14 Year Old Responds To Millionaire Who Claims Monsanto Is A Hero

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reachel parentKevin O’leary was recently challenged by a 14 year old GMO activist, Rachel Parent. She is the founder of gmo-news.com. She would like an opportunity to speak with him on the CBC show “The Lang and O’leary Exchange,” but I doubt she will get it.

It’s a show watched by many in Canada, placing a person of high wealth and influence in a position to speak and easily influence the minds of many without any evidence. It’s simple, someone with a voice on a major mainstream media network (who has a main anchor as a bilderberg attendee) simply speaks, and is believed by those who watch. Meanwhile, the observers never do their own research, if they did they would turn off their television right away. They call it television programming for a reason. One can easily get caught up in the program, and actually believe this subject is up for debate simply because somebody on their television is engaging the subject in a debate-like manner (monkey see monkey do). If one would really like information on GMOs, all they have to do is research it and make further connections that will provide a very large wake up call.

Putting our source of information in the hands of media corporations owned by a small group of multinational corporations (who are owned by major financial institutions) isn’t too smart, is it? Shouldn’t we be questioning what we are told instad of blindly believing things on a daily basis while unaware of the evidence that challenges their claims?

Young children all over the world should be a lesson for the older generations. As we move forward, the generations coming in are wired differently, they are able to see through the veil with ease and have a burning desire to change the planet. I think we should help them, encourage them, and let them light the way on the road to planetary change instead of forcing them into a system that does not resonate with them.

For more information about GMOs, visit Rachel’s website. That’s gmo-news.com. She is 14 year’s old and easily takes down Kevin O’leary. Collective Evolution has also covered  GMOs and Monsanto in depth. Browse through our website or use our search bar with key words like “GMO” and “Monsanto” for more information. All articles are sourced, so feel free to take a look!

Monsanto Should be held up as a hero because they’ve developed technologies that help under developed countries increase productivity by 5 and 10 times. You’re an ignorant and stupid  person if you say what Monsanto does is bad for human beings – Kevin O’leary

Here is a link to Mr. O’leary’s rant:


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  1. Viki

    This destroys us and the Mother Earth. GMO is not a healthy food and it is not going to save any human life if they add some vitamin E in the rise.
    Mr. Kevin either Monsanto pays you to think about like that or your brain is smaller than a worm’s brain to think like that. This 14 year old girl is smarter than both you in the studio. And she know she cannot stop GMO food but at least to be labeling as everything is done for money and we are people and we have choice. If somebody wants to eat GMO food go ahead if wants to die from all kind of deseases. Mother Earth is smart enough to know what we know and what we need. Mother Earth has everything and can feed all the people and animals but the Mother Earth does not have enough to feed the greed people like Monsanto etc.

  2. joe

    Every single person citing a source website is linking to obviously biased material… way to get your point across…..not

    • When it comes to the future of our planet and our collective and environmental health, everyone is biased. E.v.e.r.y.o.n.e.. If they don’t have a personal opinion, they’re either dead or they’ve been asleep for several decades…

    • Really Joe… hows this for “unbiased information” Monsanto… the KING of GMOS who says they are “Safe” and “identical” to REAL FOOD… produces more GMOS than anybody in the world… but guess what… The Monsanto Cafeteria is 100% ORGANIC.

      isn’t it funny, that the largest producer of GMOS in the world, won’t even serve the shit they make to their own employees!? But it’s PERFECT for you and your family! ;)

      That should tell an INTELLIGENT person all they need to know about GMOS… a moron.. .well they will just call this information “irrelevant” because they are too stupid to think for them selves.

      • Oh yeah some more UNBIASED info… How many countries have actually BANNED GMOS (because they KNOW they are unsafe?) I’ll list some…

        First Europe: Virtually EVERY COUNTRY in Europe has restrictions on Monsanto “products”
        Japan, New Zealand, Tasmania, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Phillippines, Algeria, Brazil, Paraguay…

        I could go on and on and on and on.. but it be easier to say which countries actually ENDORSE GMOS…

        USA and Canada. Surprise…. the two countries who are ruled by Zionist propaganda, and believe they are “informed” when they are the most IGNORANT citizens (especially Americans) on the face of the planet.

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