A Man Claims to Have Not Eaten or Drank Any Liquids For 70 Years. Science Examines Him

janiIs it possible for us to survive with no food and water? Doctors are trying to determine that as they are baffled by an Indian man who claims not to have eaten or drank anything for the last 70 years. What is even more shocking? He is in perfect health.

Prahlad Jani is a local to the Indian city of Ahmedabad and is claiming he has not consumed any food or liquids since he was 8-years old. He also claims to have been blessed at the age of 8 by a goddess. This allows him to survive without sustenance except for that which he derives from the practice of meditation.

From April 22nd until  May 6th 2010 in the private hospital Sterling Hospital, Prahlad Jani was observed and tested by Sudhir Shah and a team of 35 researchers all from the Indian Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences (DIPAS) and other organizations.

The large team studied Jani daily using clinical examinations, blood tests, and scans. 24 hour CCTV surveillance was used to ensure the maximum observation of Jani’s actions during the testing period. According to researchers, the only time Jani was taken out of his sealed room was for tests and exposure to sun. During these times, continuous video recording was done to ensure authenticity of results. Jani only had contact with any form of liquid when he had an occasional bathing session, which first took place on day 5, and when he would gargle some water. It is important to note that his toilet was sealed to test his claims that he did not urinate or defecate.

After the fifteen days of intensive observation during which Jani did not eat, drink or go to the toilet, all medical test results came back as normal and doctors described his health as being better than someone half his age. Interestingly, doctors reported that although the amount of liquid in Jani’s bladder fluctuated and that Jani appeared “able to generate urine in his bladder”, he did not pass any urine. The reported levels of Jani’ leptin and ghrelin, two appetite-related hormones, suggested that Jani may be demonstrating an extreme form of adaptation to starvation and water restriction.

Even after the 15 day examination, DIPAS is still interested in running tests on Jani to determine how metabolic waste material is eliminated from his body, where he gets his energy for sustenance, and how he maintains his hydration status.

The director of DIPAS believes that the results of Jani’s observations could “tremendously benefit mankind.” Professor Anil Gupta of SRISTI, involved in monitoring the tests, described the team as being “intrigued” by Jani’s kriyas apparently allowing him to control his body’s physiological functions.

Most people can live without food for several weeks, with the body drawing on its fat and protein stores. But the average human can survive for only three to four days without water. How is Jani able to achieve what he is achieving? Some believe that his access to bathing allowed him to store liquid in the body. Since the observation did not go on for longer than 15 days, some believe he might have eaten or drank after.

But Jani is not the first person to be tested with such claims. HRM, another Indian man, was tested for 411 days intensively after he claimed that he did not eat any food. While HRM did consume boiled water, during his 411 day observation it was confirmed that he did not eat during the period and yet his health was perfect.

To me this is exciting because regardless of the current science we accept when it comes to the physiology of the body, we are seeing that we may not have it all correct and that it is possible to change the consciousness of our body to operate differently. Having tried sungazing for several long periods myself, I can attest to the fact that you certainly get energy, and what feels like nutrient energy, from the sun alone. While sungazing, I found I could perform physical activity with much more energy than I could while eating healthy meals. Of course I cannot say my results are conclusive as I did not do them for long enough, but it’s my experience on the matter.

Here is more on Jani’s tests.






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123 comments on “A Man Claims to Have Not Eaten or Drank Any Liquids For 70 Years. Science Examines Him

  1. justadude

    There are people starving to death around the world. You’d think they would stumble upon not dying if this were possible. Maybe you have to not want to eat in order to escape death. Perhaps they don’t see the sun enough in Burundi, Africa.. oh wait that’s right on the equator.

  2. pantelisdaf

    Of course the 35 days without eat or dring i was using all the time sun light some days all day long looking the heart of the sun directly(this for 5 yars now with too many expiriance)

  3. Travis

    The energy he receives is from the sun light. Which is the giver of all life on this planet. Everything is made up of light and vibrations. Food simply stores light vibrations for consumption. But direct sunlight can be absorbed for vital energy through the human body. The energy that animates the body called (soul) is infinite, creator of the body we use. Certainly said creator can use energy from many sources, not just the one.

    I will say, that food consumption is a great pleasure. And starving oneself does not bring you closer to the self or God. All answers are from within, meditation and prayer.

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  5. Jehan Mir, MD

    This is not possible.One can lower basic body metabolic rate but organs need energy to run and that comes from food not air. What was his motivation for not eating food starting at age 8.

    • pantelisdaf

      Its very posssible and ist called also breatharians. what i have done so far woithout stop my life(in fact i was making transporting from my house to enother the last 10 days) tottaly 35 days without any drink or eat and about 12 days to recover. it was a unice life expiriance, but i have also many others. thanks for reading my post. Pantelis2013

  6. Richard Baccarini

    It’s a miracle, his an amazing man, possibilities are endless!

  7. Joost

    So where are the results? I would realy love to see the results and since it has been more or less 6 months ago that this video was posted you would think that there must be some results by now right..

    • Cami

      The results are in the article. It was confirmed he went 411 days of observation and didn’t eat. And he’s not the only one who underwent observation and it was confirmed.

      • RPea777

        No, it said another man went 411 days without eating, but drank boiled water. They only tested the man in this article for 15 days… the results are the man himself. He’s how old? And is how healthy for his age? THOSE are the results. =)

  8. Mihaly

    Your endocrine system can transfer the energy (from the universe, sun ) picked up through (or by) your chakras. This is how makes it possible to human to live on “light” only :)

  9. People please don’t be so gullible

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  11. clau

    Interesting article, but it should be “drunk” not “drank” in the title.

  12. Angela

    I am very interested in the furtherance of human potential, I feel that our very relationship to food is tainted and that what we actually need to be healthy is not related to the exact foods we put into our bodies but the quality of light it contains. I have been practicing sun eating for the last 2 months and my appetite has decrease dramatically. I have also experienced a healing and regeneration in my body… This line of investigation fascinates me…Thank you for the article!

  13. Anneke_Jordaan

    This is truly amazing!

  14. william

    there is no way this is real. at all.

    • because you can’t believe it? or because it was disproven? ;)

  15. Spiritual mystics especially Hindu Sadhus are known to do such unimaginable feats! However, if proven true then such scientific investigations may shatter the very foundations of biology and medicine!! I shall rather go further to say that such researches have potential to take mankind to the ultimate aim of becoming immortal through halting the aging of living cells!!! Conclusively, its the accumulation of metabolic waste products -due to an imperfect system of excretion in animals including homo sapiens – that makes our cells aged ultimately…

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  17. There are lots of people who live without food. There are two aspects of food: appetite, which is a mental state and hunger. Food is another form of energy, in other way we can say food is solar energy, so there is a possibility if you can transform solar energy into your bodily energy it could possible that you need to feed yourself with any physical object.

    well written, interesting story.

    • fawad khawaja

      …just keep your roots in the ground…:)

    • Mike Jensen

      Hmmm just hope you don’t sweat too much … need to replace the body fluids mate :-)

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  19. Michelle Maranga

    Perfectly explained! Thanks Joe. :)

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