Dr. Robert Wood: Aerospace Engineer Veteran Blows The Whistle On UFOs

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woooddyDr. Robert wood is a man of many experiences. Coming from a rigid academic environment straight into research and development projects for an aerospace manufacturer and defence contractor, you would probably experience a few things that are out of the norm for the average human being.  I’m not trying to prove the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrials with this article, because at the end of the day this is just a man sharing his experience. Individuals with verified backgrounds should be heard with an open mind, especially now halfway through 2013,  given that there is a large amount of evidence available in the public sphere that sheds light and credibility  on the UFO/extraterrestrial phenomenon.

Dr. Robert Wood has a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Colorado, and a Ph.D. in physics from cornell. He had a 43-year career at McDonnell Douglas, managing research and development projects. McDonnell Douglas was a major American aerospace manufacturer and defence contractor. It’s famous for a number of commercial and military aircraft.

I’ve provided a quotation of his statements so you can follow along with the video. The testimony by Robert Wood was given to several former United States Senators, Congressmen and women.  You can learn more about that hearing here. And you can watch short interviews with the reaction of the former senators here and here.

One day after I reported to a couple of VP’s on how we were doing, one of them asked me personally if I was doing anything interesting outside of my job. ‘You’re not going to believe this, but i’ve read about 50 books on UFOs’, I said, and ‘the amazing conclusion I have come to is that they are very real extraterrestrial craft’. The only thing that’s uncertain is whether we find out how they work before or after our competitor lockheed. After a moment of silence one of them (VP) said, ‘how much would it cost to take a look at that question’? Therefore we started a project, quite low key to take a look at the question of how they work.

We did a lot of interesting projects, such as measure the effects of the huge magnetic field on the speed of light, interview an abductee, try to invent the physics that would permit travelling faster than the speed of light, develop an instrumented van to observe craft sightings anywhere anytime, and spawn magnets into space to try and change their weight.

This is an interesting testimony in my opinion as it seems Dr. Wood is extremely cautious in what he says and how he says it. A corporation like McDonnell Douglas having programs like this is alarming enough, they must be extremely top secret. I’m sure Dr. Wood knows much more than what he states. I find it interesting how he makes it clear that his belief in UFOs comes from himself, and does not link that part to his work within the industry.  His story also corroborates to many others stories from military personel that confirm the reality of back-engineering extraterrestrial crafts to figure out how they work.

Official documents released by dozens of  governments and three letter agencies, like the NSA, already admit to having programs that study the UFO phenomenon (you can view in the later part of this article). Hiring private contractors to help them investigate it makes sense, doesn’t it? Governments that hire private contractors have no oversight from congress, they can basically do whatever they want.

We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity. Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do. We have the technology to take ET home. – Ben Rich, former Director of Lockheed’s Skunk Works from 1975-1991

Below is evidence taken from a previous article I wrote:  Wikileaks Cables Confirm Existence of Extraterrestrial Life. I thought I would add some more in just incase you wanted to browse through some more stuff that’s related.

In early May, researchers, activists, political leaders and high ranking military/agency personnel from around the world testified to the reality of the UFO/extraterrestrial phenomenon in front of several former United States members of congress. To watch an interview with the former 2008 presidential candidate and ex-congressman Mike Gravel (who participated in the hearings) click here.  You can watch interviews with all of the senators that participated in the event here.

Prior to the recent hearing on UFOs and extraterrestrial life, we’ve had explosive statements made by NASA astronauts and professors, you can watch some of those statements here and here. Not only has the world heard from all of these credible people, it has also been privy to official documentation released by dozens of governments worldwide that outline the reality of the UFO phenomenon. Documents indicate that UFOs are of concern to governments, and they put a significant amount of  time, effort and resources into studying them. Apart from governments, agencies like the National Security Agency also released official files regarding UFOs, you can view some of these previously classified documents here.

It’s now a fact that UFOs are tracked on radar, performing maneuvers that defy our idea of physics. Jets are constantly scrambled to take a closer look at them. This is no longer a conspiracy theory, it’s a fact. Files were released starting in early in 2007 with the UK, among many others. Since then, they’ve released thousands of pages every year, with the latest ones published in June 2013 made available at the UK’s National Archives. You can view them here.

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  1. Aliens do exist and the bigger proof that they exist does not lie simply with UFO’S. I Believe the big reason the world media does make this official is mostly because the Aliens are highly advanced in their technology. To point out how just advanced they happen to be with their space technology and knowledge we can look at the art works they left us in Crop circles as proof they are brilliant and perhaps millions of years far more advanced than we are. The Aliens known as the grey have visited the earth before not just with UFO’s but crash landed in Roswell New Mexico and became part of one of the biggest conspiracies in the history of the United States of America’s government. The universe is too big for us to be all alone, and i do believe that UFO’S are real and Crop circles are authentic. Overall evidence suggests the ET’s are harmless and they fly around just to observe our activities on earth.

    • sfsd


    • Thomas Turk

      Why don’t you take just one more little step betond crop circles, Roger and open http://www.theyfly.com, read Randolph Winters The Pleiadian Mission and see his uTubes with Billy Meier. If that overwhelms you, and you want to scream fraud, consider that the Swiss contactee published planetary material from et, sometimes years ahead of nasa’s discoveries and publication.

    • I worked wit a Phantom fighter pilot 50 years ago that I trust. He told me he had chased one in California at over 3500 MPR and it left him cold but waited for him to come again. After a while the UFO went straight up and disappeared. My uncle was a top civilian employee for the air-force before it became air-force. He told me about things at Wright Patterson before area 51. I have never seen anything but look. However, I have a theory I wish to express and it is not only mine but others as well. Could they be from the future of earth? do they know something that most do not? Is that why there is a secrete bunker o/s of Denver and others throughout the states. Are they behind this or do some people already Know? We are not only rapidly destroying our earth but now close to WW3 unless something changes. I am in the dark but wondering.

  2. Jack

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Where is it?

    • jt

      Search the web and read the many books on the subject. Stop being lazy and obtuse.

    • Aurelio

      Jack, you are supposed to believe that it isn’t true. And it seems to be working. Wait, are you suggesting that people have to prove something to you? nobody owes you any proof. all you have to do is remain skeptical, simple as that.

    • dave

      What more do you expect? We only believe that dinosaurs existed because archaeologists claim they have found bones, I have never seen a dinosaur or found a dino bone but I believe they existed because the evidence presented by people that I believe (why would they lie).

      There are crop circles, ancient artefacts, religious books, cave drawings of unknown craft, testimony from huge numbers of credible people (inc many military officials) who have no motivation to lie about such things unless they truly believed it. Multiple reports of mass UFO sightings over city’s. There isn’t much more evidence that could be provided to an individual other than for you to see it 1st hand. Look to the skies and it might happen to you soon.

  3. I think by and large our very existence and if you study our DNA, there has to be life beyond our space ship…

  4. Ciaran

    What evidence were you looking for? he’s not gonna pull a living alien out of his pocket,

  5. Jack, the truth and proof only appears to who truly search for it… if you search well i’m sure you will find some. The truth is not for everyone though..

  6. At 1:51 in the above clip.. you will notice the film was cut….. Why?

  7. Watch this video again, but this time think Steven Greer is trying not to eat this man. I promise it makes for a fun experience.

    • Squidward

      Greer gives me the creeps—there’s too much of the profit-seeking huckster in this guy’s character to ignore, what with his willingness to teach people to “contact” UFOs with a flashlight for a (ahem) nominal fee. That, and some other shenanigans centering around diversion of money from the “Sirius” film that recently cropped up (read it on the Jeff Rense site a few days back). That fellow really does put a bad face on the whole topic of UFOs, as far as I’m concerned. :-(

  8. Уверен, сознание и материя бесконечны в пространстве и во времени. Свидетельством тому-
    Сооружения Египта, в которых подробно показан Земной цикл, По этому принципу устроен Мир. Но по весьма понятным соображениям, это не может быть доступно для публикации в средствах массовой информации. Принцип создания летательных аппаратов, использующих энергию передаваемую по Эфиру как среде, указал еще Никола Тесла. Хочется заметить, чего стоят усилия наших ученых, не понимающих как образуется шар, правильнее сфера, шаровая молния, двойная звезда и прочее.

  9. I believe aliens do exist. We are never able to fully convince ourselves one exist until we see an alien personally.

  10. edisonoside

    Want to see aliens then try DMT.

  11. Squidward

    For me, personally, I think the best evidence is in visual-radar cases and—i’m prefacing this on purpose—WELL-DOCUMENTED landing/trace cases. I think that’s where the real proof will be…..But like I said, that’s just my spin on it. I lean towards the ETH, but if people like Vallee can make a decent enough case for something else, I’ll be more than happy to listen. My motto on the subject of UFOs is: “My mind is open, but not so open my brains fell out!”

  12. tom

    pure bs.

    if you want to believe you will.
    there is no evidence that anyone with a brain would convince that UFOs holding alien life exist.

    • Logically UFO’s just don’t make sense. We would know if they come from our solar system so they must come from further afar. If they come from another solar system or galaxy, then they would be far more advanced than having to need “spaceships”. This is infantile and a bit like the human creation of a god. But what is really, really funny, is that people believe these “advanced beings” communicate with our government! It’s hilarious. As if they would do such a stupid thing as that. And we have to remember we’re simply not that interesting for them to pop their heads here or even stick around. If aliens have traveled such distances they would be socially advanced and would be above this sort of childish nonsense or they would have annihilated themselves before they evolved into trans-galactic beings.

    • Squidward

      For some, no proof is necessary, which is unfortunate in the search for truth; for others, no proof is possible—which is equally unfortunate.

      However….Since matters like these are often acted upon as personal preferences, and since I believe that personal preferences need not be defended or justified, taking the position that “it’s all pure b.s.” is certainly up to you as an individual. Me, I’m still looking for concrete proof. And until then, I’ll keep an open mind.

      • Tog

        At last! A down-to-earth, sane response. Well said Squidward.

  13. Dan Taylor

    Wernher Von Braun said that in order for the military industrial complex to sustain its economic and political trajectories, that first a fabricated threat of terrorists would be used on the public, and then fabricated threats of asteroids, and finally a fabricated alien threat.

    In my opinion, the UFO phenomenon is a carefully crafted psyop used to hide the ever widening gap between the haves, and the have nots. If people are to believe that the technology witnessed is other worldly, there is little to no psychological need to keep up with the Jone’s. On the other hand, if the technology is perceived as being a ‘toy’ or tool of another person or people, said technology is coveted.

    We as a species are on the verge of a new branch in the evolutionary tree; one made possible by technology. If those of us left in the dust of this high tech renaissance do not try to close the gap outlined above, we will be visible only in the history books, as Home Erectus is today.

  14. mark Jones

    Does ET exist? Well take a look at yourself. You are an ET, we are all ET’s to any being other than us in the entirety of the Universe.

  15. Einstein’s Relativity is the problem. Einstein didn’t get it quite right. The Relativity can be generalized so that the experimental results we know of (such as Michelson-Morley, or time dilation) can be found as a special case of a larger theory.

    In this larger theory, faster-than-light travel is possible away from large masses. This is the reason why we cannot accelerate anything past 300,000 km/s here on Earth.

    Such theory is available today and is called the Fundamental Information Theory (FIT for short). It produces (as a special case) both Einstein’s results and Heisenberg’s principle of uncertainty. In other words, it unifies Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.

    The theory is axiomatic, i.e. it starts from the universal truth that nothing specific can happen without the use of information. It doesn’t use Einstein’s postulates and it doesn’t use the notion of aether. The theory is mathematically simple and elegant. It does not use four dimensional time-space as it is not necessary.

    You can peruse this theory in my book at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00D0S8HMC

    You can find a short proof of time dilation without Einstein’s postulates at http://rjmichie.blogspot.com/2013/07/whos-your-daddy-relativity.html . No one has done this before.

    We can fly to other star systems with the technology not much more advanced than what we already have.


    RJ Michie
    the author of FIT

  16. Jack Schick

    As Fukushima and Hanford, et al, continue to poison us all,
    it seems that We latter-day earthlings are being “Terra-formed”
    to suit the remodeling needs of the new immigrant ETs.
    Everybody should check the video of the airplane passenger
    monitoring the cabin-air with his rad-detector, into Portland.
    The level of CPM (Counts per Minute) rises through the series
    of photos, up to 1,100 CPM.
    Old California environmental laws once mandated that an
    Alert be issued if an air-borne level of only 100 CPM detected!
    Military-Civil Defense manuals speak of command-level
    personnel to be brought inside of clean shelters if a Rad
    reading of only 300 CPM were found on them. This level
    of 300 counts would trigger a decontamination protocol
    where the old clothing is discarded, a decon shower and
    thorough scrub, and new clothes issued!
    The rank-and-file would receive routine lies about poison
    and radioactive contamination, and be left out in it.
    NOW HEAR THIS! They, the satanic uniformed authorities,
    they have completely covered-up this reality! You can take a
    radiation detector on a commercial flight, and read it for yourself.
    Cabin air is compressed from engine air intakes, at whatever altitude,
    and you can see for your own observational self, the level rises, and
    you are breathing and ingesting 1,100 Counts per minute,
    at a bare minimum! Those which can be tallied by the cheap
    handheld detectors! The Officials are horribly, criminally, LYING.
    Let’s see some BigTime “Engineers” BLOW the WHISTLE on this
    radioactive-mass-murder now underway!
    Remember all,
    The Lord is Good and His mercy endureth Forever.
    The “Builders” rejected The Chief Cornerstone (Christ).
    and these builders built the falsehood warmonger industrial evil.
    These “builders” pushed for more and more Nuclear murder machines.
    They still control the Propaganda, and the satanic power.
    Damn the devil,
    Thank you Jesus, Amen

  17. Skip

    no such thing as God….never has been, never will be.

  18. Timothy

    I’d like to write a book… “UFO’s and ALIANS, any more dangerous today then they have ever been?”
    they have been here since long before man has… so if they are changing us then they have been doing so for a very long time!

  19. nubwaxer

    getting old is so sad.


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