Boy Recovers From Autism By Removing Dairy & Gluten. Strong Evidence Links Vaccines to Autism

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Global autism rates are on the rise and many are beginning to ask questions about how they can best treat or remedy symptoms to increase quality of life overall. In one particular case, a young boy by the name of Ethan Fox began showing strong signs of Autism recovery when his diet was changed to no longer include gluten and dairy. The parents of Ethan acted on the advice of Dr. Kenneth Bock who is an autism specialist and author of ‘Healing The New Childhood Epidemics. Autism, ADHD, Asthma and Allergies.’ It is believed that changing an autistic child’s diet to no longer include gluten and dairy can assist 60% of children with autism.

The video below covers the story in detail so be sure to check it out for more information on this specific case.

There is much concern that the rise in autism is directly linked to the rise in vaccines since the early 1990’s. While this theory has been debunked on several occasions by mainstream health, many independent studies are confirming the link, suggesting that mainstream health has a vested benefit in the continuation of their practices. Many researchers in the field strongly believe the current vaccine schedule is unsafe and health professionals are turning a blind eye to the real and factual results. Many arguments against the mainstream approach to this research is that they have not properly studied or tested the link between autism and vaccines and therefore are irresponsibly drawing conclusions.

Autism in the U.S. alone has increased by over 2700 percent since 1991. It was at that point that vaccines for children doubled, and even today we still see an increase in the number of immunizations. Before 1991, 1 in 2500 children were diagnosed with autism whereas now 1 in 91 children are diagnosed.[3] Although research by Epidemiologist Tom Verstraeten and Dr. Richard Johnston, an immunologist and pediatrician from the University of Colorado, both determined that thimerosal was responsible for the sudden rise in cases of autism, their findings were quickly dismissed by the CDC. [4]


The graph illustrates the link between the MMR vaccine and the rise in autism.

Further research on the link between a gluten free diet having positive results for autistic children is furthered by the a study focused solely on dietary therapy for children with autism. I have included a link to the study in the sources, below is an excerpt from the study’s abstract.[5]

‘We report the history of a child with autism and epilepsy who, after limited response to other interventions following her regression into autism, was placed on a gluten-free, casein-free diet, after which she showed marked improvement in autistic and medical symptoms. Subsequently, following pubertal onset of seizures and after failing to achieve full seizure control pharmacologically she was advanced to a ketogenic diet that was customized to continue the gluten-free, casein-free regimen.'[5]

Want to learn more about the link between vaccines & autism? Here are 15 PubMed studies.


Read the 15 PubMed studies


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  1. misty smith

    I hear a lot about children with autisum but I never hear about them when there adults and still have autisum

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  3. Chrystal

    Andrea, please do your own research & try to take every comment w/ a grain of salt. I have 2 healthy boys, 9 & 11 yrs old. I’ve worked in the health care & human services field. I did my own research prior to vaccinating my boys. I also spoke to a friend who has a son(now 20) w/ severe autism. She took him to numerous places to try & get help in determining the cause & receive effective treatment. She believes the cause is genetic & environmental(air, food, chemicals & not related to vaccines. If it was truly caused by them, the number of kids dx w/ autism would prob be higher. I agree w/ spacing out the shots to not overload the body unnecessarily. If u also look at some research about not vaccinating & some articles about people who weren’t, you’ll find other terrifying factors to consider. Think of diseases that could reoccur. Also, a frightening scenario I read about was a 5 yr old not vaccinated who got whooping cough & was then around a newborn(before 5 yr old diagnosed). Well, the baby didn’t have all its vaccines yet & died.

  4. lucyhill2009

    Regressive Autism is from using Tylenol (aka Paracetamol) around the time of vaccination, the most high risk vaccines are MMR, DPT and Hep B. There are other types of Autism too, like Aspergers, this is not from vaccines, these people still develop socially unlike the ones with vaccine-induced Regressive Autism.

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  8. Children grow up and become more in a position to control themselves? Mildly of course, this is not a disease we are talking about it is a way of existence.
    Look at the chart, both countries (despite UK not adopting MMR vaccinations at this point) rise at 1977 because of the increased awareness and exposure that the autism twin study at this time provided, in relation the genetics behind autism. In fact, the chart would be exactly the same if MMR jabs had not been administered. Admittedly the case of mortality from measles mumps and rubella would have also grown exponentially, but that would be due to a failure to vaccinate as opposed to increased awareness and diagnosis following this.

    Asperger’s and autism have recently been proven to be biologically different, because they both relate to the neurological structure of the brain. Differences which arise in the foetal stage of development hence why people are born with these conditions. So, cutting healthy food out of a diet will NOT resolve the problem. It may give the impression by reduced energy to said individuals but won’t change the brain unfortunately.

    Even if you have no clue about biology or neurology at all, look at the chart provided as er proof. Draw a line from the first two points in each graph and they are bang on target regardless of the MMR point.
    If you do not give your child the vaccine and they die, that is entirely your fault. If you do give them the jab and (even if this was true) they somehow develop a spectrum disorder, then your child is still alive and you can still care for and nurture them.

    • TrevW

      You are so right… I’m autistic and if my mum hadn’t mmr’d me I’d disown it!

  9. Beau

    I want to add…
    I didn’t comment on this to verbally attack you or anything… an article like this simply makes me sick to the stomach… why trust researchers when you can speak with people that are actually diagnosed with autism…
    Again, i’m sorry if i personally offended you or anything… but please don’t recklessly believe so called scientist and researchers… talk to people who actually have to deal with autism every single day, that way you get a glimpse of what it’s like and you would see autism isn’t curable… people simply just have to learn to live with it and how to survive in this world…

  10. Ani K

    My 7 year old son is a non-verbal autistic. He attends a special needs school and I came to know a few mothers that swear by this gluten free/casein free diet. They claim it helped their children immensely. They have been on this diet for many years. Yet I see their children every day at school and i’m sorry – I see no significant improvement. They’re as severely autistic as they were 4 years ago when I got to meet them. I don’t doubt this diet benefits children with allergies and other food sensitivities. But to claim that it CURES autism is a gross disinformation. As for vaccines causing autism – again, no conclusive evidence has been put forward. The rate of children being born with autism is equally high in countries that do not vaccinate. It feels that this “diet promoters” are attempting to cash in on devastated parents’ attempt to help their children. The only thing that has been proven to work is early intervention.

  11. Kim

    It makes me cross to read illl informed posts like this. To suggest that 60% of childhood autism could be ‘cured’ by removing gluten & dairy is a gross insult to families living with it every day.

    • The article suggests that it can show a great deal of positive results if explored. There are autism centers that have begun doing this and they are seeing great results.

    • Martin Matthews

      Please STOP reacting to the word “cure.” NO ONE is saying that, no one is alleging that… there is NO “diet” that asserts that. The point is…that IMPROVING attention to diet and nutrition, i.e. omitting things known/suspected as problematic, and adding easy-to-digest nutritious foods benefits every child.

      ASD is a Physiological disorder, scientific research tells us that this audience suffers many underlying factors that affect the severity of varied symptoms…factors that are influenced by the Food and Nutrition children receive. denying this is a disservice to the community.

      The reasons to pay attention to food far exceed concern for gluten, and the GFCF diet is only one strategy employed. Bottom line is, when parents go from NOT paying specific attention to food/nutrition, TO paying attention…children around the world routinely benefit. There are REASONS these kids crave carbs, reasons for “picky eating” that can be addressed and helped. Strategically omitting problematic food/substances and adding good nutrition is perhaps the most scientifically and practically supported intervention for ANY disorder.

      The global “asd community” should stop dilly dallying around and fully advocate specialized attention to the DIET of children with Autism and ADHD (read Lancet article). This is not a questionable “intervention” nor harmful one when followed intelligently. If making diet changes didn’t “work” for you, there are likely many factors at play…that can further be adjusted.

      Don’t be misled to thinking that the GFCF Diet, or GAPS Diet is “the” autism diet – not true. Each child is unique, and while there are tactics that help every child to some degree, ultimately a bioindividual approach is required. NO ONE says it’s easy nor promises any specific result…(some do it on food stamps!), but the efficacy of this approach as HELPING…in unquestionable.

      The one thing that can and must change…if we the people are ever going to affect positive SHIFT…is the Narrative. Stop the reactive fighting, conjured accusations about “cure,” and inadvertent focus on things detrimental…rather focus on serious science and common sense…like Food Matters…then focus on best practices, what does MY kid need, how do YOU make the most of this knowledge. And don’t go looking to the institutions for eye-opening help…they’re stuck in the cognitive bind of denying that ASD is something that affects the entire body…so they CANNOT even acknowledge the scientific fact that what you eat…affects your body, mind, and behavior (thus their only tactic is to convince you to ignore your parental instinct to really care what you feed your kid, and tell you it doesn’t matter). Just try telling an autism mom that it doesn’t matter what they feed their child….they know better.

      Raise your standards…you deserve knowledge and insight that HELPS, and don’t waste energy vilifying the messenger, it just slows you down. Oh, and this whole thing about “proven” is silly too…

      Let’s challenge the scientific community, the diet naysayers, the pharma shills who aim to prevent YOU from doing anything to help your kid on your own… let’s challenge them to DIS-prove the validity of this approach..let’s have them aim to demonstrate that it doesn’t matter whether the average child with ASD eats the Standard American Diet, or a diet where the parents feed strategically…avoiding/adding certain foods based on data and anecdotal insight. Can’t be done!

      Food matters…thing to do is make the MOST of this knowledge.

  12. Is it not arguable that it is the better detection of autism that is responsible for the increased rate diagnosed. It is also arguable that the fact that the ‘scare’ encouraged further study and this higher detection rate is also the result of that fallout.

    Many more people are becoming parents later in life these days and I believe that this issue also has a bearing on the rise of autism cases, in the UK certainly.

    My concern is that my son is due his MMR vaccine in 3-4 months and the intense media coverage from the recent outbreak in Wales (I believe) seems like the typical stunt a government could pull scaremongering the public but it certainly does help damage an argument I may have in my possible resistance to allow the vaccine. Any help is much appreciated.

    • At 2 months, the schedule in the U.S. was for my daughter to receive 5 vaccinations at one time. 2 in one shot and 3 in the other. I INSISTED, despite the doctor AND nurse’s extreme efforts to persuade me otherwise, that the shots be done more spread out. I feel that it was worth the battle, even it it was just to put my mind at ease!

    • I also feel that was a scaremongering stunt by the govt (very few of the so called measles cases were actually confirmed, and the one death admittedly already had life threatening health issues, and they said it was measles after the fact, and I don’t believe it was laboratory confirmed. All that said, to set your mind at ease, you need to research measles, what it is, what are the remedies (significant doses of vitamin A greatly reduce symptoms and contribute to a full recovery). Once you realize that these diseases are not so scary as they have been made out to be, you will tend to not worry as much. Also measles tends to boost ones immune system. If a child catches the wild measles, they will not only be immune for life (something that vaccines do not do), they also have a significantly less chance of developing many cancers.

    • lucyhill2009

      Studies show that unvaccinated children are the healthiest. Personally I’d strongly recommend against vaccination. If you do decide to vaccinate it’s safest to hold out until after age 2 as this removes the risk of Crib Death and reduces to risk of lifelong disabilities. Also never use Tylenol / Paracetamol after a vaccine as the majority of disabilities are being caused by this.

      Here are a few useful links, this one here weighs up the risks against the benefits of each vaccine

      Below is an award-winning documentary which allows experts from both sides to state their cases

      This doctor is one of the world’s top vaccine experts, here she assesses the Risk Vs Benefit of each vaccine in the schedule

      Every parents needs to research vaccines for themselves, your doctor cannot give you their own opinion, they can be struck of for it. The corporations dictate the rules, it is them who say their vaccines are safe, unfortunately they have a huge conflict of interest as if their vaccines leave your child disabled and on drugs for life; they are the ones who profit. You have to research this one for yourself I’m afraid, the links below are some of the most informative I’ve found over the years.

      After seeing some children I know have their lives destroyed by vaccines, I could never recommend vaccines to anyone.

  13. In related news, parents decide to stop spoiling the little brat

    • Alvin

      You are clearly and sadly uninformed and devoid of compassion.

    • Shame on you for speaking on something you obviously are extremely ignorant about.

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