Women Rejects Chemo & Overcomes Her Ovarian Cancer With Nutrition

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rejects chemoEvita Ramparte was diagnosed with a serious case of ovarian cancer after a visit to the doctor revealed it was the concerning cause of her constant pain. Told that chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery were among her only options to ever recover, Ramparte was not convinced. After all, she had been living her whole life in ways that she was unhappy with, ‘going with the flow’ of the world and ending up as obese and unhappy.

Instead, Evita opted to use an approach centered around nutrition and lifestyle — one that she says ultimately ended up curing her cancer that doctors said could not truly be cured. She visited an alternative health professional, and began a regiment of Gerson-styled juicing. Radically altering her diet from her usual processed food intake of pizza and doughnuts into freshly made juice from her own home, she also began to realize what it’s like to actually feel healthy and happy.

Evita even remembers how the juicing allowed her to remove around 16 or so stones from her gallbladder, stones that are made up of toxic materials that sit within your body and in many cases lead to gallbladder removal surgeries once the mainstream medical establishment becomes involved. Eventually, Evita’s new lifestyle led to a whole new take on life, one that she says revealed her ‘true beauty’ that she had never known. Looking physically healthier all around from healthy fat loss and rejuvenated skin health, Evita also is experiencing the mental benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

And as research has shown, the foods you eat do actually contribute to your physical appearance. Nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables can literally enhance your beauty and overall level of attractiveness by influencing the way your skin looks all around. Specifically, these foods have been shown to lead to a ‘rosy, yellow complexion’ that even surpasses the look of tanned skin. Meanwhile, synthetic and damaging ‘beauty products’ are loaded with toxic chemicals that actually contribute to cancer.

Evita’s story is one of many that is highly inspiring and makes you consider the degree to which we can use natural substances to help fight diseases that are quickly enveloping the United States and other nations around the world.

Watch her story.

Source: Natural Society & Why Don’t You Try This

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  1. Uwe Freyer

    I had Crohn’s Disease for over 40 years and for three years have no signs of it left in my colon. I started to eat healthy, exercised and kept stress low and with the Grace of God I healed.

  2. Jill Burke

    I’ve always believed in Evita R.’s approach to life & health, & at 62 have had only a few colds, never been seriously ill or seen much of doctors. Not long ago I was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer with a lot ot metastasis & found myself in chemo the very same week. My fear of death staring me in the face just took over in an instant. After 9 chemo sessions I now face a terribly complex surgery next week, the tumors have shrunken tremendously from the chemo,& I’m in good health in good spirirts, very little pain. Just confused. Now I’m considering Evita’s approach if I survive the surgery; my prognosis is poor & I’ll be happy to live 3 more yrs. And I’ve always worked in hospitals & know so much about alternative therapies for everything. I’d love to speak to others in my position. By the way, there is absolurely no cancer in my family, & I never thought that was so important. I’ve always been mostly vegan & very careful about maintaining a healthy diet. When younger I ran every day. I’ve never believed in fate/predestination but do consider myself deeply religious. Am I being tested? Of course no one has these answers, but I MUST reach out more for suggestions & comrades. sheetzoo@myway.com

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    • Tulasi Craddock

      Hi Jill. I’m just thinking how this is so intense for you. If you can really get into laughiing like hysterically from your belly as much as possible even if you have to fake it at first. Laugh yoga. And yes, God is always in our hearts our best friend. Whatever is happening to us is to help us make different adjustments in our consciousness so that ultimately we can once again become pure souls and get to play in the spiritual world again with all the other pure souls and of course God. We are all constantly learning lessons till we graduate out of this world even if it takes more than one lifetime. Sensitivity training. Our body is a vehicle and very temporary, considering how the real you is an eternal beautiful unique fun soul with a pure spiritual body and God is just nugging us to sincerely want to wake up completely to our real selves. And yes sometimes Jill it does take a real big something like you are going thru to help us seriously, super seriously in our hearts of hearts, to want the real thing. God is helping you and we’re praying for you too to help you go thru all this and ultimately become a big winner and achieve your eternal spiritual form and eternal loving relationship with God and all the others. A suggestion to try and watch the movie ‘Bruce Almighty” it will get you laughing and also get some poignant lessons across. I have ms and a load of other dx’s. I’m 60 and vegan since 15yrs old, however i am surrounded by really great souls who support and really help me see on a deeper level whats going on, besides all the physical and emotional etc. its the spiritual i find most valuable since i see deeply how everything happens for a reason and in this way i can more quickly identify the changes God is wanting me to make. Not just mental adjustments, but thru and thru. He’s cutting the cancer out of our hearts, minds and souls as much as we can take are want. Free will. part of us does enjoy wanting to be the center or selfish and thats whats keeping us from realizing our eternal pure spiritual identity. I read the Bhagavad Gita everyday and it helps turn on the lights in a much deeper way in the sense of understanding and answering the questions we have that we think no one can answer. If you want to try reading it, my favorite translater is A.C.Bhaktivedental Swami since he totally lived his spiritual life and taught others. It gives me a deeper understanding of the Bible and other scriptures. I know too i am receiving karma for activities i’ve done in this life and others, and i pray to God to help make the changes that i’m meant to. take care and sending love and prayers sincerely Tulasi

    • russ hook

      Jill, I am 60. I haven’t been sick in about 20 years, and rarely before that. I am 35 year veggie, now vegan/mostly raw foods. Alkalinize your body by eating LIVING foods. Try adding FOOD GRADE H2O2 in your liquids. Start with 5 drops for a week then add a drop every week up to 20 drops in a 8-12 oz glass of liquids. Also colloidal silver is great. Since I started making it 18 years ago, I haven’t been sick a day. The doctors are there for $$$ and to push poisonous chemicals on us. That is OBVIOUS.

  3. sonia

    i would like info regarding diet t b followed for crohn

    • russ hook

      STOP CONsuming DEAD ANIMALS sonia, for a start. Go to a LIVING FOODS diet, or RAW VEGAN foods. ALL cooked food is DEAD food.

  4. James Segwell

    Jill, I am not qualified in any field of medicine or ‘alternative’ health practitioning but here’s my two cent’s worth. Our body mechanism is meant to break down at some point as we all know, whether or not we are the healthiest of the healthy, and a ‘simple’ communication interruption in gene behaviour could have been the culprit in your case. However, anything we intake will eventually create body reactions and manifest itself for better or worse and the 21st century state of agriculture, farming and produce is definitely not in our body’s favour, GM intervention being one of the top guilty parties. Sending you positive vibes.

  5. Patrick Farrell

    Do you share the diet you were on or are you selling it? Thank you.

  6. eileen ozbursa

    Organic is the answer.

  7. B. Mel

    You may want to try ESSIAC TEA (4-herb tea) available from herbalhealer.com. I used it to get rid of a small spot of melanoma on my back. I changed to a healthy diet, lots of fruits and veggies (especially blueberries). There are testimonials online at this website. This is yet something else that the govt. and big pharma doesn’t want us to know about, because it works! I’ve been drinking the tea for almost a year now, and I feel great!

    • Floyd

      I have been taking ESSIAC TEA for 6 Months and feel great while Ive got several of My friends using it….Its not expensive,very little taste and easy to Use..premixed or cooked up like Reg. tea….I was just treated for prostrate cancer…Using the tea as an added treatment…

  8. Sandy

    Jill, I also have ovarian cancer stage IIIB. I had surgery and chemo (iv and IP chemo) and i have been cancer free since 2009. I only recently changed my diet and wished I did it a long time ago. Do whatever you can to de stress your life. Also go to the ovarian cancer inspire website for support. I was lost until I found it! Blessings! Sandy

  9. Mary

    Why has no one mentioned Cannabis Oil? Jill, if you are in a Medical Marijuana legal state, please look up Cannabis Oil or more specifically Rick Simpson Oil. Read all the testimonials and do what you have to do. Love and peace, Mary


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