Judge Orders Lauryn Hill To Undergo Counseling Over Claims Of Music Industry Exploitation

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On May 7th 2013, musician Lauryn Hill was sentenced to 3 months in jail for failing to pay a tax bill after she withdrew herself from society following threats made against her family. Hill pleaded guilty to charges of tax evasion last year and has already paid $900,000 on her tax bill. After her stint in jail, she will be confined to her home for three more months and has been ordered to undergo counselling to address her ‘conspiracy theory’ mindset when it comes to her thoughts on the music industry.

Lauryn Hill sang with the Fugees, had an small acting career and also a solo career as a musician. She has been known to talk during performance about the “pop culture cannibalism,”  as she puts it, that the music industry imposes on artists. She feels there is an elite that is making decisions within the music industry for their own profit and benefit and it cuts real talent out of the equation. She feels there is a clear exploitation of people going on within the music industry and many artists suffer as a result.

In June last year, Hill posted a message to her Tumblr account explaining how the music industry is “manipulated and controlled by a media protected military industrial complex.” Hill, of course, is not the only one to say this, numerous musicians from around the world have said the same thing including Prince, Don Henley, John Fogerty, Tom Scholz, George Michael, Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, Tupac, Immortal Technique and more. At various points in some artists careers they have claimed to be enslaved by their music contracts. We have reported on this sort of thing before HERE & HERE.

In my own opinion as a big fan of music and a hobby musician myself, I find it very obvious to see what is going on within the industry. Radio stations, big popular bands and artists, certain genres of music -for the most part they have a lot in common. They tend to be limited in talent and don’t write much of their own music. Their path to stardom generally comes only through essentially selling their soul or buying their way in. Of course this isn’t 100% true across the board but just looking at major acts like Drake, Jay Z, Rhianna, Lady GaGa etc, you not only see a serious lack of talent but also a plethora of symbolism in every one of their acts. It has become clear that people seem to be more so convinced and in a sense brainwashed into liking certain artists and music vs. actually liking them from the get go. This is achieved in numerous ways from repetitive choruses, constant repetition of a song, frequencies in the music, and even catchy rythmic beats the brain opens up to. I often listen to ‘underground’ bands and think to myself, I can’t understand why these arists will never see the light of day. Of course it’s within a few moments that I remember precisely why.

I think Lauryn’s cases is a great example of how far mainstream media, law, and entertainment will go to silence those who wish to point out the actual happenings within these industries. To many it is no secret that this goes on in the industry, but to most, they are unaware easily settled by the rulings of courts and cries of mainstream media that these ‘conspiracy theorists’ have a mental illness when making such claims. It is, however, encouraging to see how many artists have been speaking out and putting their reputation on the line to help spread the truth.



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  1. DeadWorldTheory

    God bless sister Hill for doing what she felt was necessary for herself and her family. It’s so sad how the powers that be have such a grip on society, to the point where people cannot recognize this blatant infringement on her free speech. So what if you think that she believes in crazy(actually true) conspiracy theories? You want to hear some crazy conspiracy theories? Have a chat with the neo-Nazi groups. I don’t see anyone trying to send their meth addicted behinds to the loony bin. Thank you for all you have contributed musically, Miss Hill. The industry is no place for a strong, pure soul like you.

  2. Dawn

    What would ‘they’ do if everyone in the world stopped paying taxes, and withdrew from society all at once? Put us all in psychiatric lockdown? The whole system is corrupt…not just the music industry!

  3. rich

    i’m stoked about how more people are speaking out about this, and that’s good. but in her case, this is karma for an intensely racist person. love is the only thing that will win in the end. and maybe she’ll have time to think about that in jail. and that idiot s.jenkins looks like a troll algorithm or something. slavery exist THROUGH the irs. how is that not obvious to everyone?

  4. Another tiny little bite in the “freedom cake”. Do you sheople really not see this??? Bit by bit, a little here and another little there…and then it was gone.

  5. Ryan

    I agree most part with the content of this, but to bring Jay Z’s personal career into this lol you serious?.
    This dude has been emceeing since he was a teen in Brooklyn, yes he may have chosen this corrupt path in his later years, but to assume he does not write his own tracks is just blind & nieve.
    You ask any real hiphop head (not someone who just listen’s to the music), someone who lives this culture. Jay has earn’t & deserves the respect from the people within our culture.
    The album Blue Print is still rated as one of the great albums to come from our genre!.

  6. Kim M

    And the Illuminati is so clever that they have us at each others throats like this without doing a whole lot at all. The distance that comes between us when we debate and argue and separate ourselves from one another is the exact reason why we’re too fragmented as a society to do a damn thing about it.

  7. earl wright

    thats why they kill bob marley,the truth

  8. I’ve been singing and performing for over 30 years now in all forms and have been a staunch advocate for the corrupt nature of the industry for a long time. An ex partner of mine was in the first ever Popstars series and upon making it into the top the 10 was offered a contract before they selected the final 5 girls to form the group. Once I saw this contract I urged her not to sign it explaining that she would be owned (among other things). After consultations with music lawyers some of the worst clauses were adjusted but it was still not something I would’ve signed. Needless to say our relationship gradually soured over the ensuing few months as she was taken over by the fame monster. I have seen this happen to many people, fame is an ugly beast if you do not have the tools to deal with it, I have managed to meet some wonderful industry people in my time but have met my fair share who I wouldn’t give the time of day to also. I have been quite happy with my lot, I still love singing but could not work in the industry as it is in this current environment. There is no integrity left at all and it is disgraceful when I look back at some of the talent I have seen and worked with over the years that eclipses a lot of the so-called superstars of the industry… seriously, Jay-Z? How over-rated is this guy, hasn’t written 10 GREAT songs in his life yet is looked upon as a god… as for modern day production, come-on, any fool with a PC or Mac can get and use Auto-Tune which is used in every second mainstream pop hit as a mastering tool instead of a production time-saving assistant. It sounds AWFUL – every vocal ends up sounding the same. I could go on and on here but i’ve been here before and expect to see the usual poorly informed “dis-gruntled because he hasn’t been a success” comments… maybe not a success in your terms, but I don’t live by your terms. There, i’ve answered that already.

  9. And as for taxation, income taxation is slavery. People need to understand how exactly it’s being used to colonize countries and enslave people in a whole new way. Please check out the details here: http://blog.kareldonk.com/income-taxation-is-slavery/

  10. The whole music industry exploits artists. These people don’t care about creatives at all. They’re parasites. If you want to know what I’m talking about, check out this link where I discuss the details: http://blog.kareldonk.com/why-im-against-the-riaa-bumastemra-cisac-et-al/

  11. Marcie
  12. laura

    Love you Lauren Hill. Be strong. Your talent is inspiring.

  13. Huey

    I believe we’re getting our freedom taken away little by little every day. Lauryn is an example. Wake up to these blatant realities that stand before us all. We’re living in a society where common sense is called a “conspiracy theory”. Awaken and unite before we’re all silenced!!!

  14. efd

    WOW! All I can Say Is, WOW! just how freaking Stupid are these people. The things they are concerned with have nothing to do with the betterment of mankind, or even the conditions that man must live in,once again it seems they are only concerened about their owm petty likes and dislikes. Please tell me there is more to existance tan what whey debate. please

  15. OF course it’s true. How else do you explain things like Ke$ha, Nikki Minaj… and the hundreds of other talentless windbags who can’t write music or sing without autotune yet, still manage to dupe people into paying for their crap with marketing.

  16. Destry

    The judge is way overreaching here. “Conspiracy theory mindset”? A judge can order a mental health evaluation, but he cannot mandate someone get corrective counseling for voicing their opinions. First Amendment ring a bell, yer honor?

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