10 of The Best Crop Circles Ever

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Crop circles have increased in frequency and complexity since they began showing up in the 1600’s. They became more frequent in the 1800’s and then much more frequent and complex in the 1900’s, especially as time gets closer to the present date. While the phenomenon has been deemed a hoax by mainstream beliefs, there is a great deal of physical evidence to show that these circles cannot be made by humans using some wood and rope. This article isn’t so much about proving that, as a Google search can return plenty of information on the topic. Instead, this outlines some of the best crop circles I personally have ever come across.

Before we get into the list, I wanted to run across an example of a man made crop circle as there will be those of us who do not feel crop circles are a real phenomenon and instead are a man made hoax. Below is a crop circle of the Firefox logo. It is not an extremely complex design by according to the creators of the circle, the creation took weeks of planning and just under 24 hours of manual work.

“Planned in under two weeks and completed in under 24 hours, the crop circle had a final diameter of 220 feet. We constructed the circle in an oat field near Amity, Oregon, where it was completely invisible from the road but unmistakable from the sky. Our team consisted of 12 people, mainly OSU students, and we carefully stomped down oats from 3:30pm Friday afternoon until 2:30am, putting on the finishing touches between 7:30am and 11:00am Saturday, August 12.” Firefox crop circle creators.


As you check out the pictures and crop circles from below, notice the complexity of them and the fact that most of these were created in very short periods of time.

1. Waden Hill, UK 2012. This crop circle features sacred geometry and points to the sacred monument of Silbury Hill in the distance.


2. Ant Crop Circle from England. Crop circle researcher Jonah Ohayv claims to have visited and researched over 60 crop circle locations. This is among his favorites.

ant crop

3. Middle East Desert sand circle. This one is up for interpretation as it is unclear whether it is real. Some claim it to be an art on location project while others claim it appeared and there are no signs on human creation involved. No footprints etc. Nonetheless, this is a fascinating work.


4. Flower crop circle from Poirino (Torino) Italy. Fascinating and very intricate design below. Overlaps into both new and old crops.


5. Windmill Hill, UK 2011. Another beautiful and intricate design here in England. Seems the UK is a bit of a hot spot for CC’s.

windmill hill

6. Oxforshire Field, England 2009. This crop circle spans an incredible 600ft. This is about double the size of most crop circles.


7. West Woodhay UK 2011. Showing up in the same country as Stonehenge, this crop circle seems to make reference to a serpent. Is it a clue to the reptilian/draconian agenda? Either way, another interesting design.


 8. Goes Netherlands 2009. 530 by 450 meters, this accurate re-creation of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man is said to represent the blossoming of humanity during the shift in consciousness.


9. Sugar Hill, UK 2007. Another geometrical masterpiece.

sugar hill

10. Chilbolton, UK 2002. This one is one of the most fascinating out there. It reveals an alien face as well as a coded message. After much time was spent on decoding the message, the following statement was revealed. “Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts and their BROKEN promises. Much PAIN but still time. (Damaged word). There is GOOD out there. We OPPOSE DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING. (Bell sound).”

alien msg

In the coming weeks we will be posting a research article into the subject of crop circles and determine fact from fiction. To spoil a bit, there is physical and scientific evidence to prove that most crop circles out there are not manmade. They contain levels of radiation and magnetic particles. Additionally, many of the crops are not broken or bent over in a way that would suggest a few boards and rope was the means of creation. They are almost genetically altered or manipulated in a way that does not damage the base of the crop.

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  1. This was the best crop circle:


  2. Nice overview Joe.
    I spoke at the Glastonbury Crop Circle Symposium in the 1990’s on a litmus test to distinguish between fake and real crop circles that anyone could do. As a physicist the only thing that could explain plant features was that they had been exposed to an altered gravitational field that had affected the spacetime fabric of the region they were found in. As such the plant stem grew in the direction of the field and the roots would have grown in the opposite direction as plants do in response to the Earth’s field (this is known as Gravitropism). I asked Paul Vigay, researcher into Crop Circles if he had found plants with roots and stems arranged in opposing directions (S-Shaped) (fake crop circle stems would be flat while roots would be normal, pointing down,ie L shaped). He said he had found such stems. I am the opening speaker for this years Glastonbury Symposium and will be talking about software I have created will employ social networks to change the vibration of consciousness on Earth.

    • Chuni

      Thanks Jazz, please keep me updated.

    • Sandra Stevens

      Looking forward to the final creation of your software Jazz.

  3. Joe,
    I share your passion for “Collective Evolution.” I think we are in another Renaissance that is already greater and faster spreading than the first one which I may remind you had the help of a new technology–the printing press.

  4. Lion

    “In the coming weeks we will be posting a research article into the subject of crop circles and determine fact from fiction. To spoil a bit, there is physical and scientific evidence to prove that most crop circles out there are not manmade. They contain levels of radiation and magnetic particles. Additionally, many of the crops are not broken or bent over in a way that would suggest a few boards and rope was the means of creation. They are almost genetically altered or manipulated in a way that does not damage the base of the crop.”

    Sorry but your are wrong, or not enought informed. please before writing the usual disinforation, try to ask someone very well informed and study the phenomenon… please

    • Greg

      >They contain levels of radiation and magnetic particles.
      >radiation and magnetic particles
      >magnetic particles

      Thanks for pointing this out, Lion.

      Mr Martino: Congratulations, you’ve just discovered monopoles, which are largely thought not to exist and have never been observed (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetic_monopole)! You truly are a bastion of the scientific community.

      This massive error should make it obvious that the author has absolutely zero idea what he is talking about. Unfortunately, judging from the comments, the mere fact that he is writing about crop circles isn’t enough to get the message across.

      • - Collective Evolution

        There is a lot of evidence behind crop circles!

    • - Collective Evolution

      I have already researched in depth a fair amount, some cases have displayed these factors. More will come.

  5. Abigail

    Cool article- like this page but (I hate to say it), the typo’s make it harder to take seriously, even though, as I know, writing ‘veyr’ doesn’t affect the subject matter it does do something to the sense of validity you feel while reading it. Keep up the interesting stuff though.

  6. Jennie Rennie.

    I dowse to ask questions of Spirit. This is what Spirit says. Humans made 3,4,8,10. Spirit made 1,2,5,6,7,9. They were not made by entities from other planets. It also says that the encoded message from the 70’s referred to in the first comment was made by spirit, but the “alien face’ was not made by spirit. It says that the ‘decoding’ of the coded message is incorrect. It would be interesting to hear if another dowser got the same answers as I did.

  7. I’ve used the pendulum long-term myself Jennie. I got that all of them are for real except for the last one, the alien face. I didn’t dowse about the correctness of the decoded message. I think it ought to be easy enough to tell whether a crop circle is genuine. As it says in the last paragraph of the article, with genuine crop circles, the stalks are not broken or bent as they would be if created by humans using boards and ropes.

    • Jennie Rennie.

      Great to get your comments its lovely to connect with someone else who is interested in dowsing about whether or not the crop circles are man made. Interesting that we got some different answers but agreed about the face. I wonder what your pendulum says about who creates the ones that are not man made. I wonder why we got some different answers, that confuses me, but I would love to hear anyone else’s dowsing results, it will help me understand my dowsing answers a little more.

      • Hi Jennie, I think it doesn’t really matter that we got different answers. I think the real test is whether the stalks are broken or not. I guess we’ll find out more in the next installment promised here. As for who is creating the “real” circles – where the stalks aren’t broken or bent – I heard once that it’s us in the future, assisting the paradigm shift occurring now.
        A quote I like on crop circles (esp. the part about confounding the scientists), from the book “Earth: Pleiadian Keys To The Living Library,” channeled by Barbara Marciniak:

        If you look carefully into the historical records and manuscripts, you will find that the crop-circle glyphs are not a phenomenon found only in this century. These glyphs of sound and light geometry frequently come and go from the Earth plane. They are one way that communication between life forms is gently being introduced. The glyphs do more than a ship landing with strange beings saying, “Hey, we are here. Let us give you the scoop.” They confound your scientific community and make them look foolish, which is absolutely necessary–with humor, of course. Your scientists are in a rut, and it is time for humanity to question everything. In particular, it is time to question those who claim to have all the answers. Realities are merging, and Earth is hostess to many unusual events as the ancient sacred sites, the calendars, and the libraries in stone speak. The crop circles act as a herald and accelerator, announcing with intricate and elegant simplicity, “The paradigm shift is upon you.”

  8. Eliot Estep

    Awesome article Joe! I have always found crop circles to be fascinating. I believe they contain many deep mysteries and that some are genuine communications from non-human beings. I have two of them tattooed on my body. These two:

    1. http://www.starnationgallery.com/articles/2007_3.html

    2. http://www.fastlanetransport.ca/blog/wp-content/uploads/2007/08/crop_circle_1.jpg

  9. Shereen M

    Thank you for this article, I really enjoyed your favorites.
    The Firefox is funny, I hadn’t seen that before. I thought it was an odd choice for students to have decided on.

    From what I’ve researched, it seems some have a significant difference in the base of the stocks or the way they’re broken, that would be unknown how humans could have caused.

    My understanding is that it’s likely most of the above crop circles are not made by humans. (I don’t personally think all of them were)

    People are able to make amazing large scale designs though, however it takes a considerable amount of time and effort.
    This is a great example of the level of ability and the labor it entails. There’s some I think are more amazing, but this is a nice collection, (or search, “Art in the rice fields of Japan”):


  10. Hi,Joe,nice sunday!this’s becoming a really mistery,and I don’t believe anyone among us can make this job,despite testimony of some people;would the spacial station have something with it?

  11. Papix

    Been following news about Crop Circles for a few years already. Are there any examples of crop circles that are impossible to be made by ordinary earthlings or that appeared with witnesses present?

    • While none of them are “impossible” for humans to imitate, there are some genuine formations of unknown non-human authorship.

    • No. There all man made.

  12. Linda

    Nice work Joe, keep it up brother.

  13. This was the best crop circle:Whitefield Hill 2010


    however, I also dislike most in those who have chosen you

    Bye bye

  14. Joe – Nice for you to be giving crop circles a little attention with your article. I have been researching them for about 25 years and visited about 200+ over the past 13 years in England. Not very pleased with your selection under the title of Ten Best Ever . . . as these are certainly not in the top ten even in the past ten years. A bit more research might have led you to make different choices. Looking at the comments above, there are certainly a mix of crop circles of unknown non-human origin and those created by people. Only a few of the “non-human” ones have been witnessed in the process of creation, but there are also a handful of ones where witnesses observed an “empty” grain field in one minute and some minutes later elaborate designs were seen in the same field.

    Ask Julian about the differences between his sand art and crop art. No mystery to the sand art because the origin and authorship is known. Not true with regard to the crop designs. In this case, the human cc makers are imitating an actual unknown phenomenon. Usually with deception as an element in the practice. Most all of the human cc makers have also experienced paranormal activity at some time during their time in the fields. What is that all about if there is nothing unexplainable about the crop circle phenomenon?

    There are purely man-made formations, purely non-man made formation and many that are a combination of the two where either humans have manipulated or altered a “genuine” formation and where unknown elements have altered human made formations. The only true test of whether a crop circle is of human or non-human origin (or a mix) is by fully reading its energy. No scientist has discovered how to do this, nor created the technology to accomplish such a task. Intuition, dowsing, and energetic reading is the closest we currently get to this and that’s not too scientific. Looking for bent/elongated nodes, expulsion cavities, and deformed stems is a bit of a red herring. While humans can not reproduce these effects in the field, not all genuine formations have these effects either.

    Keep up the curiosity . . . you’re on to something!

  15. Knock

    Believing that crop circles were made by beings NOT from our planet is just ridiculous and pointless.

  16. yoofaloof

    I’m sure it’d be quicker, if it were aliens, just to land and say, ‘Hey, we’re here!’ instead of leaving cryptic messages. I think we need to look closer to home to be honest.

  17. Chris Holdsworth

    The alien is holding the disc that we sent in the sixties!

  18. the circle from the middle east was an art project. research, research, research.

  19. Lonnie Baker

    The first one is the Firefox logo. Look it up- it’s true. I’m not saying they’re all hoaxes but that one has to be.

    • Criticical Cynic

      Yes, thank you, the specifically talk about the planning of it and how many people made it. Maybe read the article THEN comment?

  20. George

    1st one is firefox! :)

  21. Kara Lee

    awesome collection! i’d be really interested (in the future) to read a crop circle article about possible interpretations of what each one represents. hope you consider in future topics hihihi. thanks!

  22. A few years ago I found some crop circles on the South Downs and discovered that they were a time travel machine. To find out more read Mary Parker’s book “Rings Around Time” and participate in some of the great events that have happened in Sussex

  23. Impressive list, perhaps these are true signs of communication from otherworldly entities. Man made or not, they raise questions about their origin. With all the discovered carvings etched in stone throughout the world, they point to an existence beyond what we know. Crop circles I believe are some form of communication from other lifeforms.


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