Man With Stage 3 Colon Cancer Refuses Chemotherapy & Cures Himself With Vegan Diet

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Chris Wark shares his short and powerful testimony of how he refused chemotherapy and survived stage 3 colon cancer. We often hear of alternative methods and treatments for cancer, but rarely are they used and implemented by individuals primarily due to the fear factor. Those diagnosed with cancer are heavily encouraged by doctors, family and peers to seek mainstream treatments like chemotherapy.

Although the cancer tumour was removed, it had already spread to his lymph-nodes. Identified infected ones were also taken out.


Email I received from Chris:

Surgery does not cure cancer, especially not stage 3. If it did, that’s all they would do. There would be no need for chemo and radiation. The medical industry has known that surgery does not cure cancer for at least 100 years. Cancer is a systemic metabolic disease, the result of a body that is nutrient deficient, overloaded with toxins, and has an overloaded or suppressed immune system. If the body is not given the essential nutrients it needs to repair, regenerate and detoxify, cancer will most assuredely come back after surgery. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, juices and smoothies is the most powerful way to promote the body’s ability to heal itself. All processed food must be eliminated. Animal products should be severely restricted or eliminated for a season until the cancer is gone. And it’s ok if some people don’t believe me. I know lots of survivors that have healed cancer without surgery, but skeptics won’t believe them either.

That’s the cliff notes.

The rest is at


Granted, cancer is a multi-billion dollar industry which would make it hard for one to market studies that go against traditional treatments like chemotherapy. There was a study published in August 2003 that revealed of adult cancer in the USA and Australia, the use of chemotherapy only provided a cure 2.1 % of the time.  The study undertook a literature search for randomized clinical trials which saw a 5-year survival rate that was attributed solely to cytotoxic chemotherapy in adult malignancies. The data was taken from the cancer registry in Australia and from the Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results data in the USA for 1998. As stated, the final results show that the overall contribution of curative and adjuvant cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5-year survival in adults was estimated to be 2.3% in Australia and 2.1% in the USA. You can take a look at that here.

Alternative treatments can range from baking soda, cannabis, hemp oil and much more. There are a number of studies that prove the validity of alternative cancer treatments. Often, we receive comments on our articles concerning cancer from people who fail to research prior to commenting.

It has been shown that a plant based diet can prevent over 60% of chronic disease deaths.

The University of Alberta, Canada also recently discovered a cure for cancer. It’s called dichloroacetate, and it’s receiving zero attention from the medical industry due to its inability to generate a profit.

Good little clip here with lots of truth.


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  1. Alexx

    Thanks Arijun, great article as usual. People must not forget that cancer is an industry and Big Pharma and her cronies the sole beneficiaries. Love and blessings to you.

    • Starspanker

      There is a very simple way that capitalism could capitalize on this snake oil voodoo therapy if it were true: open a hospital that completly controls the patients diet until the patient is cancer free. Charge the nominal rate of $9,000 s day. And if it were true, there would be a waiting list into the 10s of thousands of people. Multiply that by the thousands of dollars a day. You have a scenario that has the same fate as this false cancer treatment: too good to be true.

      • Skip

        why would you spend 9k a day when you could go home and grow your cures in your backyard for all but free?

  2. it is sickening to hear that we live in a world where money is everything

  3. Be very careful with the baking soda. It can be very dangerous!

    • Vi Qiong

      From what I have read, I believe it to be not a lot of danger but it does not cure cancer even though it does help, like making sodium ascorbate with ascorbic acid for people who use the Vitamin protocol in their treatment.

      • L.Gomez

        Excessive bicarbonate ingestion places patients at risk for a variety of metabolic derangements including metabolic alkalosis, hypokalemia, hypernatremia, and even hypoxia. The clinical presentation is highly variable but can include seizures, dysrhythmias, and cardiopulmonary arrest. (I think that’s what Naia Monkyavich is getting at).

  4. Check out Jo Spence

  5. Yellowknife

    You CANNOT cure cancer by switching to a vegan diet. There is no cure for cancer. Any causal link between cancer and diet remains unproven.

    I would have thought this was obvious to any free-thinking individual, yet this ignorant, silly assertion is still being pandered upon the gullible.

    The power to close the mind in the name of keeping the mind “open” is astonishing.

    • michelle willick

      @ Yellowknife have you had cancer? If you haven’t then your opinions are not valid. I’ve had cancer so I can speak from experience!

    • Thc

      The link between diet and cancer has been proven. Watch the movie or read the book Fork over Knives.

    • May

      Understanding the science/biology of cancer has more to do with it than being a “free thinker”. Our society panders the notion that cancer is curable and makes big profits on it too (Komen Foundation, etc), but it is really something we should try to Stop and Prevent instead. People misuse the word. I wish people would say that they “prevented”, “reversed” or “stopped the progression of” cancer as cancer will always exist.

      Re: Diet and cancer: the list is getting mighty long of folks that have reversed or stopped the progression of cancer (and other diseases) with a vegan diet, including myself. Kaiser Permanente even recommends plant based diets now. Good luck with that one…

    • Metka

      I strongly suggest you read The China study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell.

    • kathy

      there IS a cure for cancer and it is called cannabis oil. this is PROVEN over and over and over and over again. scientifically and from real people making their own oil (not hemp oil from the grocery store!). and changing your diet does help, obviously. 3 months of cannabis oil will cause cancer cells to commit suicide. wake up!

    • James

      Perhaps one cannot cure cancer through eating a vegan diet. But perhaps, just perhaps, eating a diet which isn’t so rich in highly processed foods is enough to ensure the body can regulate its cell cycle itself. That’s not as ignorant and silly an assertion as you may be indicating.
      And I would suggest that your mind is also not as open as you may think. If it is, try a vegan diet for a year, and see what the results are.

    • Suz

      You are so mistaken here! What you are saying is what the FDA and CDC and big Pharma wants you to believe. The body is amazing….and it will heal when it has the right fuel and resources. I know several people who have done this.

    • ed

      Well your first statement is clearly wrong as at least some form of a Vegan diet cured Chris Wark.. certainly worth looking into. You say it will never be proven and you are probably right as nobody will spend the 100 million dollars to bring this through full clinical trials when the cures are un-patentable (although Nestle is trying with Fennel!) with no means to make money or return ones investment! I just dont understand how people like yourself dont get the vested interest that Big Pharama has to protect their industry and prevent cheaper cures form undermining their business.. can you at least acknowledge that point?

    • That’s complete bullshit Yellowknife. Tons of people have successful treatments all the time, but once you dare to have the balls and start down that road of research yourself, you’ll never be the same, and you’ll know what we do. Question, do you you have the balls to even look? Doubt it.

    • Sarah

      I know someone who had already turned green ( final stages of cancer) for whom an angel (well an good hearted woman actually) appeared, and brought him back to health, and cured his leukemia with raw enzymes and vegetables, that’s all, so, let me say, I don’t know what you re talking about.

      Do you work for big pharma by any chance?

      • nate

        I’m sorry Sarah, but you are a liar, and there is nothing worse than a liar, I believe in a world of make believe your story could be true, but we don’t operate in the fantastical, but rather the reality of the human body.
        You do not cure leukemia, and you certainly don’t cure final stage leukemia with a change of diet.
        Leukemia can be sent into remission and be controlled with a plant based diet, buy it can’t be cured.

        • according to website….”leaukemia also has a mercury component, also found in the DPT, Hib, and Hep B vaccines with the mercury solution Thimersol. A dentist, Dr. Pinto, cured a girl of leaukemia by removing her mercury fillings. To prove his point, to her skeptical doctor, he replaced the amalgam, and the leukemia came back. He removed them again and the leukemia went away again”…

          and no one thinks that vaccinations aren’t a big money maker? It’s all part of the circle of greed… leukemia has been a huge result of vaccinations in children… and the CDC… Centre of Disease Control can testify to that… the research is there….

      • Sarah

        (previous comment directed to commenter named ‘Yellowknife”

    • I know a lady, raw food vegan, who ended up with breast cancer.. so much for it being controlled by diet. Yellowknife I agree with you, however. i also agree with mainstream thinking that you do whatever you can to cut your risk factors – and hope for the best. Each body has its own individual response to anything.. what works for one wont work for another. Chemo is the devil.. but it also saves lives.. so now what?

      • Our mental health plays a big part in how we got cancer in the first place… our emotions and thought patterns have created the environment for the cancer to take over… lots of good research and studies done by doctors and good books written by doctors on this and will become mainstream as more and more doctors realize this…happy people do not get sick… and a lot of it stems from not getting over childhood traumas and unhealthy relationships… once we can forgive others and ourselves then we can truly heal… if we don’t then the illness will never go away…:)

    • JohnEAngel

      you seem to be a planted disinfo agent. you know not what you say or else you do and you are pandering to the corporate powers.

    • Jake

      It has been said that the only thing absolute is that nothing is absolute. If that be the case, then the word “CANNOT” would be incorrect to use in this context. To say that since a cure has not been discovered it must not exist is very ignorant. There are many valid studies that indicate diet is directly related to health issues such as cancer, and there are many stories around that purport a change in diet has cured diseases such as cancer. Considering most recognized pharmaceuticals start out as research involving known substances and their ability to affect the composition of the target, and that most of these substances are organic to begin with; it is also saying that most pharmaceuticals start life as a substance found in nature, hence the consumption of these substances may also help prevent and/or diminish the target’s ability to cause us health issues.

      Simply stating that since chemotherapy is the only remedy for cancer that YOU know of, does not mean that other remedies do not exist. Nature has proven over and over its ability to heal pretty much whatever is thrown at it, whereas the human record in that area is not quite so good. In this area you, my friend, are the one closing your mind. To irresponsibly report a “cure” as fact is one thing, but to offer possible alternatives is another. Possible alternatives that are discovered also help the scientific process of discovery, which in itself can possibly lead to a cure where had the discovery not been investigated maybe a cure would be missed. Even penicillin was discovered entirely by accident, had Fleming not been a messy lab technician it may still not have been discovered.

      With all this said, either you prop up the pharma industry, or you are ignorant and close minded. I myself believe that more answers can be found in nature than in an over-priced lab. I have not been sick (not even the sniffles) and have had no need to see a DR for over 25 years now other than to have a serious injury looked at and a couple job related drug screens. My secret is found in nature, and available to all.

      Now, maybe we can all digest the information presented to us in a more open minded way.

      • C Johnson

        I like your critical thinking! As an ex-drug representative, particularly in the field of cancer, I would personally not take a single pharma drug, if ever I should have the dreaded diagnosis thrown at me

      • Andrew B.

        What a well balanced, sensible, well thought out post Jake!

      • Colleen

        Probably a surgeon, with the name Yellowknife…. but certainly blinkered.

        • jan

          Yellowknife is a place.

      • Andrew Erickssen

        It is amazing how radical rational thinking can make one sound astonishingly idiotic & arrogant. I’m a molecular biologist by the way, so most of what I’ll say in the next few lines is based on professional & personal experience.

        One, you are what you eat. You should know that your body renews itself organ by organ, 24/7. And since we are all made of chemicals (cells are nothing but an aggregation of molecules, so is DNA, the brain, …), the body needs to find a replacement for the chemicals which are not functional anymore. And those replacement chemicals come from what you ingest. Where do you think the basic building blocks for your liver, your pancreas, your lungs, … come from ? Most people believe that food is just there for energy and to avoid an empty stomach. WRONG !

        Two, your body has a defense mechanism, often called the immune system. It is in charge of getting rid of all the foreign & degenerate harmful bodies. A simple example would be a virus (the flu, HIV, …), or a cancerous cell. By the way, do you know what cancer is ? Cancer is simply a cell (or many cells) gone rogue. Inside each cell is a nucleus with all of your genetic material (DNA, RNA, …). When a cell is gone mad it starts duplicating itself frenetically with errors in the genetic code, and this causes it to present a different CMH on the cytoplasmic membrane which induces an immune response to get rid of that cancerous cell. CMH is a protein in the surface of the cell that helps the immune system cells identify which body is local and which is foreign.
        Everyday you get cancer, we all get cancer. But not everybody develops malignant tumors because the immune system is extremely efficient and powerful.

        Three, the question now is how is your diet directly linked to cancer ? Well, since your body picks its building blocks from the nutrients in your food, you can imagine from what the immune system cells are built. Yes, your food. Thus, if you eat garbage (meat, sugar, fat, fried food, …) the defense mechanism will be very weak. In addition to that, the immune system (which is not only cells, there’s also the liver, the bone marrow, the lymphatic system – which is way larger and important than the vascular system) will be so busy and overwhelmed by the toxins you feed your body it won’t be able to fight cancerous cells efficiently.

        Cancer is not a disease, it’s a symptom for a weakening immune system and the only way to boost your immune system is to provide your body with effective organic nutrients : vitamins, vegetable proteins, fibers, vegetable oils, … This is the reason why vegan or vegetarian diets work, this is also why Cannabis works (but this is another story). Most artificial drugs, and thus current cancer treatments, are toxic to the human body, yet for whatever unexplained reason people prefer them to plant based treatments which are proven more effective & way less damaging, if not at all.

        As my dad always said : The devil is in the details. From my experience, few are actually interested in understanding why and how things happen. This is probably dude to this state of intellectual laziness and pseudo rationality that the Americans were put in by the mainstream media and the government, of course all under Big Pharma’s sponsorship. Think about it, would you let go of billions of dollars of profit to save people who are going to die anyway ?!

        • Ness Kennedy

          The book “Cancer-Free” (A guide to gentle, non-toxic healing) by Bill Henderson, backs up everything Andrew Erickssen says. After reading the book, I radically changed my diet, and now eat 50% raw food. I do not have cancer, and hope by eating this sort of food I never will. In the past, I worked as a RN. I’ve seen people being treated with chemotherapy, (which earns Big Pharma trillions of dollars annually.) It’s barbaric, and the success rate is 3% maximum. Go figure.

        • Aaron

          My god, you’re so full of s**t. Molecular biologist, my a**. The chemical building blocks you extract from your food are the same whether it’s fried, baked, boiled or raw. SOME methods of cooking introduce extra free radicals, which are neither “building blocks” nor “toxins” – but all foods have some free radicals in them, *even vegan foods*. The body has NO defense against free radicals (no “preventive” defense against cancer AT ALL), its defense is to eliminate cells that have mutated due to damage. Cancer cells are cells that the body still recognizes as “self,” which is why the body does not eliminate them – having a stronger immune defense will do absolutely squat to protect anyone from cancer because the cells are seen as self. That’s the definition of cancer. Leukocytes and the rest will not attack cancer cells, because those cells look like a normal part of the body to the immune system.
          If you’re a molecular biologist, you should have paid more attention in class instead of inventing fairy stories about how a healthy immune system will protect you from cancer. It won’t.

          • Z.Amen

            Aaron, please tell me; Do you or someone very close to you have cancer at this time?

          • S Madden

            I thought free radicals only existed for a few millionths of a second as they are so reactive, certain food won’t contain them. If the body has bases in it, eg antioxidants these will mop up any that are formed but you can’t eat them in food, they only exist in 1000s of a second.

        • I appreciate your taking the time to explain this.

        • Jack

          you must be rather bad at your job then. cancer is not because your immune system is too busy fighting “toxins” (whatever that’s supposed to be, because last time i checked, white blood cells dont really process toxins) and once cancer has manifested and become malignant, it’s kind of hard to fix everything with diet, you know with all the cancer cells spreading throughout your body, and multiplying, while masquerading as your own cells. you need to kill those tumor cells fast, either by cutting it out or by killing it with drugs or radiation.

          sure, if you avoided eating so many mutagens in the first place, this could’ve been avoided but dont mistake preventative care with treatment.

          • Andrew Erickssen

            If you’ve read & understood what I’ve written properly, you’d have got the part which I said that the immune system is not only cells and that there are many organs (liver, pancreas, …) involved. Of course the cells are not cleaning your body from toxins but those toxins become part of the cells environment at a certain point, which make it hard for them to function efficiently & kill cancerous cells. This is why chemo & drugs will never work. They only create an acidic/toxic environment which stimulate the growth and proliferation of cancerous cells.

            Another thing, a tumor is not cancer. If the tumor was cancer, getting rid of it (with drugs, radiation, or surgery) would solve the problem once and for all, and the cancer would never return. You should know that the tumor is another type of defense mechanism used by the body to protect the other organs, a tumor is a fence built around cancerous cells to stop them from spreading. And that is what most of you out there don’t know and are never told.

            Ask yourself this question : where does the tumor go when people get cured from cancer ?

            The answer is : it shrinks down and disappears.

            About prevention, you’re right. If people avoided all the horrendous chemicals out there (sugary drinks, fast food, GMO, …) there would have never been any sign of this. If you go back 150 years ago, there were very rare cases of cancer compared to nowadays statistics. People used to die due to a lack of hygiene, not slow intoxication & chronic malnutrition.
            But keep in mind that a healthy lifestyle keeps your body in balance, and that giving back balance to a degenerate body will certainly help get rid of all the responsible agents through that process.

      • Vi Qiong

        My take is that diet is a far better option than chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is a bad choice, if one must die from cancer. Better to die clean from diet than going broke from chemotherapy and die ugly and in debt.

        • What rubbish! I hope you never have to make the decision to have chemotherapy or not, but if you do, and a doctor says you have a 50% chance of survival if you go through the chemo, I guarantee you will do it. Nobody would care about being ugly in that situation, what a bloody stupid thing to say!

        • Mike

          That’s until you’re faced with it yourself, or a loved one and watch them wither away and die because they are so sick they can’t even eat their “diet” anymore.

          People like you should crawl back under your rock.

          • Just a thought

            Emotional response to science always wins!!! Good job.


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