Top Children’s Vitamins Full of Aspartame, GMOs & Harmful Chemicals

flintstonesnewHow often are parents aware of the ingredients contained in the multivitamin that they feed their children? We often believe what we hear without ever questioning what mass marketing and media has to say about a product. In this case they have led thousands of parents to purchase multivitamins because they believe it has significant nutritional value. But do these vitamins truly provide nutritional benefit? If so, at what cost?

If we look at the Flintstones vitamin, (one of the top multivitamins in the United States) it contains a number of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), aspartame, aluminum, petroleum-derived artificial colours and more. All of these ingredients are not optimal for health and can be very toxic. You can view the entire list of ingredients here.

Lets take a closer look at some of these ingredients.


Aspartame is known to damage the brain at any dose by leaving traces of Methanol in the blood. It makes you wonder why Aspartame has been approved as “safe” and is found in thousands of food products; not to mention children’s vitamins. It’s also linked to Lymphoma and Leukaemia. You can read more about that here and here (sources provided at the bottom). It’s basically a synthetic combination of the amino acids aspartic acid and I-phenylalanine. It’s known to convert into toxic methanol and formaldehyde in the body.  Hopefully this motivates you to further your research. If you are looking for specific studies, you can check out these ones published in the US National Library of Medicine:

Consumption of artificial sweetener and risk of lymphoma and leukaemia

Effect of chronic exposure to aspartame

Long-term consumption of aspartame and brain antioxidant defense status

Aspartame-induces impairment of spatial cognition and insulin sensitivity

Synergistic interactions between food additives in a developmental neurotoxicity test

Multipotential carcinogenic effects of aspartame


Sorbitol is a synthetic sugar substitute which is classified as a sugar alcohol. The ingestion of higher amounts have been linked to gastrointestinal disturbances from abdominal pain to more serious conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome. You can view some studies related to Sorbitol below:

Sorbitol intolerance in adults

Sorbitol intolerance: an unappreciated cause of functional gastrointestinal complaints

Sorbitol used as an osmotic cathartic has caused severe hypernatremia (elevation of sodium in the blood) in children

Hydrogenated Soybean Oil

Anything marketed to children that contains hydrogenated soybean oil is irresponsible. They are semi-synthetic fatty acids that incorporate themselves into our tissues. They’ve been linked to dozens of harmful health effects, from coronary artery disease to cancer and fatty liver disease. You can view a number of links to studies conducted here.

Ferrous Fumarate

This is quite remarkable that Ferrous Fumarate is an ingredient here. There is a clear warning on the Flintstone’s web site concerning this chemical. It’s used as an iron supplement. When consuming iron that comes naturally in food, it’s impossible to inject toxic amounts that can cause death. But when taking Ferrous Fumarate, fatal levels of toxicity can be reached.

Accidental overdose of iron-containing products is a leading cause of fatal poisoning in children under 6. Keep this product out of reach of children. In case of accidental overdose, call a doctor or poison control centre immediately (1)

Studies have been conducted that show ferrous fumarate doesn’t even affect iron status in children, you can read that study here. Below are links to a few more studies, out of many:

Ferrous fumarate increases clinical disease activity in inflammatory bowel disease patients

Ferrous fumarate deteriorated plasma antioxidant status in patients with Crohn disease

Ferrous fumarate has been demonstrated to be toxic to newborn foals

Cupric Oxide

According the European Union’s Dangerous Substance Directive, Cupric Oxide is listed as a hazardous substance. It’s classified as both harmful and dangerous to the environment. It is used as a pigment in ceramics and as a chemical in the production of rayon fabric and dry cell batteries. It is indeed a mineral, but should this really be a nutrient in a children’s vitamin?

Brief Summary of Bayer Pharmaceuticals

Most pharmaceutical companies, like Bayer, the developer of the Flintstones vitamins, do not have the best track record. Bayer is a German chemical and pharmaceutical company founded in 1863.  In 1925, it became part of IG Farben, a German chemical industry conglomerate. This chemical company had board members that were responsible for the creation of the Federal Reserve, like Paul Warburg (2), who sat on the board of the Federal Reserve as well as I.G Farben. It was a corporation well connected with the Rockefeller’s, and the second largest shareholder in Standard Oil. The investment was part of a pattern of reciprocal investments between the U.S. and Germany during the Nazi years (3). It’s well known that IG Farben was closely connected with the Nazi’s. They held the patent for the pesticide Zyklon B, the chemical used in gas chambers. Some of IG Farben’s directors were accused as war criminals, while others continued on with the agenda we see taking form today. We can see a conflict of interest through the companies shareholders when it comes to the creation of pharmaceutical products.

I think it’s time for us to examine what we choose to feed our children. All it takes is a little investigation and stepping into our own awareness of what is going on around us. Many of us live a robotic life style, we are all here doing the same thing. We’ve been programmed to grow up, work and spend most of our hours doing just that. While we participate in a  9-5, eat sleep watch TV, participate in a number of activities for entrainment purposes type of reality, there are those working behind the scenes manipulating the consciousness of the human race. All we have to do is notice, after that we can begin making better choices in our own lives. The world is indeed waking up, something new is desired, the current Earth paradigm is one many people don’t resonate with any more. A lot of us feel that it’s time to move on, grow and explore our infinite potentiality.

Alternative Options

Here are some alternative vitamin choices for people looking for it. These have been suggested by readers. Please research them as we have not yet.

Sources (Links to research and studies conducted are listed throughout the article)





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84 comments on “Top Children’s Vitamins Full of Aspartame, GMOs & Harmful Chemicals

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  2. You can read more Why Choose Professional Health Supplements here

  3. Sidenote: it is mostly the methyl esther / methyl alcohol in aspartame that mutates into formaldehyde during digestion.

  4. You may want to take a look at Usana vitamins and supplements:

    USANA AdVitam - High Quality 5 Star Rating Vitamins

    Usana is NSF certified. NSF is an independent, not-for-profit organization that helps protect consumers by certifying products and writing standards for food, water, and consumer goods. Usana is also Goods Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified, for pharmaceuticals, and operates a FDA registered facility.

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  8. John

    People lived & died decades, if not centuries before we had pharmaceutical and “a must have” bunch of boxes filled with pills for kids!

    Fix your kids diets and you won’t need vitamins!

    • That isn’t true these days John, the way our crops are handled with over use of ground and pesticides, early picking and long distance shipping greatly depletes the natural sources of vitamins and minerals in our food supply, Hormones and antibiotics in animals cause our kids to be over developed and obese at an early age even when they get plenty of exorcise and eat regulated meals, having a good kind of vitamin that delivers what is needed in the right amounts without the use of damaging chemical fillers is almost essential to healthy living, the problem is even some of the “all-natural vitamins” are turning into free radicals by breaking down before they even reach you colon! I personally have found a vitamin that suits my needs without harming my body but everyone has their own pick

  9. Kaylyn Anderson

    I am a distributor for a company that offers all-natural health and wellness products, including vitamins and minerals that kids or adults can take. Please feel free to e-mail me for more information. Due to compliance issues, I don’t think I can advertise it on this site. Thank you.

  10. Jim

    If science is fact then god doesn’t exsist and can’t help anyone. Contradictory statements lead to lack of credibility. Science is only “fact” until the next study disproves it and then we accept that as “fact”. The only fact I’m sure of is that all of us have biases and motives that influence what we comment about on the internet. I agree that linking nazis to kids vitamins makes the artical too extreme to think that there isn’t a strong bias and motive behind it thus leaving it with much less credibility. But that’s just me with a mediocre education and 40 years of life.

    • Marcuscassius

      If science is fact then there’s a good chance God made it so. Quit whining and making stupid statements.

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  13. Ashlee

    I give my kids doTERRA a2z chewable & IQ mega (omega 3). I have a membership & do monthly orders for their essential oils so I get free points that I can use toward anything. It offsets the cost significantly so it really ends up being inexpensive in the end. I’m a die hard for natural medicine since being turned on to their products.

  14. tinkbt46

    Juice Plus is the best way to go you & your kids get your daily doses of their fruits, berries & vegeatables daily with no additives. They come in capsules or gummies!

  15. Nancy

    Everyone should check out Nutrilite vitamins and supplements. They are plant based, halal and kosher certified, sponsors of the Detroit Red Wing team, they are used by football players, olympians, figure skaters, professional soccer teams and many more with proven documentation. These are all natural, and not tested on animals. They are sold by IBO’s, you can check them out at

  16. I use Shaklee’s kids vitamins for my kids.

  17. Myla

    As a cancer survivor (had non-hodgekins lymphoma back in 2008), i’m a bit more careful with what i take in. And more choosy with what i give my kids. THey love sweets, and cartoon characters are always adorable as vitamins, but these kinds of articles really assert the fact that we shouldn’t be too comfortable with what media bombards us. I’m taking usana essentials (its been tried, and tested, and even athletes who have higher standards with what they take – are actually taking that), and that’s good enough for me. They have a line called ‘usanimals’ – and this is what i give my kids. I make sure my family takes it bec. its cheaper in the long run to keep them healthy than to wake up with something caused by accumulated effects of substandard supplements. if you need more info about it, you can go to

  18. We love Shaklee’s Incredivites with none of those nasty things and the only children’s multi with lactoferin (found in breast milk) for the immune system. And also Mighty Smarts, a chewy omega supplement. Yes, it’s worth doing research before just giving our kids ‘vitamins”

  19. Erin

    Very scary. But the one thing this article is missing is a substitute vitamin for kids to take instead. Suggestions and places to get them??!!

    • Great suggestion! Will be add some shortly!

    • Erin,
      I would love to help you with your question for suggestions, unfortunately I cannot advertise on these sites so please email me at and I will be sure to get you some information! Thanks!

    • I do know of one that is far better, pharmaceutical grade, tested at each step of production. The adult version is used by many Olympians – no banned substances. email me

    • Elliot


      If you need some help finding a health and nutrition product for your kid please let me know!! Id be more than happy to help you out!!

    • try mine at Isotonic, tasty, clean and powerful delivery by drinking…our gummy bears have no additives and 1/2 amount of sweetener.

      • As a consumer advocate who actively lobbies the FDA to recall and retest Aspartame as a Prescription Drug (which is how it was discovered in ’65 by Geo. Schlatter, looking for a drug for peptic ulcers), I am wondering which sweetener is used in your product(s)?

    • Erin

      I would like to get a recommendation for a brand at a local store near me preferably. My child has allergies and I need to see ingredients and whatnot. No of fence to anyone I’m sure ur products r great. :)

      • H Erin,
        I totally understand! But. Can tell you, you will not be able to read on the label how absorbable the vitamins are. I would be happy to send you the product labels if you would like to provide me your email address!

        The vitamins I represent have been proven to have the highest mineral absorption and the maximum antioxidant protection available.

      • Allergies are one health issue our US patented kids supplement helps reduce or eliminate for others we have helped. No risk 30 day trial too. Our Chief Scientist is ranked in the top 10 out of 5000 peers

    • hi erin, vemma next for kids can go to mt web page and do some go to products and you can check out all of our products

    • Hi Erin, I would love to share my story with you. I was looking for a product that was organic without any chemicals, and a friend introduced me to Juice Plus. It made sense to me because my hubby and I were juicing everyday, but my little one did not enjoy drinking what we made. I learned that the company offers, through their children’s health study, free product when an adult orders. My daughter ate about 7 different veggies, but none of them green. Since she has been eating the gummies, she has started to eat some of the green veggies! Please take a look at my site and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.
      Thank you,


    • Miguel

      fruit, vegetables and lots of love

      • Laurie Denzel

        Some great children’s vitamins, scientifically proven and tested! We purchase ours through a company online and have a preferred customer membership where we pay wholesale pricing!

        If you would like more info, send me an email at

  20. Brenda Siron

    Why isn’t this criminal behavior ? What’s the FDA for its ridiculous…

  21. Mindy
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  24. DNA Miracles gummy vitamins are all natural and contains 23 vitamins and minerals, including 100 percent or more of the daily recommended value of 13 nutrients.

    Each tasty gummy multivitamin has 1.5 grams of sugar – half the amount of leading children’s multivitamins on the market today – and contains no artificial colors or flavors.

    They are available online:

    • There are 16 vitamins and 16 minerals to start with, that are vital and essential where are they ? What about amino acids and trace elements ? I watch so many of you people, always trying to sell somebody your incomplete products when you only maybe know a little bit more than the people you’re selling them to ! Go to college and study Health & Nutrition and become a Nutritional Advisor or Consultant like I did so that you know what you are talking about ! Jim C.

  25. underping the derp

    While the ingredients used in Bayer’s gummy vitamins range from unwanted to poisonous, tying them to Rockefellers, Nazis, etc. is absurd. Most companies that were around since then will likely be tied to the Rockefellers. Most German companies in existence during WWII will also have had Nazi affiliations, many of them not by their own will.

    If BMW released a car that had problems with their catalytic converters and airbags not deploying, I would not retroactively mention Nazi affiliations because its entirely irrelevant, what’s relevant is the safety of their cars.

    Just like any corporation, they have their good and their bad sides. Unfortunately, Bayer is basing their production on ignorant markets and what the government claims is “safe”. Fortunately, they’re making treatments for irreversible genetic conditions that no one else can claim to do.

    How many of you have made clotting factors for hemophiliacs? Bayer has. To my knowledge no amount of dieting or exercise is capable of helping hemophiliacs the way proper dieting and exercise helps epileptics and diabetics.

    What many of us do, the author included, is educate the people in these markets in order to help them make better decisions and pressure companies to make safer, healthier products.

    As individuals, families and communities concerned about nutrition and health we shouldn’t lump ourselves with tangential (anti-corporation) movements. If so, our reasonable, factual claims will just be lumped together with irrelevant beliefs and nutjobs. Which leads to rational people ignoring us.

    • Selina

      Wow may god help you. Very sad. Science is fact!

    • you are wrong. go do some critical research and read some books.

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