Hidden Viral Gene Discovered in GMO Crops

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hidden geneAnother reason for you to avoid health depleting genetically modified organisms is here. A recent discovery of a hidden viral gene deep within genetically modified crops has us asking more questions. Despite numerous studies, experts and scientists speaking out about the dangers of GMOs to human health, the United States government, and other major manipulating organizations like the council on foreign relations continue to support and promote GMOs.

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) researchers have discovered a previously unknown viral gene that is known as “Gene VI.” (1)  It’s found in most prominent GMO crops, and can disrupt the biological functions within living organisms. What do you expect? Genetically Modified Organisms contain a number of cell altering chemicals, that’s what chemicals do. Don’t forget about the chemicals used to spray the crops as well.  Certain corn crops were found to contain the gene that creates physical mutation within the body. Roundup-Ready soybeans were also found to contain the gene. Don’t forget about NK603, which was recently linked to the development of mass tumors in rats. (2)

This Gene helps to assemble virus particles that inhibit the natural defense of the cellular system and produces proteins that are harmful.  The most common genetic regulatory sequence in commercial GMOs also encodes a significant fragment of this viral gene.  The presence of this “hidden” gene is likely to result in unintended phenotypic changes (DNA mutations.) Of the 86 different transgenic events (unique insertions of foreign DNA) commercialized and mass marketed today, 54 in the United States contain some of the harmful Gene V1 within them.

Gene VI was also discovered to be an inhibitor of RNA silencing, which is a mechanism for the control of gene expression. It’s important for antiviral defense in both animals and plants. Because of this discovery, scientists are concerned that Gene V1 will lead to aberrant gene expression in GMO crop plants, with unknown consequences. The hidden gene will also interfere with the ability of plants to defend themselves against viral pathogens.

Although naysayers may be highly skeptical of this information, it’s not hard to believe. Multinational food and biotech organizations have more authority than the government itself.   Not to long ago, the Monsanto Protection Act was signed. The Monsanto Protection Act allows Monsanto to override United States federal courts on the issue of planting experimental genetically engineered crops all across the US. The government has no power whatsoever to stop Monsanto and other biotechnology corporations from  planting and harvesting. After Obama signed H.R. 933, the provision was final, there can be no litigation against these corporations at all. Corrupt food corporations are now allowed to plant and sell their genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and genetically engineered (GE) seeds. It wasn’t long ago that Monsanto rejected multiple studies on GMO crop risk. We are seeing the power of the fact that multinational corporations own the government.  You can read more about this here.

There is no justifiable reason for the consumption of GMOs. The days in which the human race accepts the explanations given to it by it’s governing authorities that control the food, health, energy and financial industries are numbered, we are waking up and sharing information. Alternative media outlets are becoming more popular by the day. A good way to determine the truth of something is to look at a variety of sources, not just one! Dentists for example, they are trained to only study one source of information, and it’s anything that comes from their respective dental associations, like the American Dental Association. The same can be said for doctors, who only examine the material given to them by their medical associations, without further investigation. The time for critical thinking and inquiry  is here.

Thanks for reading, much love.


(1) http://www.landesbioscience.com/journals/gmcrops/2012GMC0020R.pdf







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  1. alice morrison

    gather informatin from a wide variety of sources… then always go inward..what message resonates with your truth…for me the message to avoid GMO feels right…so thats what I do..sit in stillness and listen to your innate wisdom..your truth is within, intuitively you will come to your truth..follow it.

  2. Colleen Ray

    It’s going to take action by the people, not talk. We complain and then sit back, waiting for it to be done for us. Monsanto is not working FOR the American people.

  3. Uwe Freyer

    Next food Soilent Green;(

  4. GMOphobia…………………………..any questions?

  5. i NOW HAVE 3 EARS AND 4 LEGS. who says GM crops are bad for you?

  6. crist

    Just leaving this here, EFSA’s official statement: http://www.efsa.europa.eu/en/faqs/faqinsertedfragmentofviralgeneingmplants.htm

    • Interesting, thanks for sharing. Seems to be a lot of conflicting information with regards to this.

  7. time to chase those crazy bald heads outa the yard.By the way, a bald head has nothing to do with hair, it has to do with a lack of reason, lack of spirit to do what is right, lack of caring for the welfare of others, just plain LACK, poverty stricken is not about money but a lack of wanting to do what is right, what is right is certainly beneficial for the self as well as others

  8. TB

    Your source – “(1)” http://www.landesbioscience.com/journals/gmcrops/2012GMC0020R.pdf – It doesn’t say that this gene promoter can cause any changes in genotype or phenotype presentation in HUMAN BEINGS. It is related only to promoter site overlap and genetic variants in PLANTS. You also casually reference NK603 in order to – correct me if I’m wrong – play on people’s fears, “Don’t forget about NK603, which was recently linked to the development of mass tumors in rats.” This is of no real relevance to data on “Gene VI”. You just threw it in so you could use the word tumors. I have nothing against fighting the corporate hegemony and social monopoly that spans the globe for the sake of human rights and freedom from a (somewhat self-imposed) slavery. I can not; however, condone the use of fear tactics and bias in what should be a purely scientific, informative article for the public because we can beat them on those terms. You do circle around and say this “Because of this discovery, scientists are concerned that Gene V1 will lead to aberrant gene expression in GMO crop plants, with unknown consequences. The hidden gene will also interfere with the ability of plants to defend themselves against viral pathogens.” But only after you’ve written paragraphs of vacuous statements, “…and can disrupt the biological functions within living organisms.” – OK. maybe you should say ‘within plants’, “Genetically Modified Organisms contain a number of cell altering chemicals, that’s what chemicals do.” – As if every molecule and protein in living organisms isn’t a “chemical”. That’s a blanket term. For a king size bed. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/chemical Here’s another – “Certain corn crops were found to contain the gene that creates physical mutation within the body.” What is meant is mutations were caused in the body of the corn. Why not say that instead of misleading people. And where is the citation for that also? I can just make claims all day too. But, I think I have stated my problems with this faux, self-proclaimed “Science & Tech” article well enough at this point. You may be right about the detrimental effects of Monsanto. But don’t succumb to the same type of fear tactics they use; and certainly don’t pass it on to the ever-parched ego of the “counter culture”.

    • TB, These GM plants are used to improve farmer efficiency…also exposed to radiation. They are used in the production of nutrients and pharmaceutical drugs! I should have mentioned that in the article :)

    • The chemicals lead to mutations in the human body…i really don’t think any of my statements were vacuous

    • I guess I should have said “harmful” chemicals.

    • The crops that contain the genes have negative effects on the human body….not just the corn…so I am valid in what I say say there too.

    • I spent much time reading through my sources again, and realize that you clearly didn’t. Please read through all the sources, in full if you are going to comment like this. All the answers you seek are within the sources!!!

      You can start with that one and then go through the others! :)

  9. Richard Ballbag

    “Genetically Modified Organisms contain a number of cell altering chemicals, that’s what chemicals do.”

    Oh no! Not chemicals! Do you even know what chemicals are? The person that wrote this is scientifically illiterate.

  10. sid yort

    this is about a corporation trying to sell us poison. the gmo’s are resistant to roundup. but studies have repeatedly shown that properly fertelized plants produce pest resistant fruit. the 2problems are that monsanto and others has been fooling the farmers into using poison instead of organic fertelizer. and the growth of industrial farming has made it cheaper to use poisen instead of fertelizer

  11. donna west

    dont just spout off people. start doing something to protect yourself and your family. stand up for your rights. sign petitions and talk to other people about it. and most of all, avoid the crap whenever you can. it is in our wheat, corn, soy, canola, and most of our fruits and vegtables and our animals are being fed it. we need to educate ourselves and refuse to eat foods that are GMO. eat foods that are organic and raise your own food whenever you can. that is the only real way to stop it. or leave this crappy country.

  12. Rita Brooks

    I am marching agaisnt Monasanto may 25. I am fighting back thats when thosecbastards get scared. When people speak up. They ard cowards.

  13. I was reading this article and seriously considering the data it was presenting.

    Then I saw the picture and busted out laughing.

    Yeah this is totally unbiased and not just environmentalists having a shit over mankind using nature to make our lives better.

    • HUMANity can use nature to make our lives better without vandalizing it beyond recognition. How do you think we’ve managed to last for over a million years here?

    • Nathan

      I actually went through and read the studies this article is based on. They are not conclusive, and they have been properly debunked by other scientists. Fear tactics, lies, propaganda… who’s the real criminal here? Definitely not GMOs.

  14. Mike

    Wow! That’s not even what the study says! Eff me, man! Why do lie to people like this? Why??? What do you gain from this??

    • If you’re that concerned, tell us which study you’re talking about and exactly where the blog post is wrong.

    • Hi Mike, i’m pretty sure that is what the study says. Please be more specific as to what you think it says.

  15. I keep thinking of the movie “I am Legend” with Will Smith. They say it’s safe and even good for you and then one day everyone is trying to eat your brain. Even metaphorically it’s a scarey thought. Do yourself a favor and grow a garden! Than you know what’s in it.

  16. Sounds very much like the X-Files

  17. i wonder if they are force-feeding the prisoners in guantanamo with this crap? my guess is; probably!
    most likely they are feeding ALL prisoners with this.

  18. ForceFeed the Parties that stand behind this, are their main purpose to extinct humans or what the are those fools doing?

  19. AzureD

    The sources you link do not support your claims in your article. You are full of shit and fear mongering. Your scientific illiteracy becomes apparent when you say GMOs have cell altering chemicals. No shit. All food contains cell altering chemicals. You can not have life without them.

    • Crops from nature it self from the first start didnt contain cell altering chemicals, it does today.
      Monsanto are doing strange things with crops that not even nature would do, blending in cells from fish or pesticide or something else is not a trustworthy company.
      Crops have been spread around the world by Monsanto and they might even claim all crops all over the world is theirs like they do in the midwest in USA, transporting seeds so the wind can catch it and spread it further…
      Monsanto Protection Act was signed, what is that? They can actually do whatever they want and a court cant judge them for their criminal actions.
      Gee, USA is ruled by a Government that acts like kids in a kindergarten, Citizens in the USA got BIG problem thats for sure.

    • Yes, and we evolved with those. We didn’t evolve with what Monsanto’s doing. Next you’re going to trot out the old line “we have always done genetic modification.” Wrong on that count too. Selective breeding is not gene-splicing.

      See, not everyone who reads these blogs is scientifically illiterate. Sucks to be you.

    • Sure they do, if you don’t think so you’ll have to be more specific. Maybe point out what the sources I linked to the article claim then? Thanks for reading AzureD

  20. enquirer

    How sure are we that these aren’t traces of endogenous retroviruses?

  21. What the fuck has happened to these people? Could this be a part of the mass depopulation agenda?

  22. I read several years ago how something as common as cabbage has been altered so that we don’t get the enzymes we used to get. And the red beans are not red at all anymore. Something has happened. Teens blow up in puberty just like chickens. Not all teens are over-eaters. Something is very wrong. with the food.

    • People can only be said to “over-eat” when they are in the *process of fattening*, anyway. It’s because the process of fattening takes the energy you are supposed to use for physical processes, and instead stores it away into the adipose tissue. Fattening drives eating more, not the other way around. Most fat people you encounter are NOT eating large amounts of food because their bodies have attained energy homeostasis and they can get by on normal intake again. That was certainly my experience. In fact I could argue that most days I don’t eat *enough*.

  23. M

    Uh, I actually read the study you link as source 1, and they specifically say that they found no problems. “Our bioinformatic analyses indicated that no ORFs are present in the P35S that are similar to known toxic and allergenic proteins.”

    • Go to the paragraph that begins with the sentence “None of the searches identified similarities to known allergens”, and then read the entire paragraph. Aside from the fact you skimmed over the word “known,” you weren’t looking very hard for the rest of it either.

  24. Jimmy

    America used to be the world’s greatest country. Now we’re shit, our leaders are scum, and all I can say is welcome to the beginning of the end. De-evolution is real.

    • Red

      Spoken like a true American…America was never the worlds greatest country…it’s just a country like any other with issues and problems…and actually before ‘Americans’ colonised it it belonged to the indigenous peoples…and WAS a great country.

      • DEE


    • http://youtu.be/73_ds1xQmD4

      Talking about the Greatest country.

    • Dahvi

      Yep, American imperialism is now owned by multinational corporations,,,

  25. ebbill

    This sickens me to think that fellow human beings could want to do harm to other human beings for such selfish reasons. How in the hell are we suppose to defend ourselves from such evil driven men? I say we round up these persons and inject them with their creation to what happens when a human being consumes this GMO. If they survive then we will be able to accept their creation better. If they do not survive then we know what you have reported to be true.

    • Go Joe

      Who said it was human beings doing this to other humans?……..Annunaki/Illuminati me thinks!

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