Polish Study Confirms Vaccines Can Cause Large Number of Adverse Effects

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Polish Med School

Despite the conviction of the necessity and safety of vaccinations, there are a number of studies coming forward that illustrate the potential dangers they may pose. A scientific review published by the Department of Paediatric Rehabilitation from the Medical School at the University of Bialystok has determined that there are a number of neurological adverse events that follow vaccination. This research is specific to Polish vaccinations, but is still useful given the fact that many ingredients used and examined in the study are still used in vaccinations all over the world.

The University of Bialystok is a well known medical university that has published a tremendous amount of research on various topics.  The evidence that’s out there supporting the hazards of vaccines is irrefutable. There is a lot of research that medical professionals are not privy to, this is credible research coming out of Universities done by doctors and professors. Medical professionals are usually guided to research done by pharmaceutical companies and the vaccine manufactures themselves. It’s important to look at both sides of the coin, and examine all information available before coming to a conclusion.

It is not reasonable to assume that manipulation of the immune system through an increasing number of vaccinations during critical periods of brain development will not result in adverse neurodevelopment outcomes(1)

The study addresses the use of vaccines in terms of adverse effects, immune system effects, neurological symptoms following vaccinations and a history of vaccines demonstrating little benefit. We often hear of studies only from the western world, expanding our sphere of research to a global one provides us with a broad range of information coming from a variety of different sources. A report like this coming from a medical school should not be taken lightly. It coincides with a lot of other research that’s emerging to suggest that vaccines can be hazardous to human health.

Post-Vaccine Neurological Complications

The authors focused on thimerosal, otherwise known as ethylmercury. It’s known to be a key ingredient in vaccines for preservation. A number of conditions are associated with thimerosal including toxicity of the heart, liver, kidneys and the nervous system. Over the last two decades, neurological conditions such as epilepsy, autism, ADHD and mental retardation have increased dramatically all over the world.

From the 1990s new vaccines for infants containing thimerosal began to be used in America. In the DTP, Hib and Hep B vaccines, children received a dose 62.5 ug of mercury, which is 125-fold more than the dose considered safe, which is 0.1 ug a day. These reports were the reason that Scandinavian countries already prohibited the use of mercury in 1990(1)

Research has shown that there is a direct relationship between thimerosal and the rate of autism. The paper determined that there was also a correlation between the number of measles-containing vaccines and autism prevalence during the 1980’s. A couple of years ago, an Italian court ruled that the MMR vaccine was the cause of Autism in the case presented. A recent study by the University of British Colombia came out exposing the HPV vaccine as being dangerous to health as well. UBC doctors also exposed a Vaccination cover-up, demonstrating through official documents that vaccine manufactures have been aware of their adverse effects for a number of years.

Adverse Effects

Reports in many Polish and foreign medical journals lead us to conclude that postvaccinal complications among children can be observed in sporadic cases and that they are disproportionate to the benefits of vaccination in the elimination of dangerous diseases in childhood(1)

This study and many others leave little doubt that vaccines can be extremely hazardous to human health.

They first illustrate the adverse effects that occur shortly after vaccination as they are acknowledged by Polish law. These include:

  • Local reactions, including:
    • local reactions after the BCG (tuberculosis) vaccine
    • swelling
    • lymphadenopathy
    • abscess at the injection site
  • Postvaccinal adverse events of the central nervous system:
    • encephalopathy
    • febrile convulsions
    • non-febrile convulsions
    • paralytic poliomyelitis caused by vaccine virus
    • encephalitis
    • meningitis
    • Guillain-Barré syndrome
  • Other adverse events following immunization:
    • joint pain
    • hypotonic-hyporesponsive episode
    • fever above 39°C
    • thrombocytopenia
    • continuous inconsolable crying

Next they explore the fact that the vaccine schedule has increased dramatically since the time of these studies and antigens are being injected again and again.

Doctors and researchers point to the worsening state of the health of the child population since the 1960s, which coincided with increasingly introduced vaccinations. Allergic diseases, including asthma autoimmune diseases, diabetes and many neurological dysfunctions-difficulty in learning, ADD, ADHD, seizures, and autism – are chronic conditions, to which attention has been brought(1)

As far as immune system effects, they go on to state that the common practice of administering more than one adjuvant at a time or repeatedly injecting the same antigen can produce autoimmune disorders. They also point out that the toxicity of adjuvants can produce a range of adverse reactions. The hepatitis B vaccine has been known to cause Fatal Auto-Immune Disorder.

 Experimental evidence clearly shows, that simultaneous administration of as little as two to three immune adjuvants, or repeated stimulation of the immune system by the same antigen can overcome genetic resistance to autoimmunity(1)

We continue to vaccinate en mass despite the growing body of evidence that clearly reveals how vaccines can be harmful to the body. The manner in which the body responds to vaccines is not well understood. With the amount of studies published, alarm bells should be ringing for the medical industry to start making adjustments and at least warning parents. This isn’t meant to create an anti-vaccines position, but instead to look at all the facts vs. just some.

Often times, Doctors are not fully aware of the dangers associated with vaccines nor the ingredients and studies available to show they can be hazardous. Doctors should be encouraged to independently seek out a variety of sources and look at a variety of journals on the subject. It is quite possible that they would realize the vaccine world is not black and white and serious consideration needs to be taken when looking at the current vaccine schedule.

A burgeoning body of evidence shows that immune molecules play integral roles in CNS development, affecting processes such as neurogenesis, neuronal migration, axon guidance, synaptic connectivity and synaptic plasticity. Despite the dogma that peripheral immune responses do not affect CNS function, substantial evidence points exactly to the contrary. Thus, it is not reasonable to assume that manipulation of the immune system through an increasing number of vaccinations during critical periods of brain development will not result in adverse neurodevelopment outcomes(1)


(1) http://progress.umb.edu.pl/sites/progress.umb.edu.pl/files/129-141.pdf



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  1. John

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. peter

    Any link to the actual study that works?

  3. Peter

    Why don’t you do some good about a medical practice that is way more dangerous and lines the pockets of “Big Pharma” way deeper. The use of chemo-therapy to cure cancer. Yes, chemo may eradicate the cancer being treated, but it also causes tumors in other parts of the body that are usually fatal. Download a copy of the documentary Cut, Poison, and Burn and use that to start your “research.”

  4. ibelievetheparents

    You’d think humanity had gone beyond witch hunts or heresy persecutions… nope!

  5. Kinga

    “The University of Bialystok is a well known medical university that has published a tremendous amount of research on various topics”. He he he:))) Certainly the author of this article has lush imagination or is joking. I am from Poland and I can assure you that the University of Bialystok is an insignificant university and certainly not well known, located in so called Poland B. I have never heard of any research they have done. In general there is not much research in Poland being done.

  6. SMH at people still denying that there is a problem.

    Are you for real? The University of Bialystok was established the by University of Warsaw, only the biggest university in Poland. It also has international cooperation from countries such as Canada, Switzerland, France, Japan etc. The city itself has a population of about 300k. The university of Waterloo in Ontario Canada is situated in a city of a population of less than 100k and is one of Canada’s leading Universities with world wide recognition.

    In 2010 and 2011 the University of Bialystok was ranked third in the competition “The most innovative and creative institution of higher education in Poland”. In 2011 the UwB was awarded the certificate “University of Leaders” by the Foundation for the Development of Education and Higher Learning.

    In July 2012, in the first edition of a contest announced by the Polish Ministry of Higher Education, the Centre for Innovative Research of the Medical University of Bialystok was awarded the status of the Leading National Research Centre 2012-2017 (Krajowy Naukowy Ośrodek Wiodący-KNOW). This prestigious award was granted to only 5 other research centres in Poland.

    In 2011, ‘Perspektywy’ magazine and ‘Rzeczpospolita’ daily newspaper awarded the Alma Mater the titles of ‘The School of the Highest Scientific Efficiency’ and ‘The Breeding Ground for Staff 2011’.

    Kinga, I’m also from Poland, your comments have absolutely no validity. Maybe you should conduct some “research” before making statements saying “you” haven’t heard of any research from here or in Poland, then you lead a sheltered life and are a disgrace to Polish people.

    Seems to me you’re the one with a lush imagination and is living in some altered reality. If you are going to make statements back them up with evidence. I think you are one of those indiviuals who being paid off by Big Pharma.

  7. Any possible risks of vaccines are far outweighed by the number of lives that are saved due to vaccinations. Just think about how many hundreds of thousands of children are alive today as a direct result of vaccines, and compare that with how many genuine, accepted, peer reviewed studies there are that question the side effects. It’s very difficult to argue with facts like this chart presents: http://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?t=243142&f=20&view=unread

    • Tom Jones

      I checked out the your link. for nations states. Those figures are compete nonsense. See this link for true stats.http://preventdisease.com/news/13/052413_Irrefutable-Evidence-Historical-Application-Vaccines-No-Health-Benefit-Impact-on-Prevention-Infectious-Disease.shtml
      Vaccines are causing massive harm to our children. Witness the sky rocketing rates of neurological and behavioural disorders, asthma, peanut allergies, and on and on. If you want an eye opener, just read the package insert for the Hepitatis B vaccine that infants get at berth, you have to read the whole thing carefully, the good stuff is way near the end. Or check the VAERS data from the CDC and remember far less than 10% of adverse events ever get reported here. http://www.medalerts.org/analysis/archives/561
      I could go on for ever, but do your own research, don’t be a sheep.

    • That chart is ridiculous! “Pre-vaccine era” includes pre-hygiene era. With the advent of good hygiene, clean water and proper nutrition, death rates from so called “vaccine preventable” diseases had dropped over 90% before the introduction of vaccines. This totally misleading chart giving the appearance that vaccines were responsible for this 90% drop that were in fact due to improvements in hygiene. This sort of propaganda is what drives the emotional side of the debate. Do your own homework and like most who do, you will change your position. An easy to read book to start with is “Vaccination Is Not Immunization” by Dr. Tim O’shea.

  8. Matt

    This is ridiculous. There’s been evidence to the contrary of everything in this article for a decade.

    • - Collective Evolution

      You are right in that there is evidence to the contrary of this, but this is also evidence to the contrary of the mainstream. If we stay true to the scientific method, it is certainly true that what the mainstream understands about vaccines is not as cut and dry, black and white truth as they claim it to be. This is the purpose of raising vaccine awareness.

      • Michael

        Prog Health Sci 2012, Vol 2 , No1 Neurologic adverse events vaccination129
        Neurologic adverse events following vaccination
        Sienkiewicz D.*, Kułak W., Okurowska-Zawada B., Paszko-Patej G.
        Department of Pediatric Rehabilitation of the Medical University of Bialystok, Poland

  9. Xerxes Benton

    Link to paper is down – can we get another link?

  10. The link to the pdf is not working. Can someone find it and update it?


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