Crushing Majority: State of Maine Votes For GMO Labelling

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connecticutsenateA bill that would require Maine food retailers to put labels on products that contain genetically modified ingredients is moving forward. The state senate recently gave approval approximately one week ago, which means it faces further votes in the House and Senate. The bill wouldn’t go into effect until four other states pass similar laws, but it’s still an encouraging step forward.  The vote was a crushing 141 to 4 in favor of GMO labeling, another great support for the labeling of GMOs.

We are at the point to where it’s clear that a mass amount of people within and and outside of the political system do not support GMOs, or at least feel that one should have a choice to know what they are picking up from their local food store. The least we could do is label GMOs, the fact that these multinational biotech corporations want us to be unaware, and even loose the ability to choose what we consume is outrageous.

You can view the bill here.

Many states  are considering passing similar laws. Connecticut recently passed its own GMO labeling bill, you can view that here. It was the first of its kind in the United States. Last month, Vermont passed a GMO labeling requirement that could become effective in 2015. This would probably be effective sooner if the U.S. senate hadn’t shut down a GMO labeling initiative earlier on.

It’s great to see this kind of support, it also illustrates how much power we hand over to multinational corporations like Monsanto. Alternative media outlets are making lots of noise, and have the support of millions worldwide. Every time we raise our voice on a subject there seems to be some progress made. At the same time, the more we speak up the more corporations seem to respond with undesirable action. Not to long ago, the US senate shut down a GMO labeling bill that would have required all states to label their products containing GMO’s. Because of this action, states now have have to go through a processes that requires them to mandate these needs and wants desired by their citizens. This means that labeling GMO’s will take more time, activism and effort. You can read more about that here.

Collective Evolution has been covering GMOs, just like many alternative media outlets out there. Check out our alternative news, science/tech, and health sections for more information. You also use our search bar with key words like “GMO” or “Monsanto”.

 It’s really encouraging  to see so many people across the planet waking up, speaking out and making changes within their own lives.

Much Love.




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  1. Yeah Go Maine! Hoping other states follow! No GMO!
    Please check out my new little Hemp Store. All Natural! More products coming soon. If you like something use coupon code 10percent10 at check out to save 10 percent. Thanks
    Mary’s Hemp Store

    • Hi, Mary!

      I checked out your “store” through the “link” provided here. It only showed “four” items! Is “that” it?

      AND then, I noticed you started it, only a week ago! lol

      Just want to wish you “Good Luck!”

      btw…liked your comment on GMO’s…also!!!

  2. dividing cricker

    Glad to see THE GREAT STATE OF MAINE had the balls to lead US to a righteous decision . I always loved the great people of MAINE . What needs to be done is to make all the politicians in Washington to give back all the money they have earned in shady methods and live like true Mainers (chopping wood and living on the edge) for a time. These freeloaders need a reality check!!!! Thanks for sticking your necks out for the masses that won’t. DC

  3. Here is hope that your lead will encourage more States to follow.Maine has taken steps to give us back one of our most precious of freedoms, Freedom of Choice. With proper labeling America will have that Freedom of Choice.

  4. Vicki Clark

    Im Washington State we vote on labeling in November! Even though it is a no brainer, we still need to be vigilant about spreading the word! My point has always been about the labeling and the right to know what is in our food. It does not matter where someone stands on GMO’s, for or against, it is the ability to read the label and see exactly what is in the product we are buying! Personally, I am against GMO’s, bit some are not. That is not the debate here, labeling is and everything should be labeled! Period!

  5. Paisley Marks

    We didnt wait for four other states to smarten up about recycling bottles and cans, why do we need other states to smarten up about an even bigger health and environmental issue, Maine legislators? Good tiny first step but I need you to go further, faster for the safety of Maine by regulating and labeling poisonous food stuffs passed off as food.

  6. AJ

    I’m so happy to hear the Great News ! This is a important Step. My Home away from Home Maine. Be vigilant. Our freedoms in America have changed for The benefit of other looking to profit instead of giving… In the name of humanitarian rights to have a choice. Thx to CE and Internet and FB with the ability to reach so many so easily with credible information to educate each other.


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