.

      • Necros

        Hmmm… she did go over the top a bit, but… if spiritual person you be, perhaps a little less offence you should take (Yoda, year 1:11).

        Everyone seems to think that when writing a comment or reply, one must maintain an academic standard. In principle maybe one should, but a comment or reply etc. is not the same as publishing an article, journal or book. By publishing the article, you’re the one who is obligated, in my opinion, to keep a standard.

        Personally, I find your article to be too short, but sometimes too much detail is just individuals liking the sound of their own voice. Your article is light-hearted and that is obvious. That ‘comment’ really is an article in itself though, no wonder you’re a little cheesed off. Remember though Alana, if you wish to enter in to the public limelight, you’re probably going to receive criticism from those who actually disagree with you, typical, close-minded, skeptical types, you know? Maybe you should save your energy for those types, rather than go on at those who are agreeing with you, regardless of how they express themselves. Just a thought.

    • I’ve been waking up at 4:44 in the morning is there something I need to know about this combination?

  2. Nikken

    :) Love it! I see it all the time. And in the evening i also see 22:22 every second day! I smile also, ans i love it! Its a reminder that you are on the right path, for sure! Thanks

  3. ivonne

    HELLO, I love to read this, I have had this question lately, but in my case is not only 11:11 but all of them 02:02, 03:03: 04:04….. do u think it has the same meaning??? I have seen them more often the last months and it always brings me to the same question what does it mean??? Thanks.

  4. Elena Tacchini

    I was born in 11.11 :)

    • Chanelle

      My daughter is also 11:11… And i promise u she is some special kid. 4years old

    • Balin

      Wow… you are the savior?!

    • you are a way cool human being…go for your dream and Love that will never change …and never give up…

    • Jimmy Davo

      Ditto Elena 😉

  5. yabbadoody

    yep… 02:02, all the number combos – including ‘reflexive” numbers like 12:21, and “repetitive” numbers like 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, etc.

    I was trying to tell a cashier about this one day, and she gave me the hairy eyeball as she handed me my receipt…I took a glance, and showed it to here: “See? there’s the total, $37.37″. Whatever it is, it’s for real.

    • Kathy

      I just got the chills, the same thing happens to me and the 11:11.

  6. I have written an entire philosophy and government system based on the numbers Seven and Eleven. I have a 300 page handbook for it as well
    8 minutes ago · Like
    Jesse James i have a plan to rebuild this country
    8 minutes ago · Like
    Jesse James it’s called “Guardianism”, and it’s based on Seven Principals, which are each represented by Seven letter words: Majesty, Courage, Loyalty, Respect, Charity, Justice, and Victory. (and if you repeat these Seven principles over and over to yourself, you become like me, which doesn’t seem to be the in thing)
    5 minutes ago · Like
    Jesse James There is a whole numerology involved, which actually came to me on 7/11/11
    4 minutes ago · Like
    Jesse James A lot of it is based on how many letters are in certain words and phrases. For example, “I Am King” has Seven letters. “King Of Kings” has Eleven. “We The People”, which is going across my back, is also Eleven letters.
    2 minutes ago · Like

    • Interesting concepts Jesse… would like to talk about them, contact me if you wish


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