Hemp Has Over 50,000 Uses: ‘Hemp Can Help Save Our World’

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Below is a music video on hemp titled “hemp can help save our world” by the luminaries. They represent what they call the “luminous movement”, a shift in human consciousness that we are experiencing right now. It’s a great little video and illustrates the multiple uses of hemp and the contributions it can make  to help us live in a more harmonious way with the planet.

We are all awakening to the inner experience, and understand that we are beautiful, luminous beings. Be a part of this conscious community gathering intended to inspire your heart with positive music, invigorate your soul, and activate ya bofty chakra! – Luminaries

Why is hemp illegal to grow? Because government laws often violate fundamental human rights. Hemp is restricted because it promotes freedom, abundance and healthy living. It is also a direct threat to many of the multi national corporations. Hemp has over 50,000 uses, it’s a natural gift from the Earth that was meant to be used by the human race, no suppressed and made illegal.

Hemp can change the way we build everything, have you ever heard about Hempcrete? If you haven’t you can read more about it here. It has multiple medicinal qualities, and can be used for food and medicine. Henry Ford’s first Model-T was built to run on hemp gasoline. The car itself was even constructed from hemp! You can read more about that here

Spread the word about hemp! Much Love.

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  1. You are absolutely correct, hemp has more than 50,000 uses. All which would compete directly against oil, wood, plastics and fiberglass. The gains from an American hemp crop could reverse the debt in 4 years. We could have healthcare for every ss holding American. That would lead the way for manufacturing to return to USA. Taxes from hemp and marijuana would grow to 2 trillion per year in 4 years. Slowing decreasing the debt by 1 trillion per year, plus healthcare for all social security number holding Americans.
    No that is the perfect plan. Grow our nation into a new super power. Able to feed cloth and house a nation from a natural fiber.
    We are silly for making laws which bankrupt us. Legalize it now for 2 trillion taxes!

  2. Mary

    Totally agree!!!! I just recently started my own little hemp store. Please check it out,

  3. I’m pro raw juice cannabis and hemp what abut you do you smoke Arjun?


    Free Mary Wanna and Harry hemp…Together they provide us with budding possibilities, and an endless string of opportunities….

    • Perfect! Is the only way to describe legal hemp and marihuana. 50,000 products which will all be taxed. Plus the tax on pot. Should equal 2 trillion per year in federal tax revenues. Use 1 trillion per year to pay down debt. 900 billion for a national health insurance plan the same quality our elected officials enjoy.
      That plan creates a path for manufacturing to return to America. A way for the drug war to slow. It creates 30 million jobs with w-2 forms. Most of all a way America can prosper in less than 5 years.
      A perfect plan, no politician will back.
      Repeal the 1937 hemp act or this nation will fail in 4 years!!!

  5. Charles Waller

    Can you provide any credible evidence for the claim hemp fiber was used in building the Model T? I have searched in vain for a long time. The 1941 ptototype the company built had 10% hemp fiber in the body panels, along with other natural fibers, but that was the extent. H. Ford built everal engines and automobile prior to forming Ford Motor Co., but I’ve been unable to find any solid evidence indicating any cannabis hemp products were used in their construction. I would really like to find something to support the claim.

    • Jeanie

      I have wondered the same.

  6. Butch

    I would love to wear hemp clothing, but its way to expensive. I thought the beauty of hemp is how cheap it is to produce.

  7. Dak Kol

    Use a BIDET. They are now one piece and fit on your toilet in place of the standard cover (lid).

    1) more sanitary
    2) saves paper and the water used to produce it
    3) eliminates pollution from paper bleaching process
    4) relieves hemorrhoid or other bottom-line issues


  8. Even if some of the “legal” hemp gets diverted into drug use, isn’t that a better option than crack cocaine and heroin?


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