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waste timeThe funny thing is it took me an entire week to finally start this article!! Just kidding, but that’s only because I use one ultimate tip to avoid procrastinating!

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When I was in school I used to procrastinate. This could have largely been due to the fact that I did not like school nor school work, but nonetheless I used to put off everything until the last minute. Then I noticed something very interesting. When you simply sit down and START doing something, it get’s done. How epic is that tip?!

The truth is procrastination is not an illness or disease (surprise!), it’s simply a mental habit where we continually make excuses or reasons as to why we should not start or do something we have to get done. Next thing we know, we’ve been talking about something or putting something off for months. The mind is a tricky bugger sometimes as it can be very good at coming up with all the reasons in the world for why we shouldn’t just get started on something.

“I will do it later.”
“It’s going to be a hard task!”

“It will only take me 5 or 10 minutes to do anyway.”
“I don’t feel like it right now.”
“One quick episode of Breaking Bad won’t hurt.”
“Maybe I should eat something first.”
“It’s gonna take forever!”
“I don’t feel guided to do this right now.”

Whatever the excuse may be, I’m sure we can relate to any number of the ones listed above. But! It’s time to end all of that by using the ultimate tip we have already discussed. You may have come here thinking you were going to learn some crazy tip found deep within the underground Mayan caves written on some ancient scroll, but no. Instead you are discovering something much simpler.

The Ultimate Tip

Just get started! Turn off the TV or video games and make your way to whatever it is you have to do. If it’s a job around the house, just walk right up to it and START. If it’s school work or writing of some kind, close everything on your computer you don’t need open, and START. If you don’t need a computer close it… and get rid of your phone too! If you absolutely need to, pick a time during the day where you are going to get started on your task and set an alarm. Once your alarm is singing at the top of its lungs, get STARTED.

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It’s possible your mind is already telling you it can’t be that simple, because of course it wants to procrastinate on not procrastinating anymore! But it is that simple. Just get started on whatever it is you have to do and it will fly by like you wouldn’t believe. Any challenge or hang up you meet, just keep going.

One more tip just in case?

This one may not be the ultimate, but it’s also good if you are still having trouble. Make a list! Grab a post it, a slice of paper, a napkin, a notepad or even one of those lined yellow pads of paper that make your writing magically look neater somehow; grab anything and just start making a list of what you need to get done. Every time you do something, cross it off. Crossing it off can feel good. Remember, just making a list is not good enough, you then need to START on those things!

You now have the ancient and secret tools to end procrastination. (If them being ancient makes them more valuable of course, other wise, you simply have the tools) You are now wiser.

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