14 Year Old Responds To Millionaire Who Claims Monsanto Is A Hero

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reachel parentKevin O’leary was recently challenged by a 14 year old GMO activist, Rachel Parent. She is the founder of gmo-news.com. She would like an opportunity to speak with him on the CBC show “The Lang and O’leary Exchange,” but I doubt she will get it.

It’s a show watched by many in Canada, placing a person of high wealth and influence in a position to speak and easily influence the minds of many without any evidence. It’s simple, someone with a voice on a major mainstream media network (who has a main anchor as a bilderberg attendee) simply speaks, and is believed by those who watch. Meanwhile, the observers never do their own research, if they did they would turn off their television right away. They call it television programming for a reason. One can easily get caught up in the program, and actually believe this subject is up for debate simply because somebody on their television is engaging the subject in a debate-like manner (monkey see monkey do). If one would really like information on GMOs, all they have to do is research it and make further connections that will provide a very large wake up call.

Putting our source of information in the hands of media corporations owned by a small group of multinational corporations (who are owned by major financial institutions) isn’t too smart, is it? Shouldn’t we be questioning what we are told instad of blindly believing things on a daily basis while unaware of the evidence that challenges their claims?

Young children all over the world should be a lesson for the older generations. As we move forward, the generations coming in are wired differently, they are able to see through the veil with ease and have a burning desire to change the planet. I think we should help them, encourage them, and let them light the way on the road to planetary change instead of forcing them into a system that does not resonate with them.

For more information about GMOs, visit Rachel’s website. That’s gmo-news.com. She is 14 year’s old and easily takes down Kevin O’leary. Collective Evolution has also covered  GMOs and Monsanto in depth. Browse through our website or use our search bar with key words like “GMO” and “Monsanto” for more information. All articles are sourced, so feel free to take a look!

Monsanto Should be held up as a hero because they’ve developed technologies that help under developed countries increase productivity by 5 and 10 times. You’re an ignorant and stupid  person if you say what Monsanto does is bad for human beings – Kevin O’leary

Here is a link to Mr. O’leary’s rant:


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  1. Michael

    Kevin O’leary needs to wake up and smell the toxins. He’s rich enough to get all his food GMO free and fresh. So it comes as no surprise that he holds them in high regard…. Hey Kevin! what are you going to do when the world dies from GMO’s and you’re not so rich any more!?

    • He’s a Bildeberger…..he only wants a few hundred thousand people on earth anyways. That’s their primary goal. Everyone know’s that.

      • Danette, I wish EVERYONE knew that…they do not!!!! I have students with hardly ANY voice and as soon as I get them on Organic food, No wheat, corn soy, and dairy, they get their voice back. They do NOT even know about Monsanto and DuPont. People DO NOT know. They do not know who Bill GAtes is, the Bildebergers, Rockefellers, the whole lot. It is the aware down the rabbit hole peeps like us that HAVE to educate. I really want to create some sort of blog individuals can go to to get educated. Call me if u want to chat. 760 652 5683 Rebeca Randle I am on Facebook and twitter.

  2. donna west

    I hate rich, arrogant people. They talk a bunch of crap they think we all want to hear but the bottom line is they dont care who they hurt as long as they can keep their lifestyle. poor people are dirt under their feet and GMOs were not created to help anyone only the rich and arrogant who wish to see most of our population eliminated so they can inherit the earth….they think. well, it will be an earth not suitable for any mankind if they dont stop what they are doing to it.

    • Wealth, has nothing to do with arrogance and ignorance. It is an ignorant view to assume so.

      By stating that you “hate” something because of a general illogical perception, you are actually hating yourself. Which, due to common sense, and psychology, explains why you have anyone in the first place.

      What you should do is act, positively and creatively to change yourself, and the world around you for a better place.

      • Crg747

        On the contrary my friend. this has been studied rather extensively and the results point toward arrogance and a sense of self entitlement going hand in hand with the wealthy with but few exceptions.
        Here’s but one example: http://www.upworthy.com/take-two-normal-people-add-money-to-just-one-of-them-and-watch-what-happens-next

      • Bravo, Kieron! I don’t know of any rich people who are doing good, but a truly good person would not be concerned about being known for doing good. In other words, they would have little or nothing to do with ego. The Rockefellers, on the other hand, love to let people know about their Rockefeller Foundation and the evils (er, “good”) they’ve done for education, medicine, business, pharmaceuticals and government corruption.

        Ego is at the root of all evil. It is the false self which separates us and allows power to go to their heads. It gives rise to callous statements like those of one female world leader who said that the great culling is about to begin, to rid the world of the ‘useless eaters’ — the ones consuming ‘our’ resources. She didn’t realize that she was condemning herself.

        Spot on! You’re so right that we change the world by changing ourselves. When we take 100% responsibility, there’s no room for blame, excuses or being a victim.

        Love and peace!


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