The TRUE Size of Africa – Have Our Maps Been Misleading For Over 500 Years?

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The earth is round and therefore the challenge of any world map is to represent a round earth on a flat surface. But have our world maps been wrong or misleading for 500 years? It seems as though they have. Although the featured clip in this article is from ‘The West Wing’, the inaccuracies of the world maps we commonly use is anything but fictional. The clip below reveals an accurate look at the size of Africa and how a world map might better reflect its size.

When first coming across this myself I was surprised to see how off it was, but after thinking of how populated Africa is, the land mass itself, and how many countries are in Africa, it became easy to see how big it has to be.true size africa

The map shows how Africa (30,3 million km²) is larger than the combination of China (9,6 million km²), the US (9,4 million km²), Western Europe (4,9 million km²), India (3,2 million km²) and Argentina (2,8 million km²), three Scandinavian countries and the British Isles (map gives no surface for these last two areas). Map Source

The Peters Projection World Map

Peters Projection World Map

The Peters Projection World Map is one of the most stimulating, and controversial, images of the world. When this map was first introduced by historian and cartographer Dr. Arno Peters at a Press Conference in Germany in 1974 it generated a firestorm of debate. The first English-version of the map was published in 1983, and it continues to have passionate fans as well as angry detractors.

There are thousands of map projections. Each has certain strengths and corresponding weaknesses. Choosing among them is an exercise in values clarification: you have to decide what’s important to you. That is generally determined by the way you intend to use the map. In the case of Peters map, it is an area accurate map.

It is true that a simple change in the look of a map can cause a reconsideration of your fixed ideas about a place.



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  1. Eastern

    Eastern Europe is full of wonderful countries, wonderful people and wonderful cultures, but you fuckers will never understand it…..

  2. Interesting, Africa will rise up and join us in destroying nato.

    • MP

      Just taking a guess in the dark, you are from China? Africa will be depleted of everything & completely owned by the world by the time it ever rises up. China owns millions of acres of good farm land in Africa, but to feed the starving Africans? NO! To sustain China’s overbloated populations. China cannot support its 2.2 Billion people using the entire Planet! It will never work, China needs a major depopulation to occur to itself, the largest group of people on Earth, & yet they want to live like America did in the 1970’s??!? HA! never gonna work. Even China must realize the Earth is Finite. It cannot sustain you for much longer.

      • TampaDave

        Ah, the Malthusian NWO speaks out on these pages. Read Buckminster Fuller, as an example of a freethinker who has completely debugged Malthus: with advances in technilogy, we have become able to produce more and more with less and less. Without warfare, clearly instigated by those Malthusians, the resources of the planet are more than adequate already. The annual cost of one active war can feed a continent… and we have kept many wars going over the past century. And China has held its birth rate low for decades now, no other continental-sized area has come close.


      I am from a NATO cuntry and I am YT, but NATO is spraying chemtrails all over the world without our consent and are killing us. Down with the motherfuckers!

      • TampaDave

        Yes, chemtrails seems to be a worldwide phenomena. On my Facebook group “Chemtrails and Health” is an article about a chemtrail plane crashing in China.

        This group page contains an archival of links to chemtrail articles.

        • Don't be so stupid

          Paranoid delusions. Somehow, all of these “chemtrail” planes and their pilots and ground crew and the people who load all of the chemicals for every one of those planes all over the world are part of a vast conspiracy and not a single one ever comes forward, not a single one out of the entire world. Do you really comprehend how out of touch with reality your conspiracy theory is? How can you justify imagining all of those people are part of a conspiracy to affect the health of themselves, their friends, their families? Those people would have to be psychopaths, every single one, and yet be dedicated to a huge secretive operation. To imagine that all of those people would do such things and keep it secret forever implies that you are paranoid, delusional, and stupid.

          • Don't be so stupid

            Nonsense. Do you accuse everyone who asks you obvious questions if they are a part of a vast conspiracy to harm millions or billions of people? Answer the questions or explain why they aren’t relevant. How do you explain all of the refueling/chemical refillers/airplane mechanics who must be fully aware of this? Every one. Every person who knows planes and looks at one and wonders.. ‘what are those nozzles doing there?’ Planes need mechanics and in order for your crazy conspiracy to fly every mechanic who ever sees one of these planes on the ground has to be part of a vast worldwide conspiracy to harm themselves, their friends, and their familes. Presumably for cash, right? Just how much do you think each and every one of them gets paid to harm themselves and their loves ones?

            If those obvious questions are too tough for you, then you might want to rethink this crazy conspiracy theory you have fallen for.

          • Don't be so stupid


            So you have no answer at all to any of the questions I asked? Honest people can answer questions. Why can’t you? Do you accuse every person who disagrees with you, everyone who asks simple straightforward questions, a paid disinfo debunker? Justify your paranoid delusion by explaining how the tens if not hundreds of thousands of people who are “in the know” on your chemtrail nonsense haven’t come forward. Nobody, none of the incredible amount of people who would have to be involved. Regular people working regular jobs and then one day… somehow… they join a conspiracy to harm millions of people including their own friends and families. Sane people don’t do that and sane people don’t imagine that hundreds of thousands of other people could or would do that and somehow keep it secret for decades.

            Justify your incredible and completely irrational delusion. Answer the questions. Don’t just make more paranoid accusations about anyone who asks you such simple questions. That makes you look batshit insane. Seriously, people with properly functioning brains can see right through your behavior.

            Your answer is typical of people who are off their medication. Get back on it before you hurt someone.

          • CHEMTRAILS

            Typical response of a paid disinfo debunker… so typical. They always resort to personal attacks and name calling. A sign of a low life loser (LLL).

    • paul

      i love that

  3. What’s the problem with the World map? Africa IS a large continent! It has always been displayed as such. I don’t “see” any change in it’s size since I was a child? But then, I live in America!

  4. Lynnth

    There are very good points made in the video clip as well as the article. I believe it is true that our culture has the point of view that “bigger is better” and being “on top” makes one superior to those “underneath”. Clearly world maps were created by Caucasians of European decent and the earth land masses were influenced by either their own values and beliefs or that of the political climate from which they lived. While people may say, as in the You Tube clip, why does changing a map matter, obviously a lot if there is such backlash against it. It’s always about power and money!

  5. Michel Sastre

    By your own admission, the map shows an area. But is is inaccurate for measuring distances because the map has been lengthened from North to South and shrunk from West to East. The Mercator projection is still the best, unless you pretend the whole world fits on one flat map, even on a large one. All projections have their own drawbacks.

    • See, this is where it starts to matter for what purpose you use the map.
      For navigation, mercator is far superior, because straight lines on the map are lines of constant course, and angles and shapes of small objects are relatively undistorted.

      But for the purposes of showing countries in the class room, or for showing statistics and such things, an area preserving projection like the gall-peters shown above is more appropriate. (though I personally prefer something like the mollweide projection, for its looks)

  6. Isn’t there satellite images that depict the Earth and all of the countries and their sizes?

  7. I mean- is all the ophotos from space, depicting Earth, a lie?

    • Renly

      Why are there no lights on in the United states in this photo?

      • Lucas73

        This map is called the World of President Nader. When Ralph Nader ran for President of the USA, I think this was possibly a representation of his anti-nuclear, anti fossil fuels policy for America.

    • Eastern Europe Rules

      Carolyn Bryant Schaub, your provided photo is a huge LIE because USA in it appears dark….. the entire agenda is faked by jewish communists.

    • Yes. This image is presented using the classical Mercator map with data collected from real photos.

      And even “real” photos can be a “lie”. If they are been taken exactly in the meridian, for example, the extreme north, south, east and west will be quite “smaller” than the “real” size.

      All 2D representations of a sphere is a lie.

  8. mike civita

    Mercator projection is very distorted, it just looks “normal” because it’s what we’re used to. The further from the equator a land mass is, the more distorted it appears.Greenland appears close in size to north America, but it is only a bit over 800,000 sq. miles in area, compared to almost 10,000,000 sq. miles for North America. Conversely, land masses closest to the equator appear relatively small in comparison. Having said that, WHO CARES? t is a silly argument, rife with prejudices and junk science.”…it is true that our culture has the point of view that “bigger is better” and being “on top” makes one superior to those “underneath”.” Please get over yourself! If you want to do something to help Africa, DONATE, GO THERE AND HELP, but wow, this is about as spurious a topic as I’ve ever seen.

  9. Reply
    • Renly


  10. Aken

    Mercator and Peters projections are teached in the schools from Brazil but they don’t want you to know that in northern countries because thats one thing that make them look like ‘superior’ to us.

  11. Superdude

    Yeah this is kind of bullshit, But hey so is the orginal maps we were using before. No one knows the true size of our spherical world.

  12. I find it funny to hear that ‘Clearly world maps were created by Caucasians of European decent’, considering that maps have been created by all governing bodies since the first sailors cast into the oceans and hunters set off in exploration. As regards distortion: it’s going to happen irrespective of any political or economic standpoints, for as long as you want to depict a sphere as a square. If you want a true image, remember your schooldays, and go buy yourself a globe, or you can easily access satellite images via NASA and other agencies.

  13. Reply

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