Over 30 Million Bees Found Dead In Elmwood Canada

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beeeeeeShortly after 50,000 bees were found dead in an Oregon parking lot (read more here), a staggering 37 million bees have been found dead in Elmwood, Ontario, Canada. Dave Schuit, who runs a honey operation in Elmwood has lost 600 hives. He is pointing the finger at the insecticides known as neonicotinoids, which are manufactured by Bayer CropScience Inc. This also comes after a recent report released by the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) that recorded its largest loss of honeybees ever. You can read more about that here.  The European Union has stepped forward, having banned multiple pesticides that have been linked to killing millions of bees. You can view the studies and read more about that here.

The loss comes after the planting of corn. Neonicotinoid pesticides are used to coat corn seed with air seeders. This results in having the pesticide dust blown into the air when planted. The death of millions of pollinators was studied by Purdue University. They discovered that Bees exhibited neurotoxic symptoms. They analyzed dead bees and found that traces of thiamethoxam/clothiandin were present in each case. The only major source of these compounds are seed treatments of field crops. You can view that study here (1).

Bee deaths are increasing exponentially. An international team of scientists led by Holland’s Utrecht University has concluded that, “large scale prophylaxic use in agriculture, their high persistence in soil and water, and their uptake by plants and translocation to flowers, neonicotinoids put pollinators at risk. This is some of the research that led to the European Unions ban of the pesticides, as mentioned and referenced earlier.

Can we really debate this much longer? The evidence linking pesticides to bee deaths is overwhelming. It’s not only bees, but an array of other insects as well. The last thing we need is more events to occur that companies can use to push the manufacturing and development or more genetically modified foods. One reason that has been used for justification of GMO’s is a food shortage, and we all know how critical bees are to our food supply. There is a huge conflict of interest here, the pesticides used to spray the crops that are killing the bees are developed by biotech corporations such as Monsanto.

Time to make the connections, time to speak up!



(1) http://extension.entm.purdue.edu/publications/E-53.pdf



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  1. Denise

    It is unacceptable that governments allow corporations to release harmful chemicals into our atmosphere. Why do we even have federal government if not to protect us from unscrupulous corporations?

    • Government is not here to protect us. It is up to the people to stand up and say NO! If everybody would rally together things would change.

  2. Go, Go, Go, Monsanto. Anyone who would support the Koch Brothers, any of their Company’s or politicians that support Koch and specifically Monsanto Need to educate them selves and not by some right winged – money in the pocket dude or dudet. Ah, who need bee’s when we can use drones to pollinate. I wonder who is working on that one?

    • Denise

      Oh, please…this isn’t a Dem vs. Repub thing. It was 0bama who signed the Food Modernization and Safety Act giving Monsanta complete control over our farmlands! Did someone twist his skinny arm to make him do it? No, it had overwhelming support from both parties and was sneakily signed on New Years Day, 2010.

  3. this has got to stop,if we lose our bees the whole process goes into the dump and there will be very serious food shortages.-all for the sake of big corps.making big money on unproved long term practises.criminal acts.

    • Denise

      There are over 1 million lawsuits filed against Monsanto in South America. And many countries around the world have banned GMO crops. But USA government welcomes it with open arms. Lawsuits filed here by farmers are quickly shot down by a corrupt judicial system that rules how the executive branch tells it to rule.

  4. but we will Gavin!

  5. …way too late…(typing error above :-)

  6. As far as I know bees are also insects, so is it logically possible that they could be somehow immune to insecticides? It is not time to speak out, it is probably way to late already to speak out and not only for the bees.

    • The one time policeman of the world is totally out of hand and has turned into a…..Bully. Lack of parental controll is probably what caused it. What happens when we vote for the lesser of two evills and get mental midgets and puppets for president.

  7. Simon

    We are larger in number than all of these “terrible” organizations. I have no idea which conspiracies are true or not. The real issue is that we stand divided. Nothing will change with this separated view of the world. We are all connected and we need to act thusly. I don’t claim to know how but I do know that our inaction is just as much to blame as these organizations. Look at this protests around the world, millions of people in the streets protesting transit hikes! We sit on our asses because we have been given the illusion of content lives. We need a complete restructuring of our society. We need to stop arguing amongst ourselves, our beliefs do not matter on the whole. As cheesy as it sounds we need to unite and put our differences aside.

    Let the insults to my statement commence…

  8. Herberderber

    This article is good but then it makes an unwarranted anti-GMO claim. Pesticides killed those bees, it’s pretty well established. But GMOs did not. The author decided to just throw that in without any evidence backing it, and many casual readers are now associating GMOs with dead bees.

  9. qwert

    What I find strange is…. Being from a farming community and family I know the pesticides we used decades ago were way more aggressive than what is being used today. We had an orchard and were spraying for insects all the time and never saw any dead bees. So what is it with the new pesticides, that are suppose to be safer, that is causing this bee issue??? Or is it really the pesticides??? Wouldn’t it be interesting to discover it is cell phone data streaming through the air that is messing with them? Or wifi signals?

  10. This article wrongly attributes UK bee losses to insecticides. The BBKA’s article points to the very poor weather the UK had in 2012.

  11. fletch

    Class action lawsuit?

  12. lacquerlouis

    I found this and thought it was reveling…

    National Academy of Sciences report last fall documented a crisis among North American pollinators – especially honey bees and native bumblebees. European studies – which benefited from better scientific data about population trends – have documented similar declines in pollinators there.

    Of about 240,000 flowering plants in North America, three quarters require the pollination of a bee, bird, bat or other animal or insect in order to bear fruit. Since many of our food crops – with the exception of grains – are imports, the imported honey bee is key to our food supply. Beyond that, no other pollinator can be collected, moved and unleashed to pollinate fields of crops like commercial beekeepers can do with honey bee colonies.

    So losing bees would have repercussions throughout the food supply chain.

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  13. Knowing what is causing this problem is better than being unable to determine the cause. Now, the time for action has come!

  14. Just pointing this out, but the pesticides that kill bees are NOT made by Monsanto, its Bayer.

    The amount of flak that monsanto gets is irrational. Dont get me wrong, there is plenty to hate about them, but if you dont show more spite at companies like Nestle, or Suncor, then you are clearly doing it wrong.

  15. Vicky

    Am I missing something here. People without bees we would have no flowers, crops trees and eventually no us!

  16. guest

    I think allot of you need to get out of the city and got spend a day or two with agronomist. I work for a company that makes seed treating equipment that applies the chemicals onto the seed. There are thousands of locations that do this. We apply liquid pesticide and fungicide that is applied to the seed in a treater in small amounts. Say 5 ounces per 100 lbs of seed. The seed is evenly coated and dried before transport to a planter. This is what the industry is trending towards because it reduces airborne sprayed on chemicals. Safe practice is key to soil and water conservation. Proper chemical containment and storage is practiced as well. Tests are constantly being taken place to ensure we are not damaging the soils or hurting the environment across the Midwest. Knowledge is power with these chemicals and you need to know how to contain them and handle them. All states I deal with say you must be a certified applicator with proper training etc. Its an agronomists job to ensure the land and the crops continue to prosper. As far as the bees the chemical companies we know are putting forth allot of effort to protect them and make sure they are doing well. Its obvious here that not all applicators are putting forth such measures to prevent environmental issues and that’s upsetting.
    As far as GMO vs non GMO. This is were it gets crazy. There is a strong line between handling the 2.Crosscontamination is avoided very cautiously when switching from one to the other while treating. With the GMO seed is engineered to resist roundup ready spray. This means when all other natural growing weeds are trying to grow around that plant the weeds do not survive but the crop does leaving it to fully benefit on the moisture and nutrients in the soil without sharing. This leads to much higher yields. A weed looks at roundup spray as a virus or natural disease. It does not know its engineered chemical. With that being said nature is starting to do its own GMO and some weeds are becoming resistant to it.
    These GMO and chemicals are important to farmers across the Midwest. Many fields have natural inbalances of pH and soil type that without help would be nothing more than crappy land and non productive. The demand for higher yield is huge nowadays and we export allot of grain for the world. You can see the benefits in comparison plots. A standard untreated plant will yield about half as much as a plant that has been “helped” if we were to plant naturally prices of food would increase 10x what they are now. Prices of fuel would go up to (ethanol). Quite frankly its upsetting that you think thousands of Americans that are involved in this industry are just throwing chemicals out in the field without thinking about it.

    • sykkema

      ” Safe practice is key to soil and water conservation. Proper chemical containment and storage is practiced as well. Tests are constantly being taken place to ensure we are not damaging the soils or hurting the environment across the Midwest.”
      the soil quality wouldn’t be a problem if humans worked with what nature took 100,000+ years to make (quality top soil) or worked poor area’s in a similar way by mulching and no tilling practices. Unfortunately, most people are not thinking in the long term and working with nature’s ALREADY PERFECT system. We are constantly working against nature by monoculture and never letting the land to rest (crop rotation). BUT we have chemicals, the almighty answer…(sarcasm).
      Tell me, why is it we, north Americans are always committing the same errors that other countries have already suffered from (i.e. Europe) and expect different results?
      About your “safe seeding practices” tell that to Moe Parr and other similar cases that are mostly settled out of court because the farmers can’t afford legal bills to go against these big companies. ie. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-18563_162-4048288.html. Your right though, not all farmers go around without due diligence, spraying is very prelevent in the cities too.
      BTW, I am from a farming community and I too am educated in agriculture and I had to take the course for application of pesticides/herbicides, so my contribution is not taken from hearsay.

    • Bill

      “Knowledge is power with these chemicals and you need to know how to contain them and handle them.” How do you contain these toxins when they appear in the pollen and nectar that bees collect, not to mention the ground water and streams?

      • Kevanski1

        So what you’re suggesting is that the Bees need to be inoculated against the toxins. Gee, maybe one of Monsanto’s many subsidiaries could sell that antidote at another outrageous price. Isn’t commerce wonderful?

  17. Emily

    The fact that there is a food crisis impending is non-negotiable, and if you would like to pretend that it is not well then I hope that your grandchildren live in the same dream world that you do. GMOs are not the only way to help with the food crisis, but with more farm land turning into development, less people becoming farmers and an exponentially increasing population it is one of the best solutions we currently have. Further more, spraying this insecticide has absolutely nothing to do with GMOs. These would be sprayed on non-GMO crops as well. Finally, GMO crops actually allow farmers to spray less insecticide and herbicide as well as use less fertilizer (limiting run off into water supplies) than conventional crops ever would. It is time that people start learning how to read scientific papers and doing research of their own instead of reading crappy articles that point the finger at GMOs because they know nothing about them and therefor they must be bad. Educate yourselves, don’t rely on the non-educated to do it for you.

    • sykkema

      are you serious?? GMO’s are the best solution we have?? GMOs only add to the existing problem making the problem worst, IT IS NOT A SOLUTION by any means. Changing how we do agriculture is a better solution, but the farmers (especially in the U.S) HAVE NO SAY anymore with all the rules, regulations, and debt, Monsanto is giving out fines to farmers who save their own seed even if it’s not Monsanto’s seed, but is cross contaminated with a neighbors seed.Those who can make a decision about their farm say have been there for generations and the farm is most likely debt free. On a small scale, have you tried growing a garden in town or the suburbs? a couple in my area (Drummondville) turned their lawn into an organic garden and a neighbor complained then the town said at least 40% of your property has to be lawn so it looks pretty and matches your neighbors. A man in Toronto went around planting food where ever he could and the city took it all down. There is an over population of seals, Canada geese, and white tailed deer, but we cannot eat them (except the deer with a permit, but even with the permit and those willing to butcher them it costs more than if you were to buy beef at the grocery store0 beef, who by the way eats almost exclusively grain/corn which is bad for it and causes the gut to not be able to neutralize e-coli which it then expels and is put on the fields and the crops you now eat have higher than average e coli and such bacteria. I am university educated and I have read my share of research papers, are you a farmer? did you grow up on a farm, have you done any education in biology or agriculture? I have. I also know that wherever the grant money comes from for research better match or at least not disprove the company that gave the money. FYI, many of Monsanto’s former employees are now members of congress or in various political positions including heavy hitters that are now in the FDA.

    • sykkema

      I forgot this tidbit, if people stopped encroaching on the best farmlands we would have the existing farmland to continue to work with, but cities continue to buy out farm for development. You want to live in your big cities or move to the country, but not work the land. Humans want it all without effort while all other species have to suffer because we are the almighty supposedly intelligent ones.

      • lacquerlouis

        i fully agree we want the gravy but not the potatoes

  18. Okay, this is bad and urgent … so what can you do about it? Google your local representative and drop her/him a line – right effing now! You might even get a response if you say that you also asked the opposition for their views, and that concrete answers and an immediate plan of action will affect your vote and active support in the next election. Convince 5 of your friends to do the same and watch what happens! Active political participation (not just voting) is a beautiful thing. Companies do what governments let them do. And WE are the government.

  19. Emma

    If you’ve ever read the Bible, you’d realize whats going on. Perilous times shall come, one government, antichrist, Jesus comes back in our time.

  20. jp mercier

    no bees, no food
    no food ,no humans,
    planet saved.

  21. No bees no pollination, it’s simple. GMO seeds need no pollination, you buy them every year from MONSATNO! They kill bees and they are killing us!

  22. niall

    sorry but you are just another d***khead who believes that stats posted by interested parties are fact, both sides are guilty of this i prefer what i see and experience Monsanto etc. are just big companies preying on the vulnerable to maximize profits from the gullible there are ways of controlling pests in a small way they should be finding ways of doing this as logical but there is no money in it eyes open mouth shut stato

  23. niall

    they have only started selling stuff that goes out of date recently .I have seen them throw out smoked salmon because they were past sell by date either the salmon was not smoked properly or the sell by dates were driven by marketeers who wanted to sell their products for profit .Check out that idiot mayor of New York who blocked the reuse of leftover food from restaurants and supermarkets to the homeless because he could not control the nutritional value f**ks sake these people are forced to eat out of dumpsters and wheelie bins think they give a s***t about the calorie count nice idea but as with all things political completely flawed fraudulent
    and never thought out in the long run except what their next move is

  24. Pamela

    The Lord put us on this planet with everything we need to survive. Unfortunately, there are corrupt people who are misusing our resources.Monsanto is one and they are protected by the government. Go figure.

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