New Canadian Law States Masked Protesters Could Face 10 Years in Jail

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maskbanThe rise of the people is an undeniable happening across the globe as hundreds of millions have taken to the streets over the past few years to stand up for what they are not happy with throughout the world. With these protests comes bullhorns, signs, masks, costumes and more creative ways that protesters use to make their point. But a new Canadian law (Bill C-309) now forbids people from wearing any mask or face covering face during a riot or so-called “unlawful assembly.” While it is difficult to determine how the law defines this type of protest exactly, it is clear on the fact that non abiders can receive a maximum of 10 years in prison if they are convicted of concealing their identity.

Although the new law does  allow exceptions for those who are able to prove they have a “lawful excuse” for concealing their face, such as  religious or medical purpose, that person may also be subject to charges for participating in an unlawful assembly. The law is greeted by some but opposed by others. While conservative lawmakers greeted the idea with pleasure, privacy advocates and civil libertarians are not so keen on the bill and haven’t been since it began making its rounds. They believe the bill uses vague language like the “lawful excuse” exception which leaves major questions unanswered.

Natalie Des Rogers, general counsel with the Canadian Civil Liberties Association states “I think it is a more symbolic bill than it is a response.. In our view, it shouldn’t come into law, there is no demonstrable need for this.”

You cannot have a limit that is not prescribed by law, that is not clear to the citizens.We have the right to know what is expected of us. When there is vague language in the context where it infringes a freedom prescribed by the Charter, it becomes an unreasonable limit.”

What is causing more nervousness for people is the ever extending power of the police as this newly approved bill also expands police authority into unlawful assemblies. Canadian law defines an unlawful assembly as a party of three or more people who “disturb the peace tumultuously” or “needlessly and without reasonable cause provoke other persons to disturb the peace tumultuously.” Another vague definition that is open to argument and can be misused by police as it was during the G20; regardless of the type of protests that went on during the event. The G20 was perhaps the most abusive display of power Canadian police have used on citizens in a very long time. With the whole world watching, people witnessed the true nature of a police state when elitists are in town.

Is this another bill aimed at creating fear behind the apparent uncontrollable citizen? Are people being discouraged in various ways to participate in protest? Regardless of the answer, it appears as though the clamp continues to tighten on citizens as the global unrest continues. In my opinion, the focus should be on maintaining an ethical response from police during these events which by far  has been of the largest concern when it comes to recent events. One look at the G20 here in Toronto answers that question rather quickly.


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  1. Wear a mask now and then just to keep them on their toes.

  2. qb

    FEAR is the only way that the governments can rule & dictate over the masses – using us against each other for a pay check, is their weapons of choice! That’s why they are so adamant about changing our DNA structure to make us more dependent & obedient before too many of us wake up … The real question is, when are we going to get over our fear, (to stand up collectively), so that we don’t need to hide our faces????

  3. waltinseattle

    a long time after wto in sesttle and the bsn on gasmasks…i carried one with a copy of the second ammendment (freedom of speech and expression) taped under the eyecover.

  4. G20 Toronto FOOTAGE: Into The Fire by Press For Truth

  5. Sean

    Everybody stand.the fuck up,.and wake the fuck up!

    • – don’y worry Sean! Justice will be served in the End as in “WHAT GOES AROUND, COME AROUND” … We are are all waking up as we speak and the Children will inherit the Earth from Satan’s demise.

  6. qb

    Yep! but many are receiving a pay check, that they don’t want to lose! But they will wake up, when it’s there turn next! Guaranteed! And I always say, it’s never to late until the fat lady sings.

  7. RA

    Will children be arrested for having their faces painted, or the police with riot masks, KISS in concert? Will there be no more birthday parties in the parks, what will we do on Halloween? As I watched the training session of the G20 in horror, I wondered how far this training would go. I was mistakenly under the impression that police were to serve and protect the people, now I realize that they have been trained to eliminate the lowly populace !

  8. Rick Cormier

    One has to wonder just who this new law is protecting.

  9. Curious

    Does this new law prohibit the wearing of sunglasses?

    • Yep! Banks & Utility company’s are already posting such notices! The Beast is running scared that we are on to em!

  10. marilyn niebauer

    You are an idiot Joe, It is Guy FAWKES and you took my comment down just because it made a different point than the one you are trying to put across.
    So, the question is …. where is your commenter’s freedom of speech ?

    • - Collective Evolution

      I don’t see any of your comments in pending or trash. What was your comment? About? Our comment moderation removes anything with swearing, too many links or if a moderator feels it does nothing but verbally attack other commenters without adding anything to the conversation. We try and keep things clean but we are ALWAYS open to others opinion. One look around the site reveals that.

  11. ow, just a question: why the police keeps the masks?

  12. Jct: I’m Canada’s Abolish Interest Rates protestor for the past 33 years and a cop even stepped out of the police line at G20 in Toronto to shake my hand when I quip: Interest-free loans at the Bank of Canada, good idea?” How many cops do you think don’t like that? But as a protest-instructor with a solution to offer, I’ve never needed to wear a mask! If you’re a protest-obstructor whose only goal is to vent your anger, sure, you need a mask. Plus it lets the police plant agents provocateurs to start the trouble. I like banning masks at demos. No argument from me.

  13. ahatfl

    Freedoms diminished. Your mask removes the ability of video surveillance and face recognition software. The police state is now here. Whoa to those who give up liberty for safety or allow authoritarianism to run a muck without protest. This is protection for the wealthy who fear the masses. Wonder what else they want to take from you?


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