“Something Is Monitoring The Planet, And They Are Monitoring it Very Cautiously” – Mike Gravel

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The UFO topic seems to increase in intensity year after year. With a tremendous amount of credible information now available in the public domain, well known individuals are not afraid to share their voice with the world. It seems that a number of people would like to see this information surface, at the same time there seems to be so much secrecy behind the subject that a number of people would like to see it remain hidden.

Former Sen. Mike Gravel (D-Alaska), and 2008 presidential candidate says that there is “an extraterrestrial influence that is investigating our planet. Something is monitoring the planet and they are monitoring it very cautiously.” He’s not the only one making these claims. A number of Astronauts, Professors, high ranking military and political personnel have been doing the same over the years. Official documentation released from three letter agencies, governments, and the freedom of information act are available to the public domain and back up what is being said by these people.

These comments come from Mr. Gravel after the recent “citizens hearing on disclosure.”  You can find out more about that here and here.

The greatest form of ignorance is when someone rejects something they know nothing about – Wayne Dyer

Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance – Albert Einstein.

The UFO “issue” is a complex one that branches into different areas like science, history, politics, consciousness and many more . It is without a doubt one of the most important topics the human civilization has come across, ever.

No doubt that human beings have been programmed with fear when it comes to this topic, and there is a good possibility that that has been done purposely. It’s time to let go of that, there is a whole galactic community out there teeming with life.

Our planet and the beings on it are currently going through a shift. We are beginning to see through the curtain that blinds the masses in all aspects of life. Our health, food, energy and financial institutions are much more transparent, and the people of Earth are calling for change. We are recognizing that we are what needs to change, we are the ones that do not resonate with this current system and we are the ones that have the tremendous potential to create something new. Maybe some groups of extraterrestrials are watching to see if we can do it? And maybe some aren’t.

Browse through our alternative/science/tech and multimedia sections for more information on UFOs and extraterrestrials if you are interested!

“There is abundant evidence that we are being contacted, that civilizations have been visiting us for a very long time. That their appearance is bizarre from any type of traditional materialistic western point of view. That these visitors use the technologies of consciousness, they use toroids, they use co-rotating magnetic disks for their propulsion systems, that seems to be a common denominator of the UFO phenomenon.” – Dr Brian O’leary, Former NASA Astronaut and Princeton Physics Professor (source)

“Yes there have been crashed craft, and bodies recovered. We are not alone in the universe, they have been coming here for a long time” Apollo 14 Astronaut (source # 1) (source # 2)

“Decades ago, visitors from other planets warned us about the direction we were heading and offered to help. Instead, some of us interpreted their visits as a threat, and decided to shoot first and ask questions after. It is ironic that the US should be fighting monstrously expensive wars, allegedly to bring democracy to those countries, when it itself can no longer claim to be called a democracy when trillions, and I mean thousands of billions of dollars have been spent on black projects which both congress and the commander in chief have been kept deliberately in the dark.” –
Paul Hellyer, Former Canadian Defence Minister (source)



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  1. Ross

    More people with credibility in the eyes of the masses are coming forward every year. Thanks for sharing! UFOs used to be the subject of conspiracy, no longer are we asking if they are real,we are moving on from that question to examine who is operating them. Such a big topic that streams into many other areas, like you say. Thanks for sharing again, Arjun! :)

    • It’s no longer a conspiracy when every body knows….. I think it should be called common truth now…. not admitted yet but we know. Tbf though I am happy with others admitting it… I don’t need to hear it from Cameron or obama x

  2. Thanks for another great article! Always good to see more ‘high ranking’ and respected people standing up to share. This is important for humanity right now!

  3. Dave

    Solid piece Bern. You are my go to go guy ET stuff. Love this site!

  4. pauly

    ET disclosure seems to be growing close and closer, my question is whether or not there is an agenda behind that. Could it be that it is being set up like this on purpose? Or is this all happening with the flow of humanities awakening?

    • gabrielle

      My question exactly

  5. You’re doing a great job shedding light on these important issues, thank you!

  6. SIrby

    No surprise. The important thing to remember is that certain evolutions having more technical knowledge and/or psychic powers does not mean that they are entirely benign – even if they believe they are. We have everything from criminals to enlightened spiritual teachers on earth – aliens are subject to the soul’s discrimination as to their actions and intent, the same as humans. Perhaps mankind hopes there will be an “easy out” from their perennial problems? Not.

  7. Did you guys see this?? UFO ALIEN DISCLOSURE by Canadian Minister of Defense.. along the same lines..


  8. Thanks for sharing this!! I Love how we have websites like yours and information like this to help to remind us of who we are and what is out there … these realities are being grounded more and more each day 😉 Love it!

  9. Stellbread

    This idea is explored in-depth in the scifi trilogy HUMAN TRIAL.

  10. p-k

    The reall issue here is that, if flying saucer exist, there is no more reason to buying oil to gaz up our cars, it would also be the proof that electricity is infinit and we have no reason to buy it. It would be the end of capitalism. If in reality, we dont have to buy electricity and gaz, there is no more point in working to get money. work to get food and work to build your house. work for you, not for the society wich is build on an irrationnal base. thats it.

    • vincent

      gas and electricities’ not that expensive (until recently with inflations) compared to most people’s mortgages… If you give people houses then they can use the money to fund local CSA or farmers to deliver local food to their table… food, shelter and health are the basics to living on this planet… However most people are spending most of their money on those 3 items (and car payments) and have nothing to invest in their future like education, and creativity outlets etc…

      if we had free energy, then we still have to pay for the expensive mortgage. we need to fundamentally get rid of money (dollar) and inflation, and come up with a new system that’s not based on debt and loans (like Iceland did recently, where they defaulted on their loans)…

      and building a house is very expensive, unless you’re building a tumbler or a trailer home…


  11. vincent

    Some people they will fly out of the sky and save humanity. I think some aliens have come in the past and disguised as light works (saints, yogis, etc) to help free humanity with new consciousness, new way of thinking, new technologies…

    In the long run, I think we have to save ourselves and move on creating the world we want to see…

    • JoJoNice

      If These aliens really were here and helped us evolve our technological state, my question is why ? they have no need of us if we were not of any help to them, why didnt it happened like it happened to the indians when europa went to America.. why would they teach us, help us, give us techology, reveal their secret to us? they do not need to do it, or is it just because they are generous ? i daught it …

      • You are speculating that these beings are conditioned to be as selfish as you believe all humans to be. I am speculating that just maybe their benevolence comes without the standard “human”side serve of alterior motives.

      • PcAP

        They are probably watching us destroy our planet. Once they shut down nuclear rockets and instead of the base thinking that they were telling us not to use nuclear weapons, they took it as a threat. DUH!

      • if we cannot understand the befits of generosity we are not yet responsible enough to reap the befits of knowledge that come along with such generosity.

  12. What makes you think it’s not just US and that all that UFO stuff is just our own advanced technology left from our own human civilizations past and kept secret and as legend by the very architects of our society today? I’m not saying this in a challenge or accusation, I’m just saying that it’s just as possible as any other alien scenario. I mean, we really don’t even know who built what in regards to what we can see as standing structures right here on Earth. My hypothesis is that right now with all these iPads and laptops and digital whatever the ****, is not the first time we’ve been here. Printed materials are going away for digital ebooks and digital film and television. Even the celluloid of film needs to be preserved by temperature to not disintegrate. Books turn to dust. All that remains of course, are tablets, structures, and perhaps pockets of advanced technology, while the rest of the world burned, flooded, or geologically shifted out of sight. People hung out in space, some went underground, while the rest had to fend for themselves and start from year 0, which is in reality something like 11,000+BC anyway, because there’s plenty o’ recorded material between now and then leftover. Read some of those crazy Mahabharata stories and you’ll see plenty o’ high technology type stuff that could be misinterpreted as obscure spiritual hoo-hah. I’m not saying necessarily that there are no such thing as aliens and that they’re not here taking part in whatever’s going on around here. I’m just saying that I think there’s a lot more to it than aliens and that when I hear people like these guys talking, I tend to think they might not be being honest in their “whistleblower” or “truther” type way of portraying themselves. Not that Mike Gravel is anybody that I would consider shifty necessarily. Perhaps I juts think the worst of people.

    • bradley hagyard

      Do not doubt what you say for a minute. These so called people are so insidiously everywhere and in everything, it is frightening. We enslave and prey on our own. They are not our creators. We are magical beings who can make fiction real by our belief.

  13. William Buchanan

    If government have lots to lose by being honest about extra terrestrials, doesn’t that give extra terrestrials lots of leverage

    • scottish-jim

      Leverage for what? If aliens exist, and I believe they do, we still know little or nothing about their intentions.

      • kev

        Maybe the extraterrestrials know humans aren’t ready for this technology because the whole planet is too focused on war and profit of the elites… not that they wouldn’t love for us normal people to ditch cars for magnetic driven craft. But the world doesn’t work that way. If the world could learn peace they may come share some technology

  14. talk-about-it-to-all

    For me if UFO were here, obviously they would have higher conscious knowledge of all aspects, first to determine what is wrong on many aspect of those false allies acts and, fix those, and not accept humans working for companies and/or USF spraying chemicals on the sky to destroy us and our nature; not accept humans be embedded with false researches and bought scientists to say fluoride in water is necessary; — BS. Not accept clean crime from justice. Not accept moo from mainstream media. Etc….
    Other aspect of analyses is: talk about UFO is very profitable for those involved in book’s write, meetings, etc. — We have patent of Flying Saucer from many years behind, why majority people don’t know it? And they’re using it on many ways. And, how can they proof that that “whistle blower” is truthful from real whistle blower?
    The conclusion is: we need solutions like poison all false allies before they kill us — and don’t wait for justice, because this system is commanded by them too.
    One question: from the magazine Fortune 500, why they never show wealthy people like Rockefeller, Rothschild and other big bankers? What they’re doing for us? What they’re financing?

  15. Phyl

    Not investigating it – other planets are monitoring us with interest simply because this is the first in eons for the physical to hold Light – Divine Consciousness while going back to Source, back to Oneness, never been done before. So lighten up people this is NOT the end of the world it is a GRADUATION FOR US and the CHANGING OF THE ENERGIES. – onenessofall.com – [and they’re NOT extraterrestrials nor are they aliens – may as well say that WE are the extraterrestrials We are the aliens THE WAY WE BEHAVE here on earth]

    • fran Derbyshire

      Exactly! – ‘Investigating’ is misleading. x

  16. Phyl

    Arcturian Group wishes to talk about America. America was founded on Divine principles brought forth by the founding fathers through the guidance of Beings of Light from this side. America was evolved enough to begin moving toward a new consciousness representative of the freedoms and peace enjoyed by the societies of evolved and already established colonies on other planets. These are highly intelligent societies living in peace and love–societies in which all life forms are valued and respected, and there is no awareness of lack or limitation. Mankind was ready receive and plant the seeds for this higher resonating society to unfold. America’s Founding Fathers were being Divinely guided as they wrote the constitution, seeding consciousness with a new way of living and being, one of freedom and peace for all. The constitution was a three dimensional way of bringing in a more enlightened world consciousness although most were not yet ready at that time and even now, to really comprehend the higher truths embodied in this document.

    America began as a babe, over time unfolding and growing through painful experiences of trial and error but is now awaking spiritually into “young adulthood” although there are still many resonating with the “rebellious adolescent” consciousness. Many have and still misinterpret this spiritually guided document to benefit their own selfish or simply ignorant interests– twisting or eliminating divinely inspired ideas to their personal level and working to convince others that this is entirely appropriate.

    It is happening more than ever now because there is panic in those who see the awakening of the masses as an end to their old, comfortable, and self serving ways . Corporations, governments, churches, etc. who may be still functioning in an energy of greed and selfishness are doing whatever they believe is necessary (including the ms-interpreting your sacred constitution), in order to keep mankind in an energy of fear for the purpose of preserving their own lucrative and self serving agendas.

    However, those of you of the Light are now ready to pay attention and deal with world issues on a new and higher level. Send light to the people who seem to be causing so many problems and remember that they too are in and of the Divine, but have no awareness of it and thusly make all their choices from a place of ignorance. Bring the Light of Truth to every situation you become aware of or personally encounter. The awareness of truth and the illusory nature of appearances along with the sending of Light helps to dissolve these illusions of darkness. Ranting and raving about the evils of the world adds your energy to the already present energy creating these appearances and gives them more reality– illusions gain strength from the energy you feed them, see?

    Do what you are guided to do in order to bring change in practical 3d dimensional ways (sign petitions, plant seeds of truth with your words etc.) but always be aware of the illusory nature of appearances–that they are manifestations of shadow energy with no law to sustain or maintain them. Take the human footsteps but only after seeking guidance through contemplation and meditation. You may be guided to do absolutely nothing but stand back and observe in detached awareness—or you may be guided to just send Light–or you may be guided to take some sort of action.

    Always remember– All power is only ever within the Divine, the Truth, the Reality.

    We are the Arcturian Group 4/21/13 – onenessofall.com –

    • Exactly, and that’s why Satan and his fallen Angels and human idiot so called elite minions beset upon this one peeps nation with one evil plan after another, yet despite their best efforts we keep self correcting, PEOPLE WANT PEACE AND TOGETHERNESS, look at the explosion of the Internet.
      It’s greedy men and greedy bribe taking government that wants separation by geography, sex, religion, race, social and economic standing. They spatter and conquer us. s Son as you stay to sees your fellow man, warts and all, you seder right through their petty BS and false flag nonsense. Wake up, Neo, you’ve been sleeping.

    • Solange

      “America was founded on Divine principles brought forth by the founding fathers through the guidance of Beings of Light from this side” ….

      Umm?? America was founded to be the strong arm of the “nwo” Do the Arcturians know of the occult influences of these so called ‘founding fathers’ AKA the same ‘people’ in ‘power’ for ages?

  17. Phyl

    We see many changes taking place within the light of each person. Even those who up to this point have refused to consider any truths other than what they were taught even as children, are beginning to question the ways of the world and see the irony of continuous war. You are beginning to see how the peoples money has been and is used to finance the activities of those who would have the money and power for themselves and not for the good of mankind in spite of declarations given you that everything you see is necessary for your safety. It is a huge step dear ones, from believing everything you are told to questioning and making choices for yourselves. This is the taking back of your innate power and is a vital stage in your journey of enlightenment.

    All is proceeding according to plan, never doubt that many changes are indeed taking place each day even though you continue to ask yourselves where is this or that I was expecting to see by now. All is proceeding according to plan. Never forget that it is you, the people, who are creating the light of transformation and not those of us who watch and offer assistance where needed. Because you are free will beings, every individual wishing to evolve must personally choose to move into deeper awareness and enlightenment, but know that this choice is not always done on a conscious level.

    There is much we would tell you but cannot at this time for this must be your journey, your choices, and your actions otherwise your time on earth would be wasted. All are on earth by choice in order to evolve and we would be harming you as well as ourselves should we ever interfere with your free will.

    • Mike
    • annie

      Thank you for reassurances. I have heard this message, Phyl, since at least 1973, when I attended my first channeling. I continue to work on being a channel for the light and strive to be of service.

  18. Chris

    C’mon people, there is some much obvious fake in these clips and these totally unprofessional made “documents”. THere’s so much serious research going on, why do you always rely to faky crap on Youtube ?

    • - Collective Evolution

      There is lots of information out there, and sharing this mans voice, I believe, is nothing crapy at all :)

  19. Some of you appear as psychologically disturbed to me, perhaps self-induced by the use of psychotropics or genetically attained, however, some offer a bit of grandiose to their arguments but nonetheless, speculations.
    Yes there are many other civilizations on other places in the universe, of that I can blindly assent, it would be unimaginably illogical to believe otherwise based on the magnitude to be considered.
    Perhaps other “existing” forms do not need oxygen, water, light, could we ever conceive what could actually be out there?
    Is there a God?
    Who are you to tell me there is no God?
    Who are you to tell me there is a God?

  20. With all his ET talk recently, you think we’d see one shred of evidence. All I see are videos with lights and white dudes talking a big game.
    I can make graphics in After Effects. I can write stories, too.
    Not one shred of evidence. Not one.

    Please prove me wrong. I do so wish I can be proved wrong.

    • Tealarose

      Governments can erase a while persons evidence of existence so there will be no evidence of anything until they are ready to disclose or a someone you know has evidence… ive personally have pictures of ufos i saw when i was at the beach at night with a friend whom before hand was a none believer….

    • SOMETHING IS UP THERE. I have filed 2 reports out of 4 sightings. IF you can trust another man, you can trust me. SOMETHING exists. I have seen it. Acceleration unworldly. Massive ship hovering. Silent flight without wings in broad daylight. I have nothing to gain by telling you this. IT, whatever IT is, EXISTS. Craft of origin far beyond our technology are in our airspace. I found a landing site one time, 4 ft grass… smashed flat 6inches into the mud, PERFECT CIRCLE. Could not mark smashed grass with steel toed boots. perfectly flat, spiral left. What ever landed there weighed hundreds of tons. THEY EXIST. What ever the motive, or reason, something flies above us, and in our oceans. Any being that could withstand the acceleration I have seen would be bulletproof. IF a creature were to be seen exiting such craft you would be incapable of defending yourself with any known weapon. A human accelerating at the speeds I have seen would be a puddle on the floor. Yet these beings live. We could not hope to defeat them. Pray they are friendly.

    • rob

      hey if most people can believe in omnipotent beings that care about them personally. whats ur problem with life on other planets. I know which i prefer to believe in. None of you have seen god. but you’ve seen intelligent life on a planet. this one. All you have to do is think for yourself.

    • Reachforthestars

      There is plenty of evidence thousands of years old. Take your pick

    • James

      If you don’t look for evidence you will never see evidence.
      If you seriously want evidence this is a good place to start. Keep in mind that no one believes that every photo here is an alien space craft. BUT, it only takes ONE!

    • Noah

      There are plenty of people with first hand encounters including but not limited to seeing lights in the sky. I, myself have encountered what could have been something demonic or an E.T. Once something out of the ordinary happens to you you usually want to tell people. It is up to them to decided if you’re full of shit, think your psychotic, or telling the truth. Until the day you come in contact yourself, stay skeptical, but not ignorant.

      • Your pseudonym is somehow skeptical as well, ain’t it?

    • There is tons of evidence… it just depends on how accurate and anal you are about it. Sightings for hundreds of years. Millions upon millions of people who have genuinely believed that they saw something extra-terrestrial. If even ONE of those millions of experiences is true… than there’s your proof. Sure.. every single one could be fake and imaginary… but I would find it highly unlikely that not even a SINGLE one of those was true. It would be a statistical improbability! If you want an alien to literally shake your hand for you to believe in it… then you’re going to be disappointed for a very, very, very, very, very, very long time. Open your mind a little! World is more fantastic that way :)

    • Maximus

      um… there is evidence everywhere, if you want real life evidence that you can touch, you’ll need to talk to the United States of America and tell them to stop holding information from the public, (but if we hold info we’re terrorists)

      1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOQMFQBfh_8
      2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTbksd5-Rdg
      3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTbksd5-Rdg

      if you can explain any of these i’ll be waiting, also, if you can explain #3 video 5:40, i’ll call you Jesus, Good Day

      • The First video could be a rock formation. No one has actually been up close to it so that’s not evidence of anything. The second video just looks like Solar wind. I didn’t see anything unusual. The third video is the same as the second lol.

      • Joao Costa

        Maximus, about the first video, and all the story involved, it is pretty amazing! I have not heard about it once, and it seams pretty important and relevant! I would like to have some actual info about it, if you have some.
        About the other video, a recording of our Sun, I dont realy buy it, because of the simple fact that, if that was a spacecraft, it should be the size of Jupiter aproximadetly…
        Of course, we dont realy know if another form of life would be capable to do so, but I gotta be cepti about that!

    • - Collective Evolution

      I’ve provided a number of documents, government documents, NSA documents and more within many of my articles. Check out our expolotics section under our alternative news tab for those :) I present those statements given the fact that we already have thousands of declassified documents in the public domain about UFOs :)

  21. john

    the new world orders plan b if they cant start ww3 they want to stage a fake alien invvasion

    • Yup, that’s the nwo agenda. Among poisoning us, Chem trails reflect light, perfect materials for the son to be holographic space invaders BS false flag event. Thus is nothing nite than Satan and his human idiot minions grasping at straws, hey are destined to fail, but they try anyway. Satan will abandon the so called elites who think they are on the side that goingito win. He us Street all the fairy of all lies. And the ETs that snatch humans, they are DEMONS manifesting into flesh. Same as the Biblical demons that tormented Adam and Eve. Pray, people, get closer to God, loosen your lips and give praise, loosen your heart and give love, loosen your wallet and give talents and time to others. “Religion” was supposed to be about that, greed corrupted every good human invention and endeavor, REJECT ANYTHING UNGODLY. LOVE EACH OTHER. ♡♥☆★:-D:-)

    • our government has a plan on a 1 world order & plans has been going on 4 years but, D distractions R well founded let it B told 4 example D big major airplane missing just dropped off of D face of D earth but funny how our government has under ground tunnels & funny how everyone on D so call missing plan was of great interest like big time scientist, engineers, doctors etc; but N D mean time we ust sit back while they put their plan N motion 2 exterminate us lower class, no count people N their rich wealthy minds but, I know something they don’t know that their is a DEVINE GOD who created 1 people 2 B 4 one another & bc U chose 2 C it any other way man has know power like our DEVINE power & we will all will soon C R maybe not C but, let’s say we will all know & GOD will send their plan straight 2 hell where D loveless came from!!

      • CaptainObvious

        Is it really that hard to spell out common words? Cell phones are dumping down the population. Good god, man, get it together.

  22. I like to stress this whenever I read an article about extra-terrestials. And that point is that not a single one of has a single bit of definitive knowledge about the subject. I believe aliens have been visiting us for years and wutnot… but I am also open to the fact that they could be giant panda bears who want to harvest all of our chocolate. Or that its really just humans experimenting with various propulsion systems. What I’m trying to get at here, is that an alien agenda is something that we would not be able to comprehend. So please don’t say “aliens wouldn’t come here for our resources”, or “if aliens were here we would know about it”. Because you are litterally talking about something you so obviously know nothing about. Keep an open mind. Just because you’ve read some articles doesn’t mean you know what’s up. I give you credit for trying, and I respect the quest for knowledge… but there’s a difference between knowing something and thinking you know something. Best quote I ever heard was “be humbled by your ignorance” There’s a lot of proof out there for Aliens, and I believe in all this stuff, but there is ALWAYS a possibility of something else. Keep it real. But don’t get full of yourself

    • Solange

      ‘cept those of us who have seen or experienced other entities…

    • The Giant Pandas can scoot they’re not getting my chocolate!

    • scottish-jim

      You are guilty of what you describe in reverse, the assumpton that aliens are so advanced and foreign as to be incomprehensible to us is as baseless and assuming as the idea that we would definitely be able to understand them and their agendas. We know nothing.

  23. nosotros sabemos que ocurre, ya que billy meier lo ha dicho desde muchos años que los extraterrestres no son invasores si no que estan vigilantes que no ocurra la destruccion del planeta y que mas conoscan la verdad de las cosas y que los que controlan el mundo no buscan soluciones para el calentamiento global y la superpoblacion y esto esta degenerando en una gran hambruna y que los desiertos se esten expandiendo acompañado de la tala de los bosques y perforaciones del suelo le estan quitando vida al planeta (petroleo). si creemos en los avistamientos pero eso no es lo importante, si no que la gente esta fanatizada con las religiones de este mundo y que eso es el atrazo de la evolucion de conciencia del ser humano

  24. It’s entirely big-headed to BELIEVE that there ISN’T some form of other life in the galaxy. Sure maybe they’re only as smart as we are, and that’s why we don’t know of them… OR maybe they’re smarter and hiding. OR maybe they’re dumber than us or its life just starting somewhere new like we did.

    It’s impossible to know for sure one way or the other. to think that all religions are correct saying that we’re the only ones in the galaxy is pure bull. But even then you can back that up and say that evolution is just as big of a load of crap, you just can never know for sure

  25. john

    After Roswell the US military all of a sudden got high speed internet.

    • ajax88

      Not only internet, but fiber optics and kevlar…

      • A women invented Kevlar, she was just in the news as she passed away last week. It was in the news boards last week.

        • Ashlee

          You know how easy it would be for them to create this inventor woman out of thin air? Especially if she’s dead which is mighty convenient.


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