The UFO Cover-Up In 10 Minutes

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Richard Dolan is among the world’s leading historians and UFO researchers. He has written two groundbreaking histories and many articles on UFOs, and is currently preparing to release a third one. Prior to his interest in UFOs, Richard completed his graduate work at the University of Rochester, where he studied U.S. Cold War strategy, European history, and international diplomacy. Before that, he studied at Alfred University and Oxford University, and was a finalist for a Rhodes scholarship, which is considered the worlds most prestigious scholarship. For more information on Richard and his works, please visit

In this video, Richard does a great job in summarizing the UFO cover-up in 10 minutes. Check it out!


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  1. Hmmm
    Very emphatic speaker, emphatically saying not a lot.

  2. pig

    Everyone knows these crafts were made here- what do get when you combine gyroscopic energy with an atomic engine, a flying saucer. I guess you believe in aliens!

    • - Collective Evolution

      Many UFOs were manufactured here yes, many of them are extraterrestrial. There is also an enormous amount of evidence to support existence of extraterrestrials, not just UFOs. This summary Richard gives is specifically for UFOs, not really extraterrestrials. I guess it’s up to the listener to decide that. But most people haven’t done enough research on it, and to offer an opinion on it without sufficient investigation is….hard to respond to I guess. Thanks for watching.

  3. Jamie

    wow. Thanks for sharing! I didn’t know how serious the subject of UFOs was and how much has been declassified.

  4. Josee

    well a few days ago I bumped into this post, and I do take it seriously. Anyone can look up the last Citizen Hearing…to be honest it blew my mind. Not that I haven’t heard about them before but that officials bluntly goes public about it…nice! Here’s the link:

  5. Isn’t that a hamburger? :)

    Looks like they are telling us how to cook! LOL

    • Nick Thomas

      @Solomon S. Buyco…Act your age not you shoe size!
      You post LOL…What is that? Not laugh out loud, that’s for sure!
      Suggest you go meet your other lame brain friends down at KFC!

  6. Jörgen Bazin

    I thinks it ‘s only a question of time before the whole world gets told the truth about ET’s and UFO’s.We (Earth and all living creatures living on earth) are headed into the realms of the 5th dimension! Finally the masses are awakening in counsciousness.There have been massive protests in Greece, Cyprys,Turkey,Brazil and more is coming!The truth about the powerful ELITE of this world , who CONTROL everything on earth = The Bilderberg Group and The Secret Shadow Government is going to come out to the masses shortly. The inhabitants of earth are finally beginning to wake up. And the message to those in control is: NO MORE LIES!The Elite have known for decades, probably centuries or even much longer, that there are Intelligent lifeforms out there= ET’s, within the hollow earth as well as in outer space, on other planets. (The Earths Elite is actually being controlled by some nasty ET’s)The truth is coming out..about all the evil stuff that The Elite have been doing for such a long time. Its about time that the world knows what really happened on 9/11(responsible were the large group within The Us Government that is part of The Bilderberg Group and The Secret Government ) Or how about Area 51..or The Dulles Base wars with ET; s etc etc? Let the truth set you free….that’s my message to the worlds Governments!Because the world is going to get to the bottom of all your evil deeds anyway…There is NO hiding from the truth anymore..NO MORE LIES…IT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED ANYMORE! :-) Peace..and know…WE ARE ALL ONE! Greetz…Jörgen Bazin from The Netherlands , Europe!

    • Robby Smink

      Well said.
      It’s actually the Rothschilds who run the planet (and Buildebergs and Council of Foreign Relations and the Tri Lateral Commission) through their ownership and control of the worlds central banks, don’t you know…?
      from a fellow Dutch-
      Cheers, Robby

  7. Original Man

    Lol the intelligent life everyone is looking for is us. These are tool’s used to keep your mind occupied with trash so we don’t learn critical thinking skills. A man who uses his brain the way it is naturally intended to be used is a man who is totally free. You can’t control a thinking mind.

  8. Richard Dolan’s research is important for documenting the ET visitation. If you want to know what the ET visitation/intervention is all about I suggest the work of Marshall Vian Summers at and

  9. I maintain that if there is a UFO Coverup, it’s not about Little Green Men. It’s about technology: Let’s take this thing apart and figure out how it works, so we can build a bigger, faster whatever that nobody else has


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Find Out Your Personal Risk Of Cancer

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