frenchAnother whistle blower coming forward has shed  light on the world within our world that remains a mystery to most. Colonel Richard French has added his name to the long list of insiders that continue to speak up about the UFO reality. It’s not hard to fathom when you think about the trillions of dollars that are pumped into the Department of Defense every year, not to mention the trillions that go unaccounted for. It’s clear that a number of black budget projects are indeed in existence. It’s no secret that a large amount of information remains hidden from us and  classified for the sake of national security, or so they say. It seems that’ national security’ is a term used to justify secrecy. In some cases, events are created in order to “hype-up” national security to justify immoral actions, for an agenda that the general population knows nothing about.

There is a very grave danger, that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of censorship and official concealment. JFK

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The evidence now available allows these individuals to come forward and speak without ridicule. The evidence available includes official documents from defense agencies, governments, agencies like the NSA and more. This isn’t meant to be proof (or evidence) of UFOs, this is listening to a story from a credible individual about UFOs. If you are looking for a documents, you can look here and here.

If I had done this five or six years ago it might have cost me my life, there are some people very very high up that want this UFO program to go through  – Colonel French

This is one testimony out of thousands given by high ranking credible military or political personnel. Not long ago, x Canadian Defense Minister, Hon. Paul Hellyer came forward about UFOs, you can check that out here. Apollo astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell has also come forward, you can see his testimony here.   You can watch former astronaut and Princeton physics professor, Dr. Brian O’leary share his thoughts here. Former senator and 2008 presidential candidate also turned some heads recently with his comments on the subject which you can see here.

The UFO reality brings into play a multitude of questions. We are in a time where the human race is realizing we are not alone. The many more questions that remain will quickly make their way to the top of the list.

Below is a full interview with Colonel French from Kerry Cassidy at Project Camelot.

All of this footage and interview material from Colonel French came at the time of the citizens hearing on disclosure. It was set up by Steve  Basset and his team, where a number of individuals of high rank came forward and shared their information in front of several congressmen and women, below is some footage of Colonel French speaking at that event:

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