Former CIA Officer Gives Deathbed Testimony About UFOs

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Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 10.57.52 AMA citizens hearing on UFO disclosure was recently held at the National Press Club in Washing, DC. A number of professors, historians, scientists, high ranking political and military personnel gathered from April 29th to May 3rd to elaborate on the ongoing reality of the UFO phenomenon.

High ranking political and military figures coming forward is nothing new. In recent history, we’ve seen them gather at the national press club and give multiple interviews as well as share information. We’ve seen Defence Ministers, Generals, Colonels, Astronauts and more come forward. We’ve also seen official files released from dozens of governments and three letter agencies indicating the reality of this phenomenon. You can read more about this here.

At the conference, a former CIA official came forward for the first time to give a gripping testimony about the reality of UFOs. The 77 year old man only has a few months left to live. It is clear he is in poor health but nonetheless the man who worked for the CIA under President Dwight Eisenhower in 1958 chose to break his long-held silence as he approached the end of his life.

What gives further credibility to this testimony is that it’s presented  by historian, author and UFO researcher Richard Dolan. Richard is a well respected academic who has played an enormous role in the process of UFO disclosure.

This is a great example of the fear involved with breaking a national security oath. These men are sworn to secrecy with severe consequences, such as death if they break it. This man is on his death bed and still remains anonymous.

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  1. A.J.

    Absolutely amazing!

  2. Eisenhower, Nixon and Hoover had good knowledge of the UFO Top Secret activities going on in 1947 at Area 51 (America’s Top Secret Military Base). Today (66 years later) the public is gaining more and more awareness and understanding of events which can no longer be confined to top secret archives of the Military and of the Elites. All human life residing on this planet is fully entitled to know the truth and to decide on our collective and universal faith.

    • Andrew Jäsper Erickssen

      The thing is what they’re sharing now is quite obsolete. They’re, as usual, trying to distract people from what’s going on in the present by taking them back to the past. The military is very powerful, in all aspects.
      What’s for sure is that in a universe we date to approximately 13 billions years, we can’t be alone ! It’s probabilistically impossible. Of all the billions of planets surrounded by stars and galaxies, we just happened to emerge from nowhere ?! Please !
      People are being taught how to think & what to think, they get easily distracted by bogus news, fake science facts, …

  3. tom

    Don’t trust this people. There has also been plenty of evidence that the powers that be want to unite the peoples of the world under a one world totalitarian government by creating a fake alien invasion!!!

    • Cryptic C.I.A. Stooge

      This would be tantamount to Edward Snowden leaking the info on YouTube, and the CIA leaving it up on YouTube. It only remains online because the CIA wants it here.

    • Arjun

      There is truth to that yes! While that holds true, the truth remains that we are not alone in the universe. If there was an invasion, it would be a staged alien invasion for the new world order.

    • - Collective Evolution

      That could be a possibility. But the fact remains, we are not alone in the universe. I am aware of the elites plans to stage this type of event, I am also aware of the extraterrestrial reality beyond the elitist agenda’s

    • Cas

      Yes, there has been many hints through out time about a fake alien invasion, from presidents to The X-Files series. But that does not necessarily mean the UFO phenomonom isn’t real.

      I have had my eyes blink rapidly over a crazy, wierd and unexplainable object in the sky. This was last year here in Denmark. Never talk about it though…people don’t understand in general, but thats okay. Unfortunately, camera was at home but I did a light drawing with minor details of it right after the experience.
      Now…before comments are givin, I never saw or thought about an alien driving this thing, hahah…just saw an object in the sky doing a couple of crazy unnatural maneuvers, had white-blank texture to it and a major sunflare reflection on the surface.
      Ya I know, it sounds just like any other UFO experience but it was indeed eyecandy on a sunny clear afternoon and my memory still holds on to it 😉

      For all I know it could be a human being testing some new techno we won’t see before it can be used to destroy, but I’m glad I looked up!

      • On 28th August 1996, I saw a unidentified craft that was hovering over 6 houses from less than 50m away in a small northern suburb in South Africa. And yes i understand peoples hesitancy to speak out. Close minded people immediately label you a nut or a freak. Or ask if you were drinking or high. It just becomes easier to keep quiet. But yes what I saw was oblong and brass coloured and about the length of 2 rugby fields I am guessing since from where I observed it I could not see either end of it due it its vast length. it was brightly lit with lights that constantly changed colours along its side and it hovered noiselessly about 400m above the ground just above the roof tops of some houses on a quiet street. I and my then boyfriend had been working late at our business and had left to go home at about 10:30pm so no we were not over tired drunk or high. the craft is the largest flying object I had ever seen much bigger than a 747. We climbed out of our vehicle and watched for about 5 mins. And then it suddebly rose up about 100m and simply vanished. I am not saying it was alien but I would be very concerned if any nation on earth had the technology to build such a craft!
        The people that experience these things do not choose to. And in fact I think there are probably thousand of people who have had genuinely similar experiences, but simply like myself have kept quiet for fear of judgement. I believe the more individual witnesses who come forward, the more voracity our experiences will have and the more believable and acceptable these kind of experiences will become. We should discuss them and be frank and open. No progress can ever be made by ignoring something or sweeping it under the carpet.

    • Ran


  4. Neo

    Many people who are ‘in the loop’ on these things are scared to talk about it. Being intimidated or worse, no matter who you are, is a common practice. It’s very brave for these men and woman to start coming out and to give testimony about it.

  5. At 44y/o, I believe that my generation, at the least, has been ‘programmed’ to dis-believe any talk of “aliens.” And many, if not most, will not be able to tolerate anything to the contrary. How very very sad …

  6. Larry

    I would like to know what they said to the Alien and how they communicated with him.

    • Benny Blaze

      Me to Larry,but we know it’s classified info!!!

  7. Carlo33

    How is it that after all these years of ‘sightings’ and testimonies from across the planet we have no solid material evidence of alien visits? Why is there not one single alien artifact available for scientific evaluation? Why haven’t those who claim to have been ‘abducted’ ever returned with an alien manufactured item, however small, to attest to their claims? The CIA may have hidden some evidence but, according to ufologists, incidents have occurred all over the planet, not just in the USA. So where is any solid evidence from elsewhere? As long as the ‘evidence’ for UFOs is limited to visual or optical phenomena and verbal accounts, and lacks material exhibits, ufology will remain a matter of ‘belief’ and most people will remain sceptical.

    • If you capture a tiger and tranquilize it just to measure it and count its teeth, what evidence will it take back to other tigers to prove you captured it? Assuming tigers “talk” about such things, of course.

      It would be even easier to hide alien evidence from us, because a tiger at least would have our scent still on it, and we’re not very smell-oriented critters ourselves.

      I’m not saying I believe in any of this–I’m agnostic on this question as I am with religion and a whole lot of other things. Not enough info, not enough evidence, a lot of he-said/she-said. BUT, people come up with some pretty holey arguments as to why something might or might not be possible.

    • - Collective Evolution

      Because it all remains classified in the black budget world.

    • Eliot Estep

      The reason for the lack of material evidence is because they are ruthlessly suppressed from ever emerging into the public domain. If you were trying to keep the UFO/ET reality a secret, the most effective means to do this would be to hide as much as possible, while using denial, ridicule, and excuses for the rest of the information/evidence that does surface. If mainstream science was able to come out and say, “Look here’s an alien artifact or piece of technology”, this would start to blow apart the current paradigm we’ve lived with for hundreds of years which enables us to be controlled and managed. This is not what our ‘rulers’ want. It is much better for ufology to remain a ‘belief’ or fringe topic which remains elusive and hard to prove concretely. Revealing our interactions with extraterrestrials would start an avalanche of questions, which could lead to people remembering their true non-earthly origins and potentially starting an uprising against the tyrannical systems of rule that are imposed on humanity today. While it sounds wild at times, the ET reality is one that MUST be suppressed in order to maintain power — they have to keep us convinced that we live in ‘isolation’ which is not true!

      • The other thing the authorities do about any topic of contention is just pretend the counterarguments don’t exist. Most of the time they don’t ridicule you or jail you, they just ignore you. They control the media, so they can get away with this. It’s much more effective than making martyrs out of people, either symbolic or actual.

      • Carlo33

        To say “The reason for the lack of material evidence is because they are ruthlessly suppressed” is like saying that because there is is no evidence available it’s proof that hidden evidence exists.
        If we are being “controlled and managed”, for which plenty of evidence does exist, it’s by powerful humans on this Earth, not by beings from outer space.

        • James

          Exactly! Good luck getting that piece of sound reasoning out there though.

        • karen

          that there is a lack of material evidence is not proof that hidden evidence exists, no, but perhaps even harder to believe is that it is not a reason to be skeptical either. i think the point is that if there are in fact aliens that have visited and/or been in contact with earth somehow, it’s reasonable to assume it would be hidden from us as much as possible, so as to maintain unilateral control over the matter and to “keep the peace” as eliot explains, aka “control us” for which, as you suggest, there is much evidence (ie global warming/environmental destruction denial and continual government support of corporate interests in order to maintain short term peace and order at the expense of truly investigating options for a viable future). therefore it’s up to all of us to be a little bolder in our willingness to believe in things, to seek out information responsibly and to manage our own choices/consequences and to speak up rather than carry on in our hamster wheels and depend on the powers that be to do the dirty work for us.


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