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Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 2.19.56 AMKids are amazing aren’t they? Every time I look at a kid and how they view this world I notice how amazing this world would be if we were not all programmed to exist in the “real world” as we get older. Kids have amazing imaginations, they believe in magical things and don’t spend every waking moment thinking about the past or future. They enjoy the now, they love everyone and don’t discriminate. When you see kids all playing in the yard together, none of them care about the color of each others skin or who’s family has more or less money. They see each other as brother and sister, equals in every way. It is only when they begin to learn the destructive behaviours that are passed down from parents and other authority figures that they begin to become unconscious.

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that growing up and learning more about life isn’t a great and magical thing, I’m just saying if we kept some of the great natural qualities we had as kids while we grew up, things would be very different. The good news is this is exactly where we are heading and the future is exciting for humanity. Of course I can see how it may not look like this right now, but things are changing. You can feel it, you know it, you can sense it deep down. Something inside is telling you there is more to this world and this life. People everywhere are searching for answers as the kid in them begins to get curious again. Enjoy the journey, play with your curiosity and be fluid with all the changes that are coming into our lives.

A friend passed this video onto me. He takes the time to translate videos so that we can help break the language barrier with all the information that is coming out that inspires conscious change in all of us. Check out his website and original post here for more http://freedom–



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