First Ever Genetically Modified Salmon To Be Approved For 2014

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fishUpdate: Groups come together to challenge the push for GM salmon approval.

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute are encouraging the Government to support the spread of GM salmon as well as support Genetic Engineering in farm animals.

The US government is in its final stage of deliberations on whether to allow commercial production of the GM fish.

It’s developed by using a growth hormone gene and a gene taken from the ocean pout. The fish is sterile, and would be raised in a series of large scale tanks. If approved, the salmon would be the first of 30 or more potential GM fish currently under development that could hit the market.

Biotech Corporations like AquaBounty seem to garnish the power of persuasion when it comes to dealings with the United States government. Many major “food and health corporations”, like Monsanto, always have major politicians that lobby for them.

Major AquaBounty shareholder, the Intrexon Corporation (1) is owned by a major pharmaceutical company called Clinical Data Inc. After Intrexon purchased Avalon Pharmaceutical Inc, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Clinical Data Corp (2). Maybe our overall human health numbers are declining because the pharmaceutical companies that own our food want to make a profit? There is a multi-trillion dollar incentive there. Maybe it’s not all about money? Maybe something else is going on?

So called experts that are supporting the push for GM salmon and meat use the concepts of world hunger as justification for production. World hunger is not a problem that stems from a shortage of food. We have more than enough resources to make sure everyone on the planet receives what the human body requires. What North America throws away alone could feed the entire planet. The money that’s spent on War could eradicate world hunger. Since world hunger is not due to the shortage of food on our planet, we don’t need to manufacture more, that seems to be a mainstream media myth. We have to be careful what we put in our bodies, GMOs are modified using chemicals and in the end we are choosing to consume DNA altering food.

Not only is there opposition from a large portion of humanity that do not approve of GMOs, supermarkets, consumer organizations, environmental groups and commercial fishermen are voicing their disappointment. Supermarket chains like the Whole Foods Market will not sell genetically modified salmon.

It seems as if the entire food supply has been taken over and put in the hands of a small group of corporations. We continue to step away from real, natural healthy foods in exchange for genetically altered, unnatural food developed by pharmaceutical companies. Conflict of interest, wouldn’t you say?




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  1. how do we petition this??!! this is crazy!! Soon enough,, nothing will be safe!! our AIR has been effected with chemicals, pesticides. As well as our water being contaminated with fluoride!!! why?
    Water should be free!! why am i paying to poison my body?
    Food & veggies too??! safest way is to grow my own .. but what about the meats?

    & if they are to do this,, which they have already began with farm animals etc… they NEED TO LABEL IT!!

  2. This will apply to all types of GMOs.

    How and why did genetically modified food start in the first place?

    One of the main reasons that genetic engineering came about is because Monsanto’s Roundup Patent ran out and expired in the year 2000. To replace this They created roundup ready seeds for the farmers. When these farmers buy the seeds and they agree and signe a contract that states that they are buying Monsanto’s new version of roundup. The seeds, in a way, extended their expired Roundup patent which was the most popular herbicide in the world. Their theory is what we’re doing every day when we cross species that genes from the mother and the father cross into the offspring and mix and match and create a new combination.

    In this case you take a gene from one species and force it into the DNA of another species. What happens is that you are then taking chains from kingdoms and species that have never existed in the other kingdom. The process of insertion plus cloning which is how they create the plant causes massive collateral damage to the DNA. So there can be hundreds of thousands of mutations in the DNA as a result of the process of genetic engineering and most of the problems associated with that are dismissed and they’re not even evaluated. So there new allergens possibly, new toxins and anti nutrients in the GM crops that we don’t even know about until some independent scientists does research afterwards and discovers that Monsanto’s corn has a new allergen. Monsanto’s soy, when cooked, has up to seven times the amount of an existing allergen. These issues are disregarded.

    Economic interests have pushed this process entirely too soon onto the American People without the proper scientific study. This is very dangerous!!!!! Jack Murphy

    • James Dees

      explains autism spectrum disorders, including Asperger’s syndrome, Rett syndrome, PDD-NOS, and childhood disintegrative disorder.

  3. And then after ten or so years when we notice our children being born without ears we’ll do the fluoride thing and ban GMO fish. ? Do the developers of theese products eat their produce ? And for how long may I ask, if yes is the answer ?

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