Black Ops Whistleblower Exposes Alien Takeover Agenda

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It is time for the public to know the truth about the alien presence on our planet, what its overall goals are, and what we can do about it. The official policy of all governments has been to deny that extraterrestrial phenomenon even exists, but this is clearly nonsense given the overwhelming amount of leaked documentation, credible high-level testimonies, genuine experiences, and extensive research that proves otherwise. This is a topic that receives virtually no media attention or serious consideration by the majority of people. Yet the reality of advanced extraterrestrial life is one of the most profound realizations anyone can make. And it is one we must make if we are to continue serving as the preeminent stewards of this planet without losing our freedoms as a race.

We cannot afford to be naive and ignorant any longer, for the magnitude of this situation becomes quite clear once you really see it for what it is. Most of us can fathom a human power elite vying for world domination, but we also need to consider the role that some extraterrestrial forces are having here too. It isn’t to say that every ET race is interested in take over, it is quite possible that many are interested in peace, but it is also true that a take over agenda could be the goal of some ET races. Our very freedoms depend on us seeing and knowing what we are truly up against. This is why genuine whistleblowers are so crucial at this time, as they can give us a unique perspective that the public is normally not privy to.


Phil Schneider, a former government geologist and engineer with over 17 years of experience in black projects, is one of the most important whistleblowers in modern history. In his presentation at the Preparedness Expo in September 1995, he exposes the gravity of the New World Order agenda and its connection with extraterrestrials in a direct and controversial manner. Less than 6 months after giving this talk, he was found dead in his apartment with piano wire still wrapped around his neck in what appears to be a military-style execution. According to some sources, he had been brutally tortured repeatedly before being killed. The authorities dismissed the death as a suicide.

All of Schneider’s talks contain explosive claims about government cover-ups, black budget projects, UFOs, and government/military collaboration with aliens in deep underground bases. During his lecture tour in the mid-90s, he even brought with him physical evidence of alien metals, artifacts and genuine photographs to further validate his claims. This article will present to you some of the most important information as revealed by Schneider in the following video. I highly recommend watching the presentation in its entirety, but since I know not everyone has the time, I have gone through and listed some of the most important sections for your consideration. The talk begins at 03:20 mins.

The information presented in this article is highly contradictory to “conventional reality” and will be shocking to those who have not done much research on these subjects. That does not make these claims any less real or valid. Please proceed with caution, for the information you are about to read is extremely important to understand in a sober and objective manner.


Schneider, born April 23 1947, was a geologist, structural engineer, and metallurgist that worked on building deep underground military bases (DUMBS). He spent more than 17 years within US government black projects carrying a level three security clearance (Rhyolite 38) at secret bases such as Area 51, S-4, and Los Alamos. He co-invented methods used in shape charge explosives research to facilitate the building of underground military bases as well as submarine bases.  He claims to be one of only three survivors of the now infamous Alien/Human War at the Dulce, New Mexico and Los Alamos underground bases where 66 government agents and workers lost their lives in August of 1979. More on this later.

Schneider claims that all information dealing with aliens is kept well hidden from the public and that the US military has known about the alien presence for more than 85 years, going back as early as 1909. He asserts that more than 500 billion dollars was being allocated annually to black projects dealing with these matters in 1995. According to Schneider, 28% of the US Gross National Product was being spent exclusively on building underground bases. This black budget sidesteps Congress completely and is a treasonous violation of Constitutional law and taxpayer money. Without a doubt, these budgets and projects continue today on a massive scale.

Schneider reveals the following bombshell revelations. Keep in mind, this was presented in late 1995 and has most certainly progressed significantly over the last 17 years:

1. There are 131 active DUMBS in the US, with approximately 1477 worldwide underground bases. Each one has an average cost of 17-19 billion dollars, taking approximately 1-2 years to construct using highly advanced methods. They vitrify and melt the rock using ultra-sophisticated lasers that reduces the rock to a powder and then smooth out the tunnels using powerful boring machines. These bases are truly massive and capable of housing thousands upon thousands of individuals.

2. Magneto-levaton trains connect all DUMBS within the continental US in a vast subterranean transport system capable of speeds MACH 2 or more. There is literally another world underground that is incredibly vast and filled with lifeforms, both human and non-human. Before his death, Schneider had a book in the works that was going to detail the precise latitude/longitude coordinates of all DUMBS that he was aware of. Unfortunately, he was killed in January 1996 and the book was never released.


3. Area 51 (Groom Lake, Nevada) is a mega-complex of 9 deep underground bases (Tonopah, S-2, S-4, etc), encompassing over 4.5 cubic miles of hollowed out underground space. There are over 18,000 workers who frequently work 12+ hour shifts and whose lives are kept secret and highly regulated.

4. The US government signed an agreement in 1954 with extraterrestrials granting them the right to experiment on humans and cattle in exchange for technology. This agreement was known as the Grenada Treaty and is a well-documented event. The original terms for this treaty were that only a small number of humans could be abducted, they had to be returned to their original locations, their memories had to be wiped, and the aliens were supposed to submit a list of the individuals they were taking to Majestic-12. However, after a few years of this, it became clear that the aliens were taking far more humans than they had originally bargained for, which spawned the origins of the alien-human conflict that persists to this day. (See 31:33 mins)

5.  In August 1979, he was employed by Morrison-Knudsen, Inc. and was assisting in building an addition to the Dulce, New Mexico underground base. At the time, the project had drilled four holes in the desert which were to be linked together with tunnels. Schneider’s job was to go down into the holes, check the rock samples, and recommend the explosives to deal with particular rock. In the process, the workers accidentally opened a large artificial cavern occupied by alien Grays. Schneider described one of the beings as 7 feet tall, incredibly smelly, and giving off a vile presence. He shot and killed 2 of these grays before being “split open like a fish” by some kind of alien electromagnetic pulse attack that burned off most of his left hand and toenails. He describes this incredible experience and how a Green Beret saved his life at 19:00 minutes into the video.


6. More than 66 humans were killed in the firefight that ensued during one of the most secret battles in modern human history. An abridged report of this event can be found here and is highly recommended reading. Since the Dulce Wars took place, the major militaries of the world including the USA, Russia, and China, have been in “constant conflict” with aliens. This is why the militaries have been shooting down UFOs and act so aggressively to their presence when near sensitive installations.

7. Schneider claims that there are 11 distinct races of aliens here on Earth, with 2 of them being benevolent. He shows a picture of an alien who has been working at the US Pentagon since 1943 known as ‘Val Valiant 4′. This “semi-benevolent” alien supposedly has a 490 year life span, 6 fingers/toes, an oversized heart, one giant lung, copper oxide for blood, an IQ of more than 1200, and speaks more than 100 human/alien languages fluently. This being has not changed significantly in appearance over the years and is likely still working with the US government in some capacity, probably under duress. (See 23:18 mins)

8. Schneider presents two physical samples of alien metals and elements that are unknown to the public. One of these is Corbamite, or element 140, and is the heaviest element in the world. It is 3.5x the weight of uranium, scratches diamond and sapphire easily, cannot be made to emit gamma rays, cannot be an isotope, and is totally stable. It is used in all stealth aircraft and Phoenix-class submarines. When combined with other alien elements, it is impregnable. It cannot be melted with charged particle beam weapons, and can withstand temperatures of 1 million degrees farenheit. Since the publicly known periodic table of elements contains only 104 elements, clearly there is much, much more known in the black project areas of science and military that we are not privy to! (See 28:38 mins)

9. “The New World Order and the alien agenda is one and the same.”  He describes the alien agenda as “the complete takeover of this planet, the killing off of 5/6 to 7/8 of the world’s population by 2029.” An alien takeover would mean the implementation of a one world government, which is the direct opposite of Constitutional law and would be the end of freedom as we know it. This is a very serious threat and the implications must be taken seriously by all those who are against the New World Order. (See 31:33 mins)

10. Near the end of his talk, an audience member asks if the alien agenda dictates the agenda of the globalists. Schneider responds: “Yes they do, in total, in their entirety. They may even be in charge.” When asked if the presidents are aware of this, Schneider confirms that they are. (See 1:04:15)

11. At least 9 races of alien beings regard humans as a food source. They are not all cannibalistic, however. They use the glandular secretions of animals and humans for mixtures of the vitamins of their food, and can actually get high from our adrenaline. This is why there are so many reports of cruel and sadistic torture that goes on at these underground bases, as some of the aliens literally feed off the fear-laden substances that humans emit in times of great distress. (See 31:33 mins)

12. According to Schneider, there are more than 100,000 missing children totally unaccountable from FBI archives in the US alone.  He believes that many of them are held captive underground and summarily done away with. In some cases, they are “literally eaten.” Human abductions by aliens is a serious problem and is completely disregarded and overlooked. Literally thousands of people are going missing each month and are never returned! This continues to occur today, against the will of millions of people worldwide, many who do not even remember or realize they have been taken. Schneider believes that 6-7 million humans have been slaughtered since 1954 at the hands of aliens. (See 34:40 mins) The underground bases are literally being used as cities by these aliens to further their takeover agenda. This must be recognized and must be admitted publicly!  These atrocities cannot be allowed to continue indefinitely or we will surely suffer grave consequences as a result of our apathy and indifference.

13. Sixteen days prior to giving this presentation, Schneider was shot in the shoulder by an FBI agent who was trying to kill him. He shot and killed this agent in self-defense and talks about this openly at 49:35 mins. He reported this to the FBI and they dismissed him and the incident. 11 previous attempts were made on his life since he started speaking out. Additionally, DIA agents tried to kidnap his daughter but were unsuccessful due to the brave actions of his ex-wife. Sadly, Schneider was finally terminated with extreme prejudice in January of 1996 after speaking out heroically for many years. His service and dedication to humanity, his country, and our freedoms will not be forgotten.


I believe that Schneider is genuine in his claims and is presenting what he knows to the best of his knowledge and experience. He was a true patriot and a firm advocate of Constitutional law. He loved the United States more than his life and he paid the ultimate sacrifice in speaking out on these matters. This is what happens when you blow the whistle on truly sensitive realities. The implications of his claims are truly serious and something that we must become aware of. Even more than 17 years later, this information is incredibly relevant. We must demand the truth from our governments and elected officials. If they are intentionally deceiving us or lying to us in any way, they should be removed from office and prosecuted for treason to the fullest extent of the law. We cannot afford to have treasonous leaders and politicians with no integrity anymore.

nwo3The malevolent alien presence that is physically residing in secret on this planet is the biggest threat that humanity faces. Many people claim that if aliens were here this whole time, that they would have taken over already. There are several reasons why this is NOT the case. First of all, the aliens here are not military powers and they are not going to reveal themselves with an overwhelming show of force. The aliens are much more cunning than that. They know that a far more effective takeover is possible through secretive infiltration, manipulation, and persuasion, which can be accomplished without a single shot being fired. Secondly, the aliens have a very hard time living on the surface because of the biological and bacterial risks of contamination. This is why they stay underground primarily as our germs have a tendency to harm and even kill them.

The reason why they have been abducting humans and performing DNA/sexual organ/tissue experiments has been to create an alien-human hybrid race which has the physical endurance of humans along with the advanced mental/psychic capabilities and social cohesion of the aliens. The allegiance of these hybrid beings is to the aliens ultimately, yet they look exactly like normal human beings. We would not be able to tell the difference if we were to see them in person. These hybrid beings are being created to serve as the next set of leaders once the New World Order framework is established.

Deception will definitely be used when the extraterrestrial reality is presented to the public. It is possible that they will try to sell some kind of “staged invasion threat” in order to scare people into submission and a heightened sense of fear-based unity. Additionally, they will eventually present themselves as the “saviors” of humanity, seeming peaceful and attractive, effectively playing both sides, by offering us technology, “wisdom”, “peace”, and other forms of “assistance” to our most pressing problems. If we accept their offers, we are likely to become dependent on them and will eventually lose our self-sufficiency as a race. This is very similar to the TV show “V” (2009), where reptilian ET beings falsely present themselves as benevolent beings before ultimately enslaving the human race. They are literally letting you know what is coming and what is already happening behind the scenes.

We are not united enough as a race yet to be engaged in extraterrestrial diplomacy. These aliens have been intervening in human affairs without our invitation and are acting in a deceptive and secretive manner. They should not be trusted until they prove themselves. Humanity needs to establish proper borders to space and realize that we must change our ways significantly in order to deal with advanced lifeforms who are attempting to prey upon vulnerable beings such as humans.

Life in the Universe by Marshall Vian Summers (Free book)

These alien forces are very advanced technologically but they are not advanced spiritually. They can perform feats and acts that most of us would call miracles. However, we can see past this with proper understanding. In fact, our greatest defense and offense is the connection to and application of the divine intelligence that resides within each of us. This has been called many names, including Knowledge, gnosis, intuition, our Higher Self, etc. By tapping into this power, we can see, know, and act with certainty. The power of Knowledge cannot be manipulated by any force. Each of us has this God-given power and it is up to us to cultivate and allow this power to be expressed in the world.

The aliens are strong in the Mental Environment, which can be used to influence our thoughts and feelings at will. Literally, they can project images, thoughts, and feelings onto a person and they would accept them as being totally real. This is why developing protective psychic self-defense measures and becoming strong in Knowledge is incredibly important for each of us. The strong will always dominate the weak so it is time to become strong.

Collectively, we must speak out against this alien intervention and demand that we be told the truth about these matters. No longer can we sit on the sidelines and remain silent. Alternative truth outlets must start covering this phenomenon with courage and integrity. Becoming educated about alien affairs is of prime importance, for humanity’s destiny is to emerge into a Greater Community of intelligent life. This process is happening now because alien forces are already here; we do not have to go out into space to meet them. While they are providing a great threat to our freedom, they are also providing us a crucial opportunity to realize that we are one planetary race and ultimately one human family. It is time to see past our petty and insignificant differences and face the realities of life with objectivity, strength, and wisdom. We must become sufficiently united to counter these threats, create a sustainable paradigm, and learn about interacting with other advanced intelligent lifeforms.

While this may be hard to accept at first, we must do our best to remain objective when considering these issues. Please see the additional sources below for more information about these critical matters. If humanity fails to adequately face and address these threats, the future is going to be far different than we imagine it now to be. Freedom must be fought for and vigilantly protected once attained. We have been lazy and complacent and now we must rise up again and take a stand for what our forefathers have earned for us. After all, if we lose our freedoms, what else do we have left?

United we stand a chance, divided we will fail. The choice is ours. Time is of the essence as the alien forces are growing stronger by the day. They are counting on us remaining ignorant and complacent and arrogantly assume that we will not stand up to them. Are we really going to let them just take over our planet without even facing them directly? Gathering in groups, discussing, and speaking out about the alien threat is of vital importance! Inform yourself by doing more research to understand the realities that we are facing today. They are of immense importance and not enough attention is being given to these issues. Let us take a true stand for our freedom and our stewardship of this beautiful planet. This is going to be the ultimate set of tests but humanity can emerge through this as a strong, united, and free interplanetary race.

“An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” ~ M.L.K.
“An uninformed populace is a populace in slavery.” ~ G.W.

Additional Sources
Synopsis of the Alien Master Plan – – an absolutely excellent writeup that exposes all facets of the alien agenda in a well-written, well-researched manner. Highly recommended.
Dulce Base Security Officer Speaks Out – this chilling interview describes many aspects of the Dulce underground base, including its history, construction, some of its operations, how it maintains secrecy, what types of aliens are working there, what they eat, the weapons/technology/security of the facility, and many other details. He possessed ULTRA-7 security clearance which was allowed access to the ‘alien only’ levels, including “Nightmare Hall”.
Taken: Inside the Alien-Human Abduction Agenda by Dr. Karla Turner – one of the pioneers in all abduction research. She mysteriously died of “cancer” in her 40’s after revealing too much about the truth behind the abduction phenomenon. Her books have since been taken out of print.
Allies of Humanity Briefings – a group of extraterrestrial beings who have observed the Intervention taking place on Earth. Their perspective offers the clearest big picture understanding of what is happening, what is at stake, and what we can do to stop the Intervention and emerge as a free and self-determined race into the Greater Community.
Compilation of Articles, Books, Links by Researchers on Military Abductions (MILABS)
Air Force Specialist Alleges Military and ET Abductions, Contact (Video)
Declaration of Human Sovereignty – Regarding Contact with Extraterrestrial Forces and Nations

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  1. Rosanne

    Reminds me of a game of chess.
    Are we the players or the pieces?

  2. British

    I believe him but not about the aliens taking over the planet. Taking over planet is something they would have done a long time ago. If there really was a human vs alien battle, then it was probably because they were just as scared of Phil as he was of the them!! Also they probably got pissed off because the secret was out.

    • Stojan

      Hi British. The ETs are much more sophisticated than we think. They will never just attack us to seize our planet.They want to USE us, not destroy us. It is better to use an adversary without their knowledge of you using them than to destroy them. The situation is not as primitive as Star Trek or Star WArs with big armadas of ships laying waste to planets and that nonsense. Like some of the people say here, the ETs are smooth operators – they will use subtle and sophisticated means to get what they want. They want our planet, but they are f*#king around with the wrong rave to get it. Also, people must believe in the power of humanity to right the wrongs of it’s history – we have to. Lets believe in ourselves for a change.

  3. mike

    I am not sure exactly what is happening in our world but I see us destroying it and each other. If ET really is here in control of our lives and planning our demise, then maybe our ignorance and apathy would be their greatest weapon! I see so many people in denial of so much wrong that is happening, see our children playing having no idea of the legacy
    We are leaving them! Is it any wonder we are being taken advantage of by a certain cabal whether human or NTI makes no difference! Maybe we deserve to perish as cattle for those more aware of the truth! Those that are most enslaved are the ones that believe they are free. With that being said “What is the Matrix?”.

  4. head

    Read the nostradamus prophesis, your gods are not coming to earth, ever, and never thats what he said, your gods are never going to return in the history of this earth so stop believing in crap god type scenarios, they are not going to return including alien gods. This is a complete hoax, get on with your lives and go in peace. There are definately conspiracys, see the masons, etc, but this is not one.

  5. jon

    Has anyone ever thought of capturing one of these creatures.

    Think about it

    • Chris Duncan

      They have already, many times! Search for EBEs at Area-51.

  6. Randy

    Sad this guy was killed. America cant disclose aliens to us. If they did then that would mean they had answers to alot of bad things that have happened over the past. Possibly cures new tech. Maybe the space shuttles blew up because they didnt tell us how to do it right. How much differnt would our lives be and our past history if alien tech was givin to the public long ago. Or, how many human creations would be here now from just the knowledge that stuff like this exsist?

  7. Why not start a mass petition . We the people need a leader to gather all resources, groups and power to present a petition for the exposure of alien races on earth.

  8. Kohajda Vivien

    Disgusting grey degenerates deserve extinction.Some biologists should be so nice and breed the suitable microorganism…;)the greys then could try to manipulate and infiltrate the bacteria-but I think bacteria are better in infiltration. Nice little creatures(along with fungi and viruses). And biological weapons are also environment friendly- most of Earth’s living beings have stronger immune system than that of the ‘civilized species’.

  9. Dragonrider

    people are way to stupid for a global realized reality. are only hope is to form an extremely powerful, well defended organized group of intellectuals, and philosophers to act as a advocating force for Truth, Peace, education, and the human race. The sad part is, even if we start now, it’s probably to late. :(

    • Well that’s me in part and yes it is too late. As for wiping the aliens out – in the words of Public Enemy ‘Don’t believe the hype’ (yours or other people’s). Reality works on well defined rules and it’s your own stupidity and violence that ensures you shatter the mirror of your own reality: Please stop playing Cowboys and Indians or you’ll get hurt, if not by the aliens or your own government, by your own ignorance of the facts i.e. discoverable laws that govern reality. If you want to keep pretending like children that you know what you’re doing, then don’t blame anybody but yourself if you get hit by the existential quintain that Don Quixote charged at.

  10. pvazquez

    We need to make sure that What we are looking for an experienced professionals to go about how to eliminate the extraterrestrial now with no exemptions to the rule and no regard to their coexistence on planet earth. We must act now

    with a swift and strong message.

  11. Bog

    They know that were are in a simulation. Who runs this simulation? The one the Deceived Masses refer to as “Yahweh”, and other names such as “Jesus”, “Allah,” “Krishna”, etc.
    They’re higher than us on the plane towards leaping out of this simulation and they believe that uniting all simulated life will bring us to the Next Level (what this next level is, even the Simulator does not know, and no one within the simulation can possibly fathom). But others believe that the only way to succeed in the simulation is to dominate all other life.

    Humans are the new fish in town, and some are trying to protect us.

    • See my Pinterest board illustrations and write ups as it clarifies what is going on and the simple choice you have. It’s not my views of how things should be but where or choices lead us: The gods, turning their attention upon us, crush us as we would an insect under foot – as in Star Trek, only non-interference as a policy allows us to grow up and be ourselves (The well are self-sufficient, the weak want help and suffer through calling in help from outside, however well meaning. Growth comes from within and is aimed upwards and outwards as death is caused by inwards collapse).

      • Amazed

        This is where I have to disagree. Left to our own devices, with the assumption that we’re alone etc, we’ll just keep making the exact same mistakes forever. I think at this point we need to meet someone else out there to grow up. In short, let them show up and damn the consequences. I’d rather live in a world that acknowledges an e.t.i. presence than this way, for better or worse.

    • Al

      lol…. and you know this HOW exactly? Because you read some silly ass conspiracy books, watched some ridiculous Youtube videos, have an over-active imagination, very little common sense, and nothing else to give your life meaning? You should be embarrassed…

      • Dragonrider

        @ Al, You clearly haven’t studied human history.

  12. Ad

    This UFO disk killing people!I have implantats and 4 people by kill.This silver disk is NO peacefully.I have implantats in my palm eye and body.This silver disk use lectric power and strong magnetism.

    There is some object from my videos :

  13. Vera Keeth

    How can we fight and WIN? I am so sad and mad that there is pain – for all (that ever were, are, or will be)… Can we pump in some germs to the areas the mean aliens are at that would not kill the humans but would kill the aliens? Could someone with money help an effort to inform everyone that would be of help? I want to help our brothers and sisters and make the aliens go back where they came from – or die. Oh my,could you imagine being abducted and tortured? It hurts me to think about it.Would you want someone to care and help?…..we all would …and the little children awww, even one minute is….well, torture is torture. WHO IS WITH ME ON THIS?! If prayer is the answer then let us pray! Pray for the safe return of all who have been taken, and those affected by it! ….?Pray for our enemies – the uncaring humans, those aliens who are mean, and demons, and Satan!…. Is there power with God over all of this? My phone number is (417) 830-3166 if any good hearted souls wish to text me and let me know of ways I can help (other than supplying money, since I am much in debt – so embarrassed and sorry – maybe it will be different someday on that part.)……. Peace & Love, Vera

  14. Anita Hopkins

    Eliot…..have you researched Bob Dean? He also has allot to say on this matter and if you want to really take it a bit further on how our Govt is working with the ET’s., please google James Casbolt, a cybernetics soldier, Mind Controlled & manipulated from birth to be a assassin for Black Operations, including retrieval of alien spacecraft. I think he too has been assassinated for whistle blowing his truth……..chilling! Keep up with this topic because the PEOPLE of the Universe need to know…….not just Americans! Keep up the good work & keep on sharing……..<3

  15. Linda

    These beings are nothing more than biological, demonic entities the bible speaks of…and have been hybridized to what they’re now. They are modern beings that originated as nephilim. They bypass free will which God almighty gives us…they’re not, we’re not a god or gods.

    • I totally agree with you.

  16. Angelo

    This isn’t our planet, we ruined our planet so we destroyed the dinosaurs and took their planet.

  17. x

    Hi Eliot
    If we think logically, it would only make sense that we have already been taken over by aliens and that our whole system and government is run by aliens. A human government would have compassion for its own. I suspect that people and humans are rwo different things. If the constitution read “we the humans…” it would speak of a completely different existence and we would live a different life. It has taken them years to infiltrate our existence and mind with lies and illusions to the point where we have no natural instincts nor do we remember why we are here. If we can begin grasping our truth, we will find our real intelligence, not the one that they want us to believe which is false and does not allow us to grow as a species and evolve. I will end with, the lies that we learned and believe keep us from finding our individual power, once we do, that will no longer be able to fool us. “I truly believe that the truth will set us free and it resides within all of us, its the truth of our nature against what we think we are by way of being taught. You cannot teach someone to be themselves, they just are, but you have teach them what they are not.

  18. Atlantis5

    I can assure you of an Alien presence. Simply watch the nights sky’s. Man as we know it, has only been on this planet for 20,000 years or less, with “modern man” only 6000-10,000 years. Archeology proves it through the lack of data. Let’s look at mans advancement. Only in the late 1700’s did man realize the “Plurality or Worlds”. (look it up). We have been selectively subconsciously guided. Hypnosis is the major key. Those of us who cannot be completely hypnotized are disbelievers and are avoided thru stealth and what may be short term blackouts. If they can travel light years with impunity, they can surely manipulate our mind thru simple electromagnetism (proven science). There is a full court press to change the minds of people. Look at the areas of sightings. The people in those areas are voting in a manner unnatural to the American tradition. They are willing to give up liberty! They seem to have a loss of common sense and well know historical facts. There has been a sudden unnatural change in the minds of people..
    Let’s follow the money. The US and most other nations are spending at a rate unfathomable with no real, or rather publicly known result. Each man and woman in the US alone now owes over $50,000.00. That kind of Money demands some type of physical evidence of expenditure. Money is power and falls within the laws of Conservation of Energy. Where is it? People don’t have it, do the math! It’s either physically burned or being used for physical results.
    Good or Bad? The concepts of a One World Government is not so far off, it’s just not a human controlled government. The Human race has certain qualities that cannot be defined by science, such as passion and the ability to think outside of the box. We adapt but have this underlying need to be lead. If we are being guided under an accelerated plan to join a “galactic family” because of those qualities, it starts to make sense.
    Science fiction has always had a large part of truth which seemed fantastical at the time. Star Trek communicators=cell phones! Data pads = iPods. Talking computers? And in the last 10-20 years, have not the science fiction movies given a hint of whats to come if what I say has a hint of facts and logic? And don’t forget, the Military has always been 7-20 years ahead of what we are told or believe possible.

  19. Andrew

    You guys want answers. This is the rising of a new cult. I’m working on a book and I wanted to know “how would aliens take over the world.” Simple enough. And then, I run into this shit storm. That this man is feeding off of all you people in search of answers disgusts me on a deep level. This is no different than those things in the mail promising you happiness for money.

    Knowledge is a word, not a cult, as is displayed here. Trust what you know: family, your self, your higher power. Don’t worry too much about this idiot. Our government isn’t smart enough to hide aliens — look at the debt crisis! Even so, we aren’t peaceful enough to not kill them if they did show up. The sad truth is….we are alone. Maybe not forever, for now, though. Pray to God, not demigods.

    • Sort of in denial are you? Well, so much for objectivity. If and when you become an experienced observer of the phenomena then you will tune your guitar properly.

    • How would aliens take over the world? It’s as David Icke has said, they already have and as Eric Von Daniken stated, they’ve been here a long time. All they’ve got to do is take the reins of power from the top and stay there and that is what they are doing. All this Americanised going in and shooting up places is counter-productive. All they have to do is arrive, sit tight and act in secret (political shennanigans and religious manoeuvres). Firing a shot is saying ‘We are here!’ Better to keep your mouth shut and create doubt of your own existence as the intelligent thing to do (Violence is for the brainless).

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