UFO Disclosure Continues As Former U.S. Senators Add Testimonies

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citizen_hearing_05-14-2013_1A citizens hearing on UFO disclosure was recently held at the National Press Club in Washing, DC. A number of professors, historians, scientists, high ranking political and military personnel gathered April 29th to May 3rd  to elaborate on the ongoing reality of the UFO phenomenon. High ranking political and military figures coming forward is nothing new. In  recent history, we’ve seen them gather at the national press club and give multiple interviews as well as share information. We’ve seen Defence Ministers, Generals, Colonels, Astronauts and more come forward. We’ve also seen official files released from dozens of governments and three letter agencies indicating the reality of this phenomenon. For more articles on the UFO subject and to see some of this information, please browse through our alternative news/science and tech sections, or use the search bar. You can locate the sources at the bottom of each article you choose to read.

Something new was added to the mix in 2013 at the national press club. A remarkable four days of hearings this included several former U.S. Senators. They heard testimony from a number of different department of defence and political personnel. This was not an official government hearing on UFOs. It was a five day congressional style presentation that brought a number of people (mentioned earlier in the article) to testify before former federal legislators.

Lets see what some of the Senators had to say about the phenomenon having been presented with the information for the first time. It’s good to see more and more people getting involved every year, having an open mind and realizing the reality of this phenomenon and the importance behind it.

Merrill Cook

Mike Gravel

Lynn Woolsey

Darlene Hooley

Carolyn Kilpatrick

For more information on the recent citizens hearing, please visit : http://www.citizenhearing.org







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  1. It’s not really a “citizen” meeting if the only people that attended were governing officials…

    • ZMW

      Government officials are considered citizens too. And I think, if I read correctly, the majority of those that you speak of are ‘former’ officials.

  2. John L. Gibson

    Sir or Madam,
    I cannot discount the possibility that the subject matter presented on your website may be true in some sense. What I find very hard to understand is why there is no mention whatsoever regarding the massive impact this subject would have on the world’s religious belief systems. Everyone knows that Religion has driven the course of Humanity for thousands of years! Without a doubt, most peoples of the world will want to know Mr. ET’s position on Life after Death, The Creator (God) and Jesus Christ. IF your (and ET’s) understanding of the Universe is based as a whole on Atheistic Science, many folks will reject you. They WILL assume that ETs are actually Demons. The Bible does say that an idea or plan for Mankind will be brought forward in the End Times which is so convincing that even some of the ‘Elect’ will be taken in by it. That you totally ignore the religious connotations of this subject matter only shows that you have not done sufficient homework, and are ill prepared for ‘Disclosure’ at this time.

    John L. Gibson,

    • Merisa marks

      You should read at exopolitics.com. There is plenty to the topic of et’s and religion. In fact, you may find it amazing and maybe unbelievable but quite plausible too! It seems to me if you looked up this topic then you might already know something about alien disclosure as it relates to religion. But I guess not. So this exopolitics page is a great place to start.

    • Destry

      LOL the religions of the world themselves cannot agree on what is or is not god, and you want ET’s to take a position on such provincial squabbles? You’re funny.

      • John Gibson

        Thanks, Destry, for your input. Like it or not, the fact remains that religion continues to be a source of conflict for Man. It has been our nature to ask questions regarding who we are, and why we are here. ‘ETs’ should understand that. Perhaps they could help us resolve an issue which has preoccupied our thoughts and actions for thousands of years. I’m not here to say what is right or wrong. I’m just pointing out that even today, the majority of people firmly believe that we are spiritual beings. To ignore such would be incredibly naïve and hardly ‘funny’.

        • me

          We are spiritual beings living a human existence. I know a man who has experience with this. He saw what he saw and it forced him to question his religion and what he came up with was that the creator or God or whatever you wish to call it didn’t just create our planet but created everything. We humans haven’t even been here for a blip in universal time. Other star systems and likely species have been here for millions of years. They have visited and that can be seen in every culture on this planet including cultures with extremely limited exposure to the “civilized” world. They all share similar stories in ancient writings. I can’t wait for the world to finally realize that we are not alone. Perhaps that would bring this planet together as one people and from that hopefully tolerance of each other regardless of religion, race or any other form of oppression and then world peace. I just hope that the US government doesn’t try to pick a fight with them first…

    • The Religions are the mere consequence of human interpretatios of unknown and inexplicable fenomena to human race. Nobody knows for sure the way Jesus, Buda, and other avatars came to teach the Human Race how to get near God or whatever name we gave to The Creator. There is nothing against any God in accepting that our history has been written, modified and distorted by human beings with different agendas at their times. Faith is a human atribute, Sometimes its not the truth. The inquisition is the supreme proof of that. The earth is round, today. It’s not the center of the Universe anymore. The world didn’t finish 3 times for the Baptists, even if it was told by their father founders. The religions, the Governments are the most to be affected by a “new truth”, because it will be based on science, rality and no masks. The Creator is accepted by all extraterrestrial civilizations as we read on them and from them, as it’s possible. And also they are part of us, they have interfered somehow sometimes to protect us. And they also live among us, as Jesus lived once. I could never accept the idea that the only people to receive new teachings were those bearded ancient ones. I believe we still receive teachings from abroad, and this is the way we have progressed slowly. There will be a time when we will remember this scenario as an improtant stage of human evolution. The time we had decided we could at final think out of the box, and give a chance to the possibilities of interacting with other races and really stop fighting agains us and agains the extraterrestrial beings. A time when we begun to stop thinking we own the truth because it’s our faith, but because it’s the real truth, even if it’s a different thing. Excuse my English, I’m Brazilian. I’ll not review it.

  3. patte

    This ‘religious’ overtone mentioned by John Gibson is the paradigm keeping the truth from being heard. Jesus was most likely an alien. ‘immaculate conception’, following a star in the sky, Jesus rising into a cloud of ‘beings’ after he rose from the dead. The interpretations by a primitive people made him a god.

    • Ace Of Spades

      OR as you may think he would be someone created by a scientist (immaculate conception), and he was a bird cause he went up into the heavens, so you can have whatever interpretations you’d like but there is only 1 truth, and that truth is alot stranger than your fiction…the thing is god doesnt want you to know everything, you CANNOT understand everything god created, if you did…then where would that place you amongst god himself! you are a human being, sent here to do whatever is it that you are doing now! so dont try to fit in with the only perfect thing around, which is god himself! its human nature to question but its your downfall to create false answers to please the men around you in order to satisfy your own wants & needs.

    • John Gibson


      The ‘Educated’ people of that day actually denied that Jesus was God and they crucified Him. It was Jesus Himself that claimed to be the Son of God. My point is that a very large percentage of Mankind does believe that we are Spiritual Beings as well as physical and that the individual’s time here on Earth is only a part of our existence. I know that is not generally accepted by the ‘Educated’ people of today. I believe that today’s Aliens are probably yesterday’s Angels. Fallen, or otherwise. I believe that the authors of biblical, and other ancient writings were putting aliens in a context according to their own understanding of that day. As advanced as the Aliens obviously are, they should have some understanding or at least a curiosity of spiritual things. If they do not, perhaps they are more primitive than Man, in some respects. The Bible does say that ‘Fallen Angels’ (or, if you prefer, Aliens) came upon the Earth and messed with us, as well as the Earth’s animals, genetically to contaminate or defile God’s creations out of spite. The Great Flood, which is a part of most ancient culture’s records, was an attempt to cleanse the world of those ‘unauthorized’ hybrids (abominations). So… Many people will want to know where these ‘Aliens’ fit into the big picture. Are they Emissaries of The Creator? Like it or not, the reality is that the philosophy of Atheistic Science is in a minority, at least for now. Any Disclosure that omits or fails to give at least some representation of Man’s relationship with God (or Jesus) will not be well received by us. For further understanding of where I’m coming from, check out ‘Chuck Missler – Biblical UFO’s and the Coming Deception.’ You should be able to find it on YouTube. I enjoy the discussion, and I sincerely hope that I have not offended you in any way.

      Respectfully, John L. Gibson

      • Skakried

        Hello John ,
        from the sounds of it you appear to quite an educated individual , I myself although being quite young (almost 20) am also a rather intelligent person , not to sound vain or anything. But it also appears to me that you are also quite a spiritual person (just a stab in the dark here , but im going to say a christian) which i have no problem with. However i would like to start by saying I am not in the least surprised that this kind of topic would attract the attention of religious opinions , in fact i would be incredibly surprised if it did not. The point i think you are missing is religion , of any kind , christian or otherwise , has no place in the realms of science , the very idea of science , space and extra-terrestrial life defy’s what the bible says to be true. Now i don’t know if aliens came to earth 2000 years ago and gave rise to these tales of gods and messiahs to primitive man , what i do know however is that it is irrelevant. Whether god exists or not has no place in the efforts of man to try and advance his species. What i don’t think religious people understand is that the pursuit of knowledge through scientific means is not about finding our way into eternal life and happiness which is what religion is evidently about , it is a more self-less act than that. Is it not the goal of believers of any faith to end up in the kingdom of what ever god it is that they worship (which are many , I mean you can’t all be right , what makes you so sure its you ?) which in its self is a selfish act , no matter how it is tryed to be justified , god loving theists and pious believers only try to convert those around them to “the light” as a means to gain favor with their dear and fluffy lord in order to gain access to the kingdom of heaven , which in its self goes against the teachings of god. So is it any more morally wrong to devote ones life to real and tangible sciences , for going spirituality in order to make discoveries that benefit our species as a whole. If your god does exist wouldn’t he look more kindly on people like this than those who stunt our growth as a species due to out dated ideology. I myself believe that universe , in all its vastness and glory , harbors many forms of life , some of which our minds cannot yet comprehend , developed from cells not too different from our own , beings that may live as pure energy , beings that phase between different aspects of the light spectrum so be invisible to the naked eye and infinite more possibilties. Whilst i believe it is entirely possible for a being of higher superiority and higher complexity to our own (a higher being if you will) to exist i do not think it is possible for a being to have created the universe , have access and infinite reach across it and to know all things at once. In short the universe is simply too vast for us to be alone as sentient beings , and yes they may have one point or another visted earth for what ever purpose , i simply dont know. But let me ask you this , With all likely hood being that there are species out there that far exceed us , an you say well what of their beliefs , well what if there beliefs completely deconstruct the argument for god and heaven , what if they , in there vastly superior knowledge , intellect and possibly spirituality , believe that your beliefs are just a primitive and laughably implausible concept , would you disregard their opinions simply on the basis that they disagreed with you , would you tag them as demons , sent by the devil to fool us , and if so , what makes earth so special , what makes human as a species so great that a being with infinite power would want to corrupt us , are we so vain as a species to think that we are a holy gift to the universe. I for one believe we are just another rock pool by the sea , teeming with life , but ultimately waiting to be washed back into the ocean of stars.

        • Emily Indigo

          beautifully written and thought through…

          • Emily Indigo

            I meant Skakreid’s

        • John Gibson

          Hello, and thank you for your reply. As a finite being, I am incapable of fully understanding an infinite universe. I do know that I have experienced the spiritual over the course of my life (I’m 57) that has yet to be explained to me by science. Detailed, accurate dreams of premonition, Unexplained sudden knowledge that someone very dear to me was in crisis. Above all, I have experienced a joy and peace out of chaos that defies logic. So as witnessed to me personally, I must accept that there is much more to us as humans than what meets the eye. It is so true that religion as defined by man has been a tool of unspeakable horror over our history. I believe that obviously, it was not intended to be thus. Rather, it has been twisted and deformed by a flawed Man.

          Whoops! I just noticed that I’m running late this morning! Gotta go! To be continued?

  4. John Gibson

    Hi Ace, I wasn’t sure who your reply was meant for. I can assure you that I have quit trying to please man a long time ago… These are my just my thoughts on an important subject. I enjoy the discussion.

  5. expressyourselve (@expressurselve)

    vau, I can only say following, we don’t know how big the space is in that we are and if it’s the only one that exists, so with religion is another point, the religion is a theory how can it be, but I doesn’t have to be that way.

    you see when you are religious person you say you believe, with the word believe you describes or express your condition that you don’t know if your believes is correct, but you donate your way of life to an idea and that’s o.k. for you and for me personally as well, no matter if your religion one day may be confirmed or unconfirmed….

    but to think that we are the only form of existence in this space is just childish infantile….

    it is not the question if we are the only ones, the question is what attitude the other species could have, are we interesting for them or not, are we just simply alarming in our way of existence so that they are passing us away or not….

    or is the contact already made and after that how our life system is and work today on basic of exploitation on every possible thing, maybe there are already some “contracts” or agreement in work or present since years….

    you we will never know as long some secret society’s or agencies are present and basic information are kept away form any of us, if you want to know or not should be left to decide by your self and not by some one else….

    then you are truly free

  6. Torch

    The bible already addresses life outside the earth so this is an incorrect assumption. Jesus said “I have sheep of other folds”. Christianity/ the bible continues to be 100% compatible with science and new advances. Not one new advance has contradicted the bible! Study: Zen Garcia for ancient texts, Tribulation-Now for advanced bible understanding, Chuck Missler if you prefer a more “corporate” approach. My point is there are a LOT of incorrect assumptions regarding the Christian religion and understandably so because of so many “failings of humanity” in practice of it’s teachings. BTW, I completely agree with your statement regarding the secret society’s. They are the collective enemy of man and in fact they are Luciferians at the top. Even they believe in the Christian belief just from the “other side”.

  7. It’s incredible how so many high ranking officials can come out and do a press conference on UFOs and it still doesn’t convince everybody that these things are real. It would take a global showing plus landing on the white house lawn on live television for people to understand the true nature of UFOs and human interacting has been hear for thousands of years.

  8. This site is Crazytown USA.

  9. Didi

    Why must we continue the same old debate, which only distracts us from being present and seeing the facts around us? Religion VS Science…. Can we not evolve and see that these two things are not opposites but 2 human interpretations of experience and theory. They are connected just as EVERYTHING is. Lets not waste our time and energy fighting against each other, and lets open our minds to the possibility that everyhting and everyone plays a part of our evolution.

    • John Gibson

      Hello Didi, I really don’t want to fight or argue. I am very excited about the possibilities here and naturally curious. From my earlier post here: “Like it or not, the fact remains that religion continues to be a source of conflict for Man. It has been our nature to ask questions regarding who we are, and why we are here. ‘ETs’ should understand that. Perhaps they could help us resolve an issue which has preoccupied our thoughts and actions for thousands of years. I’m not trying to say what is right or wrong. I’m just pointing out that even today, the majority of people firmly believe that we are spiritual beings. To ignore such would be incredibly naïve.” We really need to get beyond our own self-created belief systems that have lead to endless conflict between peoples of the earth. To truly understand how we are all connected, as you have said. Once there, we should be able to evolve unfettered.

      • mel


        • ruth moore

          Why couldn’t God, Jesus be from another planet which is called “Heaven” to our understanding?? It’s entirely possible.

  10. Justin Morris

    Even if people think we are ready to hear the truth… which don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to. I don’t think humans are ready. Most of the population of the world could not handle it (In my opinion). We would know there are beings smarter then us and more evolved. We can’t even get along with each other, there is still racism with a large part of our population. What would make us ready to handle even more different beings, things that we can’t and don’t understand? We go to war with each other for silly reasons, we fight because we have different opinions and points of view or beliefs. I don’t believe we would be able to live along side things so different to us. Humans want to be the best and most powerful, we would have beings living with us who are more powerful and way more advanced. I don’t think the human race would be ready for that. What would make higher beings want to be apart of the human race, or what would even make them want us to live along side them? We would technically be lower on the food chain then them in terms of advancements and knowledge. Do humans want to live with Monkeys? No because they are not on the same level as us. We are interested in studying them and using them to advance our knowledge, but other then that we don’t look at them as equals to us. Why would Aliens feel the need to interact with us beyond the study of our specious?

    • paddyo68

      Your comments are indicative of a rigid person, stuck in their beliefs. What makes you think the world is not ready to hear the truth? Your beliefs? In my opinion, the younger generations are indeed ready to hear the truth. In fact, I believe they are already prepared for it. It is the older generations who are stuck in their rigid belief systems, who are not willing to open their minds to the possibility that we are not the only Beings in this universe. How about I put it this way……Would you be comfortable knowing that we are ALONE in this vast universe? And please, don’t belittle the Human Race and compare us to MONKEYS! Not that there is anything wrong with monkeys, but are we not intelligent, beautiful, wonderful, creative, Spiritual Beings? Perhaps not so much our world leaders, but Humanity in general I happen to have much love for, and I am certain our Galactic relatives feel the same way!
      Besides, if you are going to “wait” until the world is ready to hear the truth, you will be waiting a long time as long as we are lied to and led to believe otherwise! All major world changes happened and then the world got “used” to it. That’s the way it has always been. If we had to “wait” until the world was ready for those changes, they would not have ever happened!

    • Chase

      Your right only when people are able to grow up will they be able to handle stuff like this.


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