14 Year Old Responds To Billionaire Who Claims Monsanto Is A Hero

reachel parentKevin O’leary was recently challenged by a 14 year old GMO activist, Rachel Parent. She is the founder of gmo-news.com. She would like an opportunity to speak with him on the CBC show “The Lang and O’leary Exchange,” but I doubt she will get it.

It’s a show watched by many in Canada, placing a person of high wealth and influence in a position to speak and easily influence the minds of many without any evidence. It’s simple, someone with a voice on a major mainstream media network (who has a main anchor as a bilderberg attendee) simply speaks, and is believed by those who watch. Meanwhile, the observers never do their own research, if they did they would turn off their television right away. They call it television programming for a reason. One can easily get caught up in the program, and actually believe this subject is up for debate simply because somebody on their television is engaging the subject in a debate-like manner (monkey see monkey do). If one would really like information on GMOs, all they have to do is research it and make further connections that will provide a very large wake up call.

Putting our source of information in the hands of media corporations owned by a small group of multinational corporations (who are owned by major financial institutions) isn’t too smart, is it? Shouldn’t we be questioning what we are told instad of blindly believing things on a daily basis while unaware of the evidence that challenges their claims?

Young children all over the world should be a lesson for the older generations. As we move forward, the generations coming in are wired differently, they are able to see through the veil with ease and have a burning desire to change the planet. I think we should help them, encourage them, and let them light the way on the road to planetary change instead of forcing them into a system that does not resonate with them.

For more information about GMOs, visit Rachel’s website. That’s gmo-news.com. She is 14 year’s old and easily takes down Kevin O’leary. Collective Evolution has also covered  GMOs and Monsanto in depth. Browse through our website or use our search bar with key words like “GMO” and “Monsanto” for more information. All articles are sourced, so feel free to take a look!

Monsanto Should be held up as a hero because they’ve developed technologies that help under developed countries increase productivity by 5 and 10 times. You’re an ignorant and stupid  person if you say what Monsanto does is bad for human beings – Kevin O’leary

Here is a link to Mr. O’leary’s rant:


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55 comments on “14 Year Old Responds To Billionaire Who Claims Monsanto Is A Hero

  1. The Billionaire should stop eating, if that’s his answer..oh, before he goes he should leave me a few hundred million.

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  3. John

    What I’d ask O’Leary is if he chooses to eat GMO’s I’m sure that would tell you a lot about what he secretly thinks about them he could be an avid supporter like he claims but chances are he knows better then to eat it so he is just a hypocrite.

  4. Michael

    Kevin O’Leary is an ignorant and Stupid man. I don’t care how rich someone is that does not necessarily make you smarter. I used to watch Dragon’s Den all the time and I just cannot watch it anymore as this asinine person is on this show. The way he treat’s people is disgusting. I would love for him to wake up tomorrow and be broke. Hey Kevin, watch a little interview with David Suzuki on the network that you are also on. He can explain it to you in quite shocking details the effect’s of Genetic Modification. If your not a scientist, you should keep your mouth shut tight!

  5. Well, actually…

    … Kevin O’leary IS right about one thing he said: GMO crop “has helped under-developed countries increase productivity by 5 and 10 times.”

    That’s true, about the “productivity part.”

    What he FAILED to mention, though, and following through with, is: Many of these GMO “beneficiaries” later get very sick, develop all kinds of diseases, metabolic dysfunctions, and malnourishment disorders … and then, in turn … help make a lot of money for starch-agriculture’s REAL beneficiaries: Big Pharma.

    Yep. That’s “productivity”, alright. The ‘Big Food’ keeps the masses alive long enough, so that they can then be handed off to ‘Big Pharma’, to patch them up, and then hand them back off to ‘Big Food’ for yet another round.

    Which also highlights let ANOTHER myth: That humans are living “healthier” lives, today, based on “evidence of living longer.”

    However, you can be MEDICALLY-INDUCED to live longer … but that doesn’t mean that the final 8 to 12 years of your life is QUALITY life. That doesn’t mean that “just getting by” is the same as really living vibrantly, productively, and independently.

    If you are a miserable, sickly, bed-ridden person … then “living a long life” in that state doesn’t prove that you are a healthy (or happy) specimen. It just means that you are being medically-induced and FORCED to stay alive longer. But what does that truly amount to, if your medically-prolonged life-span is an undignified, unfulfilling and depressing existence?

    Hence, this is how the ‘Big Food’ and ‘Big Pharma’ industries work, back to back. They scratch each other’s backs, by playing “hot potato” with the population. First, the ‘Big Food’ industry contributes to feeding into a disease-stricken nation (by growing cheaply-produced, low-perishability, low-quality foods as “staple.”). Then, the sickly person is in turn passed on to ‘Big Pharma’, to put a temporary “band-aid” on the ailing person, so that they can be pressed back into the consumer cycle for yet another round of a life-style of poor-quality food.

    Then, they get sicker, still, and once again … get passed back to ‘Big Pharma’ for another temporary “patch.” And back and forth, on and on, the wheel spins. It’s the “cash cow” merry-go-round, if you will. Both of these mafias (“Big Food’ and ‘Big Pharma’) have one primary goal: To squeeze as much disposable income out of the individual as possible, by keeping them alive longer, only so that they stay diseased longer, and dependent on them longer.

    Round and round, the human “cash cow” goes. Where it finally drops (dead), no one knows. (But, let us all gloss over falsified and duplicitous medical “statistics” which “prove” that “humans are living longer lives than ever.” Sure they are, but in the form of sickly, lethargic, drugged-up and numbed-down, zombie cash cows).

    “Beneficiaries”, these large companies are, Kevin O’leary? Sure, they are. They try to squeeze out as much from their human “cash cows” as possible, for as LONG as possible, so that it benefits their maximum profit. That’s truly “productivity.” Just not in the interest of the citizen, at large.

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  7. Sarrah

    O’leary must own large shares in GMO ! He wasn’t even paying attention to what she was saying! Only thing I wish she would had said about feeding the starving is ” does giving the starving a full belly out way the magnitude of health issues they will face and can’t afford to get medical help? So they die from horrible illnesses????

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