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inspireceAbout 6 years ago my life changed in a pretty big way. Being here now, I look at the droves of people with that curious feeling deep within them, that feeling that I had and still have. The feeling that is making us ask questions, search for deeper answers and that is illustrating to us that there has to be something more to the way we currently live.

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You can see the excitement in people when they are moved by information that feeds this curiosity and feeling deep down that something big is happening right now. The information and opportunity to change is out there, but it’s easy to hit the wall when you face the reality that it isn’t always easy to change in this world. I hope to address that today.

Throughout, I will share my experiences and intertwined within that will be what I feel are great pieces of advice for any of us going through their own journey of awakening their consciousness today.

Asking Big Questions

5 years ago I began asking some pretty big questions. This led to big answers. It was a time in my life when I had been in and out of college programs one after another. I could not last in any one of the 3 programs I tried year after year as it all felt un-meaningful and depressing to me. I hit what you could say was an all time low. As I sat across from a counselor I was seeing I faced the frightening reality that she may not be able to help me. I was depressed, had no idea what to do with my life and the world I once thought I knew was slowly unraveling before my eyes.

All my life I had been told that going to school, getting a job and making money was the right path. Unfortunately, that was not an option for me. No part of me could do that as something deep down knew it wasn’t right for me. “If school isn’t something you want to do, then leave. You can’t keep living your life for other people as it will only lead you to more suffering.” Those were the final words I got from my counselor before our sessions ended. They were all I needed to take the step in doing what I knew was right all along but didn’t have the guts to do. I left school for good and my depression ended almost immediately.

The Most Common Challenges of Awakening

  • Rejection and flack from others as well as the fear of judgement that goes with it
  • Having doubt about information
  • Feeling alone
  • Judging the world as it exists today
  • Blaming others for how our world is
  • Dealing with money

That choice opened a big door, that door was this website. In 2 days from now it will be 4 years since this website was created and became my passion. I do what I love to do and spending many hours on it flies by as if it were minutes. While CE was getting started I worked for a company doing IT as it was something that came fairly easy to me. Eventually I got to a point where I was completely at peace with my job and what I was creating here at CE. That’s when the next door opened for me and I was able to do what I loved full time. This is also when my choices, job, and beliefs were meeting the challenges of pursuing them in this reality.

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Things Are Backwards

I see it all the time, we start learning about consciousness, spirituality, meditation, conspiracies, how the financial system and government really work etc. As we learn these things we can go through a mixture of emotions. Sometimes it’s exciting, sometimes its frustrating. Sometimes we feel a great sense of relief.  Whatever the emotion is we certainly realize sooner or later that the way most of us view the world is completely backwards to the truth. It is in these moments that we begin sharing with people what we are learning. That’s when everything starts to get tough. Part of the inspiration behind writing this is to share what I have learned in my journey of going through all of this. It is my hope that anyone who reads this will get inspired to keep going and shifting their lives because giving into and not facing the challenges that come before us is not what our soul is here to do.

My work through CE raised a lot of feathers within my circle or friends, family and even those it was being shared out to on the internet. I felt what it feels like to have friends leave you behind, judge you, and talk behind your back. I have gone through the lectures from family about getting a real job and giving up my dream to change the world because it simply ‘will never happen.’

I have been ripped apart and torn to shreds by people online who feel challenged and angered by the information shared. I felt alone in doing this work as even those who I worked with at times were less committed than I was. I have felt it all and can say quite easily that it has only brought me to more peace in the end. People will challenge you because they love you and think they are supposed to.

People will challenge you because they are reading information that is a threat to what they believe. People will challenge you because you need it. In being challenged you learn about how much you care about how others perceive you. You learn how you perceive yourself and what insecurities you might have. You learn to detach from information and not have it represent who you are. In doing all of this you learn that peace is something inside of you and the more triggers you have within yourself that can pull you out of peace, the greater the chance that will happen on a regular basis.

It took time but I learned not to hold my ground in conversation but more so to remove triggers within myself that can make you upset, feel attacked, feel judged and so forth. It’s important not to identify with beliefs or even make them ‘ours,’ it is just information so let it stay that way.

When someone challenges you, they are only challenging the information you share. Don’t identify with that information and you won’t feel challenged.

Going Against The Norms

It is inevitable that you will be making choices that go against societal norms. People will judge you and attack you for this. Know that if this happens it’s never really about YOU. Sure, how you react is about you and it’s all you really need to focus on, but from the perspective of the person or people involved, it’s their own journey.

I have learned over the years that we get challenged by people because their mind and beliefs feels threatened. Don’t take it personally. It does not help us to feed our anger or judge them. Instead, we can do the one thing that is most important in these moments and that is looking at why it bothers us. Do we feel insecure? Do we doubt the information we are learning? Do we judge others and get angry at their journey? Ultimately, how does it help to create peace in our lives when we are in these stories? It does and it doesn’t. It only does because it’s an opportunity to acknowledge it and grow out of it. But if we find ourselves justifying our reactions and thoughts, we are only perpetuating the same problem.

Focus on you and how you react. Don’t look to blame others for where they are at in their journey. You can create peace and powerful change by focusing on you. Be change, don’t just know about it.

Peace May Not Always Be There

By 2012 in my journey I had learned a lot about how to keep peace in my life. This did not mean that it was always there. I am always learning and things are always changing, so I am always open to what can change. It was also at this time where I began to question why I was not being supported in my personal life financially by the work I did.

I was able to do what I did and another helped me through that, but it could be seen as the minimum to get by. By this time CE was a well established site, I had created 3 documentaries that reached more people and many people loved what was being done with CE. I began to feel like maybe I was doing something wrong, maybe I needed to change something about what we were doing with CE and maybe that would be the answer. I see this challenge as a very common theme for those awakening and working on sharing this type of content. Many of us, myself included, have gone through moments of frustration, confusion and anger about how difficult it is to make a living in a world that isn’t always ready for this material and nor do you want to charge people for it. This I can say was one of my biggest challenges to overcome.

I got to a point where I had to completely surrender to whatever was going to happen. I essentially threw in the cards and said whatever happens with CE, fine, so be it. If I can no longer go full time with it and it begins to falter, fine so be it. For 3 straight days I did not do anything related to my work. I sat back and just let things unfold. I completely surrendered any ideas of how things should be, what my life should look like and so on. I removed my doubts and disbelief in the fact that one cannot be supported while doing what they love. In that I learned the feeling of letting go of something we think we need to survive.

Within a matter of weeks everything changed. Money came from various unpredictable sources and suddenly I was being supported. Within a month CE was now generating an income that meant all of our content could still be free but those working to create it could be supported. Perhaps it was the collective timing, perhaps it was the complete surrendering, perhaps it was coincidence. Either way, the biggest lesson is to not judge how your life looks. Don’t have expectations or ideas of what it needs to look like. If you want to plan out some goals and ideas, go for it, they can be powerful and have worked wonders for me personally, just don’t become rigid with them. The moment you do is the moment you fall out of being fluid which is the true nature of who you are.

Whatever you are creating now you are projecting. Whether it is your beliefs projecting it or not having yet learned a lesson you require, you are creating your situation for a reason. Accept it, surrender to the idea of needing control and let things play out. It’s scary, but when you truly move forward with it things happen as they need to.

Moving onto the 4th anniversary since CE was created, I am happy to see how much has changed over the years. Not only with myself, but with the world as a whole. Being so deeply involved in everything that unfolds in this movement as humanity changes, it is so clear to see the massive progress that has been made. The team we have here has grown and we’ve come together to create powerful content through this vehicle designed to create a shift in the world. CE now reaches millions each month and that number reflects the consciousness shift that is touching the hearts and souls of everyone in the world. Our stories are all unique but we are all working for the same cause. It isn’t about personal gain or personal circumstance, it is bigger than each of us. All of this happens for the whole and that is probably one of the most powerful realizations I have had over the years.

Final Inspiration

I wanted to leave some final words that I hope will inspire. If you ever doubt whether or not things will change, know that they will and always are. If you ever doubt whether you have made the right choices, know that there are no wrong choices and everything you are experiencing is literally perfect for you. You can change it at any moment. If you fear what others think of you and worry about whether they are judging you, know that no matter what you do people will judge you for it. It is not to be taken personally, if it bothers you, ask yourself why it does and work to overcome the belief that makes you feel upset about their judgement.

If you feel alone in your journey, know that you are not alone and that there are many others out there who are doing the same as you but often don’t talk about it. You, at the deepest levels of you, know that you do not need the approval of others to feel whole and complete within yourself. You are already and always will be whole and complete. Feel it. Let go of your expectations and resistance to how things change. Plan, make choices and set goals if you like, but do not be rigid with them and always ask why you are setting that goal to begin with. Is it for your highest good? If you are having doubts, ask yourself what you feel deep down. Don’t let the state of the world, how it looks, how people are and how it functions make you change what you want to do deep down.

This is my TEDx talk I gave in 2014. It talks about my story and journey with CE and where I feel the world is headed.

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