Monsanto Found Guilty of Chemical Poisoning in France

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glyphosateMonsanto has been the topic of a lot of news lately, especially with the multi-country march that took place against Monsanto a short time ago. What can be seen as another big victory for public health, a French court found Monsanto guilty for poisoning a French Farmer. Paul Francois is a humble farmer who began experiencing neurological problems such as memory loss and headaches after being exposed to Monsanto’s Lasso weedkiller back in 2004. The decision reached 2012 for this case sets a powerful precedent that can continue to help raise awareness and dismantel the ignorance that exists around Monsanto and their products, including GMO foods.

In previous cases against the pesticide giant, farmers were unable to prove and properly link pesticide exposure to the side effects they were having. This is not the case for Francois’s,  as an expert opinion was able to determine the sum of the damages incurred and verify the link the Lasso pesticide and his illnesses.

After the case ruling, Reuters attempted to contact Monsanto’s lawyers but they decline to comment.

Not The First Case

Although Francois’s story is one of few positive endings, his is not the only case where people have attempted to hold  Monsanto accountable for their dangerous actions. In 2011, he and other farmers formed an association to help raise awareness and go after Monsanto for the negative effects their products have on farmers. Awareness of the association grew and their claims were met by other farmers who were experiencing similar illnesses. Since 1996, the agricultural branch of the French social security system has gathered about 200 alerts per year regarding sickness related to pesticides. It is unfortunate to say that only 47 cases were even recognized in the past 10 years.

Francois, whose life was damaged by Monsanto’s products, has been successful in his quest to hold Monsanto accountable and has now set a powerful precedent for other farmers looking to do the same.

I am alive today, but part of the farming population is going to be sacrificed and is going to die because of this,” Francois, 47, told Reuters.

In 2007 France banned the Lasso pesticide following a European Union directive that came after the ban of the product in other nations. Another push for other countries to do the same.

One of Monsanto’s main reasons for creating the products they do is to ensure and good quality of life for people. We can observe that their pesticides are not only harming people but the practice of farming that requires pesticides is not only harmful to the earth but produces less nutritious and less bountiful crops. The argument that we need to produce more food is absurd given that alternative farming practices could be done. Monsanto is a completely unnecessary business.


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  2. libertarianmafia

    Shouldn’t he have probably read the actual warning labels that are mandatory by EU and Federal laws before using the product?

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  8. Caroline

    It’s too bad that President Obama signed the Monsanto Protection Act.

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  11. nathan

    Wooooo now death penalty for everyone that grows any of Monsantos products.

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  14. Monsanto needs to be stopped. Their junk plants cross pollinates with the good plants and then ruin them. The only way to stop them is to ban their poisons altogether. Please sign my petition!

  15. Tenno

    Truly amazing! If anybody else did that they would be sued, charged and incarcerated.

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  17. Here is an excellent article covering both sides of this hot topic.

    • melissa mtjoy

      are you kidding? That’s funny.

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  19. ok if there is anyone out there like me we need to raise some cash go and pay a farmer for his gmo crop and then ask if we can jus burn it record it for video and maybe start a new legal food revolution in canada

  20. Monsanto created GMO crops in order to increase the sales of Roundup! Monsanto files lawsuits to avoid labeling any of their GMO crops, because they don’t want people to know what’s inside. What does that tell you? Some of the answers are discussed in many books, including “The Poison Planters”, which shows how much poison is being planted around the world…and how the governments are bought off to protect these GMO companies.

    • People need to file lawsuits against the Governments as they have a right to know if Monsanto GMO products are in the make up of the foods they are potentially buying, so they can choose a different product if they like. If enough people press the governments or file suites agains Monsanto things will change.

  21. I am not understanding why GMOs are mentioned/associated in this article. This is a complaint against pesticides. GMOs are made so that we do not need pesticides as the plants are genetically modified to discourage bugs from eating them. This case is from nearly a decade ago. Monsanto is a large umbrella, there are many facets… the wording of this article acts as though somehow the GMOs are associated with this man’s condition, when in fact it’s the opposite. Sigh. I’m not pro-Monsanto of course. I’m just pro-truth-in-journalism and this is clearly written as propaganda.

    • Karen Horse

      Do you really not understand that GMO’s have pesticides within them. That every time you bite into an ear of GMO sweet corn you are ingesting toxic pesticides? These plants also alter the DNA of the insects that “survive” the pesticide poisoning, and create “superbugs”. These superbugs are now immune to the pesticides, so GMO monoculture has to be sprayed with stronger and deadlier pesticides to kill the superbugs. It also has the same effects on weeds, creating superweeds and the need for more and stronger herbicides. GMO’s aren’t here to help us, they are here to destroy food as we know it.

      If you want to have a clue about what happens if companies like Monsanto win…read a book called the The Windup Girl. That gives us a glimpse at a possible Monsanto future.

      • misterque

        You need to read up on how natural selection works (this is pretty basic stuff) before you start criticizing something even more complicated like gene transfer (hint:eating something doesn’t incorporate it into your DNA, not even close) that you clearly don’t have the fundamentals to understand.

    • David

      “GMOs are made so that we do not need pesticides” apart from those made to be resistant to pesticides such as glyphosate, which then allow indiscriminate use, as the crop is protected by the gene manipulation.

    • Lasso is a pesticide specifially tuned to Monsanto’s GMO crops.. That is half the reason they make GMO crops: to peddle their herbicides and bug killers which will destroy non-GMO crops. How’s that for truth?

      • libertarianmafia

        Lasso predates Roundup and Roundup ready seed products, by about 20 years. There aren’t any Lasso ready seed products. Lasso is a pre-emergent herbicide meaning it is used before the crop sprouts.

  22. Brandy

    I wonder how many of you commenting actually have a science degree and understand what GMO even means? Truthfully, you’ve been eating genetically modified vegetables for the past hundred years. Farmers learned about cross-breeding for heartier, larger, healthier vegetables long ago. Now that science had discovered a way to turn those genes on or off or splice then in one generation, it’s the devil’s work. Idiots, the lot of you.

    Oh, by the way, I’m an environmental chemist. I want what everybody else wants – a healthier America. You want to eat organic? Grow your own vegetables. Stop blaming corporations for scientific advances. There aren’t more diseases now; we finally know how to test for and find them. Remember that the average age of death is increasing, not decreasing.

    • Firstly, the average age of death is increasing for the same reason you mentioned, we are able to test for diseases and treat them… We’re good at keeping sick people alive for as long as possible.
      Secondly, there is a big difference between selective breeding/cross breeding to achieve desired characteristics over time and genetically modifying a plant to resist roundup (which is a product that kills EVERY LIVING PLANT), so that farmers don’t have to go around pulling weeds, they can just fly over the farm spraying everything with a toxic product and the weeds will die but the plants will survive. I don’t know about you… But I don’t like the idea of eating something that has been drenched in round up. So basically… Monsanto has created a plant that farmers have to buy from them every season, in order to use more and more of the toxic pesticide that they sell… Do you see how it is all about making money yet?

    • pete

      farmers have not been genetically modifying plants, it is called cross pollination where similar species are cross breed eg citrus, carrots etc. Gmo’s the dna is altered it is melded with in some cases a totally different plant or indeed animal tissue. Look up a dictionary. Your explanation i used by proponents of gmo’s and trolls. i too believe in truth in journalism.

    • Laura

      Traditional cross breeding that has been practiced for centuries is not considered GMO, they are called cultivars or hybrids depending on the nature of the cross. Cross breeding/hybrids are done between two plants in the same family – example: key lime crossed with a kumquat (both in the Rutaceae family)to create a limequat. You cannot however cross a kumquat with a say a tiger lily (family Liliaceae) through traditional cultivation practices. Genetic modification (performed in a lab, not in the field) can not only cross unrelated species of the plant kingdom, but of other kingdoms as well. Example: Bacillus thuringiensis (a bacteria used in a few GMO crops) can be spliced into the crop using genetic modification – this CAN NOT be done through traditional cultivation.
      Another difference, though possible not as important is timing. Traditional cultivars also take a lot of time and patience, as only two plants can be bred together at once, and may not always yield the desired result, also if you are wanting to breed more than two types of plants together it takes multiple breeding to accomplish the desired result – again because you can’t breed more than two together at a time, so you must wait for your first mix to mature first, before breeding it with the next. Genetic modification allows for multiple species at one time.

    • Chris

      Now please explain why I should put any value whatsoever on your “credentials”. If you really have a higher degree and consider yourself an intelligent being, you should be ashamed of yourself for stooping to the level of name-calling to try to make your point. You show through your own words that “credentials” are meaningless.

  23. the rest of the world

    Comments coming from an american..go invade some third world country, spy on others or sell your own mother for a dollar.

    • Not sure how your comment got through the filter. But, here’s a reminder about what’s okay to post:
      “Collective Evolution welcomes differing viewpoints and thought-provoking opinions that add value to the discussion, but comments may be moderated to remove profanity or remarks that detract from a healthy conversation. For the best interest of the community, please refrain from posting vulgar comments, profanity, or personal attacks. Comments will be reviewed within 12 hours before publishing.”
      Yours, being of an attacking nature, doesn’t qualify for posting here.

      • Chris

        Sounds like he (or she) is stating his perception of the viewpoint of the majority of Americans. That’s known as as opinion. He (or she) didn’t attack anyone, although you seem particularly offended.

  24. The MONSATO brand name actually translates as ‘dangerous seed’ or ‘monster seed so it says what it is on the tin people! To be that blatant is just sickening … for the tptb to keep pushing this evil food on the populace of the world it is clear they are trying to depopulate the Earth, what other reason would there be or yes the other explanation is that these psycho maniacs want to make more profit and money at the expense of everyone else. When you look at all these big companies and who runs them, has shares etc all the dots line up to the same few people. These people need to be charged with crimes against humanity!

    • So, you believe they are trying to kill their own children, mothers, fathers, and all their friends? Utterly absurd conspiracy theory. If you can pull yourself away from your theory for a few minutes, please read

      • Why is the danger of a food considered a conspiracy theory? Are GMO’s dangerous? There has been evidence to show this yes. Do we know all there is to know about GMO’s yet? no. So simply this work is geared towards exploring GMOs further and removing the false idea that we KNOW they are safe. That isn’t a conspiracy. That’s like someone writing about the dangers of Coca-Cola consumption and saying that article would be a conspiracy theory.

      • Ron Blodgett

        Monsanto has been killing people for decades. Monsanto’s concern is not about health or safety but about profits. Monsanto wants to control all grown food sources by patenting seeds. Once Monsanto owns the proprietary rights to all grown food sources they will begin exploiting us by dramatically raising the price of their seeds. Monsanto is the epitome of evil corporations. How many more people have to die at the hands of Monsanto before their executives are rounded up and permanently removed from society for crimes against humanity and nature?

        • Scott

          Wow! The lack of knowledge on this subject, and the fear of what that knowledge could mean, by those posting here is incredible! We have been manipulating seed growth since our ancestors realized that it was possible, in order to produce a better quality, as well as quantity, of harvest outcomes. Everyone is down on Monsanto, however, they are no longer the only player in this game. In essence, the only way to insure that you are eating healthy, non-GMO foods is to grow your own using Heirlooms. By doing this, YOU can control the growing proces. ANYTHING that you buy in a can has been modified to some degree, from green beans to tomatoes. The farmers who grow food crops are trying to make a living, too. Everyone wants to eat, but noone understands how the food just magically appears at the grocery.

      • Yes, it does certainly appear to be a segment of humanity that cares not about anyone but themselves, excluding their own progeny if necessary. How could such a thing be possible, it is apparent not only plants may be so colluded with with inbred deviant characteristic of abnormalities, they loose most normal and human function.

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