Dichloroacetate: University of Alberta Doctors Discover A Cure For Cancer

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1341708070009_ORIGINALUPDATE** View Clinical Trial Of DCA here

Dr Evengelos Michelakis, associate chair and medical researcher at the University of Alberta’s faculty of medicine and his team of researchers have discovered a cure for cancer. Long after his work was published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation (JCI) (3)(4), Circulation (2002, 2006), Circulation Research (2004)(5), PNSAS (2007)(6)(7), and Science Translational Medicine (August 2010) (1)(2), the University of Alberta’s research team still isn’t receiving any support from the medical industry.

Dr Michelakis and his team of researchers were the first to show that a cancer marker called survivin, which was thought to be found only in cancer cells was also heavily expressed in abnormal pulmonary arteries. The work was one of the first comprehensive studies to show a link between pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) and cancer, as you can see from the sources listed above.

A portion of his work was also recently published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). Dichloroacetate (DCA) was found to shrink solid tumors, including the aggressive primary brain cancer glioblastoma multiforme in human beings. You can view that study here(8).

Dr Michelakis’s research supports the emerging idea of altering the metabolism of tumors as a new direction of treatment for cancer. The drug is called dichloroacetate (DCA), and its been proven to reverse cancer growth. The drug tricks cancer cells into normal energy production by changing the ways they handle nutrient fuels. This causes the cancer cells to commit suicide without harming any healthy cells. Many researchers around the world have confirmed the research coming out of the University of Alberta.

Dichloroacetate (DCA) is a small molecule drug that has long been used to treat congenital mitochondrial abnormalities. The mitochondria (cell power source), is vital for several reasons. One of them is acting as oxygen sensors and control, as well as controlling programmed cell death. This process if known as apoptosis. The significance here is that this process is suppressed in cancer, a disease that’s characterized by uncontrolled cell growth.

Major studies within cancer research have been proven to be false which also suggests that the mainstream treatments we use are based on fraudulent findings and false science. It’s usually the treatments not heavily publicized and promoted that we should keep our eye on.  More researchers are catching on, not to long ago University of Michigan researchers suggested increasing public funding of research to decrease potential bias from industry ties. You can read more about that here.

What’s encouraging here is that the studies coming out of the University of Alberta are indeed publicly funded! Therefore there is absolutely no bias from industry connections, so it is much easier to trust and has the potential for higher validity.

Findings published in the journal Nature show that 88% of major studies on cancer that have been published in reputable journals over the years can not be reproduced to show their accuracy. This means that the research findings published makes it more difficult to trust them and threatens their validity.

Why Is The Drug Not Being Used?

The University of Alberta team has conducted tests on humans, but the pharmaceutical sector of medicine is  responsible for funding clinical trials that lead to the approval of medical treatments. It turns out that the rights to the DCA compound are not owned by any pharmaceutical company. This is a problem, as most of U of A’s research on this issue has been publicly funded. They are currently working to secure more funding to continue their research and ongoing DCA clinical trials.

Without industry support, it’s almost impossible to do anything with this research and infiltrate the health industry. It’s no different from any other industry. It’s not like you can take a water fuel cell car like Stan Meyer did, and introduce it to the energy industry. Doing so would wipe out the multi trillion dollar industry, it’s no different from the medical industry, heavy suppression of known cancer treatments is likely to exist.

Drug companies are not interested in drugs that won’t make them a profit. At the same time, we must keep in mind that all of the big pharmaceutical companies share the same owners as all of the big biotech giants like Monsanto and other food corporations. Our food is littered with toxic chemicals and GMO’s, and there is a large amount of evidence to suggest that these contribute in the sickness we see the human race plagued with today, making them dependent on pharmaceutical drugs. Please use our search bar, or browse through our health, science/tech and alternative news sections for more information on this subject.

Cancer treatments shouldn’t be limited to drugs, there are plenty of natural remedies that have proven to be effective. You might want to look into cannabis,hemp oil, soursop, baking soda and more. It’s time to start questioning the industry and, with all of the evidence available ask yourself, is cancer really untreatable? It is after all multi-trillion dollar industry.

At the end of the day, it comes down to making better choices in your life.

This is an old broadcast, and the drug has since been proven effective on humans, as well as human cancer cells outside of the body.


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  1. CureSchizophrenia

    Great! Hopefully the cancer cure medications will not be captured by some greedy corporation. Also, I need to find cure for schizophrenia, to cure my friend of it.

    • Bourchakoun

      Dr. Abram Hoffer has published extensively. He was a psychiatrist and orthomolecular doctor and published hundreds of works, which were peer-reviewed and then ignored by big pharma, because he used high-dosage vitamins and nutrients. Psychoses and depressions had healing rates around 100% without drugs and schizophrenics were cured by 90-95% by nutrition and orthomolecular doses of vitamins only! A bare 5% of extreme cases of schizophrenics made minimal doses of common drugs necessary, but they could function properly in life afterwards too! He also healed thousends of patients apart from publishing extensively. Good book available on Amazon as well. Check out also information on doctoryourself website. Adjoining comment with links avaits moderation.

    • Bourchakoun

      You might want to look at research and practical usage of Dr. Abram Hoffer: http://www.doctoryourself.com/review_hoffer_B3.html and http://www.doctoryourself.com/hoffer_psychosis.html. Dr. Abram Hoffer has published extensively. He was a psychiatrist and orthomolecular doctor and published hundreds of works, which were peer-reviewed and then ignored by big pharma, because he used high-dosage vitamins and nutrients. Psychoses and depressions had healing rates around 100% without drugs and schizophrenics were cured by 90-95% by nutrition and orthomolecular doses of vitamins only! A bare 5% of extreme cases of schizophrenics made minimal doses of common drugs necessary, but they could function properly in life afterwards too! He also healed thousends of patients apart from publishing extensively. Good book: http://www.amazon.com/Orthomolecular-Treatment-Schizophrenia-Abram-Hoffer/dp/0879839104

    • I have read that the mineral zinc helps schizophrenia also Essential fatty acids like flax seed oil. Terrible that drug companies should suppress cures for fatal deseases. Time for laws that stop attempts to suppress. I can’t think why this has been allowed to continue for so long.

      • You really can’t think as to why this has gone on so long? How about the ultra-wealthy using it as a means of population control. Same with HIV. I find it funny that Magic Johnson contracted HIV and nearly 10 years later was deemed HIV free. HOW? Where? There are cures for all kinds of ailments, just depends on if you’ve got the right connections or proper $$$ amounts.

    • Peter

      In many cultures, being able to communicate with spirits was seen as a gift to religious leaders. But in Western society, science says “ghosts” are not real and it is all in the imagination. Depending on where you live, Schizophrenia is a gift or a disorder.

    • Cannabis medicinal oil in capsules for Schizophrenia is one palliative that is effective. Another is getting rid of diet allergies and sensitivities…See Dr Keith’s book, “Diet Wise”. Hope this helps.

  2. narendra

    This is interesting news. I hope this research is given further push.

  3. J Michaels, Ph.D.

    This is overall an excellent article, contains much useful information, and does well to incorporate a big picture perspective (e.g., the drug company-food company connection.)

    I would, however, like to suggest you tone down some of the language. For example, you cannot claim “there is absolutely no bias from industry connections” because the funding is public. There are many possible sources of bias beyond just the funding source. – though you are correct when you go on to say “it is much easier to trust and has the potential for higher validity.” That much is true.

    Also, simply because findings have not been replicated does not make them “flat out false.” You would do better to moderate your statement in line with the previous one by saying a lack of replication “makes it more difficult to trust [these findings] and threatens their validity.”

    That being said, I think the information and message of this article are excellent. Thanks for sharing.

    • - Collective Evolution

      Thank you :) I made some changes that you suggested, thanks for pointing that out!

  4. Mary

    A natural cure for cancer or several of them are just around the corner, I can feel it and I thinks it’s wonderful!!!

  5. hope u all know your government is not looking out for the best for its people, ever here of population control, bunch of bureaucracy bs.

  6. keith

    My understanding is that cancer is a symptom, not a disease. Why cure a symptom? Find the underlying problem.(usually toxicity and/ or poor nutrition)
    The focus on tumors seems a distraction to the real causes of some illnesses. Again, my understanding of these are that the body makes and uses them as ‘garbage bags.’ The only time to remove them surgically is when they are obstructing or pressing on vital parts.
    Of course this is just my unqualified observation of these matters.

    • Pete

      Keith, cancer is when a cell from the body mutates. The mitochondria that controls how the cell creates the energy it uses and also tell the cell when to die, gets turned off and the cells never die, They then start to divide and multiply forming the tumor. Also with the change in the energy production, the cells give off a chemical that dissolves what holds cells together so then the cancerous cells split off and travel through the body through the lymphatic system which is the “sewer system” of the body. What DCA does is turn the mitochondria back on and thus the cells recognize they are defective and commit suicide.

  7. Jim

    Hey how can I request to be in a trial. You said that you have tested on people, include me.

  8. Steve

    My father in law was included in the U of A study on DCA. He died a few years ago from a brain cancer and lived nearly 4 years. I believe everyone else in the study died too. I am a believer in diet and nutrition being the answer and I wish DCA cured cancer, but from personal experience it doesn’t. Sorry if I burst anyone’s bubble! There are natural cures out there, but DCA is not one of them.

    • Allie

      Hi Steve.
      I’m curious to know if your father-in-law or other participants did any standard treatments? Chemo- radiation?

      • Peter

        If I am not mistaken, the study done 4 years ago was to figure out the medical dose that was safe. Not to determine if it was effective in curing cancer. I would have assumed the doses were low vs. going for too high a dose. Plus, I believe it was also done with people who were already considered terminal.

  9. Looks like there is a clinical trial ongoing right now… ?


  10. Lisa

    It saddens me to think that we really do live in a world that would place a dollar sign on someone’s life, but we do.

    • Brian

      Think about it in the most basic terms. Let’s see you, I, and one other person are living in a tiny village where every day we must catch an animal or root up some tubers to not go hungry. One day, I fall ill. I ask you to find a cure for me, which will take 10 days. During those 10 days, you will not be able to hunt or root for tubers, and will go hungry. Because of your hunger, you will become malnutritioned, and the child you are pregnant with will miscarry. But if you do not find the cure for me, I will die. What will you choose to do?

      A large society is simply individual production scaled up to a national level. Everything that is produced – money, drugs, food, goods – ultimately comes from someone, somewhere, doing some work. We’re ultimately talking about individuals’ levels of production – how much of your production is my life worth? How much of your life should you be willing to sacrifice in order to save mine?

      It is an interesting question, isn’t it?

      • Yeah right

        You are comparing unrelated realities. What you speak of are old out-dated hunter-gatherer societies and how they survived. Your comment has absolutely no bearing on this situation we face today. Nice try…..freaking globalists

      • what are you trying to defend? Your parable is a bad metaphor. In reality, the person “hunting” for the cure is not in danger of losing their baby or life to malnutrition, they are in danger of not being able to afford that 17th yacht. There is absolutely no reason the world should not be a better place than it is other than greed.

  11. CureCancer10/4

    DCA is more effective after treatment(Radiation).. The results are proven to be better.. I think this was an awesome article, especially the REAL facts about these Big pharmaceutical companies. They are crooks, and because DCA is cheap and so far effective, they really don’t wanna invest… Would you really invest in DCA if you were a pharmaceutical company, even knowing that DCA works? These companies capture these Doctors while in med school and these doctors feel obligated to push these companies products whether they think it works or not.. Again, awesome article, and after my treatment, I will definitely try this out along with a total change of diet.. Diet is also REALLY important.. Juicing, cutting off sugars, most meats and dairy, and much more.. But Juicing diet is best..

    • Michael

      Can I also add, looking at psychological impacts that may have triggered the cancer to form? Along with diet, environment, belief/attitude, we hold onto imprints of past experiences in our energy fields and bodies as tensions or imbalances. Shifting our perspectives of past hurtful events works to restore the energetic balance which in turn reverses the effects of the ‘illness’. In this way all illnesses are signals for us to look a little deeper and consider our lives as whole entities through time-space, identify where we might have inner ‘baggage’, then work to release it and become whole again. The work of John Demartini (is only one example that i work with) works by quickly shifting life-long imbalances in our psyche in a matter of minutes-hours depending on how rigid our egos want to hold onto these false beliefs. And people can acheive this by themselves by simply asking themselves some quality questions to get to the heart of the matter.

  12. greg
    • Michael

      mate this is GOLD. This is exactly what i was talking about. Dr Hamer is remarkable and is pretty much the same conclusions Dr John Demartini has come to.

  13. I found a place you can get it online, just google puredca

  14. kb paglione

    Funny you don’t see any “Philanthropists” coming out of the wood work on this one!

  15. liza angelie

    I think that it is a good thing that DCA compounds are not subjected or own by any one specific pharmaceutical giant/company. Why does it have to be?? Why does any one have to “profit” from something that could save lives…. Should the right live be in the hands of Industrial Elites and echelons? I am so grateful that you have publicized this knowledge for those willing and wanting to expand their knowledge and consciousness. Giving the gift of knowledge is truly invaluable and priceless. Much thanks and appreciation for this article, Arjun. I love reading your posts.

    • - Collective Evolution

      Good point Liza, and thank you so much! :)

  16. liza angelie

    Shouldn’t the right to live be free?….


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