UFO Disclosure Continues As Former U.S. Senators Add Testimonies

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citizen_hearing_05-14-2013_1A citizens hearing on UFO disclosure was recently held at the National Press Club in Washing, DC. A number of professors, historians, scientists, high ranking political and military personnel gathered April 29th to May 3rd  to elaborate on the ongoing reality of the UFO phenomenon. High ranking political and military figures coming forward is nothing new. In  recent history, we’ve seen them gather at the national press club and give multiple interviews as well as share information. We’ve seen Defence Ministers, Generals, Colonels, Astronauts and more come forward. We’ve also seen official files released from dozens of governments and three letter agencies indicating the reality of this phenomenon. For more articles on the UFO subject and to see some of this information, please browse through our alternative news/science and tech sections, or use the search bar. You can locate the sources at the bottom of each article you choose to read.

Something new was added to the mix in 2013 at the national press club. A remarkable four days of hearings this included several former U.S. Senators. They heard testimony from a number of different department of defence and political personnel. This was not an official government hearing on UFOs. It was a five day congressional style presentation that brought a number of people (mentioned earlier in the article) to testify before former federal legislators.

Lets see what some of the Senators had to say about the phenomenon having been presented with the information for the first time. It’s good to see more and more people getting involved every year, having an open mind and realizing the reality of this phenomenon and the importance behind it.

Merrill Cook

Mike Gravel

Lynn Woolsey

Darlene Hooley

Carolyn Kilpatrick

For more information on the recent citizens hearing, please visit : http://www.citizenhearing.org







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  9. Justin Morris

    Even if people think we are ready to hear the truth… which don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to. I don’t think humans are ready. Most of the population of the world could not handle it (In my opinion). We would know there are beings smarter then us and more evolved. We can’t even get along with each other, there is still racism with a large part of our population. What would make us ready to handle even more different beings, things that we can’t and don’t understand? We go to war with each other for silly reasons, we fight because we have different opinions and points of view or beliefs. I don’t believe we would be able to live along side things so different to us. Humans want to be the best and most powerful, we would have beings living with us who are more powerful and way more advanced. I don’t think the human race would be ready for that. What would make higher beings want to be apart of the human race, or what would even make them want us to live along side them? We would technically be lower on the food chain then them in terms of advancements and knowledge. Do humans want to live with Monkeys? No because they are not on the same level as us. We are interested in studying them and using them to advance our knowledge, but other then that we don’t look at them as equals to us. Why would Aliens feel the need to interact with us beyond the study of our specious?

    • Chase

      Your right only when people are able to grow up will they be able to handle stuff like this.

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  17. Didi

    Why must we continue the same old debate, which only distracts us from being present and seeing the facts around us? Religion VS Science…. Can we not evolve and see that these two things are not opposites but 2 human interpretations of experience and theory. They are connected just as EVERYTHING is. Lets not waste our time and energy fighting against each other, and lets open our minds to the possibility that everyhting and everyone plays a part of our evolution.

    • John Gibson

      Hello Didi, I really don’t want to fight or argue. I am very excited about the possibilities here and naturally curious. From my earlier post here: “Like it or not, the fact remains that religion continues to be a source of conflict for Man. It has been our nature to ask questions regarding who we are, and why we are here. ‘ETs’ should understand that. Perhaps they could help us resolve an issue which has preoccupied our thoughts and actions for thousands of years. I’m not trying to say what is right or wrong. I’m just pointing out that even today, the majority of people firmly believe that we are spiritual beings. To ignore such would be incredibly naïve.” We really need to get beyond our own self-created belief systems that have lead to endless conflict between peoples of the earth. To truly understand how we are all connected, as you have said. Once there, we should be able to evolve unfettered.

      • mel


        • ruth moore

          Why couldn’t God, Jesus be from another planet which is called “Heaven” to our understanding?? It’s entirely possible.

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