Dichloroacetate: University of Alberta Doctors Discover A Cure For Cancer

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1341708070009_ORIGINALUPDATE** View Clinical Trial Of DCA here

Dr Evengelos Michelakis, associate chair and medical researcher at the University of Alberta’s faculty of medicine and his team of researchers have discovered a cure for cancer. Long after his work was published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation (JCI) (3)(4), Circulation (2002, 2006), Circulation Research (2004)(5), PNSAS (2007)(6)(7), and Science Translational Medicine (August 2010) (1)(2), the University of Alberta’s research team still isn’t receiving any support from the medical industry.

Dr Michelakis and his team of researchers were the first to show that a cancer marker called survivin, which was thought to be found only in cancer cells was also heavily expressed in abnormal pulmonary arteries. The work was one of the first comprehensive studies to show a link between pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) and cancer, as you can see from the sources listed above.

A portion of his work was also recently published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). Dichloroacetate (DCA) was found to shrink solid tumors, including the aggressive primary brain cancer glioblastoma multiforme in human beings. You can view that study here(8).

Dr Michelakis’s research supports the emerging idea of altering the metabolism of tumors as a new direction of treatment for cancer. The drug is called dichloroacetate (DCA), and its been proven to reverse cancer growth. The drug tricks cancer cells into normal energy production by changing the ways they handle nutrient fuels. This causes the cancer cells to commit suicide without harming any healthy cells. Many researchers around the world have confirmed the research coming out of the University of Alberta.

Dichloroacetate (DCA) is a small molecule drug that has long been used to treat congenital mitochondrial abnormalities. The mitochondria (cell power source), is vital for several reasons. One of them is acting as oxygen sensors and control, as well as controlling programmed cell death. This process if known as apoptosis. The significance here is that this process is suppressed in cancer, a disease that’s characterized by uncontrolled cell growth.

Major studies within cancer research have been proven to be false which also suggests that the mainstream treatments we use are based on fraudulent findings and false science. It’s usually the treatments not heavily publicized and promoted that we should keep our eye on.  More researchers are catching on, not to long ago University of Michigan researchers suggested increasing public funding of research to decrease potential bias from industry ties. You can read more about that here.

What’s encouraging here is that the studies coming out of the University of Alberta are indeed publicly funded! Therefore there is absolutely no bias from industry connections, so it is much easier to trust and has the potential for higher validity.

Findings published in the journal Nature show that 88% of major studies on cancer that have been published in reputable journals over the years can not be reproduced to show their accuracy. This means that the research findings published makes it more difficult to trust them and threatens their validity.

Why Is The Drug Not Being Used?

The University of Alberta team has conducted tests on humans, but the pharmaceutical sector of medicine is  responsible for funding clinical trials that lead to the approval of medical treatments. It turns out that the rights to the DCA compound are not owned by any pharmaceutical company. This is a problem, as most of U of A’s research on this issue has been publicly funded. They are currently working to secure more funding to continue their research and ongoing DCA clinical trials.

Without industry support, it’s almost impossible to do anything with this research and infiltrate the health industry. It’s no different from any other industry. It’s not like you can take a water fuel cell car like Stan Meyer did, and introduce it to the energy industry. Doing so would wipe out the multi trillion dollar industry, it’s no different from the medical industry, heavy suppression of known cancer treatments is likely to exist.

Drug companies are not interested in drugs that won’t make them a profit. At the same time, we must keep in mind that all of the big pharmaceutical companies share the same owners as all of the big biotech giants like Monsanto and other food corporations. Our food is littered with toxic chemicals and GMO’s, and there is a large amount of evidence to suggest that these contribute in the sickness we see the human race plagued with today, making them dependent on pharmaceutical drugs. Please use our search bar, or browse through our health, science/tech and alternative news sections for more information on this subject.

Cancer treatments shouldn’t be limited to drugs, there are plenty of natural remedies that have proven to be effective. You might want to look into cannabis,hemp oil, soursop, baking soda and more. It’s time to start questioning the industry and, with all of the evidence available ask yourself, is cancer really untreatable? It is after all multi-trillion dollar industry.

At the end of the day, it comes down to making better choices in your life.

This is an old broadcast, and the drug has since been proven effective on humans, as well as human cancer cells outside of the body.


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  1. mike

    If anyone is looking for DCA, there are naturalpaths in Vancouver Canada that can write prescription for it. My mom is currently on DCA via intravenous. Google DCA + Vancouver

      as You know there are several websites running running all kind of petitions …
      this is the least ” We ” should do and present it to the PM .
      that’s an idea … I am not good at these ” things ” but , if Nobody will , I may be tempted …
      but really it is out of my experience … if Someone can , should .
      A petition whereas the Gov. gives a million dollars to the U of AB to study DCA as an agent against cancer …or something like that …
      I told You I am not good at this …
      ANY TAKERS ?

  2. jend

    My name is Jend and my father has been suffering from lung cancer and the doctor told us that there nothing he could do after doing 5 times chemotherapy and radiation and my father was not responding to treatment and not getting better.i was frustrated and confused and seeking advice from people until a friend told me about the Rick simpson cannabis oil and its fast curing ability of any kind of cancer and told me that her mother inlaw ovarian cancer was cured with the oil. I was desperate to save my father and contacted Rick simpson via branchofficeofricksimpsonoil@gmail.com to get this miraculous oil. So far so good my father is responding to treatment of cannabis oil and the health condition have improved drastically for good.

    • Kar

      though what you say about RSO IS TRUE! YOU ARE SCAMMER. Rick Simpson does not sell any oil, he only posts advise on how to make it. You are as criminal as big pharma praying on desperate people

  3. yes , I will try to get in touch with the Dr. at the U of A .
    I’ll phone the University .
    I rather go that way …
    Yes we are slaves to greed and health is no concern to nobody .. that includes the public, your neighbours , even your relatives … DOCTORS ARE THE WORST , but Friends , let’s put it clearly in our mind …
    UNLESS , We the ” common people ” UNITE and take action , there is no hope ..in this ..in anything else …
    I don’t have a website but an email , vicp@rogers.com … will my computer crush ?! .. write to me , if you wish … let’s band together .. ( if Someone has a website , then that would be perfect ) , BUT WE MUST DO SOMETHING .

  4. I am so grateful to Rick for providing me with Hemp oil here in the United State of America. I was diagnose with brain cancer 3 years ago, and ever since i have done a lot of Chemo and Radiation that have not help me, but only damaged my immune system and render it weak and helpless. I came across the Phoenix Tears and i have read about the Hemp oil a lot and saw that RICK SIMPSON could provide me with Hemp Oil here in the State, i contacted him via:ricksimpsonfoundation@gmail.com for the procurement of this medication, to my surprise the medication was procured and delivered within 48 hours and i have been on treatment for the past 3 months. Am now here to testify that am no more a cancer patient, I have experience a total transformation in my health sector with Rick Simpson Hemp oil service. get your Hemp oil from ricksimpsonfoundation@gmail.com

    • This sounds an awful lot like an advertisment for Rick Simpson’s hemp oil.

    • Kar

      You are a criminal scammer. DONT TRUST THIS GUY!

  5. Abuth

  6. Pseudoscience Kills

    Some reading material for this crazy big pharma conspiracy theory stuff.


  7. While DCA does shrink tumors, folks need to know that it does have side effects and they can be deadly, but the death tends to be sudden and does not involve the horrifying torture that chemo and radiation do. If someone is dying anyway from cancer I believe they deserve to have the choice to try DCA and decline the standard treatments. I probably would.

    • Thomas Dos Equis

      The problem is a detox one with what is called Herxheimer Response.

  8. Caroline

    When my dad was diagnosed with cancer, as any person would, is try anything, not caring about side effects, because they are dying anyways, the trealments they have in Hospitals are more cruel than the cancer itself, sometimes why the patient dies!!! EVERYONE should chose if they wish to try the treatment or not, EVERYONE want a CHANCE to live! SOo STOP MAKING IT ALL ABOUT MONEY! and HELP the people, GIVE THE PEOPLE THE CHOICE, to try or not!!! Allow ALL Hospitals to offer this treatment to EVERYONE who has any form of cancer! THEY HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO LOSE!!! if it was your child, or one of your parents, your spouse, or even yourself,would you not try it and give yourself a simple chance? I think so, everyone deserves that chance to live! The Polio Vaccine saved millions of lives, do the same with this, and put a STOP to the torture which is caused to the children, watching they parents die and suffer of cancer, or spouses watching their love dying and suffering of cancer. I saw my Dad, who was my hero, suffer so much and then die of cancer. if you care AT ALL ABOUT PEOPLE!!! GIVE EVERY HOSPITAL A CHANCE TO OFFER THIS TO THEIR PATIENT’S. IT”S THE RIGHT THING TO DO!!! (the Email am giving will be active as of Monday the 21st of April 2014)

  9. gbenga

    please how can i contact Dr Evengelos Michelakis or just get d drug

    • Peter

      The US has blocked DCA for purchase over the internet. You can, however, buy it for your dog. Here is the link. http://petdca.com/
      I hope you can get the dosage from the University of Alberta in Canada. That is where you will find Dr Evengelos Michelakis

      • camil

        thank you very much
        I couldn’t reach Dr Evengelos so far , but there is still hope

      • You are suggesting that cancer patients try ‘do it yourself’ cancer treatments at home? This is a very unwise thing to be doing. I sincerely hope no one takes you seriously.

        • Pete

          What would I have to lose if I am dying anyway?

          • Grace Caine

            There are thousands of people safely taking DCA at this very moment, it’s not like it was a decade ago where people were guessing dosage amounts with a tablespoon. I purchased from the pet place and it arrived very quickly. I have another site I’ve purchased from as well and it was just as fast, let me know if someone wants the link.

  10. sharon

    Where can you buy this? order online? anyone know of someone who tried it? can you take while doing radiation/chemo?

    • angelica

      DEar Sharon,
      I’m writing from Italy. I have my husband who is taking chemo. Did you have news about this medicine DCA?
      How can we get in touch with Dc. Mikelakis?

      • WE WERE DISCUSSING THIS MATTER WITH A RESEARCHER , WHO , is from Alberta and PROBABLY works at the hospital of Alberta , in Winnipeg …. it is easy to find in the Internet .. but I have not heard from this researcher …
        No. 1 IT HA NOT DETERMINED how much opf this substance You can take to be effective …
        This Professor needs about 1-mil ca to keep up its research …
        $1-mil , in research , is PEANUTS ! and yet He can’t get it !!!
        Because the substance is common and can be for a few pennies … it is not a “NEW ” discovery that can be sold at premium prices … there are POWERFUL interests AGAINST it and they are being successful …in stopping this research …
        Someone should face up to Harper , from Alberta , and bluntly ask Him … who is he working for

        We know He is not for the People … We know all he cares is OIL , OIL OIL… but he is also with the big Pharma companies AGAINST THE COMMON GUY and his ability to get proper health care under the national program .
        What You want Me to do with a Guy like this ?
        He is a social scourge but the people in AB love him and in Canada , too , so He gets re-eleected …
        despite that and a lot more !!!!!!
        Dr. Mikelalis : Universaity of Alberta .
        Best of luck .

  11. jim

    You can get it from petdca.com. I ordered it for my dog with lymphoma.

    • Thanks Jim !:)

    • Jeff

      Jim have you bought some? How much do you use daily? If you did.

  12. Lyn teiteldll

    Where can a cancer patient get this treatment? If one is dying in hospice, they would like to be able to have one more chance to stop the cancer from killing them

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