Letter of Gratitude

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Dear CE Readers & Team,

I would like to personally thank you all for the joy and evolution you have contributed to my life.

Writing for CE has been a catalyst for all kinds of amazing experiences in my life as of lately!

Reading the articles posted on CE has infinitely contributed to my evolution in consciousness as I’m sure CE Readers can relate to.   We are all connected and I am so happy the information we share on CE is resonating on such a grand level.  You guys are awesome :)

This is a time of extraordinary change in the world and I am thrilled to be experiencing it with you all.

Much Love and Gratitude to everybody!


Isabelle Beenen




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CE provides a space for free thinkers to explore and discuss new, alternative information and ideas. The goal? Question everything, think differently, spread love and live a joy filled life.

  1. justin

    What’s with the masonic hand gesture?

  2. Alan

    Thank you Isabelle, you are awesum,a true beam of light and love,thankyou for being you.Our planet is a better place with you here

  3. Isabelle, what a beautiful face, heartfelt expression, it brings a peace. Thank you for your work and all the others that make up Collective Evolution. Thanks again for the Voice and written word that helps awake the One that is Us all.

  4. Alexx

    Thank you all for your wonderful work and for sharing it. Lots of Love and Blessings.

  5. Lynne

    Thanks for everything you and the team shares! It is all much appreciated.

  6. Harsh

    ThankYou Isabelle!
    CE has brought in a lot of change in our perspective and evolution.
    Much Love & Peace.

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