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awareness copyThink about a time when you did something or reacted to something and later realized that you might have been “wrong” or became upset at something because you didn’t quite understand it. This is something we have all been through at various points in our lives. For some of us we can catch ourselves before this happens again in the future, and for others it continues to happen over and over almost as if we are not aware it. The reason it may repeat is because we often want to attach ourselves to certain belief systems because we may have been brought up with them or like what they represent. It is true that belief systems can be limiting and can often cause segregation, judgment, suffering and conflict. While it may not always seem to be the case, think of what happens the moment we decide to put all of our trust into a single system of belief, do we limit ourselves? Our ego enjoys creating an identity with these beliefs and in that identity, we give it power.

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Be Aware

Let’s say someone challenges us on a piece of information that we believe to be true, if we were to react and get angry or defensive, it is because we are trying to protect this belief. It is in this moment that we can ask, is there a purpose in protecting the belief or information? Is it more so that we feel we are protecting ourselves because we identify with the belief and think it represents us? It is important to be aware of our belief systems and see them for what they are. Awareness is the most important thing we can have during the global conscious change we are in the midst of. The awareness will allow us to observe where our emotions and feelings are coming from in certain situations. We can observe and understand “regular” “chaotic” behaviour much better this way. With awareness, we do not feel the need for conflict or judgment because we understand things with clarity.

As we go about our days doing things and interacting with others, let’s observe and be aware of our thoughts. If we experience judgment or conflict, it can beneficial because it allows us to gain awareness and learn so much from these experiences. They can give us a chance to see what belief systems may be holding us back from experiencing peace within ourselves. Allow the emotions to come and avoid fighting them, take deep full breaths into the emotions, thank them and be at peace with them. Once you do this you will not only gain an awareness into the fact that they exist, but also learn to disempower them as you go.

Be aware, observe, it makes things much more peaceful!

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