Water Powered Car – It Doesn’t Matter If It’s From Your Tap, Bottled or Lake

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UPDATED NEWS: Saltwater Powered Car Was Just Approved In Europe

Everyday the world becomes aware of technologies that have the potential to halt the unnecessary damage we continue to create using fossil fuels. We’ve been talking about it for years, transitioning our way of  life to be more harmonious with the planet and its natural systems. I’m not talking about solar or wind power (although great), I’m talking about clean and green technology that  render fossil fuel burning technologies inferior and obsolete.

One of these “new” technologies is a water fuelled car, and it has been unveiled on a number of occasions. It’s an automobile that derives its energy directly from water, and water alone. It is not hard to see why it’s not available to the masses. An engine powered by water would wipe out a large chunk of the fossil fuel industry and change the way these companies do business all together. The oil and gas corporations combine to bring in trillions of dollars every year. Inventions like these are a direct threat to the industry.


A Japanese company called Genepax unveiled their water powered car in 2008 in Osaka, Japan(1). It doesn’t matter if it’s tap, bottled, or lake water, any type of water can make this car run. An energy generator splits the water molecules to produce hydrogen and this is used to power the car. They use a membrane electrode assembly (MEA) to split the Hydrogen from the Oxygen through a chemical reaction. The cell needs only water and air, eliminating the need for a hydrogen reformer and high pressure hydrogen tank.

This isn’t a conspiracy! The reality of this device has been verified by patent offices all over the world. To search a Japanese patent, you have to go through the Industrial Property Digital Library (IPDL). This organization makes patents available to the intellectual property department of the Japan Patent Office. The IDPL provides over 60 million documents and their relevant information as published since the end of the 19th century. The fact that these are even published for patent pending says a lot.

Click HERE to view the water energy system patent. You can also visit  the Industrial Property Digital Library itself, do a “PAJ” search. Type in the publication number **2006-244714**. Documents are also on file with the European Patent Office, you can view them HERE. Reuters also did a brief report on the vehicle as you can see in the video below.

So what happened to Genepax? Approximately a year after revealing their device, the company shut down. They stopped displaying their device as well as promoting it. The only explanation given was a lack of monetary funds.


Genepax isn’t the only group to have come forward demonstrating that we can turn water into hydrogen fuel and use it to power cars. Stanely Allen Meyer is another one who invented a water powered car and it received very little attention when it came to making the news available to the masses. Today, it’s a fairly well known story due to the mass awareness that has been created around the story. Stan’s invention was picked up very briefly by a local news station in Ohio. You can view his patent HERE, it also describes the whole process. You can view the entire collective of his documents here

Here is another brief clip of Stan as he demonstrates his technology. Water contains a lot of hydrogen, as we know, which is a very efficient type of fuel. Converting water into hydrogen is 100 percent clean!

So what happened to Stanley Meyer? He was sued by potential investors, it was determined that his device was nothing revolutionary and simply uses the process of electrolyses. His claims were determined fraudulent, and  his technology was under investigation by a number of investors, the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Defense. It was patent pending, all of a sudden Stan Meyer died suddenly in 1998 after dining at a restaurant. Many close to him, including his twin brother, believe Stan was intentionally poisoned. Stan claimed,, just before he died in  he restaurant parking lot, that he was poisoned.


Water makes the perfect fuel source. It’s comprised of two hydrogen atoms and one atom of oxygen. When the water molecule is separated into its two component atoms and oxidized as fuel, the result is equivalent to an energy output that is two and one half times more powerful than gasoline. The byproduct of the combustion is water vapour, totally pollution free, returning water back into the atmosphere. The process used is known as electrolysis, which is a method of separating elements by pushing an electric current through a compound. Various techniques for water splitting have been issued in water splitting patents all over the world. You can click here to look at a few from the United States.

Not to long ago, researchers at Virginia Tech extracted hydrogen energy from water. They discovered that the energy stored in xylose splits water molecules as-well, yielding high purity hydrogen. You can read more about that here. There are multiple examples of creating hydrogen by splitting the water molecule (2).

Another existing technology that can replace that entire industry is the Free Energy Device. Implementation of these two technologies alone would create one of the biggest technological changes in human history. The same group of people that own the big oil companies also own the mainstream media, so it’s not surprising that we don’t hear about these technologies. Scientists have been murdered, labs have been burnt down, and prototypes have been taken.

Alternative technologies are great, and obviously have tremendous implications. We must remember that the human race cannot create from the same level of consciousness that created this system in the first place. A change for planet Earth coincides with the change of heart more people are experiencing everyday. The key to move forward and enter into a new paradigm is simple, it’s love. With love, we’d already have these technologies implemented Because of greed, hate, fear and ego, they remain suppressed, but only for now.

Hopefully this article inspires more to further their research on water powered cars. There are multiple stories with very similar endings for the parties who came forward with this ground breaking technology. Why do we continue to speak about change when we already have the technologies to implement change? One reason is because a large majority of people have yet to become aware of these alternative technologies. They are not marketed, publicized or given much attention. It can be hard to accept that there are people on the planet actually engaged in the suppression of such information, but unfortunately it’s a reality. We are living in the age of transparency, many of us are waking up to thoughts and ideas we never thought we would ponder. In some cases revealing these technologies can cost you your life, that’s how much opposition exists against it -for now. When a new technology becomes so evidently clear,  the implications are far reaching and can threaten multiple corporate interests.








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  1. //Saltwater Powered Car Was Just Approved In Europe//


    Sorry but the “saltwater” car you’re referring to isn’t the same as “waterpower” It’s not powered by salt water, it uses salt water as a storage medium for energy. It’s a battery, nothing more.

    The use of salt water to induce a current between different metals is a well known phenomenon. Al long as we’ve been building metal hulled ships, people have known about this. It’s no mystery, it’s not free energy, and it’s NOT water power.

  2. Bob Blaylock

      It’s amazing what some people will believe, isn’t it?

    » Water makes the perfect fuel source. It’s
    » comprised of two hydrogen atoms and one
    » atom of oxygen. When the water molecule
    » is separated into its two component atoms
    » and oxidized as fuel, the result is equivalent
    » to an energy output that is two and one half
    » times more powerful than gasoline.

      In order to break water into hydrogen and oxygen, you have to put energy into it.  If the entire process was 100% efficient, the amount of energy that you had to put into water to break it apart would exactly equal the amount of energy that you’d get from burning the resulting hydrogen and oxygen.  Of course, no process is that efficient, so in practice, you’d have to put more energy into breaking the water than you’d get back by burning the resulting hydrogen and oxygen—a net energy loss.

      May Laurence Tureaud have compassion on those who are fooled by ridiculous hoaxes such as this one.

  3. saikiran vadithya

    superb idea cant we implement this in india

  4. Till the Oil companies buy the patents and destroy these cars it’s happened countless times.

    • Sean

      You should probably read the comments above. This isn’t an oil company conspiracy- you still need energy to split water.

  5. dong

    Ride a bike. That is the most efficient form of transportation.

    • Daniel Van Koughnett

      True, and the bonus is bicycles actually exist.

    • one of the more sensible posts here.

  6. I know Stan’s technology will eventually come out and become mainstream, despite all the murder threats and resistance to all who try to develop it. I purchased Stan’s 8xa board with coil from here and it splits water exactly as Stan showed in his videos: http://stansdream.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=50
    You have come too late to tell me it was a fraud or it did not work. It does. If it was such a scam, why is every water fuel inventor murdered or mysteriously stopped from completing their work? Answer: US Government and big oil!

    • Daniel

      So you spent 340 dollars on a machine that performs electrolysis… Congratulations. I can do the same thing with a 9 volt battery and 2 nails.

      You still have to put more energy into it than you’ll ever get back by burning the hydrogen from it

  7. Bernie

    So these crackpots use electricity to first generate hydrogen from water by electrolysis and then burn the hydrogen in an internal combustion engine to drive a vehicle ? Holy smoke and mirrors ! The combined energy efficiency of that process absolutely sucks compared to any battery powered all-electric vehicle. How can “investors” be so stupid and put money into such a scam ?

  8. Tesla

    So why the hell Elon Musk kickstarted Tesla? I thought he’s way more clever and now he’s looks like a retard choosing e-cars field instead.

    • Pete

      At an estimated $1.7 Million for each car, don’t expect to see many salt water powered cars on the road

  9. Daniel Van Koughnett

    I posted this just over a year ago, but I’m thinking a refresher is in order.

    OK I see that there’s still a lot of people out there who think that these water powered cars are possible, and despite the best efforts of myself and others to educate, it looks like there’s not other way than to start from scratch.

    Here, in very simple terms, is why there are no water powered cars. Granted there are a lot of claims of water powered cars, but of actual water powered cars, there is exactly zero.

    The energy cycle in the reaction that people think powers these cars is well known. There’s no mystery here. When you burn hydrogen with oxygen you get water. What’s happening is that the water and oxygen are binding together to form a water molecule. when those H-O bonds are formed, a large amount of energy is released, mostly in the form of heat. You can split those bonds apart again in order to have the water change into hydrogen and oxygen, but you have to input the same amount of energy, to break that bond, as you do in forming it. In fact the amount of energy is well known. The bond energy of the O–H bonds in water is 458.9 kJ/mol. That applies whether you’re making them, or breaking them.

    Now to the nuts and bolts. We’re going to have to make a few impossible assumptions here, in order to explain the principles. The real life example with real life variables would make the water powered car even more impossible, but bear with me.

    If we assume 100% efficiency, and 0% friction, and 100% insulation, and 0 heat of reaction, all of which are impossible to achieve in real life, the best you could possibly do is a 1 for 1 reaction. In other words a molecule of water splits into hydrogen and oxygen, and the energy is then used to form a water molecule from the same amount of hydrogen and oxygen.

    AHA! you say, See it is possible!!!…. Not so fast. So in our theoretical universe you have essentially a self-perpetuating reaction… so what! In order for that reaction to drive a car, you have to use some of that energy to do work. However even in our 100% efficiency example, you don’t have any spare energy. All of the energy you make by burning hydrogen and oxygen you are already using to split water molecules. Adding water won’t help, because there’s no additional energy to split it with. Adding external hydrogen and oxygen will help, but then you have a hydrogen powered car, not a water powered car.

    So as we can plainly see, even in a fictitious universe the water powered car simply cannot exist. Add in the real world variables of heat loss, inefficiency, and friction, and the problem only gets worse.

    Now hopefully the intelligent among you can see why all the hoping and praying and fantasizing in the world will never change the fact that there are no, and can never be any, water powered cars.

    • eDave

      Thank you for saying what needs to be said. It’s unfortunate that these snake-oil schemes get so much attention and distract from honest efforts to reduce our dependence on fossil-fuels.

      I don’t blame people for hoping this could be true. However, this is no different in principle than claims of “perpetual motion” devices could generate infinite free energy, and it will sadly never be true. It’s time to move on to better things; nobody will take alternative energy seriously if we continue to allow these impossible claims to dominate headlines.

    • Lukas

      Ever heard of a numerous men who managed to get four times more energy than used by spliting H-O with sound frequencies?

  10. John Boller

    Wow I am amazed at how stupid our society really is! After reading the comments people have made about the article I am convinced we are doomed! It is so sad that these few extremely rich bastards can dictate how the world operates! They own the big gas companies and media and they will resort to doing whatever it takes to keep their money flowing in. As soon as someone brings a water powered car to market what do you think that does to the big gas companies? Their product is not so valuable anymore now is it? The thing that really made me laugh was these people that dont believe its possible to run a car on water. Get your head out of your ass its quite a simple process. It has been possible for many years but every time a car comes out they mysteriously disappear. Im gonna go out on a limb here and guess that maybe they are being visited by a representative from the big oil companies and advised that its in their best interests to take a large payment and quietly disappear. Blame it on lack of funding or something like that. And that is what happens. At least this time they didnt have to murder anyone like with Stan Meyer. Wouldnt it be a cool world to live in where people are rewarded for their accomplishments. Especially for an accomplishment like a water powered car that would save our environment! Man what a horrible and sad world we live in. That is why I will never have any kids. I have a very strong feeling that in the next decade some very crazy stuff is going to happen!

    • Pete

      No, it is that we understand the laws of entropy. The sun is a source of energy. Fissile fuels, through carbon, is a source of stored energy. Moving water downhill transforms gravity into energy. Water in itself has no energy. The oxygen and hydrogen atoms bond evenly with no energy left over. If you introduce energy, you can rip the atoms apart. But when recombini Nh g them, the only energy released is the energy used to rip them apart minus some loss in heat conversion. So all you get out is what you put in. Got it now?

    • Ranga

      So people who don’t believe in water powered cars have their heads up there arse? You really need to present some solid evidence before making statements like that! What are you qualified in? Astrology by any chance? A simple process? How about driving yours round to my place so I can check it out?

    • eDave

      I understand your frustration, but the reaction cycle describe here cannot possibly give a net energy surplus (they go to some effort to disguise the fact that it’s a lot like using a generator to power an electric motor that turns the generator and expecting to get net power out). I’m no fan of Big Oil, and it’s true they engage in anticompetitive practices, but the sad truth is these “water-powered” products never come to fruition because the principles behind them are flawed.

      Alternative energy is important, and we can’t keep letting these impossible claims dominate headlines. It only hurts legitimate efforts to end our dependence on fossil-fuels.

  11. Ranga

    People who still believe in the water powered car are similar to those folks in the flat earth society!
    If it did work it would be ridiculously easy to prove.
    How about us naysayers get together and offer a $100 000 prize for someone who can provide a realistic demonstration of a water powered car actually working.
    The test I propose is as follows.
    At least 3000km lapping a race track refuelling of course from a garden hose witnessed by scientists, motoring journalists, sceptics and the inventors themselves.
    At every refuelling stop all present must drink at least 1half litre of what comes out of the hose. (Only water of course!)
    Finally the inventors would be made to stand in a closed garage with the car running for half an hour.
    This will be perfectly safe as the only exhaust from burning hydrogen is water as we all know. It would be just like being in a sauna.
    Imagine if it did pass the test!
    Investors would be lining up and the inventors would become millionaires overnight.
    Sceptics would be silenced forever.
    The world energy crisis would be solved.
    We could even get our 100 grand back and more by investing in the company!
    Strange Stan or any other great inventor.never came up with a demonstration like this!

    • Peter

      Bravo! I will pitch in for the prize!

    • avinaash

      i’am interested to take your challenge of 100 000$ which is making me crazy to do it.
      And more over water vehicle is a possible thing but little hypothetical in listening and difficult in getting it alive,
      already iam on the same project i.e., water vehicle i will make it and grab the challenged prize in a little time of some months(with in 2016).
      i’am not over confident but just confident

  12. Daniel

    Excellent article.

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