Consciousness and Evolution

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I felt it deep within me first as a child. As I grew up, it always reemerged when it was needed; as a shield of inner peace to retreat to when tragedy struck. I never had a word for “it,” as I believed every human had it in them, an inherent nature we all possessed like breathing. Still, I believe this notion to be possible. A decade has passed since I was that curious child standing on a bluff rich in Native American cave dwellings, paintings, and artifacts; experiencing my first moment of a shift in consciousness void of the ego within me. A moment which transcended all time and space, connecting me to our indigenous ancestors, to the present, to the universe, to truth in its rawest form, and to you. Since then I have inevitably observed the grotesque nature of society at times, but I have also had the pleasure of witnessing glimpses of the astounding and inspiring nature of humanity to rise above societal limits against all odds. More importantly, I have come to understand what “it” is, or rather what “it” leads to.  An awakening to a higher level of consciousness.


This particular shift in consciousness, often referred to as awakening or enlightenment, simultaneously brings to surface one’s ability to dissolve identification with their ego. With each passing moment it becomes more apparent that a collective awakening of such has already begun to arise within many, proving itself to be a major role in the successful evolution of humanity. I have heard people speak of evolution as a thing of the past. However, such talk is just that, talk. Perhaps, unconsciously underlying such talk exists the individual’s subliminal illusion of their ability to evade the unknown. It is no secret that change accompanies the unknown. Attached to change is the idea of stepping out of one’s comfort zone, an idea withholding immense potential to ultimately breed debilitating fear in a person if allowed to run wild in one’s mind. Deep truth is unchangeable though. Always it will remain, despite being ignored. And the truth, though at times its presence is subtle, is that the universe is constantly evolving and will continue to do so.  As descendants of the universe, the human species ultimately depends on it for survival and is therefore destined to evolve with it.


There is no doubt the ego itself has served a purpose in evolution as well. But, by nature, it did not stop there. It continued and continues to evolve as a means to satisfy solely itself. Both rapidly and steadily, the ego continuously increases its power over the human mind and strengthens its potential to become man’s ultimate demise. Now stronger than ever, the ego is able to control man’s every move. With this, society begun to self-destruct at all levels and unconsciously repeat history in a manner which reaches a higher level of severity and evil each time. Eventually, for survival, it will be necessary for man-kind to collectively evolve and awaken to a new level of consciousness in order to avoid ultimate destruction of the human species. Some call it awakening, enlightenment, or a shift in consciousness. All are correct. In the end though, it is nothing more than pure truth. Incidentally, pure truth is everything.  As Eckhart Tolle so adequately states, “humanity is now faced with a stark choice: Evolve or die. If the structures of the human mind remain unchanged, we will always end up creating the same world, the same evils, the same dysfunction.”

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CE provides a space for free thinkers to explore and discuss new, alternative information and ideas. The goal? Question everything, think differently, spread love and live a joy filled life.

  1. Daniel

    We will evolve. Just like we have from the beginning , we have no control over it. It is natures work.

  2. we are capable of anything, we can shape the world and life how we want, I recently descovered this theory called “law of attraction”. I wrote a blog about it, I can’t be arsed to explain it all, just read my blog

  3. Alex

    Is it possible to reach an enlightened state and then lose it?

    • Alex

      I had a complete transformation in my consciousness and it carried for about two years…then due to unfortunate circumstances I came back down to square one

    • I feel like everyone has a different view of what enlightenment might be so I think its tough to answer this question. But if you are referring to reaching a state of peace where you feel consciously aware and in the moment of what goes on around you, all while being fully aware of who you are, sure it can be lost if we get pushed out of that peace by mental distractions and what not. There’s nothing wrong with that as it’s part of the journey. But, if by enlightenment you mean attaining complete soul growth to a point where you completely understand who you are and you no longer need to experience this realm (open to others) then that might be a different story.

      • Simba

        It’s indeed easily understandable why someone would assume to be or have become enlightened, experiencing a shift in consciousness can be extremely purifying an experience, experiencing rebirth is something quite different.

    • Simba

      Same happened to me, but not after two years, rather 3 months, my life has changed ever since, while every aspect of it.

  4. well said @dnmcl9

  5. Nick

    Perhaps a “coincidence” but I had the very same revelation the day this article was published as I was hiking along a mountaintop. While I was trying to find inner silence and transcend the ego, my mind was pondering the vast realm of nature and how all things come to be. It struck me that connection to a higher state of being must be necessary for evolution and the conscious ability to reach such a state can perpetuate the evolution of a species (while words like “state” imply finiteness and duality, I can’t find any other words to denote that which exists beyond the limiting egoic world). Transcendence of the ego is not only an effort we owe to ourselves but also to humanity and the world we inhabit.

    • I think when we are talking about spiritual awakening, there is no such thing as coincidence. Some people call it synchronicity. I call it Signs or Clues that our multidimensional self is using to guide its 3D projection.

    • Shelley M. White

      That is awesome.

  6. there is no guide, you must discover this for yourself. The fact that you read this article means you’re on the right path :)

  7. donovan

    a step by step guide to reaching such enlightement or awakening would be great

    • I don’t know that a step by step guide exists, although I am working on putting together a collective of aspects that I believe can lead you to “happiness” or contentment. I believe that in that state you are more able to be enlightened as I have. Hitting on your question directly, 6 months ago I had a several hour long talk with a person that I believe to be the most intelligent person I know. He told me about enlightenment or “being awake”. He told me all about it. As I sat and listened I thought he was crazy. How could the most brilliant person I’ve ever met actually believe this? Over the past several months through different events, I have found myself becoming personally fulfilled and more at one. Last week, like a train crashing through an intersection, my brain shut down and opened up at the same time. I was enlightened. Everything my friend told me came back into my head and I was brought to tears. I wasn’t in a calm physical environment. I wasn’t “trying” to make this happen. It just did.

      I wish you the best of luck on your journey. Do not be discouraged. Keep your eyes open. You never know what might trigger the opening of your conscious.

  8. Annexi

    What is the purpose of the inner shield of peace?

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