Decorated American General Warned Us About Plans To Take Over Syria In 2003

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The following video is of former Four Star US Army General and Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO, Wesley Clark at a 2007 interview with Democracy Now. Clark recounts a moment shortly after September 11th, 2001 in which he was presented a classified memo listing governments that the US was planning to overthrow in the coming years. Among the countries listed were Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Iran. Though the timeline Clark was presented is overdue, we have seen this information proven correct for the first three countries, and talks have now begun of overthrowing the regime in Syria as well. Granted, there is undoubtedly some truth to what our media is telling us about the violence and oppressiveness of the Syrian government, however where we should begin to ask questions is whether this is, in fact, the full reason for discussions of military involvement. Is our government concerned about Syria out of purely altruistic humanitarianism, or could it be part of a much larger and longer-term geopolitical strategy?

Problems are usually created by the same elitist groups that propose the solution. A U.S intervention in Syria is only justifiable if there is enough chaos there to permit it. The entire middle east is littered with United States military bases, and we can never be quite sure what type of agenda is really playing out. The ultimate goal could be creating enough chaos, threat and fear in order to justify a world world government, or a new world order.

Some of General Clark’s statements have been controversial in the past , but he shares some interesting food for thought here.

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  1. Harshreality

    Of course governments plan their actions in advance, wouldn’t you be pissed off if they would just wing it! As for reasons, economy economy economy. Always the same. And don’t think we are not to benefit from this. The fact that you can read this on a computer, probably surrounded by a nice house, centrally heated and lots of cars in the street, all of this is supported by planning in the local up to the international scale. It’s a train on which we are passengers, unknowing drivers, conductors and sometime road kill.

  2. LJ

    Militarily, nothing happens without years of planning. The SEALS trained for months to assault a single compound in order to kill Bin Laden. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that whatever our next move is, it’s been in the planning stages for much longer than we may think. We had plans to invade both Iraq and Afghanistan long before 9/11 ever happened…. look it up. This is what the CIA does, create chaos, add gasoline and strike the match that leads us into military action. Over and over again…

    • Straight Shooter

      You mean they trained for months to assault whoever they targeted to impersonate Osama, who most likely died of natural causes in 2002 or 2003, but that doesn’t sell very well. THAT’S what the military elite do. Over and over again..

      • And most of that Seal team died in suspicious circumstances shortly afterward

        • Dudu

          Where did you hear that?

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