New Study Links Monsanto’s Roundup To Autism, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

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monGlyphosate is a major component of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide. Glyphosate was manufactured by Monsanto and is one of the most widely used herbicides around the world. A number of scientific studies surrounding glyphosate have shed light on its effects within the human body. It’s responsible for triggering health problems like gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

When you ingest Glyphosate, you are in essence altering the chemistry of your body. It’s completely unnatural and the body doesn’t resonate with it. P450 (CYP) is the gene pathway disrupted when the body takes in Glyphosate(3). P450 creates enzymes that assist with the formation of molecules in cells, as well as breaking them down. CYP enzymes are abundant and have many important functions. They are responsible for detoxifying xenobiotics from the body, things like the various chemicals found in pesticides, drugs and carcinogens. Glyphosate inhibits the CYP enzymes. The CYP pathway is critical for normal, natural functioning of multiple biological systems within our bodies. Because humans that’ve been exposed to glyphosate have a drop in amino acid tryptophan levels, they do not have the necessary active signalling of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is associated with weight gain, depression and Alzheimer’s disease.

Obviously, the chemistry behind Glyphosate is known by Monsanto. The fact that it disrupts the CYP gene pathway, the enzymes that play a major role in body detoxification is something that can easily contribute to illness and disease. I wonder if this has a direct correlation to the pharmaceutical industry possibly? The same major financial institutions that own major biotech and food corporations also own most of the major pharmaceutical companies. I don’t know how people think it’s a conspiracy to think that our food industry is designed to make us sick. Mainstream media will always promote GMOs and Roundup as well as emphasize their safety. That couldn’t be further from the truth, they damage your DNA and RNA genomes, not just for profit but for experimentation and control. Fidelity investments, State Street Corporation, JP Morgan Chase and The Vanguard Group seem to own all major food corporations and pharmaceutical companies (1)(2).

Not too long a go, a hidden viral gene was also discovered in GMO crops.  European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) researchers have discovered a previously unknown viral gene that is known as “Gene VI.”  It’s found in most prominent GMO crops, and can disrupt the biological functions within living organisms. You can read more about that here. Not only do we have major issues with Roundup, we also have major issues with the GMO crops that are sprayed with the Roundup. We give so much power over to these corporations, owned by major financial institutions, and they clearly dictate government policy, you can read more about that here. We’ve seen evidence of this recently when Obama signed the Monsanto protection act.

Alternative media outlets are working together to share information around the world. We can easily accept something we know nothing about, and put our trust in corporations and governments that we think are here to serve our interests. All it takes is a little critical questioning and inquiry to discover the truth behind our food industry. Creating awareness is key so people can make better choices in their life!

This study was conducted by Anthony Samsel and Stephanie Seneff. Stephanie Seneff is a Senior Research Scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. She received the B.S. degree in Biophysics in 1968, the M.S. and E.E. degrees in Electrical Engineering in 1980, and the Ph.D degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in 1985, all from MIT.  She has published over 170 refereed articles on these subjects, and has been invited to give keynote speeches at several international conferences. She has also supervised numerous Master’s and PhD theses at MIT. If you have any questions about Glyphosate’s role within the human body, you can contact her at





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  1. Caroline K.

    Thanks for this.

  2. Oliv-ier

    Ok, I follow you guys and i’me really in tune with your message but be carefull. I know I don’t know much about all the theory about thing resoning with each other but I know that we eat a incredible number of plan viruses everyday. Plant viruses are everywhere (you can find a incredible concentration of them in the sewers for exemple) … Plants have a impressive capacity of changing their own genetic material and I still don’t believe that GMO are a risk for human health directly (eathing a plan that have a genetic variation «human made» is the equivalent of a plant that generated his own genetic change). I don’t know if i’m clear but I just think that emphasis has to be made on the stupidity of not using the genetic diversity that is already present in nature to make sustainable agriculture (combined with hydroponic and all the nice technology that can make us more resilient as a specie). I feel that relating GMO to autism, parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s is an argument of fear, the same fear that we try to supress in order to make awakening possible.

    • Oliv-ier: You have no understanding of genetic evolution as evidenced by the gross assumption that “eathing [sic] a plan [sic] that have a genetic variation «human made» is the equivalent of a plant that generated his own genetic change” Nature acts in long term on multiple traits, not short term on single traits or across species (transgenetically) Laboratory research can not account for all variables and interconnections. GMOs are messing with the code of life without even a working knowledge of the entire language (scientists still dismiss 96% of genetic info as “junk DNA”) much less how it will translate in the real world. Glyphosates disrupt the same metabolic pathways in insects as in humans – they literally turn off/on genes. Just consider the correlation of post-industrial lifestyle with an exponential rise in cancers and digestive, psychiatric and other disorders. The farther we distance ourselves from the balance of Nature (even with viruses, parasites, bacteria) the unhealthier we become., Antibiotics have created super-bugs. Pesticides and GMOs disrupt normal processes and cause accelerated mutations.

    • Marc

      Did you not read the sources Arjun posted? Arjun isn’t claiming anything, he/she is blogging about the reports that scientists of conducted. The only argument you should have is whether the studies conducted are legitimate. Also, Monsanto modifies many genes in their plants including genes that cause their plants to absorb more (and only) RoundUp than the plants would naturally. You mean to tell me this kind of evolution would occur naturally? Also, google “fish tomato”. After that, google “Monsanto protection act”. My point is, Monsanto and GMO’s should always be avoided, fear mongering or not.

  3. Wolf Ironsmit

    It would have helped the credibilty of your blog if you had documented the source of the “number of scientific studies”. Having said that I think we are better off avoiding all GMOs. Grow your own!!!

  4. jackie

    It’s very alarming to me to hear the effects of Roundup on the human body. I believe I may have been heavily exposed in the 80’s when I worked at a rose garden. Since then I have had ongoing digestive issues. My question is, is the damage permanent, or can there be reversal of gut damage ?

    • Jackie, Pre-biotic and pro-biotic naturally fermented foods are showing positive reports to help with the problems arising out of this issue and to address your concern.
      Kombucha, Kefir (both milk and water), yoghurt, sauerkraut, fermented vegetables…all seem to help restore integrity to the organs and systems damaged by toxins.
      Check here for more info on healthy lifestyle choices and support:

    • Hi Jackie, To cleanse, or detox the gut…a 24 abstention from solid foods, followed by fresh water, raw fruit and vegetables will restart the natural fauna of the stomach. Avoid processed foods, meats, alcohol, and tobacco.Also avoid dairy products, sugar,sodas, and anything that is “preserved”….good luck, and not to fret, the damage can usually be repaired.

  5. Paranoia will destroy ya! Evaluate risk before you publish scientifically, hysteria raising, unbalanced reports.It is a scientific fact, food causes cancer.No human being with cancer has ever been found to not have consummed food previously, hence, there is a 100% certainty that cancer and food are corrolated.

    • Ryan

      A Jamiroquai reference…nice! However, real food does not cause cancer. I get what you are saying with this, but it’s totally misleading. It’s should be obvious to all that chemicals designed to kill and ward of pests will have an accumulated effect on humans as well. Why would it not? How could we even know if it was safe? There has never been a study conducted on humans to test for the safety as a study that did so would be unethical and unapproved. That said, we are all guinea pigs in their massive experiment on the public. The results have been slowly coming out as scientists are making connections and we will have the full result in the near future as we see fertility continue to decrease while mortality from cancer and heart disease continue to increase. The only thing you can do to avoid being tested on is to grow your own food or know the person growing it for you. You can put faith in the organic industry but even then 100% confidence is not something that I have, particularly as the massive corporations buy out smaller organic farmers in their never ending attempt to monopolize the market. Anyway, your Jamiroquai reference drew me in and I had to reply :)

      • DUR

        If pesticides didn’t hurt us at all, I’m sure we’d just have sprinklers blowing that shit everywhere. Gotta just give us the right dosage for us to not notice, so we can all live comfortably in our dream worlds.

  6. Apparently the “Monsanto Protection Act” protected monsanto GMO food products from proper judicial review. It’s being repealed. It was inserted as a ‘rider’ into another bill. What the bill does is effectively de-regulate the process of using GMO food products on human beings for monsanto and other corps that modify the genetics of current live market food crops. That means they can genetically modify anything they want in any way they want and they don’t have to get approval before they go into production and sell it to you for your dinner.

  7. Are these the same links found in fluoridated water and vaccines? That’s bullshit too

  8. Willy

    Is there an actual link to this study?

  9. Darren

    the way politics works is they start slipping in little unconstitutional bills here and there next you know we are where we are. the people never noticed lets go further.

  10. So these diseases did not exist before Monsanto started engineering seeds? Otherwise, it is merely coincidental. (Parkinson’s – been around since ancient times, first medically documented case, 1886 – Monsanto founded – 1901… Alois Alzheimer first documented the disease named for him in 1906.. Monsanto not yet engineering seeds… The first Autism diagnosis, Donald Gray Triplett, was in 1951, although the symptoms were documented since 1908. Monsanto’s first seeds did not hit soil until 1987. Coincidence or lies, but not evidence or facts.

    For further info on the hyperbole and deception, please refer to one time anti-GMO lead Activist Mark Lynas.

  11. I find it interesting and a bit disturbing that the title of this article states, “New study links Monsanto’s Roundup to Autism…” and then proceeds with an article that doesn’t mention autism once.

    • Monica Byerly

      Good point Cindy! My son has autism and so do MANY children in our neighborhood. We back up to many small farms and I have often wondered if there was “something in the water”. Guess my suspicions may be right though I would have liked to read about it on this.

  12. Thanks for putting all the info about the study at the end, and all the links and explanations throughout. People so quickly want to dismiss claims like this, and proper citing of sources seems to matter the most to them. I can share this wider thanks to that extra work on your part, so thanks :)

  13. Leonard Posw

    Great information but how can we make people aware what to buy or not to buy from the supermarkets where everyone shops without looking at the labels or even understands the language on the labels?

  14. In 1998, I was diagnosed with N.H. Lymphoma. Although there were no definite conclusions re what causes Lymphoma, my oncologist asked if I had been exposed to a lot of chemicals at work or in the environment, such as herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and/or chemical fertilizers. The theory back then was that chemicals such as those listed may cause Lymphoma.
    It took me awhile to remember that my friends and I used to run through the “fog” of insecticides disbursed by the mosquito fog trucks that came into our New Orleans neighborhood every day around dusk, from Spring to Fall. I also realized that there were small farms near our subdivision. Finally, I realized that my love of gardening exposed me to a lot of those toxic substances,
    Lymphoma is a blood-born cancer, somewhat like Leukemia. I was once again diagnosed with N.H. Lymphoma in 2010, but this time it was a different type from my first cancer. This time it is Stage 4, incurable but at least treatable. Because of my history, I am strongly against the use of GMOs, and if we have to have them I believe every food/product with GMOs needs to be clearly labeled. Going “green” and shopping locally from organic farmers is my mission. I also try to avoid most processed food.
    If there is any chance that GMOs could cause serious diseases, shouldn’t we ban or curtail them as many developed countries have?

    • vdh

      true story that Pow, juicing cannabis plant works great too. Taking both should be realy helpfull.

      Cancer like all other diseases and injuries has a pscho-energetic trauma as source. I will translate a bit of a book that I have.

      The individual suffers from an emotional or affectif trauma one day (or accumulates trauma’s) and he stores it deep in himself. By force, will, education, belief or avoiding it he doesn’t let his suffering express itself or he doesn’t admit his suffering or ,more specifically, the los of marks, the deep destruction of faiths or the illusion it represents. The trauma is felt like an intrusion, an effraction of the internal structures and the shock wave colonises bit after bit the pschological construction of the person.The intern beliefs of the person will then little by little lose it’s marks and become chaotic and “suicidal” for the structure of the individual.
      Cancer is the destruction of the internal balance program. It often translates remorse, wounds that are not cicatrized yet or wounds that we don’t want to heal that are often associated to a feeling of guilt. It’s a sort of autopunition due to an unconscious report of a failure in your life or choice of live. It’s a last call of the soul because all the others (diseases and injuries) have been ignored or suppressed.
      The questions you need to ask yourself now in order to heal are: What have I failed? What am I punishing me for? What do I blame myself so deeply for?

      Because it’s the second time you have that you need to think about a trauma, something you blame yourself for that happend before the first time you had lymphoma. And find a common trigger that happened not long before you were diagnosed the second time. If you find something try to assimilate it, talk about to others and accept it because it is what it is and maybe try to change your state of mind about it. When that’s done and you really done, not just saying out loud “I accept it and I’ve changed” you might just heal yourself because the energetic balance in you will be restored. If you can read french I recommend you to read Michel Odouls book Dis moi ou t’as mal, je te dirais pourquoi (means: tell where it hurts and I will tell you why) and all his other books aswell ( even if I haven’t read the others yet) they will all give you insight on why you have certain diseases or injuries and what to do to heal. He has another book that might also help you: dis moi quand t’as mal et je te dirais pourquoi (tell me when it hurts and I will tell you why).

    • Leonard Pow

      Use cannabis oil to stop cancer, it works.


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