Monsanto Found Guilty of Chemical Poisoning in France

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glyphosateMonsanto has been the topic of a lot of news lately, especially with the multi-country march that took place against Monsanto a short time ago. What can be seen as another big victory for public health, a French court found Monsanto guilty for poisoning a French Farmer. Paul Francois is a humble farmer who began experiencing neurological problems such as memory loss and headaches after being exposed to Monsanto’s Lasso weedkiller back in 2004. The decision reached 2012 for this case sets a powerful precedent that can continue to help raise awareness and dismantel the ignorance that exists around Monsanto and their products, including GMO foods.

In previous cases against the pesticide giant, farmers were unable to prove and properly link pesticide exposure to the side effects they were having. This is not the case for Francois’s,  as an expert opinion was able to determine the sum of the damages incurred and verify the link the Lasso pesticide and his illnesses.

After the case ruling, Reuters attempted to contact Monsanto’s lawyers but they decline to comment.

Not The First Case

Although Francois’s story is one of few positive endings, his is not the only case where people have attempted to hold  Monsanto accountable for their dangerous actions. In 2011, he and other farmers formed an association to help raise awareness and go after Monsanto for the negative effects their products have on farmers. Awareness of the association grew and their claims were met by other farmers who were experiencing similar illnesses. Since 1996, the agricultural branch of the French social security system has gathered about 200 alerts per year regarding sickness related to pesticides. It is unfortunate to say that only 47 cases were even recognized in the past 10 years.

Francois, whose life was damaged by Monsanto’s products, has been successful in his quest to hold Monsanto accountable and has now set a powerful precedent for other farmers looking to do the same.

I am alive today, but part of the farming population is going to be sacrificed and is going to die because of this,” Francois, 47, told Reuters.

In 2007 France banned the Lasso pesticide following a European Union directive that came after the ban of the product in other nations. Another push for other countries to do the same.

One of Monsanto’s main reasons for creating the products they do is to ensure and good quality of life for people. We can observe that their pesticides are not only harming people but the practice of farming that requires pesticides is not only harmful to the earth but produces less nutritious and less bountiful crops. The argument that we need to produce more food is absurd given that alternative farming practices could be done. Monsanto is a completely unnecessary business.


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  1. Monsanto is destroying the food chain and killing the very people they market their poison to! Did they ever stop to think there will be no more $$$ when all of their customers are dead? Or disabled?? I saw my neighbor 2 houses down spraying down part of her yard with Round Up. I slipped some educational materials into her mailbox. She is currently working to become a healthier person and a good steward of the earth.

    • moe

      Well the rulers want to get rid of the extras and the threatening. Leaving just the stupid. Its easier to control stupid people then smart people. Hence the majority of people drinking alcohol.

    • Channen

      Funny you should mention Round Up. I work for a golf course in “The Natural State” of Arkansas. I’m constantly in the gardens pulling weeds and laying protective barriers to slow the growth and have had several people stop and tell me I should spray it all with Round Up instead of wasting time pulling weeds. These are the same people who rant and rave any time we have to remove a dead or diseased tree. A lot of the trees that died had been sprayed around the base with the same Round Up they want me to put in the gardens (because someone didn’t want to take the time to use a trimmer). I’d rather spend the time on my knees pulling the weeds than killing everything off so the only place I agree to use the weed killer is in the cracks of the parking lot!

      • Jennifer

        Well said, and thank you for being one of the few that takes the time to do these things. Maybe those idiots don’t realize what you are doing, but some of us do and acknowledge the effort that you are doing. Thanks. Keep it up!

        • francine

          Well done and good on you for having standards.

      • thank you Channen. i used to raise horses and the farmer i rented from used chemical fertilizer on the hayfield outside my pasture. the hay didnt grow for diddly. But where my horses had been and the natural fertilizer they produced ended up,the hay was so thick he had to shift to low gear with high rpm to get thru it. natural is better. just takes a bit more effort.

    • gamechanger

      so out of almost 30 years 1 person has gotten sick and if u read the court case its because of his neglect but French rules state that neglect isn’t a cause of human fault Monsanto had to factor in neglect when making there product ( ridiculous ) one person got a lil sick and its the end of the entire world ? 80 % of the world produce is Monsanto that’s over 3.5 billion ppl eat it … and 1 person won a court case in france of all places… what a victory this is …. im being sarcastic

      • really if you look into it there are more than just one case as you say but hundreds upon thousands that have been launched against monsanto for their poisinous products but because the monsanto corp has so much money they hold these people in court flooding them with paperwork until they are broke or bankrupt then because the person cannot fight the case any longer because they do not have billions of dollars or even just millions to keep fighting they have to give up the case. just because one person was succesful does not mean it was only one person who was affected. do the research and you will see the truth. without research you are just a child playing in an adult world

      • roy folnsbee

        Here in the United States Monsanto was able to get a bill snuck in when the House was voting in an emergency budget. The bill was voted on and passed without many knowing about the amendment. Now, anyone in the U.S. who gets ill from anything Monsanto can’t sue.

      • Melissa

        Are you serious? How can chemicals in food ever, ever, ever, be good for you??????????????

      • anne

        You are not a thinking person. YOU RATHER PLAY THE OSTRICH AND THINK THAT BY DOING THIS ALL OF THIS HORROR WILL GO AWAY. Wait then and see what the world holds for your children in the future! THINK, READ AND THEN POST MESSAGES THAT AT LEAST SOUNDS INTELLIGENT!

      • arcadio1313

        you’re such a troll

      • I understand greatly that articles like this only come from people who are completely on the other side of the spectrum. but try thinking about it just for a second. think of a chemical designed especially to kill weeds. If it has properties that are harmful enough to kill plants could you without a doubt believe that it is completely safe for humans, I understand chocolate kills dogs quicker than it kills humans, but that is just it- in the long run it can. And that is what this man went through slowly but surely he got poisoned. and if you are the fantastic smart person you think you are would you huff pesticide and weedkiller? no you wouldn’t you are smart you understand why you shouldn’t. he got the job expecting that the stuff he wore was protection enough, but it wasn’t. setting aside the case do you believe a food company that requires their employees to wear a suit and takes such precautions with the products should be seeing it to the public to consume? the chemicals have gone under alot of changes and to say “almost 30 years 1 person got sick” is a pretty bold statement. even bolder that the article. keeping in mind that they have probably changed the ingredients of the pesticide and weedkillers only five years ago. I could be wrong but I always leave room for doubt.

        • Vicki Clark

          I agree with you. Even though many people got sick or suffered from the dangerous chemicals sprayed all over our food, only the one was able to adequately prove it! I am sure the others were just as sick, but did not have the resources to fight the monster Monsanto! Maybe Monsanto supporters wouldn’t mind if we poured a little Round up on their salads…they are safe right?

      • Enna

        You’re an idiot to think that way. There have been many, many people sick from this crap, but unfortunately we have not heard of the others as they did not receive the attention that this has produced. We as a collective human race must stand up and say “NO MORE POISON” on our foods. What is wrong with organically growing our food? I say nothing!

      • Franco

        Said the stupid monsanto lawyer….

      • what a blind idiot. Go ahead and eat all the Monsanto products you want to… Then we won’t have to put up with your idiocy much longer. Pesticides are the least of Monsanto’s crimes against humanity.

      • Galdancio

        Monsanto stop sending your lawyers into forums to defend your negligence…

        • Andy Kruger

          Galdancio, I agree with you but it’s not a lawyer just a wannabe troll selling himself cheap …

      • Yanitza

        Are you dumb or what?!

      • concerned ape

        It has been proven with just 1 case, if you had read the article properly you would see that hundreds have shown similar neurological problems, they just cant connect it to lasso. But similar symptoms all in the same occupation working with the same poison, come on now, are you a human or robotic lawyer. And how many farmers in poorer countries are suffering the same problems without a proper channel to complain or be heard.

        • Krysten

          It’s not actually that far fetched, you know. Monsanto has been around for years, you know what it was into before our food? Chemical warfare. They invented and manufactured Agent Orange, among other things.

      • raven

        What makes you think only one person has gotten sick? Didn’t you read the article?

  2. Hans Wein

    Thank you! I am organic vegetable farmer. I have been against GMO sense 2008
    You are helping keep it up :)

  3. Knowledge is the best weapon, spread the news about these corporate murders and get them out of every country. The USA will be the most difficult, most corrupt and deep rooted into Monsanto money.

  4. bob

    i think everyone should get to see plain as day ALL the money monsanto has in the US government. They dont just buy the race that is with them the most , they buy EVERYBODY. their list of “donations” include over 100 polutitions all over the country. and thats just the “open” numbers.

  5. Monsanto is everywhere, as are their toxic chemicals that they are poisoning not only French farmers, but Indian population,, South American population, American population, many parts of Africa (just not enough money in it for them there yet) and much of Europe where they have not been completely banned yet. The evidence is out and available. Link to Jeffrey Smith”s website, research, articles, videos and information campaigns, where he speaks about his research & findings, all over the world. Also take a look at the study done on rats by the Italian scientist, who fed them GMO corn for long term (longer than a year) and they developed massive tumors. Think how long you and your loved ones have been eating this stuff… Is there any wonder why we are sicker, fatter, & have more allergies, asthma, GI issues, mental health problems than ever before in history??????? There is so much more evidence and info if you just search for it.
    This will only stop when we as consumers worldwide, stop buying anything tainted by Monsanto & their toxic chemicals.
    Donna Wolf RD

  6. This is very good news! As most involved are well aware, there is a much larger agenda at work here and that Monsanto is a critical component of this agenda.The fabric of this agenda is being ripped to shreds right now….let us insure that it is relegated to the dust bin of history. There will be many sacrificial corporate lambs, hopefully with Monsanto being the first, Imho, a complete breakup and deconstruction of Monsanto will be required. But stay true, there is still much work to do!


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