Edgar Mitchell: Apollo 14 Astronaut Testifies To Extraterrestrial Visitations

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emDr. Edgar Mitchell is a man of many experiences. For one, he was the 6th man to walk on the moon. He is a former Navy Captain, author and lecturer. His academic background includes a Bachelor of Science from Carnegie Mellon University, a Postgraduate Science degree from the U.S. Naval School and  Doctor of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT. He has received honorary doctorates in engineering from New Mexico State University, the University of Akron, and and ScD from Embry-Riddle University as well as many other honours and awards.

He is the founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and the co-founder of the Association of Space Explorers.  Clearly, a man who has been around, and had contact with a number of people at NASA, the military, and within academic field.

Dr. Mitchell is seen here giving an interview for the new Sirius Documentary. A documentary created by Dr Steven Greer  from the Disclosure Project and filmmaker Amardeep Kaleka that highlights the reality of the UFO/extraterrestrial phenomenon and the technological implications of it. Keep in mind, change doesn’t come from technology alone, it comes from us as well.

In this this interview, Dr. Mitchell testifies to the reality of of UFOs and an extraterrestrial presence behind the phenomenon. For more information about this subject, please browse through our alternative news, multimedia and science/technology sections. Or simply use the search bar with key words like “extraterrestrial” or “UFOs.”

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  1. Nomas Idiotas

    The music is a major gaffe. It is distracting and makes it difficult to follow what Dr. Mitchell is saying. Would you please make a version available that does not have the music or an option of turning it off. I assume someone mistakenly believes that it creates a “mood”. It does. Annoyance. Without including subtitles*, it is impossible to follow. If you won’t remove the music, would you make a transcript available? *Closed Caption is NOT subtitles. Watch this with the closed caption on if you want to laugh at the horrific misinterpretation. Closed Caption is never adequate.

  2. Strahinja

    the Music is quite fine. Awesome interview

  3. mary

    Absolutely agree! The goofy, new-agey music (or whatever that was) turned a serious interview into something with the ridiculous attached. Get rid of it!

  4. D

    Should have removed that background hiss. It’s really irritating when trying to listen to what is said.

  5. Will

    Any world government that possesses knowledge of fact that alien life exists (Assuming it does) is unknowingly grateful I don’t work for them. I wouldn’t care what I swore to or what they would do to me, I’d gather the proof and throw it down on the ground for everyone to see. If they exist, it’s only a matter of time until it really happens. History shows that every age has its hero’s.

  6. Please wake me up when there’s a body form or spacecraft found; otherwise it’s the same ole “Bigfoot” drivel.

  7. Eyerishangel

    People should know that, once you get a security clearance, you sign your life away. You are bound to that contract for LIFE and if you break it the gov’t reserves the right to prosecute you beyond what you could handle. The only way of getting out of that contract with the gov’t is to die. With that said, he can not give you specific concrete detail without violating that contract. What he has said is stepping very close to the boundaries of that contract. So, please don’t expect someone to just come out and say “here’s the UFO!”. It’s not going to happen.

  8. peter

    doctor of science isn’t a degree from MIT…..PhD is what you mean right? stopped reading at that point

  9. Only arrogant people believe they are the only creation of GOD, only blind arrogant people can believe that the human race are the most advance beings existed in the whole universe… only blind narrow minded arrogant people believe that they are the first, only advance creation of God existed/existing asing their belief in the incomplete Bible compiled by conniving enterprising people together with the romans…. How arrogant, narrow minded blind can a person be by rejecting the truth that we are primitive beings compared to other intelligent beings that existed already before us, just because you one don’t have the proof that one wants doesn’t means we are advance and intelligent race compared to others, on the contrary we are primitive compared to them and the governments around the world wants us that way so they can manipulate and control most of us… why do you think there are no proof? there are no proofs because the governments are sequestering every proof any individual have, to stop them from telling the truth and to make them appear unreliable if they persist on telling the truth.

    • Do people not believe that NASA and other agencies have contracts to sign that forbid disclosure of top secret information?

      • Jon

        People believe that man set foot on the moon. People will believe anything.

    • god is not creator of man ,mans imagination is creator of god ..so there goes your comment up the Swanee

  10. Lady40ish

    Yay! The ‘troll’ is gonna leave us alone now. So, anyone else really excited about the recent disclosures? Do you think there will be a ‘contact’ soon? And what about the idea that the Greys & others have been living with us (but underground) for thousands of years?

    I hope that some of you are still following this. I can’t bear talking to myself :-D

  11. Lady40ish

    Riiiiiight Bobby. Gotcha! Your ‘concrete proof’ is the word of one man. Yeah, of course, that would satisfy any researcher. I guess you’ve never heard of the Official Secrets Act, or that Gov’ts and other agencies have threatened numerous people with death, either of themselves and/ or their families… and you wonder why they didn’t tell the truth at the press conference?!! Your naivety is astounding- but quite endearing.
    Disclosure is still new and is being kept within strict boundaries- still no one is telling ALL that they know.

    There are numerous resources available for further understanding of all aspects of this topic- ‘A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon’ documentary available on YouTube, ‘The Dulce Book’- available in full, free, online, Lloyd Pye’s work on the Origins Of Humanity or the Starchild’s Skull, Zecharia Sitchin’s work, with reference to Planet Nibiru and the Anunnaki – to name but a few.

    • Talk about “fairy-tales!!!” I have nothing further to say to you…that’s for sure!!!

      • truth lite

        i betcha you never thought that fairytales are just animations of real life? Take the wizard of oz (my favorite fairytale) – most humans either don’t have a working heart, brain or courage to stand up to see who they really are in this life! i’ve always thought Peter Pan was the woman who wants to settled down and the man who wants to continue his travels of adventure. But Robin-hood has all the prospects of every human alive no matter what role you are now playing at this very moment – my friend @bobby90247 – say nothing, which one are you?

  12. Lady40ish

    I agree that it is good to question. Doing your own research is vital in these days of disinfo. Having said that, pretty much every ancient culture has some ‘lore’ about beings from the sky. Here in the UK we have drawings in caves from the Stone Age showing flying discs and ETs. A number of Native American ‘myths’ ‘legends’ and ‘stories’ tell of star brothers. Tunnels underground used by ETs, Buddhists, Native Americans, etc have been part of ‘lore’ for centuries. Sitchin’s work was ALL about ETs and their influence on our planet (Ancient Sumeria). Of course I could not be sure, but do wonder if these ancient civilisations were into disinfo. Did they make up these stories and paint provocative pictures just to mess with our heads? Hmmmm, I doubt it.

    I refer back to my first post and ask Bobby again- just what kind of evidence would you accept as proof?
    Also, with respect, if you ‘question everyone and everything’- why haven’t you reached your own conclusions about this particular topic yet?

    • anabel

      well said lady 40

    • I “thought” I had already explained what I think about this subject, I believe what Jesus “Taught us!” I’m curious, has “Mitchell” ever said anything what he had seen on the “Dark Side of the Moon?” It doesn’t sound like he ever has!

      From an astronaut that has traveled to the moon, I would settle for what he had seen as he flew over the “Dark Side of the Moon!” But then, “they” (astronauts) have yet to disclose what they had seen!!!

    • btw…have you seen the YouTube video of Apollo 11 Press Conference? You’ll see that those astronauts are NOT telling everything they had seen! Of course, you probably have different ideas about that…also!

  13. Obviously, most of you believe everything that is “told” to you by “whomever” and don’t question anything!!! Sorry, but I question “everything” and “everyone!” You say “…the greatest scientists and minds…” and FAIL to realize that they are the same ones that are “employed” by Monsanto and other corporations, poisoning us ALL!!!

    You FAIL to realize, that anything outside of their “realm” is instantly relegated to “folklore”, “myths”, and “legends!!!” But, you see, you don’t “realize” any of this as it IS beyond your understanding!

    • I agree with Bobby90247. It’s good to question. I don’t feel his comments indicate that he’s a skeptic. I do believe in ET’s. How can a universe or indeed, universes only be open to human life? It doesn’t make any sense. However, that doesn’t mean I swallow everything. And it doesn’t matter who’s doing the talking. There is a lot of disinformation out there :)

      Let’s respect all opinions.

    • Lady40ish

      Please provide evidence that anyone at The Institute of Noetic Science is working for Monsanto or another corporation working against humanity.

    • george bush

      hahha mths and folklore. This coming from a guy who believes in the bible as the truth. How ironic.

      • WOW! DON’T put words into MY MOUTH! Those are YOUR words…not mine!

        What is ironic, ARE people like you who want to broadcast what “other’s” believe in!

        I DO NOT believe in the Bible and believe I have made that quite clear!

        BUT then, how would you know that…as you DO NOT know me!

        Therefore, “take a hike!” As you have shown everyone “just” how “IGNORANT” YOU TRULY ARE!

  14. jesuschristalmighty

    Its interesting how unqualified joe bobby blows come up with their attitude and their take about Edgar Mitchell..calling him just “another person” and nothing more, Edgar Mitchell is hardly just “another person!” READ HIS BOOK! “The way of the explorer” before you so disrespectfully dis credit him! Have YOU bobby been on a spaceship and gone into outer space? Edgar has, in his book he describes his experiences with ETS! he has also started a school where he has brought together the greatest scientists and thinking minds of our time to try and discover the nature of this universe! What YOUR great accomplishment to the world bobby boy!

    • unqualified? hmmm…I can see you are quite qualified…jesuschristalmighty…what a joke!

      “…greatest scientists and thinking minds of our time…”??? Tell me, does this list include, Nassim Haramein? If not, then he OBVIOUSLY missed the Greatest Mind of ALL TIME! YOU, probably haven’t even heard of Nassim…have you!!!

      Get a Life and “Troll” elsewhere!!!

      • Nassim Haramein is a physics crank, one of the many who claim to have uncovered the holy grail of physics, the “Unified Field Theory”. Despite his claims, he’s virtually unknown to mainstream physics, and the only people who take him seriously are the kind of people who listen to Coast to Coast AM[1] – other wannabe physicists, conspiracy theorists, UFO nuts, Nibiru believers, New Ageish “truthseekers”, alternative energy proponents, etc., etc.

  15. Lady40ish

    He also hasn’t read The Dulce Book

  16. makingwavez

    Im sure a man of his accreditation has no reason to make all this up. If he had physical proof he would have exposed it. If you want physical proof watch sirius disclosure!

  17. Interesting interview…I guess. But, just like everyone else, he does NOT produce any kind of physical evidence. He leaves everyone “wondering!” He does NOT say the name of the “clandestine group” or give any other details of any nature. “Just” another person with his own ideas about UFO’s…nothing more!

    • Lady40ish

      And just what ‘evidence’ would you like him to produce? Photos (photoshopped), video (same), a real life ET (someone in a costume), part of a UFO (scrap metal)….. please tell me, what would convince a sceptic?

      • “skeptic?” I’m NO skeptic! But, in answer to your question, “YES!” I would like to see some kind of “concrete” evidence! Everyone “talks” about this, but no one has ever “produced” anything!!!

        • Reason alone should be enough proof.

          • Oh! You mean like the “reasons” Adolf Hitler wanted to wipe-out the Jews! Right!

            Good Answer!

            Like I said, “I’m NO Skeptic!”

            However, I’m no skeptic as when “Jesus” was asked if we were the only ones in the Universe, His reply was “…No, there are many Beings in God’s Universe, but none, shine as brightly as you…” (paraphrased).

            What’s your “BELIEF???”

          • Lady40ish

            Bobby, wrong understanding of ‘reason’.
            Or is that too much for you to understand?

        • Lila

          Funny…….people believe in a man in the sky called God…..without a shred of evidence.

      • J

        How about the fact that this man spent more time educating himself than youve ben alive… If you cant trust a top of the line doctor whos been within the system that hides proof than you will never believe… A billion people blindly believe i. A magical god … But its so rediculous to believe in other planets that more than likely have life.. 14 billion years since big bang… Earth is 4 billion years old an here we are imagine a civilization that began even 1 billion years before us…

        • Margaret Watson

          Agree, J


        • moe

          for some its disbelief being as strong as the disbelief for religion.

      • sam

        “For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.” Stuart Chase quotes ( Writer and Economist, b.1888 d. 1985

    • anabel

      have you ever looked on a telescope? why are you so arrogant to believe “we” are the only ones? do you see the “air” yet you breathed but don’t see it….you have eyes and yet you choose not to see….this is nothing new, it has been happening since the beginning of time…..

      • can you read? i guess NOT! Since you haven’t “read” any of my “responses!!!”


        is it that you simply “don’t understand???”

    • He comes out with the usual trite remarks about ‘most ufos are misperceived phenomena, yet some might be genuine.” Michael Collins, astronaut, said similar things, but was more definite. Buzz Aldrin is the most courageous, talking about an artifact on Phobos, but all the astronauts seem to be surprisingly cautious in their comments. None of them mention the vast video archive of Ufos now available. At least Mitchell mentioned some defence and Air Force reports, now the mainstream of most books on Ufos.
      Most of the sightings fall well outside of the ‘misperceived’ category, and those who have studied video clips for years can tell the genuine from the fake. In fact there are very few natural categories that perform like Ufos, and I have written a book on ‘fireballs’ and covered virtually all aerial phenomena.
      Even more surprising, and possibly indicative of Nasa pressure, iis their refusal to talk about their own Ufo sightings, in spite of audio tape and film evidence from the Apollo missions and other Nasa film and video evidence which is often mentioned by Ufologists. Collins spoke about other astronauts seeing ‘hundreds’ of them, but not the Apollo astronauts.

    • Clara Valente

      This morning there were 12 humans in the bus queue. Of course it could be my imagination. I didn’t bring my camera, I don’t know the people’s names , and I didn’t ask where they lived. I just saw them and kept company with them for 6 minutes.

      • Really? Are you SURE, they were humans? Did you do a DNA analysis?

        Short of a DNA Analysis, “I don’t believe you!!!”

        As a “matter-of-FACT”, somebody told me that you are an “Habitual Liar” and that I shouldn’t believe anything you say!!!

    • Physical evidence? Are witnesses in a trial compelled to provide evidence? Nope. He can only attest to what he witnessed with his eyes.

    • 77swordfish

      Are you serious bobby90247?! You have no idea what you are talking about. There is no concrete eidence? That is total rubbish. It is obvious you have not even researched the UFO/Alien subject very well or you would not be thinking and posting something so asanine. The evidence is overwhelming. The amount of credible witnesses, encounters, etc. is staggering and more than it has ever been. You are in for a very rude awakening.

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