Scientists Discover Quadruple Helix: Four Strand DNA In Human Cells

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quadThe human race knows very little of itself, almost like a race with amnesia. As we continue to move forward through time, new discoveries are made that make old theories obsolete and false. It’s a good lesson that shows us how we can attach ourselves to “truths” and believe them whole-heartedly, often forgetting that truth is constantly changing and new paradigms of perception always lurk around the corner.

Decades after scientists described our “chemical code” of life using the double helix DNA, researchers have discovered four-stranded DNA within human cells. The structures are called G-quadruplexes, because they form in regions of DNA that are full of guanine, one of the DNA molecule’s four building blocks. The others are adenine, cytosine and thymine. A hydrogen bond is responsible for holding the four guanines together. The four stranded DNA usually presents itself right before cell division.

The discovery was published online in Nature Chemistry, and you can take a look at it here. The study was led by Shankar Balasubramanian at the University of cambridge, UK.

For us, it strongly supports a new paradigm to be investigated – using these four-stranded structures as targets for personalized treatments in the future.We have found that by trapping the quadruplex DNA with synthetic molecules we can sequester and stabilise them, providing important insights into how we might grind cell division to a halt — Shankar Balasubramanian

The study went on to show certain links between concentrations of four-stranded G-quandruplexes and the process of DNA replication, which is crucial to cell division and cell production. G-quadruplexes, (when targeted with synthetic molecules responsible for trapping and holding these DNA structures) prevent cells from replicating their DNA, thus blocking cell division. Scientists believe that this discovery could possibly lead to a stop in cell proliferation at the root of cancer

We are seeing links between trapping the G-quadruplexes with molecules and the ability to stop cells dividing, which is hugely exciting. The research indicates that G-quadruplexes are more likely to occur in genes of cells that are rapidly dividing such as cancer cells. It’s been sixty years since its structure was solved but work like this shows us that the story of DNA continues to twist and turn” – Shankar Balasubramanian

We now know that G-quandruplexes form in the DNA of human cells. If anybody had mentioned this earlier, they would probably be labelled as crazy. Maybe we could take this as a lesson and accept the fact that there are always new discoveries to be made about our biology, as well as the nature of our reality. For all we know, our DNA could be multidimensional in nature? It could be 12 stranded DNA? Maybe we have yet to discover it?  Maybe a majority of our DNA, and the biological functions it serves are largely undiscovered. Maybe some portions of our DNA have yet to be activated? The more we discover about our own biology, the better, as we are witnessing with the discovery of the G-quandruplex.


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  1. COULD FORM IN HUMAN CELLS >>> their high thermodynamic stability under near-physiological conditions suggests that they could form in cells.

  2. So, with this in mind, perhaps there is some substance to the Mayan belief (to name one) that we are to “evolve” (for lack of a better word) to the next higher level of “consciousness?” (or something of that nature)

    • lukas

      actually a change from double strand to four strand doesn’t add information to our genome. the genetic code remains the same. i think the only thing that could happen is that genes are not being read as in the “normal” double helix

      • New World Order

        How would you know? If we know so little so far?

        • Tara

          We know only what our systems are able to perceive as we become more clear & evolved. Constantly accepting and continuing to question is how we know. Seeing, as things are revealed to us, which were previously unveiled is how we continue to evolve, upgrade & grow. Seeing with our true hearts.

  3. lockbox

    Here’s a page tip take that tab that has the likes and shares buttons and make it collapsible so u can read whats on the page… just a thought

    • - Collective Evolution

      Hey, the social tab exists outside the text wrapper so it’s shouldn’t interfere. If it does, can you quickly let me know what browser you are using so I can try and make adjustments? Thanks!

  4. lukas

    From what I know four stranded DNA had already been observed. it was simply not clear, if it formed in the cell. When you are wondering if DNA could be 12 stranded you may refer to some esoteric books that claim that our DNA would become 12 stranded as part of an evolutionary step. I don’t see any sense in that because even if it would be 72 stranded that doesn’t change the information incoded on it. It could however makgenes inaccesible for reading. that’s beyond my knowledge.
    This is an interesting article, but as for our evolution we should not be thinking too much about these abstract things but look deep inside of us and work on self-realization. just my opinion :-)

    • Chaz

      Like your style man : )

  5. Awesomes”>wut

  6. No. Said quadruple helix has nothing to do with spiritual evolution. This is a natural process, that has always existed, but so far has not been understood. Note, the form right before cell division, temporarily. That is, the quadruple helix then splits into two double helixes (one in each new cell). The importance of this discovery is not that it happens, but they managed to “freeze” the cells in that state, this means they could control cell division. this is how it connects to cancer, cancer is so far viewed as uncontrolled multiplication of the affected cells. If we control the uncontrolled, we control cancer, or that is at least the idea.

    The conclusions in the article are far-fetched and far from reality. It is interesting information, quite unfortunate that it would be ruined by some wild assumptions of 12 threaded multidimensional DNA, etc. Even if it turns out the DNA is fundamentally different from what we know today, it will not be connected to the spiritual beliefs of the few. It is facts, vs. beliefs and facts are based on evidence.

    The important thing is: It is not reality that changes! Reality remains reality. It is our perception of this reality that changes, as we continue to learn more. That said, we are inevitably bound by our senses and limited brain capacity, when it comes to truly understanding reality.

    • jim

      That’s the 1st poston here indicating that someone actually understood what they just read.

    • Max

      I have to disagree with you, this is just more proof of the wonders of God, this helps people in their spiritual evolution.

      • There is a difference of what there is and what I want to believe. The first one we will never be able to understand. Repeating the second one only shows our ignorance, proving the previous point…

    • Max

      the facts science gives us indicate God and nothing else, God created science, if you deny him then you deny science. Faith comes from the evidence of God, there is so much evidence of God unfortunately people get influenced by Satan (evolution, darwin, dawkins) God comes first anything else is fake.

    • Max

      It has a lot to do with spiritual evolution. natural processes come from God, PRAISE GOD !!

    • Thank you

    • Did you ever consider that you might be wrong about all this spiritual belief and it might not even exist except in our fear .Do you think other “persons” in nature ever contemplate the “spiritual’ in their existence.Don’t tell me it’s you have a
      soul and the others don’t because you don’t know.

    • - Collective Evolution

      I appreciate your stand and position on the matter, a question just because I find it interesting to explore: How do we know that the evolution of humans, DNA, the earth etc aren’t linked in some way to consciousness or spiritual energy etc. I find it interesting that as time goes by science is really catching up with what some people in the spiritual community have been saying for thousands of years. We now know everything is consciousness and connected. We understand our hearts emit electromagnetic frequency and those frequencies affect the environment around the heart for kilometers. I feel there is quite a connection between consciousness, the every expanding range of observable frequency people are experiencing and changes such as the realization of a quadruple helix.

      • Hi Joe, I appreciate what you have to say. I feel you are 100% right on with what you say.

      • And we do not disagree on most of tha. What I mean to say is, this scientific discovery has so far no spiritual implications and suggesting so is a proof of not thoroughly understanding what is written in the quoted publication.

        As for the spiritual; community, the spiritual evolution, etc., there is a fundamental problem: We create definitions, then we accept them, as truth. We define things giving them names, then we think these things and names define us. People argue over what things are called forgetting what things are. People believe they are capable of thoroughly understanding the universe and how it works, not realising how small we are in this universe. these are only names. We give the names, so we may change them. We are the ones that define our own reality, not the other way around. But the underlying reality is not changing. We are changing, and our perception of things. As it changes, we redefine the names we give to the same phenomena over and over. We know very little of our selves, and this is partly because of our limited capabilities. We like to think of ourselves that we are infinite, and so is our intellect, but it is not quite true. We have our limits, although we may be far from having reached it yet, they are probably tighter than it is popular to believe today.

        Attila, my favourite guest author over my website, sums it all up very neatly in the four articles he contributed, especially in the last one. (Click on the name to check them out, or click here.)

        That said, I’m totally with you on your views, only I do not like things to be defined according to speculation, based on someone’s spiritual beliefs. There is nothing wrong with beliefs and opinions, only they should not be mistaken for facts. :)

        I see you have an interest in energy. If you google Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming, he is a true authority on these question. Dr. Yang researches QI (or Chi) scientifically, but not denying spirituality. His works contain more quality information and evidence based facts than probably all the spiritually inclined websites together. :) (Again, no offense meant towards any of those sites, but IMO most are merely speculating of what they believe to be true…)

        PS: The observable frequency people are experiencing has always been there, so was people’s ability to experience it, so the texts of the old tell us. What we experience today seems more like a coming back to our natural state, rather than evolving further. Humanity seems to have lost its connection, what we see today is simply regaining what was once natural. Do not forget, our species is over 400 000 years old, in its present form, as science tells us (possibly more, but there is no evidence present, anyway, it does not really matter). We only know of our last 10 000 years for certain. To believe that recorded history is our history would seem foolish. Whatever happened before, we might never uncover, but it is my view that we are not at the “height” of our spiritual evolution, by any means, in fact we seem to have lost rather a lot of it, looking at how materialistic our world has become…

      • Elizabeth

        What? Really?! That’s amazing! how were these frequencies revealed?

  7. RickL

    Is there a way to remove the “like it, reddit, tweet, pin-it” so I can read the text on the left side of these articles? Getting rather tired of trying to guess words behind it.

    • - Collective Evolution

      Hey, what browser are you using? This shouldn’t be an issue. If you can let us know we can look into fixing it.

  8. marji mullis

    the reason they know so little Arjun is that all of our professions have ulterior motives these days thus LIE to the people who fund the very research they then distort. They are given grants by the government to do EVERYTHING they do and if the grant stays “find that people not insane like us and that were once seals” u better believe they will state that was indeed the finding.

  9. Bonnie

    “we continue to move forward through time, new discoveries are made that make old theories obsolete and false. It’s a good lesson that shows us how we can attach ourselves to “truths” and believe them whole-heartedly, often forgetting that truth is constantly changing …”

    This is an example of articles from mainstream that carry a 95% of the truth, and 5% lies. So that the reader believes it all.

    In fact,

    – we are NOT moving forward in Time
    -nor are we advancing, we are devolving in all ways, NOT through the fault of the People on this planet, but due to the acts of the Controllers here . The constant wars, the nuclear contamination, and other types, like Monsanto, & the poisoning of the Gulf of Mex. , ET AL.

    And all this is due, to science going out of control..

    – There have been NO new discoveries- all High Tech existed in Ancient Times, scientiests, historians, archeologists and tptb, ALLL know this, except they pretend, otherwise, giving new names to Ancient tech, and keeping the Populace ignorant.

    – “Old Theories” are just that, Theories. Make up new ones, every few years or so. Like the ‘Out of Africa Theory”, like the “Theory of Relativity,” because no Human today, really knows about the Human Origins! They’re ALLL Theories.

    – “Truth” is NOT constantly changing. Or else it wouldn’t be called Truth.
    It is PERCEPTIONS that are constantly changing. NOT Truth

    • Scott

      I’ve heard many people claiming to know the truth. I’m sure you have read many things with proven facts that you believe is the truth, or even that your own experience is the “truth”. Other people have read facts as well that our opposite and have had “experiences” of a separate truth. For example…I’ve read many things on how things are improving. Believe it or not but this is peace time compared to most wars in our past. We live longer than we did. There are more charities than ever before. Less murders, rapes, ect. Don’t get me wrong there are other things that have went down. I would much rather live in a random body today, than 100 years ago. I’d much rather be a child in todays world than 100 years go. I’m sure you’ll look on the internet for what you want to see and you’ll find it. If you do the opposite you’ll find that as well. They say we are a reflection of what we see in the world. I’ve read what you see. Truth as you speak of it…is set in stone…as far as i can tell. I’m sure you feel you know it…problem is…everyone else seems to feel that way as well.

  10. maybe we’re holograms 😉

  11. Simon Coop

    You’ve misunderstood the article: They haven’t found quadruple helix DNA, they’ve found a way of synthesising it which suggests there’s a possibility that it could form in cells, and that’s just from reading the abstract.

    • They did find it and it does form, they have just found a way to keep it that way and control the cell splitting. And that’s from reading the whole paper :)

  12. Richard Ford

    Surely luas we can look at both. Why do we have to look at one thing at the expense of another. Surely we owe it to ourselves as sentient, curious, intelligent beings to explore who, where and why we are?

  13. Tiffany

    My question is what is all the DNA information in between physical genes? As far as I know science decided it is just empty filler. I find that hard to believe.

  14. JO

    Being overtly oppposed to group or global control, coerision and manipulation plans, I was open and curious to what is the chem trail motive.? Why make a long term plan to dust and heat up humans and the planet, we just have this one right? Well….my curiosity lead me down a notable rabbit hole! So bare with me as I attempt to share some key points of discovery. I began with metal and star annealing. I researched online and found information from all levels science to holistically consider ‘as above, so below’ theories and practices of DNA manipulation and modification studies in race related genetic diseases (ie. Blooms disease in Jewish community), I was inspired to investigate human and quantum annealing processing and studies to enhance computing dimensional surveillance and body heat. I related cell phone components, human free energy, minerals (ie. illite a non expanding layered alumin-silicate and members of a subclass, Nautilus…) . I looked into crystallization, indigenous eastern peoples, natural resources, gems, fossils and original life forms’ natural toxic absorption/ Iridescence light capabilities, like Nacre (mother of pearl). I anticipated and found purpose connecting resource manipulations in mining of earth’s resources, the human mind, data collection, extinction and evolution all with manipulation using controlled heat and cooling techniques. Seems that controlling weather and all lifeforms may be with intentions to reverse ascending measures and further manipulate earth’s resources by a governing body. Like they are cutting off our light, screwing up our minds and digestion processes. I discovered that as star dust falls to earth it layers, stabilizes, firms up. These unique minerals and crystals made and continue to make life ‘matter’ on earth. And the big destroyers, mine, poke and probe (the fuck) out of it, us and any planet within reach. Indigenous nomad and tribe cultures seem have been intentionally destroyed, subdued, relocated, targeted to go steal from and manipulated. So why does a super governing body want to destroy? And in what may be our final lague, spray chemicals and synthetic metals on us? Why are they keeping us from the sun but electromagnetically bound to them? Why perform studies to record our heat colours with external surveillance capable of recording dimensions and detecting our inherit DNA? Why track internet users? Why collect the data? Who get the final box of collected data? Control of human health, minds and natural processes for why? Concerers seriously have a scary track record of annihilating and mind bending techniques on the original the land peoples and marine bottom feeders. Energy control seems to me to involve some fear factors of their own. They destroy tactfully, peeling layers of the earth, our bodys and minds. What are they afraid of? Are we to be afraid of something else, other than them? Doesn’t seem so, we keep fighting, discovering, loving and procreating cause we know better. We must also inherently know and believe in something outside their domain. We are born free, believe it. If there’s something out in space, I’m sure it loves us, enough to leave us alone. Believing in our individual self, could very well stop their control, heal hearts, strengthen minds. We need to counter the bullies. Love and purpose save. Not whatever they are up to. Our minds could be better off drawing a line in the sand. Actualizing mind over matter. Life is a gift alike silver and gold…both generous and natural protective from bacteria. These guys are thieves and paracites, they make cancer. If we stop doing their deeds and living in their cancer box, built to be spit you out or into a black hole for their purposes and with false promises. You dream. You love. You live. You take care of the earth. No slaves. The testing and experimenting on us and mother earth is over when we stop doing their dirty work. They can go back to wherever it is that they came from, that black hole or fizzled out planet. We can’t care, we’re not going with and you’ll find your way. We don’t need them to live. We need us. And a true belief and openness to return us to the land of the living, appreciating what’s around us, feeling it’s energy ‘above and below’. So what did I learn about chem trails? Well just not good and we all should think so. Enough to take it back, expand and think gaining the balance, openness and resilience that’s required. Think consciously together.

    But you already know this :)
    And move out of the city.

  15. Raj

    Please go through series by history tv 18 named ancient alliens, I believe this will give a new thought design, I wait your intellectual reply. With love
    Dr. Raj

  16. william

    eugenics Its going to be a rough ride for minorities and the poor from here on out!

    • David

      You’re paranoid, eugenics won’t happen, the second world war ensured that. Everyone’s so against nazi-policies that the very word eugenics makes politicians shudder when placed in human context. Eugenics wouldn’t even be needed in the near future, as genetic manipulation allows us to just ‘fix’ genes, so that people won’t be extra vulnerable to things like diabetes anymore, and perhaps even more resistant. Kind of like vaccinations, but with genes.

  17. anon

    what about nanobots no one talks about them anymore


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