Music Albums With Truth & Consciousness To Expand Your Mind

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In January of 2012, we at CE released a list of movies with truth or consciousness within them. The list began as 24 films that we were familiar with and wanted to share with you all, the list has since then expanded to feature over 100 titles thanks to the contributions of all of you! To see that list right now and find out a new great movie to watch you can click HERE.

In April of 2013, thanks to the hard-work of Eliot Estep we were also able to feature a list of books that promote truth and awakening. The list in it’s original published form already featured close to 100 suggestions and now in combination with your comments is well over that mark. To see that list list right now and find a great book to snuggle up with and read you can click HERE.

It’s now June 2013 and it only seems fitting that we finish the trilogy. This time we would like to present a list of music albums with truth or consciousness within the tracks they feature. Once again I would like to remind you that these lists are in no way a ranking of the best ones out there, they are simply some that we have come across and would like to use as a starting point for a list that we can all co-create. The end result: a wonderful resource for us all to use and share no matter our musical preferences or taste. So go through our list, be sure to check out any albums you may not have been previously familiar with and please let us and everyone else know any that you have come across!

Michael Jackson – Greatest Hits
Quite possibly the most influential and gifted artist in the world, it would be crazy for us not to include Michael Jackson on this list. Since almost any of his albums could be selected the safest route is to go with the Greatest Hits compilation. Particular songs of interest include Heal The World & They Don’t Care About Us.

The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
From the most influential solo artist we move to the quite possibly the most influential band in the world. Like with Michael Jackson there are numerous albums we could select but we will focus on ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ primarily for the song Within You Without You. But of course we suggest looking through a lot of The Beatles other music for a lot of truth and even simple yet nice messages.

Macklemore – The Language of My World
Released in 2005, The Language of My World is a powerful 20 track album featuring an abundance of powerful messages that can be classified as both truth-filled and conscious. Many of the tracks take a very melodic and powerful tone while others play with comedy to make this album more than worth checking out. Some of the suggested tracks on the album include: Hold Your Head Up, Ego & Inhale Deep.

Story of the Year – The Black Swan
A lot of their other albums feature songs that hold glimpses of truth but in particular the album The Black Swan, released in 2007, boasts the most songs with this meaning associated to them. Some of the most notable songs on the album include: Cannonball, Choose Your Fate, The Antidote and Pale Blue Dot.

John Lennon - Imagine
In his solo work John Lennon also took the time to release fragments of truth throughout a number of his songs. In the album ‘Imagine’ in particular John Lennon took a much gentler tone and released several songs with great messages worth listening to. The album itself also sits on the Rolling Stones Top 500 Albums of All-Time list as well.

Tupac (2Pac) Shakur – Greatest Hits
Before his death, Tupac became well known for releasing a fair amount of truth throughout a great number of songs. As a result of this almost all of his albums feature songs that could easily make their way on this list. We chose to however focus on the Greatest Hits album since it was the only that featured the song ‘Changes.’ This song in particular stands out to the understanding Tupac held and the message he wanted to share with the world.

Circa Survive – Violent Waves
Released in 2012, ‘Violent Waves’ is an album filled with truth towards a lot of the hardships faced within the music industry. The band does not hesitate to speak out in a number of the songs on the album including: Birth of an Economic Hit Man & Sharp Practice. It’s also worth noting that this was the first album that Circa Survive released without a record label attached to it.

Immortal Technique – The Third World
In all of his albums American rapper Immortal Technique is known for being a vocal activist on numerous issues. These issues include but are not limited to class struggle, poverty and racism. All of his albums carry these powerful messages but we decided to draw upon his 3rd album The Third World as the focus here.

Muse – The Resistance
The band Muse is another one synonymous with sharing truth whether it be in the light of hoping to form some form of rebellion or not, the tracks are definitely worth listening to. In particular we’d like to suggest the album The Resistance. Aside from being packed with truth the album also garnered the band their first grammy in 2011 for Best Rock Album.

The Luminaries - One
It’s not very often that you come across a band whose primary intention is to create songs that build awareness and share truth. The Luminaries are just that and because that we really suggest you check out their album ‘One.’ Released in 2011 the 14-track album is filled with tons of truth and is quite melodic and easy to listen to.

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Lonely Road
Released in 2009, ‘Lonely Road’ by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus features a couple of songs with tidbits of truth and consciousness within them. In particular we suggest the songs Lonely Road and Believe. An interesting tidbit is that since the band released their 3rd album (the one following Lonely Road) barely any songs from Lonely Road are supposedly ever featured on their set list at performances.

Bob Marley – Gold Collection 1970-1971
Bob Marley is another iconic figure without the need for much of an introduction or explanation. Many of Marley’s songs may not be as deep in truth but they always manage to share a message of love and interconnectedness. Much like with MJ and The Beatles, almost any of Marley’s songs could be suggested hence why we went with the Gold Collection which features a number of his best from various other albums.

So now it’s your turn. Comment with your suggestions!

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  1. charizla

    Idia Irie, all works!

  2. Richard Mills

    As this is new to me, could I ask how you define truth and how you decide what is true musically?

  3. Great list! But I am missing
    Peter Tosh. Equal Rights Album as well!
    Prison Song. System of a Down.

    Thanks Georg

  4. Marisa

    TOOL! This band has been so influential in developing my perception of the world, from my teens into adulthood. Incredibly talented and inspirational group of people, hard rockin with really transcendent lyrics. Check out the album Lateralus, my personal favorite. Their entire discography is amazing though.

  5. Tony87

    RHCP, All there albums are worth listening to, John Frusciante, the lead guitarist has spoken out about playing through the 4th dimension. Their latest album ‘I’m with you’ is probably the most spiritual from them all. I’d recommend listening to ‘Did I let you know’, ‘Brendans death song’ and ‘even you Brutus’


    With Lyrics such as :

    “One last thing before I shuffle off the planet
    I will be the one to make you crawl (…)” – INFRA-RED

    The video has well is worth a look :

    “(…) Dry your eye
    Soulmate dry your eye
    Cause soulmates never die

    This one world vision
    Turns us in to compromise
    What good’s religion
    When it’s each other we despise
    Damn the government
    Damn the killing
    Damn the lies(…)“


    “Since we’re feeling so anaesthetised
    In our comfort zone (…)” – THE BITTER END

    And at last but not at least the beautiful dialogue at the end of HOLD ON TO ME :

    “(…) Our task is to transform ourselves,
    into awakened multidimensional beings
    Thus fulfilling our dream.
    The 4th and 5th dimensions to the third.
    It is the inner meaning between Earth [?] and Heaven [?]
    This sacred magic has already been achieved by many of us.
    The nameless others are awakening daily
    as the cause steadfastly intensifies.
    We are the claiming of divine birthright and heritage
    Remembering that we are angels incarnate;
    Vast starried beings of light.
    We are no longer limited and bound by the illusions of time, space, and matter
    We are ready to join as unimensions? of the one
    The [?] doorways cannot be opened or passed by any of us
    still operating as individual units of consciousness.
    They are brought into manifestation from our unified presence;
    Through our focused intent;
    Through our total commitment to serving a higher purpose.
    This is the bridge to an entirely different energy pattern.
    It is the step beyond the mound dimensional universe.
    It is a journey into the unknown which shall lead us ever closer to home.“

  7. Nick

    Pretty Lights Music. Watch the documentary and you’ll know why. Dude is on another level changing the music game….

  8. Queensryche: Operation Mindcrime.

    A concept album from the early ’90s which digs into the dark side of religion, politics, assassinations, mind control and coverups. Still relevant to this day.

  9. Lydia Plaster

    Documentary movie “THRIVE”

  10. Robert Thomas

    A Triple Album by ‘The Open Conspiracy’ called ‘The Book Of Time’ – Their Music Videos are on Youtube at:

    A Musical ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ covering the whole process of Self-Awakening as:

    The Book Of Time comprised of 3 Albums:

    1) Communications; 2) From Star To Star; 3) Revealed & Concealed

    If you just want a taster start with ‘Alexandria'; Avalon, One Star In Sight and I Am He Who Is.

    This is the correct running order for the songs because they are not in the right order on Youtube:

    Volume One Communications

    01 Strange to Me
    02 Communication
    03 Poison
    04 Minus Three (-3)
    05 Dear Sir!
    06 Death in Paris
    07 Fool’s Blues
    08 Song For You
    09 Choice
    10 Avalon
    11 Emotional Blackmail
    12 Alexandria Part I

    Volume Two Of The Book of Time

    From Star To Star

    01 One Star In Sight
    02 Knight of Storms
    03 Queen Of The Earth
    04 There Is A River
    05 Fast & Free
    06 Being There
    07 Breakaway (Full Circle)
    08 Sunrise
    09 Forever Because
    10 Honeymoon

    Volume Three Of The Book of Time

    Revealed & Concealed

    01 Queen Of The Stars
    02 Alchemy (Seeds)
    03 Where Are You?
    04 Also Love
    05 The War With Tradition
    06 Act III
    07 Your Page
    08 Time Travel
    09 I Am He Who Is
    10 Alexandria II
    (i) Song of Amergin
    (ii) Walking The Path of Light
    (iii) The Meaning of Power

  11. Rise Against especially the song Make It Stop which is on the album Endgame

  12. Sarah

    Flobots MUST be added to the list. Their songs are full of deep messages that we “Occupy Earth” and strive for equality, respect and world peace – all through non-violent methods of course.

  13. Fernando M

    I suggest french heavy metal band Gojira. All of their albums cover a range of global and personal issues. For example the album “The Way of All Flesh” addresses issues of spirituality within ourselves, mortality, and how we interact with each other and with our planet (i would point out notable songs, but the whole album with exception to the last song is great). Then the album Terra Incognita which deals with our perceptions of reality, space and time, good and evil (notable songs – Satan Is A Lawyer, Blow Me Away You(niverse), Deliverance, Space Time, Love). There’s honestly so much that i hate to cherry pick but hopefully you’ll give some of their songs a listen, there’s a message to all the songs that should get you thinking and if you like heavy metal the music is incredible and diverse.

  14. Angie

    I suggest Tracy Chapman’s album, New Beginning. Wonderful songs with great messages. With songs like, At this point in my life, Rape of the world, Heaven’s here on Earth, and the Promise, you will definitely be moved. :)

  15. Pink Floyd – Darkside of the moon

  16. Dylan

    Flobots! So much truth in their songs.

  17. Aaron Beeson

    These are all great bands, but I must ask about the most influential activist bands I have listened to in my lifetime. System of a Down, Rage Against the Machine, and Modest Mouse have had a direct impact on my socio-economic view of the world, and I’m surprised that they weren’t represented on the list. I suppose it has something due to popularity. Maybe it would be possible to make a longer list:? There are a myriad of bands out there that have something to say about truth and consciousness, and maybe it would be worthwhile to make an alternate, perhaps longer, list of this sort.

  18. jorge fernandez

    You guys, when you suggest an album with truth, summarize why. The writer cannot just come up with a meaningful paragraph himself on the truthfulness without undue effort and time spent listening; he needs your help!

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