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UFO sightings continue to increase over the years. While there is a lot of argument as to who might be responsible for the sightings, it is clear that our skies are lighting up with interesting objects.

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The footage below comes from Tony Grubber as he records a huge UFO Saucer over Florida while he was fishing. The UFO is flying very low over the area and is not creating any sound. He cannot identify any means of levitation nor can he determine exactly what the craft is doing. There are hundreds of odd lights of different colors being emitted from the object over the length of the video.

As always it is unclear for certain whether or not this footage contains an ET controlled UFO or whether it might be a human made craft. It is known that humans do have this technology in black budget operations but it generally is not made public. I think the importance of events like these lies in the fact that there is a lot of very interesting activity happening almost daily in our skies and even if a portion of that were ET related, there is definitely a great deal of significance to the sightings given their sudden increase in frequency.

As I write this I am completing the script for CE3 and the subject of UFOs makes its way into the film for a couple of reasons. Based on what I have found, ET’s play a large role in certain events and habits that happened here on earth and it is part of one of the biggest secrets that has been kept from humanity over centuries.The film is slated to be released later this year.

Have your say, is this an ET craft? Or something else?

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