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Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic, PhD. with  help from her team at the Neural Dynamics Research Group in the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of British Colombia, published a paper outlining  interesting research regarding the efficacy of the Gardasil vaccines.(1) This is one of many proofs against the efficiency and effectiveness of the Gardasil vaccination, one said to protect girls against cervical cancer and HPV infection.

The efficacy of Gardasil in preventing cervical cancer has not been demonstrated and the marketing campaign has been misleading. The efficacy of Gardasil remains unsubstantiated since the vaccine hasn’t been adequately tested on the primary age group to which it is currently given. Merck (Gardasil Manufacturer) promoted Gardasil primarily as a vaccine against cervical cancer, rather than promiting it as a vaccine against HPV infection or sexually transmitted disease (1).

She points out that malignant cervical cancer takes decades to develop, and the longest clinical trial on Gardasil was only four years in length. Gardasil was never shown to prevent cervical cancer at all. The report also gives reference to Dr. Diane Harper, MD, professor. Dr. Harper has spoken out about the Gardisil vaccine before and she was the one who conducted the phase 2 and phase 3 trials for Gardasil. She authored their publications, and spoke out about how HPV vaccine will do little to decrease the already very small cancer rate. She noted that if women who are vaccinated stop going for Pap smears, the incidence rate for cervical cancer would increase. 

Gardasil has been known to have detrimental side effects. A lot of  controversy surrounds it, and many around the world believe it to be (in some cases) a deadly vaccine.

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japanJapan’s Ministry of Health is making noise in the vaccine world, having recently dropped its support and withdrawing its recommendation of the Gardasil vaccine. This decision comes after the ministry of health was receiving many complaints and reports of adverse reactions to the vaccine. The ministry said that this is the second time it has suspended a recommendation related to the regular vaccine program. The panel looked at 38 cervical vaccine recipients who reported widespread pain. Given the timing of their symptoms, the panel concluded that a causal link to the vaccines could not be ruled out in many of the cases. The two vaccines sold in Japan are Cervarix, made by GlaxoSmithKlein PLC of Britain, and Gardasil, made by Merck Sharp and Dohme, in the United States.

It is necessary to gather information immediately to accurately grasp how often the side effects are ocurring. By implementing investigations, we want to offer information that can make the people feel more at ease – Mariko Momoi, char of the Japanese governments Ministry of Health.

The ministry is not suspending the use of the vaccine, but instead instructed local governments not to promote the use of it while further research conducted into the matter. The investigation is expected to take several months, then a final decision will be made as to whether Japan will reinstate or continue to withhold its recommendation for the vacation.

There is growing database of reputable evidence from many professionals revealing the dangers of the vaccines. It’s good to see Japan making some noise with regards to vaccines. Despite repeated studies maintaining that vaccines are safe, a growing number of people around the world believe the shots to be unnecessary. A few years ago, 40 percent of parents were surveyed said they would not vaccinate their girls against HPV. This is encouraging, with more awareness created more people around the world will choose to opt out of vaccinations. In 2009, that rose to 41 percent and them increased even more to 44 percent in 2010. The study was published in Paediatrics (2).

All major biotech and food corporations have the same shareholders as the major pharmaceutical companies.  All medical research that is taught in medical school and shipped out to doctors is sponsored by this small group of major multinational corporations, like Pfizer, who in the end, are all owned by the same financial institutions.(3)(4). There is a multi-trillion dollar incentive to suppress information, and develop medical research that coincides with the manufacturing of drugs. I like to refer to it as scientific fraud.  The innocence of the human race has been capitalized on, we simply believe what we are told without questioning and researching for ourselves. Putting our education, and source of information in the hands of a few multinational corporations is a little odd, don’t you think? What about research that is publicly funded, research that is separate from industry bias? Why does this research rely on alternative media outlets to expose their crucial work, when it should be making headlines all around the world?  Things are changing, and more people within the academic field are trying to use their credentials to reach more people.

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