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Sirius-documentary-1850525Neanderthal DNA is 99.5% identical to our own, while chimpanzee and great ape DNA is 96-97% identical. We are still in the process of discovering, researching, and exploring our history as a species. Most of the information we take in and choose to believe about religion, evolution, and the origin of our species is incomplete, and this has led us to develop a number of theories and belief systems that are widely accepted as truth and taught within educational institutions as fact.

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I’m not here to argue for one belief or another when it comes to creation and the origins of life; the problem I want to highlight is what happens when we close our minds to other possibilities and new understandings about the nature of our reality. We may have a wealth of information at our fingertips, but that does not mean there is nothing left to discover. It is our natural, continual striving to learn — our human curiosity — that leads to the new theories, ideas, and world paradigms that have changed and shaped human history.

The specimen under examination in the video below was found in the Atacama Desert. Research has already determined that a large portion of its DNA is from a human female, presumably the mother. The astonishing thing is that 9% of its DNA is unmatched, and that’s a pretty significant portion. What could it be? Researches don’t know yet, and it will take a number of years to determine exactly what that unmatched DNA represents.

Below is a clip from the recent documentary SIRIUS, which you can can watch or purchase here.

When dealing with the UFO/extraterrestrial phenomenon, it’s essential that you question your sources and do some research. This subject is filled with many competing agendas and plenty of disinformation. We do not judge the people behind the film, and we thank them for their work. Any film that is able to open the minds of the masses to realities beyond our world — realities that don’t fit the accepted framework — is definitely worthwhile, and something we are happy to promote.

For a more in-depth analysis of the SIRIUS documentary from one of our writers, you can read the article below. For more information on the UFO/extraterrestrial phenomenon apart from the SIRIUS documentary, you can click here. 

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SIRIUS: Is The 6 Inch Physical Specimen Human or Alien?

Here is a clip of Dr. Steven Greer speaking about the specimen. It includes clips from the research conducted at Stanford. The full version explores the implications of this research thoroughly.

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