Former CIA Officer Gives Deathbed Testimony About UFOs

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Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 10.57.52 AMA citizens hearing on UFO disclosure was recently held at the National Press Club in Washing, DC. A number of professors, historians, scientists, high ranking political and military personnel gathered from April 29th to May 3rd to elaborate on the ongoing reality of the UFO phenomenon.

High ranking political and military figures coming forward is nothing new. In recent history, we’ve seen them gather at the national press club and give multiple interviews as well as share information. We’ve seen Defence Ministers, Generals, Colonels, Astronauts and more come forward. We’ve also seen official files released from dozens of governments and three letter agencies indicating the reality of this phenomenon. You can read more about this here.

At the conference, a former CIA official came forward for the first time to give a gripping testimony about the reality of UFOs. The 77 year old man only has a few months left to live. It is clear he is in poor health but nonetheless the man who worked for the CIA under President Dwight Eisenhower in 1958 chose to break his long-held silence as he approached the end of his life.

What gives further credibility to this testimony is that it’s presented  by historian, author and UFO researcher Richard Dolan. Richard is a well respected academic who has played an enormous role in the process of UFO disclosure.

This is a great example of the fear involved with breaking a national security oath. These men are sworn to secrecy with severe consequences, such as death if they break it. This man is on his death bed and still remains anonymous.

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  2. Hero

    Logic!! Reality!!! Such silly words. So many hateful people on here. Why so upset? You all seem to be experts on the subject of extra-terrestrials.

    I think you have move beyond the realm of impossible. Even beyond the possible. You have to move into the Possimable realm to really grasp all of this.

  3. djgeel

    “This is a great example of the fear involved with breaking a national security oath. These men are sworn to secrecy with severe consequences, such as death if they break it. This man is on his death bed and still remains anonymous.”
    So you post a video of yourself on the net with your plain face on it ?
    Such a wise guy…..

  4. Drew

    People don’t understand that the military only looks for the highest scoring obedient dog. Not to sound offensive, but the more you follow orders without question, the more likely you are to rise through the ranks. I’m not pulling this out of my ass, my family has been in the military for multiple generations. Scare an obedient dog with secrets, keep him happy with a paycheck, he won’t know what really matters in life until it’s all about to leave him.

  5. matt minor

    This makes me uncomfortable and challenges all my assumptions so this guy is obviously a liar. Probably just wants to be famous on the internet. (sarcasm) (sum up your comments no more are necessary)

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  7. Edward

    He was lying anyone that would of had such an experience wouldn’t of simplified the description.

    • niall gillies

      Amazing that all Aliens only want to visit America…

      • Keith Buckner

        WHAT does “would of” mean?
        Does it mean that you “would’ve” certainly benefited from NOT sleeping through English class during your school years?

  8. we need to know our self before we try to know something else.

  9. I believe in UFOs, but I think this man is full of crap. Everything in his descriptions is cliche. Also – the military doesn’t take some raw recruit with no field experience and turn him into an instructor of anything. The military MOST DEFINITELY doesn’t take a private and turn him into a secret field agent for the CIA when he hasn’t first been vetted in other areas, then have him meet in secret with the President of the United States.

  10. Jake

    You all believe what you want to believe so there is probably no point in my doing this. It’s fine–no–in fact it’s LOGICAL to believe that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the likely billions of earth-like planets scattered among the trillions of galaxies. However, it is NOT logical to believe that intelligent life has visited this earth. In fact, it’s stupid. No, it’s beyond stupid. It defies all logic and reason almost as much as the belief in any religion defies logic and reason. You latch on to these silly beliefs because you feel it separates you from the masses. You think you’ve got the one-up on everyone else. YOU and those who believe like you know what’s really going on, everyone else has the veil pulled over their eyes, when in reality you come off like those guys on that bigfoot show, with no actual evidence and what little evidence there may be is easily and quickly dismissed by actual researchers or scientists or the military. Because, let’s be honest, every UFO sighting is just us. Operating vehicles we built. On earth. With no ‘outside’ help. But you refuse to look into it just as religious people refuse to look into evolution.

    To be fair, I can’t say with 100% certainty that alien species haven’t visited the earth. I can only be at about 99.9999999999999999999999% certainty. The distances involved are unfathomable. Yeah, you can throw out that they just have warp speed but warp speed is hardly even theoretically possible, and any species capable of inventing warp speed would have surely left no doubt to us of their existence by now. So then you’d say they’re just scouting us out for resources or something retarded like that. Considering even minute changes in our own planet’s temperature brought on unexpectedly by the sun can lead to the extinction of countless species on earth, it’s entirely possible that creatures from a planet 99% similar to earth could not breath our air. Why am I even trying to discount something that is basically impossible anyways? Everything I said will just be laughed at by many of you anyways so I’ll just say STOP BELIEVING IN SUCH STUPID THINGS, LOOK AT WHAT ACTUAL, LOGICAL SCIENTISTS SAY ABOUT THIS TOPIC AND TRY TO UNDERSTAND HOW MISLED YOU ARE.

    • WHy is it even that hard to realize alien crafts have technology far more advanced than us? Even what is in the mainstream in terms fo tech is a joke to what black budget science has. I dunno, I think you are judging this a bit too much and keeping a bit of a closed mind. A logical scientist would agree if they saw the information available.

    • matt minor

      If aliens were that advanced they would definitely operate the way Jake believes they would?

  11. Luke Skywalker

    …was anyone else waiting for him to fade away and see his coat slowly sink into the seat, like when Yoda died?


    his demeanor represents a liar he gave concerning information

  13. Sam

    Yea, aside from all the other obvious evidence is it not annoying that people can’t even be mildly creative about their fake alien anatomies? Do they really think we’re so fucking stupid that we’ll believe an alien life form evolved out of organic chemicals in a totally different environment over billions of years and came out with recognizable eyes, mouth, nose, and the equivalent of ears on a “head” projection in the same sort of arrangement as a human face? I hope this guy dies with the knowledge that he’s a fucking liar with such a pathetic life that he had to make up this bullshit.

    • Anon

      You’re assuming that the species evolved completely independently and that there is no genetic relationship, which is a pretty big assumption.

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