Italy Moves To Ban Monsanto GMO Corn

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Researchers with Genetically Modified CornMore news from Europe regarding GMOs, as Italy pushes to ban GMO corn from being cultivated in their country. This comes shortly after Monsanto dropped its bid to approve GMO crop cultivation in Europe, you can read more about that here. Due to harsh opposition and a plethora of activism, Monsanto is having a hard time as of late, harder than we’ve ever seen before. It is one of many indications that illustrates our ability to have an impact and start creating change on this planet, step by step. It’s clear what the masses no longer resonate with.

There aren’t many GM crops approved in Europe right now, in fact only two. That includes the MON810 maize, which Italy is now moving to ban. Three Italian ministries have have signed a document that will ban the maize, citing environmental concerns. The decree still needs to become binding, but it’s looking like it will. The ban was also signed off by the health and environmental ministries because the crop’s have a negative impact on biodiversity.

Our agriculture is based on biodiversity, on quality, and those we must continue to aim for  – Health and environment ministry

The response from the European Commission was as follows:

The commission will look into the Italian safeguard measure in more detail, and we have already asked the European Food Safety Authority to assess the scientific basis for the decision – Frederic Vincent, the Commission’s health spokesman

In Europe, any state that desires to ban or introduce safeguards against the cultivation of GMOs is allowed to do so, if they believe it presents an environmental or health risk. There is so much opposition to GMOs in Europe right now that Monsanto gave up the push for cultivating their crops there, except GMO corn. They will now home grow their food, and will then attempt to ship it over to Europe instead.

Hopefully a ban can happen in North America, as GMOs are banned all across the planet in many countries. North America is still struggling with just labelling GMOs!  At the end of the day, it comes down to making better choices in your life.

Nearly 80 percent of Italians are in support of the ban, but the ban will only be valid for a period of 18 months. We will see what happens after that. Five EU member states grew the MON810 maize in 2012, hopefully that number comes down to 0 soon. It’s nice to see so many steps forward with regards to GMOs lately. Let’s keep up the activism, and let’s continue to share information, educate the masses, and wake up the world!


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  1. Nick

    I think there are a lot if miss led individuals here. First for us to progress as a world population we must be able to meet the food demands of a immensely growing population, requiring us to select plants which give us higher yields and are easier to farm. another issue here is that genetically engineered crops due not affect humans. If this were true then we would all turn into what ever we eat, which we don’t.

    • samatoms

      Nick. Watch any youtube video about Monsanto and I think you will find that everything you have said is in error.

    • You are the one that is mislead. This food causes a variety of health problems already documented. The bees are dying and our ecosystem has been threatened. The rising population is not as much of a concern as it is made out to be. There is plenty of food to go around twice over. The concern is not how many people we can feed as to how many people have actual accessibility to this food. Countries will deny people food out of shear greed and throw them a morsel here a morsel there to keep them loyal. If we do not do something NOW about the destruction of our ecosystem the so called rising population will be the least of our concerns.

  2. Greg

    Here, have some corn. The plant has been designed to kill insects that try to eat it. Enjoy!

    • Hadullillah

      We do business in USA sometimes. Most 90% of Americans (USA North Americans) and their businesses are suprisingly very stupid, although we met some very very intelligent ones. USA is a country of invention and patents, but most patents are by Jew, Euro or by Foreigner. The fact!

      • Hadullillah

        I forgot to mention also – lazy, ignorant and unreasonably arrogant. Very racist, either race.

  3. Bobby

    Only Americans continue to be brainwashed bullied and stupid on this potentially deadly issue. California had a chance at the labeling law and was too ignorant to pass it, despite the state being run by the “enlightened” left.

  4. More great news. It will be a great day when ALL GMO products are banned–worldwide !!

    • Monster Santo

      GMO products banned and CHEMTRAILS disappear from the skies.

  5. somebody

    While looking at the pic in this article i wonder if the GMO’s are so safe why do these two men have on body suits with air supplies……. HMMMMMMM. What are we being forced to eat.

    • Notice this shot is inside a greenhouse to control the environment, and the suits are to protect the crop from contamination. The corn poses no threat to the people.

  6. Monster Santo

    Monsanto has sued farmers worldwide to get their land and to stop them from growing organic, natural crops. Hundred thousands of farmers in India alone committed suicide because of Monsanto actions. Monsanto is the Monster and is not Santo (Saint). While genetic and GMO research is acceptable, but all countries must label such foods and crops clearly, even in restaurants and eateries such as McDonalds (eateries) and BK (eateries) and they must be stopped doing their evil actions.

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